Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 399

Chapter 399

Chapter 399 – Rebirth of Wood and Rain

As he thought about how determined the world’s will was to destroy the little blue lamp, Qin Yu felt his heart unconsciously tighten . Although he had no evidence, he believed he had come across some kind of extremely terrifying secret . And this secret was far from what someone with his cultivation was entitled to touch .

Qin Yu took a deep breath and suppressed these thoughts deep into his heart . However, he couldn’t help but reveal a bit of hesitation . Could the little blue lamp really be some truly evil existence? That didn’t seem right though . It accelerated the growth of spirit plants and enhanced the quality of pills; he had never sensed the tiniest bit of evil aura from it .

All sorts of mixed up thoughts tumbled through his mind . After a moment, Qin Yu calmed down and a firm decisive look crossed his expression . A great reason he was able to arrive where he was today was thanks to the little blue lamp; it could be called his cornerstone in establishing himself in the world . Even if the little blue lamp was some utterly evil object, he had already merged together with it and could no longer be separated from it . If it was evil, then they would both become evil together!

Since this was so, why continue hesitating about it? All he needed to do was continue walking forwards while following his own conscience .

In the distant endless nothingness, within the space that was connected to the sealed dimension ring, the little blue lamp that had transformed into a great sun seemed to sense Qin Yu’s thoughts and emitted a humming cry .

Faintly, Qin Yu could feel his connection with it become even closer .

Qin Yu could feel the sense of closeness coming from the little blue lamp and his lips curved up in a smile . “Yes, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have suspected you . If you are evil, then let’s become evil together and dye the entire world in our color!” He turned his hand and an ice box appeared . Sealed inside was the Rest Loam he had obtained from the Ninerealm Holy Land’s Secret Treasure Pagoda .

“Little blue lamp, is this Rest Loam useful to you?”

Just as Qin Yu’s voice fell, a phantom of the great sun appeared in front of him . However, this phantom was wrapped in a dark layer of nothingness, isolating its aura so that it couldn’t be sensed by the outside world .

Pa –

The ice box broke apart and the Rest Loam appeared . The great sun phantom fluctuated and Qin Yu could feel the joy of the little blue lamp . A deep blue light gushed out, enveloping the Rest Loam . Then, it faintly trembled and vanished from sight .

Shua –

The great sun phantom also vanished .

Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred . He quickly closed his eyes and his consciousness entered the sealed dimension ring . After a faint numbness and blurriness, he arrived at the space it was connected to .

His consciousness fused into his blood, turning into a divine sense body . Qin Yu opened his eyes and discovered that the great sun up above had become extremely dark, as if it had concentrated all of its strength . He could clearly see that shining out from within the phantom of the great sun there was a pure two foot deep blue light . The Rest Loam was bathed in it, fiercely beating like a living heart .

At this moment, all of that deep blue color instantly vanished, turning into light that poured into the Rest Loam . The Rest Loam stiffened for a brief second before loudly exploding, turning into endless bits of powder that sprinkled down onto the earth like snowflakes .

These snowflakes landed on the ground and directly fused into it . Then, the sundered ground that had undergone great catastrophe suddenly emitted loud rumblings sounds from deep below the surface .

Qin Yu had a shocked expression . He could see that great waves appeared on the boundless earth . All of the shattered and sundered ground was instantly erased by these great waves .

There was the sound of breaking air . A green grass rapidly rushed out from nowhere, wrapping around Qin Yu’s body and shivering . It seemed as if it remembered something extremely terrifying .

“Don’t worry . Today is not destruction, but the beginning of a new life for this space . ” Qin Yu smiled and gently stroked the grass .

The green grass gradually calmed down, but it still kept itself entangled around Qin Yu . One man and one grass watched on together as a scene that could be called a miracle occurred in front of them .

On the ground, after all traces of destruction were erased, everything became as smooth as a piece of white paper . Then, on this incomparably massive piece of white paper, some parts became hills, some parts became plains, and between these hills and plains, some places rose into mountains and some places sank and became rivers .

Water vapor rose up from the ground, condensing into fog in the skies . Then, with a loud rumble, thunder roared and a torrential rainstorm fell down . After being drenched by the rain, the earth began to emit something that could be called vitality . Just watching it made one feel overjoyed .

The green grass that twined around Qin Yu emitted an excited cheer and immediately flew onto a hill . Its roots rapidly grew and wriggled as it drilled itself into the earth . Then, it began to crazily grow, growing larger and larger a thousand feet at a time…it was a grass that was thousands of feet long!

On its leaves, the silver veins darkened so much that a touch of gold appeared . Then, that color spread to all corners of the leaves at an astonishing speed . A shining golden light exuded from the entire grass, its aura so vast and boundless that it left the heart trembling .

Within this the shattered space, to bitterly survive endless years without giving up and without truly dying, this grass naturally wasn’t ordinary . A long, long time ago, it used to have an extremely aggressive name – Star Cutting Grass . It was rumored that when this grass grew to the peak, its leaves could tear apart the vault of heaven, pierce through the endless nothingness and cut apart a star!

The heavy rain continued for over a month . Qin Yu stood here, watching the rainwater gather into brooks, the brooks melding into streams, the streams pouring into rivers, and the great rivers rushing and roaring into the lowest regions of the earth, become a giant lake . Or, one could even call it a sea .

Qin Yu calmly watched all of this happen, his mind entirely immersed in the feeling . It was like he was participating in the rebirth of wood and water in this world . This mysterious feeling caused him to be completely unable to feel the outside flow of time . Even though his divine sense left his body for such a long time, he didn’t feel weary at all . In fact, his divine sense even seemed to become stronger at an astonishing speed, becoming increasingly pure .

Qin Yu didn’t sense that right now within his soul space, the light cast from a purple crescent moon was continuously fusing with his soul . Compared to when it first condensed, this purple moon was clearly much larger . It had turned from the tiniest crescent slice into a thicker sickle-like blade . The purple light it emitted also became much purer .

The third month passed .

Qin Yu’s illusory body seemed to awaken from its immersed state . His divine sense felt as if it had eaten a meal and was completely satiated, completely unable to strengthen anymore .

After sensing his surroundings, he found that three months had already passed . Shocked, his divine sense body loudly dissipated .

Within his residence at the titan tribe, a faint layer of dust had fallen over him . His fingers moved and his eyes flashed open .

Bang –

An invisible strength erupted, shaking away all of the dust . Two beams of divine light seemed to shoot out from his eyes, sending out a terrifying momentum! There was no change to his looks, but he seemed to gain an inexplicable sense of dignity . This was the pressure that one naturally emitted after their soul force grew stronger .

Qin Yu sensed his much stronger soul force and revealed a happy look . But soon, he jumped up and ran to the door . Yet before he reached the entrance, the courtyard doors were split open and the array formation flashed and shattered .

Qin Yu’s complexion changed . He shouted, “Who is it!”

Dust danced in the air to reveal an awkward Tuba . The great priest beside him also had widened eyes that soon turned to pleasant surprise .

“Your Highness Saint Son, there was no news from you for three months, and even though I queried several times, there was no response . This is why…if I disturbed or alarmed you, I ask for your forgiveness . ”

Qin Yu lightly coughed . “I had obtained some understandings so I decided to close up and cultivate for some time . I was unable to sense what was happening outside . I must have worried great priest . ”

The great priest glanced over Qin Yu to reveal a look of shock . “Your Highness has a truly incredible cultivating speed . After a mere three months, your soul force is almost twice as powerful as it was before . I fear you are already able to compare favorably with a common Blue Sea master . ” As the titan tribe’s great priest, he naturally had a deep understanding of the cultivation boundaries of the human outsiders .

The great priest was moved . Qin Yu was indeed an existence worthy of being chosen as the Holy Land’s Saint Son . His talent had reached a truly unbelievable boundary .

But the more it was like this, the higher the possibility that their titan tribe could be saved . The great priest was utterly shocked, but also utterly ecstatic!

Qin Yu faintly smiled, not explaining . “Great priest seems to be worried . Is there some matter?”

The great priest hurriedly explained . “The matter is indeed urgent, otherwise there is no way this old servant would dare intrude into Your Highness’ residence . This is because the Infinite Realm will soon close up . ” He took out the status token . “This old servant has already opened up a tiny portion of the space . It is enough to bring Tuba and Tutou outside . I ask your Highness Saint Son to bring them out of the Infinite Realm . ”

Qin Yu was startled . “How long until it closes?”

The great priest thought for a moment, “Judging from my experience, it will be no more than ten days . ”

Qin Yu’s heart sank . If it was ten days, then there was no chance for him to continue searching for Ning Ling . Although common reasoning told him that enhancing his soul force was a much wiser choice, he still silently rebuked himself for remaining immersed in the reconstruction of the spatial fragment and losing his sense of time . If he hadn’t used up three months of time like this, he might have been able to meet her .

But with things having come to this point, it was useless to blame himself . Qin Yu took a deep breath and composed himself . “Since there are ten days left, I must prepare to leave . ”

The great priest revealed a bit of anxiousness . “Your Highness Saint Son, every time the Infinite Realm opens or closes, the power of the rules will be particularly active . Our titan tribe needs to completely seal itself off to prevent being sensed . So…cough cough, I ask Your Highness Saint Son to forgive me . ”

Qin Yu came to a sudden realization . He felt a bit awkward . So him staying in seclusion without coming out had actually delayed the titan tribe from sealing themselves away . He immediately said, “I had no idea about this . Since this is the situation, I will leave today . ”

The great priest hastily said, “It was this old servant’s mistake for not informing Your Highness ahead of time . ” He took out another inheritance stone . “Your Highness, inside this is the body cultivating techniques of my titan tribe . I have seen that Your Highness also studies the path of body cultivation, so perhaps these techniques might be useful to Your Highness . Please regard them as a gift from my titan tribe to Your Highness . I only hope that one day Your Highness can truly inherit the Holy Land and rescue my titan tribe from this destroyed world . ”

Qin Yu received the status token and inheritance stone . He finally realized why the great priest was so respectful to him . It wasn’t because of his status as the Saint Son, but because he was the only one who could possibly save the titan tribe .

Only by becoming the master of the Holy Land could he spare the titan tribe from destruction, bringing them away from this Infinite Realm that was headed towards obliteration .

After becoming aware of this, Qin Yu relaxed . If so, then he could fully trust Tuba and Tutou . This was because these two would definitely be loyal and devoted to him, caring about his safety even more than he did himself!

“Great priest, rest assured that I will work hard to cultivate and try to save the titan tribe from this world as soon as I can . ”

The great priest deeply bowed, “Please, Your Highness!” He turned and shouted out, “You two must remember, even if you die horrible deaths, you must ensure that His Highness is safe no matter what!”

Tuba and Tutou knelt to the ground . “We vow to protect Your Highness to the death!”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with satisfaction . These two titans were strong . If they followed him, he would indeed be much safer . His thoughts stirred and he suddenly sensed the space that was opened up within the status token . It was a full 1000 feet in size and there was even a well-constructed courtyard within .

As for further places, they were covered with a dense mist . This must be the sealed state .

He instinctively knew how to control this space . Qin Yu’s thoughts moved and a suction force enveloped Tuba and Tutou . Without resisting, they were sucked in .

Qin Yu checked with his divine sense and found that the two titans had appeared in the courtyard within the token’s space . As for summoning them, he could do that with a similar thought .

He even discovered that he himself could enter this space . With a thought, his field of vision flashed and he appeared right in front of Tuba and Tutou, giving them both a fright . They hurriedly knelt to the ground and bowed .

Qin Yu waved for them to rise . He cautiously looked around . As he saw the deep gray mist on the edges of this opened space, he suddenly felt a sense of fear and alarm . Although he didn’t know what this mist was, he knew that if he accidentally touched it, his fate was sure to be horrible .

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