Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 62

Chapter 62

Chapter 62: The sword sheath

The Southern Nation's number one sect was the Ancient Immortal Valley . . . Taking these words seriously, it was also the Southern Nation’s pride . That is because the Ancient Immortal Valley was located at the border between the Southern Nation and Northern Dynasty . With most of its lands being in the Northern Dynasty's territory .

The war situation barely stabilized when the Ancient Immortal Valley offered to help against the invasion of Southern Nation by the Demonic Faction . This brought them even closer, tighter .

Ancient Immortal Valley's core area was indeed a mountain valley, a place where the Zhu clan(1) and other cultivators resided . But how could the title of being the number one sect be mocked when—besides fame—it was also very rich from its dealings with pills?

The areas surrounding the valley—the seventeen mountains in the fifty-seven li range—belonged to the Ancient Immortal Valley and protected by a Great Guarding Formation . Although its level wasn't the same as the one in the core area, it was still terrifying . The formation required a great number of spirit stones even if it was activated a single day .

In the area around the Ancient Immortal Valley, a great number of cultivators were gathered . Most of them had come from Southern Nation, to escape the Demonic Faction's slaughter . To enter, each had to pay a spirit stone and be checked to see if they weren't Demonic Faction's spies .

An Ancient Immortal Valley disciple stopped and turned around, "You can go and chose a stone house to reside in . There are all kinds of people here, so it would be best not to wonder about needlessly . Remember, it is forbidden for cultivators to fight inside the Ancient Immortal Valley's territory . "

His expression was indifferent—yet proud—as even these arrangements were done thoroughly . His manner wasn't overbearing but still held a certain presence .

A black-robed youngster cupped his hands, "Many thanks . "

The Ancient Immortal Valley disciple left .

He got up and looked ahead . This was a flat area halfway up the mountain . With many stone houses built, this place was one of the many the Ancient Immortal Valley used to accommodate other cultivators .

As he stood there and gazed into the distance, Qin Yu saw a valley shrouded in mist . Within, there were bearly discernable exquisite pavilions and palaces . There was also the occasional flicker of the formation, showcasing its astonishing aura .

The black-robed youngster’s pupils flashed faintly and muttered, "Ancient Immortal Valley is indeed not simple . "

This youngster is Qin Yu, as he has restrained his aura and concealed his cultivation!

He made use of The Concealing Art, gifted to him by Ning Ling—along with Concealing Pendant—to come here . He was more and more amazed by the fact it was capable of hiding him from a Nascent Soul!

Just that he was regretful and sad since the beautiful women's fragrance disappeared from the pendant .

Several people were in front of him and when the young and tender female cultivator gazed at Qin Yu, she let out a small cry, "Senior sister look, it's him!"

Senior sister frowned as she looked him over, "Him!? How come I don't recognize him?"

The young and tender female cultivator hurriedly replied, "We met him in a nameless valley when we were running from demonic cultivators . I'm not wrong, it's him . "

Senior sister looked him over carefully, then shook her head, "So what if it's him? What's all the fuss about if I don't know him . "

The young and tender female cultivator stuck out her tongue . The eyes of the males beside her flashed at this charming silliness . They gazed at Qin Yu with unpleasant looks, 'Where did this guy come from to make junior sister Qi care about him? Get lost, the further the better!’

Qi Jiao looks at Qin Yu and his sad face made her heart tremble, 'Is he thinking about his beloved? How pitiful . ' She was suddenly swept by an urge—and before she could recover—she was in front of him . Meeting his eyes—as her face flushed—she spoke in a small voice, "The departed can't return . Restrain your grief and accept it . "

Qin Yu blanked a bit, then cupped his hands, "Many thanks to young miss, but do we know each other?"

Qi Jiao shook her head, "Me and senior sister saw you three years ago, in a valley . However, you were immersed in grief at that time and didn't notice us . "

Three years ago, should be the time when Ning Ling passed away .

Looking at the young miss in front of him, Qin Yu's heart was somewhat warmer . Then he smiled, "Thank you, young miss, for reminding me . I am fine now . "

Qi Jiao's face flushed even more, as her hands were grasped tightly together . She suddenly discovered that Qin Yu's eyes are so black, so luminous, yet his smile made her feel nervous .

Senior sister shot a glance at the several glum senior brothers and junior brothers—then at the oblivious Qi Jiao—smiling bitterly inside, 'If you do this again, you will give him trouble . '

She stepped forward, "Junior sister, we must go . "

Qi Jiao recovered from her stupor, "E-en . I'm coming, senior sister!" She waved her hand and moved her lips, yet no word came out .

Some males' eyes looked at Qin Yu with ill intentions . But they had no excuses to act on, and could only hold it in while cursing inside, 'You got lucky punk!'

Qin Yu smiled as each went their own way .

More than half of the houses were occupied by people from the same sect, same clan or acquaintances . With all of them gathered together, they made quite a commotion . Some of the houses were turned into a market—filled with shouts of haggling—as they were used as vendor stalls .

Clamor was clamor, and living here wasn't that great, which the newcomers noticed this and moved away . As a result—when Qin Yu was making his choice—only the ones near the market were empty .

Shaking his head, he chose one at random, 'At least the sight isn't bad, moreover, it's very easy to buy things . . . Yes . ' With this self-comforting, the marketplace's clamor no longer had any effect on him .

Tidying up a bit—making sure everything was in order—Qin Yu rested for two hours, then walked in the marketplace . Indeed, all the items here were nothing in his eyes . 'You're just a weak 4th layer of Foundation Establishment cultivator . How can you not show even a little bit of interest in this bustling place? Very strange!'

Maybe there never was anyone paying attention to Qin Yu, but it was always best to be safe than sorry .

This was the Ancient Immortal Valley after all!

Wandering around—while faking interest and haggling for the price—Qin Yu bought some 'good things' that he's 'satisfied' with . Just as he was about to leave—as a 'satisfied' customer—he spotted a rusted sword sheath .

A movement inside the storage bag rippled outward . Qin Yu's heart trembled slightly—but he didn't show it—and squatted to look on more carefully .

Behind the stall, Qi Jiao was pleasantly surprised—while somewhat bashful . She played with her fingers, being in a rather bewildered state . 'Why is he here, is it to see me? What do I do if he asks me to be with him?'

‘Master said, there are more men bad than good . What master said is definitely true, but is he a bad person? He doesn't seem to be . And his smile is so warm . ’

When Qi Jiao was dazed, while her male fans on the side sported black faces and gnashed their teeth .

Qin Yu nodded, "Fellow Daoist, are these items for sale? " He pointed at the rusted sword sheath with astonishment .

But very soon, he was startled, "It's you!"


Keep on acting!

Several males showed their contempt, 'Even if you're the best actor, you still won't deceive our piercing eyes . '

‘Hitting on junior sister Qi equals death!’

Qi Jiao's heart fell a bit, "En, you want to buy some things? "

Qin Yu hesitated, then pointed, "Actually, I only want to buy this sword sheath . How much are you asking for it?"

‘He doesn't want to take advantage of me!’

Qi Jiao's eyes brighten, "This sword sheath is something I discovered—by chance—on a riverbank . Because it is rather durable, I held on to it it . It isn't worth much, so you can just take it . "

The males at the side had red eyes, 'Just why is junior sister Qi interested in this guy? Be it his appearance, cultivation or bearing, he is not one bit better than us!'

"Junior sister Qi!" a male hurriedly began, "We aren't in the sect right now to forgo expenses . Moreover, senior aunt is… in need of spirit stones . "

Another person nodded repeatedly, "Senior brother Li is correct . Since the opportunity to make some spirit stones came, we mustn't waste it . " He then shot a cold glare at Qin Yu, "This is a transaction . And if he is interested in the sword sheath, it is very normal to pay for it . "

Qin Yu nodded, "What you have said is correct . Young miss Qi tells me a price . "

‘Young miss Qi, my ass! Why are you getting so close? Even more close than us!’

Senior brother Li sneered, "Even though we don't know what treasure junior sister Qi's sword sheath is, it has an above average hardness . A hundred spirit stones shouldn’t be much, right?"

His viciousness was obvious .

‘Kid, since you dare to hit on junior sister Qi, I will deal with you!’ A hundred spirit stones—for a Foundation Establishment cultivator—was a sky-high price!

Qin Yu muttered a bit, then slowly nodded, "Fine . "

Senior brother Li's sneer froze on his face . He turned his head—as if to check if heard correctly . Only to see the junior brothers close by with the same startled faces . A hundred spirit stones, he agreed to a price of a hundred spirit stones just like that!?

Their faces darkened endlessly .

Another one coughed, "Senior brother Li, I seem to have heard Senior Aunt mention that this sword sheath isn't ordinary . A hundred spirit stones is too low . "

Senior brother Li was 'enlightened', "Right right, I forgot!" he glared at Qin Yu, and then he said through clenched teeth, "We w-want five hundred spirit stones for this sword sheath!"


The surroundings were in an uproar .

The original price of a hundred spirit stones already attracted attention, but he never imagined it would be followed by an explosive price!

This price was enough to buy a small top-quality magic treasure .

"Just what is that sword sheath, for him to dare say such an outrageous price?"

"Maybe it belongs to a magic sword!"

"It is quite possible . If it is indeed a part of a magic treasure set, then just the material must be worth more than five hundred spirit stones . "

Qin Yu frown as they chattered .

Suddenly, a person stepped forward, "Five hundred spirit stones! This sword sheath is something I want . "

The scene was thrown in chaos!

Many people stared wide-eyed, their jaws almost touching the floor .

Five hundred spirit stones and someone actually wanted it!

Senior brother Li's heart was startled, but soon was laughing, "Good . " He turned, “Five hundred spirit stones were announced . If anyone else wants it, they can bid more . "

For a 4th layer of Foundation Establishment cultivator, a hundred spirit stones were almost all he had . For him to act like this was all to humiliate Qin Yu .

Qi Jiao spoke in fake anger, "Senior brother Li!" She grabbed the sword sheath and gave it to Qin Yu, "I said that it is of little value, so I'm giving it to you . "

Senior brother Li and the rest were dumbstruck, feeling their hearts broke on the spot .

Qin Yu thought for a bit, then he said, "Young miss Qi, this sword sheath is indeed uncommon . I can’t just accept this precious item, so I will be buying it from you with a hundred spirit stones . "

Qi Jiao, "This . . . " Seeing the serious looking Qin Yu—she hesitated for a while— and nodded slowly .

Qin Yu took the sword sheath, then he waved his arms and a pile of a hundred spirit stones formed on the ground . Their luster attracted attention .

Many people swallowed .

Speaking of a Foundation Establishment cultivator—unless he came from an important clan—he wouldn't be able to have such a considerable wealth .

The face of Senior brother Li—along with the rest— had their faces changed once again .

Storage bag!

This kid actually had a storage bag!

Qi Jiao blanked from complete loss .

Qin Yu's eyes swept the surroundings, then he stated softly, "Young miss Qi, quickly take the spirit stones . "

"Oh, oh!" Qi Jiao darted her eyes left and right, all the while a junior brother took off his outer garment and began gathering the spirit stones .

The one who called five hundred left after gave Qin Yu a cold look .

Qin Yu's eyes lingered on his back and frowned unconsciously . This person's aura gave him an unpleasant feeling .

But he didn't argue as even Qin Yu didn't want to blow things out of proportions . He kept his thoughts in check and cupped his hands towards Qi Jiao, then he left with the sword sheath .

Once he returned to his stone house, he took out several Formation Disks and arranged them in the corners . The strength of the formation was not very strong, but it was enough . It would warn him—and give him time to react— when someone was spying on him .

He waved his arm and the sword sheath once again appeared . Next to it was a black dagger, the same dagger he obtained from the Sealed Demonic Zone .

The black dagger vibrated as if excited, then flew into the sword sheath . Accompanied by a black light, the sword sheath's rusty surface wiggled and gradually turned into a thick black color, with specks of blood mixed within .

Freezing, dark, fiendish and ruthless aura spread from the black sword as if it was slowly awakening from a deep sleep .

(1) The name of the clan is the character for ancient in the Ancient Immortal Valley .

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