Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 396

Chapter 396

Chapter 396 – Rest Loam and Leave

“Rest Loam!” Black Lake shouted out loud, his expression shaking .

Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred . He subconsciously grasped it in his hand and said, “Black Lake, do you know what this is?”

Black Lake nodded, a trace of envy in his eyes . “Your Highness has incredibly formidable luck; you actually managed to choose the Rest Loam . According to what this old servant knows, out of the countless treasures within the Secret Treasure Pagoda, the Rest Loam’s value is considered amongst the top three . ”

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened . “What uses does the Rest Loam have?”

Black Lake quietly said, “The name Rest Loam is one given by the master . In other places, it is called other things . For instance, the Source of the World, or the Heaven Mending Divine Soil . ”

“This thing has an extremely mystical birth origin that not even the master was able to find out about . But, its function is exceedingly simple . By using the Rest Loam as the foundation, through a vast period of time, one can condense a complete world . Or, if a world has been severely damaged, then by fusing the Rest Loam into it, one can repair the damage to the world in a short period of time and even make it stronger and firmer than before . ”

Condense a world!

Ignoring all else, just this point was enough to consider it an exceedingly rare treasure!

But at this time, what Qin Yu needed the most was the ability to repair a world!

To condense a world…one didn’t need to be a genius to know that this required an unfathomably high cultivation level . He was only a mere Divine Soul and even when going all-out he could only erupt with a Blue Sea level of strength; this difference was immeasurable . But because he had the little blue lamp, he now thoroughly ruled a vast distant space . But this space was seriously damaged, and in order to fully restore it, an immense amount of time was needed .

But with this Rest Loam, the speed at which that space would repair itself would rise dramatically . He would be able to restore vitality to the entire space in a much shorter period of time .

At that time, Qin Yu could finally realize his ideas for how to use that space .

For instance, when he had been at the Southshine Nation’s treasury, he had taken away those rare spirit seeds that even the Southshine Nation Old Ancestor had felt pained to see leaving . The little blue lamp had changed into a great sun . Once Qin Yu planted those spirit plants in that regenerated space and they germinated, he was really looking forward to how fast they would grow .

Black Lake continued to say, “That’s right, the Rest Loam has an extremely special nature . It cannot come into contact with any earth-attribute object otherwise it will directly fuse into it and can never be stripped apart . ” Pride lit up his eyes . “My Ninerealm Holy Land’s storehouse has endless treasures . For instance, we have an Eternal Ice Box . It is refined from ice that has lain silent for a million years without being touched by any yang energy . There are rule runes inscribed onto it and the ice cold strength will not disperse even after tens of thousands of years . I will bring one to Your Highness so that you may store the Rest Loam within . ”

He lifted a hand and grasped out . Then, his confident face stiffened in a stunned expression, finally turning into dismay and embarrassment . “This…we clearly had many Eternal Ice Boxes; how could we suddenly be out of stock? It doesn’t matter . Our storehouse has countless treasures . Even without an ice box, we still have numerous substitute treasures . ”

Just as he was about to lift his hand once more, Qin Yu quickly interrupted him . “Black Lake, there is no need . I will condense my own ice box and place a sealing talisman to prevent it from melting . It should be enough to use temporarily . ”

Black Lake retracted his hand, his face full of praise and admiration . “Your Highness is truly noble and honored . To actually be so thrifty, you can be called the model disciple of my Ninerealm Holy Land . If others were like the Saint Son then we would be able to save countless expenses every year . ”

Qin Yu stimulated his magic power, forming an ice box atop his palm . Water and ice were of the same origin, so doing this wasn’t a problem at all . He glanced at Black Lake from the side of his eyes and sighed . It seemed this puppet projection was even missing the most basic memorization functions .

It seemed that when the Holy Land was destroyed, he had also been incredibly damaged . It was truly pitiful .

Soon, the ice box was condensed . Qin Yu cautiously placed the Rest Loam within and then took out a sealing talisman with his other hand . After activating it with magic power and determining that it wouldn’t melt anytime soon, he put it away into his storage ring .

At this time, Black Lake looked up towards the arena entrance . He smiled . “Your Highness Saint Son, another disciple has come to attempt the test . Would you like to receive them so that they may gaze in reverence at Your Highness’ magnificent demeanor?”

Qin Yu’s complexion changed . Those that came were most likely the titan warriors . If they discovered he had made his way here first, there were bound to be troubles .

His thoughts raced and he said, “I have an important matter to attend to, so I don’t want to see them . As for news of me becoming the Saint Son, there is no need to let anyone know for the time being . ”

Black Lake suddenly said, “It seems Your Highness wishes to cultivate with a low profile before soaring up into the skies with a single bound and shocking the entire Holy Land . Then, this old servant will be waiting here . ”

He smiled and cupped his hands together . “This old servant will send Your Highness away first . ” As he spoke, he lifted a finger and tapped the void . Space rippled, enveloping Qin Yu . He vanished in the next moment .

On another side, at the end of a long channel, Wuma Sizhan and Wenren Dongyue raced against each other, a series of afterimages following the both of them .

Their complexions both changed . They wrinkled their eyebrows, looking at the arena they arrived at .

Black Lake glanced at the two without expression . “Who are you? Why don’t you have my Ninerealm Holy Land’s token?”

Wenren Dongyue cupped his hands together . “Greetings, senior . This junior has admired the Ninerealm Holy Land for many years and today I came here in hopes of becoming a part of the Holy Land . I hope that senior can give me a chance . ”

Wuma Sizhan’s expression changed . It appeared that the Immortal Sect knew a great deal about this land beyond their world . At the very least, the Demonic Path had never heard of the Ninerealm Holy Land before . However, his thoughts raced and he respectfully said, “This junior is the same . I ask senior to allow me a chance . ”

Black Lake’s expression lagged a little . As he glanced over the two, his eyes brightened . “I didn’t expect it, but your qualifications are quite good…” He paused for a moment, a helpless look on his face . “However, I have used up too much strength today so I cannot open the test for you . I hope you can come again next time . ”

“Senior! The only reason I managed to arrive here was through a coincidence of lucky chances . If I miss out on today, I fear there will be no other chance . Senior, please show mercy!” Wenren Dongyue quickly said .

Black Lake’s complexion sank . “I already said for you two to come again next time . There is no need to continue talking – go!”

With a flick of his sleeves, space rippled . Wenren Dongyue and Wuma Sizhan vanished from sight .

The next moment, the two people appeared outside the entrance . The anxiously waiting Demonic Path cultivator quickly bowed, “Greetings, Demon Son!”

“Out of my way!” Wuma Sizhan roared . The Demonic Path cultivator cried out pitifully as he was sent flying away . He spat out a mouthful of blood, his face full of fear .

Wenren Dongyue frowned . His face was cold and dark, so chilling that it left one trembling .

Shua –

Shua –

Figures popped out of spatial fluctuations one after another . Nine Ling, the other Immortal and Demonic cultivators, as well as Tuba and the other titans .

Now, they all glanced at each other with blank expressions . As they looked at their surroundings, they revealed looks of anger .

The female cultivator surnamed Ding hurriedly said, “Senior-apprentice brother Wenren, what is happening here?”

Wenren Dongyue took a deep breath . He bitterly smiled . “There was an accident . I just went in and now I was transmitted out . ”

He barely managed to maintain a calm expression, but his heart was still full of unwillingness . This Ninerealm Holy Land should have been his greatest lucky chance, but now all of his hopes were destroyed .

As he thought about how that black-haired old man had said he had used up too much strength, Wenren Dongyue’s eyes flashed brightly . He faintly guessed what happened .

Killing intent tumbled around Wuma Sizhan . He suddenly gripped his fists tightly, billowing demonic energy erupting all around him, condensing into demonic faces that reared back their heads and angrily roared . Wenren Dongyue’s lucky chance had become nothing but dreams, but his losses were equally astonishing . On a relative level, his losses were even more dire!

After all, the Demonic Path was full of factional strife and the power struggles were far more brutal than those of the Immortal Sect . Although he had an honored status, he would inevitably be implicated in losing the Infinite Realm lucky chance!

Damn! Damn it all!

While the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path cultivators were angered by what happened, the despair of the titan warriors far surpassed them . They weren’t able to enter the core region of the Holy Land and weren’t able to obtain the blessings of the Totem . How could their tribe continue surviving? By the next time the Holy Land opened, their tribe might already have been destroyed .

“It’s all your fault!” Tutou crazily roared, his face full of desperation and sorrow . “It is because of you human outsiders . You caused the anger of the Totem, ruining our only chance of obtaining the Totem’s blessing!”

His eyes flushed red and his blood energy boiled out of control . With loud rumbles echoing from his body, he shouted, “I’ll kill you!” The ground exploded as Tutou threw himself forward at a Demonic Path cultivator . His thick arm thrust forward, causing the air to split .

“You are courting death!” Wuma Sizhan roared . His figure flickered and he thrust out a palm . Tutou’s tall and sturdy body violently trembled as he was sent flying backwards .

Giant black masses of demonic energy lingered around his body, melting away his flesh and blood and revealing the white bones beneath .

“Tutou!” Tuba’s complexion changed . He removed a bone pendant from his waist and hung it over Tutou’s body, allowing it to quickly devour the demonic energy .

On the other side, Wuma Sizhan was forced back again and again, each step leaving a deep imprint in the ground . Blood energy tumbled in his chest and his complexion darkened further .

“Tuba, kill them! Kill them all!” The severely wounded Tutou howled . He hacked out a cough and his barely closed wounds broke open once again, gushing out blood .

Tuba held onto his body . His face was cloudy and he didn’t say a single word . The titan warriors beside him all breathed heavily .

Wenren Dongyue shook his head . “Let’s go . ” He turned and flicked his sleeve . As he did, a spatial channel opened in front of him .

He led Ning Ling and the others inside . Once they vanished, the channel closed up .

Wuma Sizhan sneered . “Let’s go!”

He took out a black demon bead and tossed it on the ground . It blew up on its own, turning into a black lotus . As the black lotus bloomed, a spatial channel revealed itself inside .

Shua –

The Demonic Path cultivators entered . Then, the black lotus trembled and faded away into nothing .

“Tuba! Do we just watch helplessly as they all walk away? The hope of our tribe has been ruined by those damned human outsiders!” Tutou angrily roared .

Tuba clenched his teeth . “I know those human outsiders deserve to die . But if we really went all-out against them they would definitely band together . At that time, we would all die! I do not fear death, but our tribe is in a crisis right now . We must live on . Only by living on can we find a chance to save our people!”

Tutou’s complexion stiffened and his heart filled with even greater grief and indignation . His field of vision darkened and he fainted .

Tuba picked him up . He coldly said . “We’re returning to the tribe!”

He strode forward, the five titan warriors following close behind . No one spoke; the atmosphere was solemn and sad . At the entrance of the chessboard of heaven and earth, the Immortal and Demonic cultivators had already left . Once the remaining nine titan warriors learned what had happened, they all roared in anger and despair .

Soon, a strange fluctuation arrived . The vanished air bubbles reappeared once more, wrapping around them and sending them flying into the skies .

In the depths of the island atop that incomparably vast lake, Qin Yu relaxed and allowed the air bubble to wrap around him before shooting straight up into the skies . As the air bubble flew away from the island, his thoughts stirred . He looked down and saw a massive number of cultivators standing in the distance . As he saw a slender figure amongst them, his eyes widened with excitement .

But soon, the air bubble broke through the skies and the island at the center of the lake rapidly vanished . That figure soon faded from his line of sight .

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