Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 382

Chapter 382

Chapter 382 – Myriad Submission Secret Art

This was a life-maintaining treasure that the Immortal Sect granted to all of its disciples that entered the Infinite Realm . After activating, an enchantment would descend upon the world . All Immortal Sect cultivators within it would be strengthened and all other beings would be suppressed . Moreover, this enchantment had an imprisoning effect . If an Immortal Sect disciple were to encounter danger, they would easily escape the enchantment while everyone else was imprisoned . Even if they possessed a Blue Sea level strength, it would still take them some time and effort to break free .

This was Gonghai’s ultimate trump card . But at this time he used it without hesitation in order to guarantee absolute safety .

With the chance to obtain a secret rule art in front of him, it was worth going all out!

“Guardian, if we can obtain this secret rule art, we can share it together!” Gonghai said, clenching his teeth .

Guardians simply didn’t have the qualifications to compete with those they protected for any good fortune . Before entering the Infinite Realm, the Immortal Sect placed down formidable spells to prevent any possible accidents from occurring . But if Gonghai were to choose to share on his own initiative, this was different . That was a scenario allowed by the spells .

As expected, the Immortal Sect guardian’s face lit up with pleasant surprise . He bowed and said, “Thank you . ” He looked up and his gaze fell on Qin Yu . “Kneel down!”

With a loud shout, the Immortal Sect guardian stepped forwards and a dazzling divine light erupted from his body . It condensed behind him, transforming into an incomparably dignified phantom . This phantom was a thousand feet tall . It didn’t even reach the height of the several ancient trees in the surroundings, but the feeling it gave off was that it was a pillar that supported the heavens and earth . Bathed beneath this golden light, awe and submission rose from the depths of one’s soul .

“This is bad, this is the Immortal Sect’s secret art, Myriad Submission!” In the distance, a guardian standing near Xu Wenze shouted out loud, his complexion changing . He quickly took out a lotus throne-shaped treasure, “Everyone, lend me a hand!”

The three other guardians nodded . Their figures flickered and they each took up a different side . Then, they lifted their hands, magic power rushing outwards . Gathering the power of the four guardians, the lotus throne-shaped treasure suddenly erupted and a giant translucent lotus flower phantom appeared, covering the group . The golden light was blocked outside, but even so, several weaker juniors were still mentally affected . They gasped for breath and sat down in meditation as they started to resist the call with all their strength .

The Immortal Sect’s Myriad Submission Secret Art was infamous throughout the entire Land of Divinity and Demons . 10,000 years ago, a peerless powerhouse of the Immortal Sect had used this secret art to instantly take control of all lives within a large city . In an instant, over a trillion cultivators degenerated into puppets of this peerless Immortal Sect powerhouse . This was because this secret art focused on a cultivator’s will . Once they couldn’t resist it and lowered their head, a mark of loyalty would be imprinted within them and even if they were ordered to kill themselves, they would do so without hesitation .

Xu Wenze’s complexion paled further . He resisted the impulse to kneel down that kept pulsing through his soul . He forced a smile and said, “Miss Feng, that person doesn’t seem to be how you described him . ”

Feng Yunyun also found resisting this impulse difficult . She revealed an awkward expression, confusion in her eyes . Could that cultivator who had been as timid as a rabbit suddenly dare to fight with an Immortal Sect cultivator? Had he been stimulated somehow or had he gone crazy? Or, had she misunderstood him from the very beginning?

She shook her head; thinking about these things was already useless . In the face of the Myriad Submission Secret Art, few Divine Soul cultivators could resist . Soon he would become a puppet and he wouldn’t even be able to control his life or death afterwards .

Gonghai’s eyes widened in shock . He never imagined his guardian would have such hidden depths; no one knew he had already learnt the Myriad Submission Secret Art . It had to be known that among the many secret arts of the Immortal Sect, besides those few that stood at the peak, the Myriad Submission Secret Art could be considered the most powerful of those below .

He immediately understood why his guardian had hidden his strength . If he were chosen to join the group of guardians and enter the Infinite Realm, he would have a chance of harvesting lucky chances, and with how terrifying the Myriad Submission Secret Art was, as long as he didn’t tread into the danger zones, he could be considered a nearly invincible existence within the Infinite Realm . It was a good thing he had offered to share on his own initiative, otherwise the guardian would certainly have had other means to force him to agree . If that happened, the situation wouldn’t have been good for him .

Gonghai secretly rejoiced and his shock soon turned into happiness . With his guardian being so powerful he should be able to easily suppress this cultivator . As long as he was subdued by the Myriad Submission Secret Art, he could easily obtain his secrets .

The secret rule art was within his reach!

Hum hum! You all disdained me for being weak and small so you left me out from participating in the harvest of good fortune, but none of you expected that I, Gonghai, would have even greater lucky chances!

You can all wait! Once I rise in the future, I’ll show you!

Gonghai became even more urgent . “Don’t resist; hurry and submit!”

Within the golden light, Qin Yu streamed with sweat . His body trembled and he felt as if he were being pushed down by 10,000 mountains . A voice kept echoing in his ears – give up, just give up, as long as you kneel you will be freed from this pain, you can become a believer of a superior master, a transcendent force, obtaining his asylum and gratitude!

This voice was highly seductive and persuasive . If Qin Yu’s will wasn’t firm, he feared he would have already been subdued by it . He didn’t know that what he faced now was the Immortal Sect’s Myriad Submission Secret Art, but his intuition told him that if he were to kneel down here, he would forever lose his freedom .


“I absolutely cannot lower my head!

“I can!”

Qin Yu clenched his teeth and stubbornly stood tall beneath the golden light . But, this act of resistance actually caused the golden light to turn into roaring flames . These flames didn’t harm the body or soul, but instead directly struck at a cultivator’s will .

But like a blunt knife scraping against bone, the further he endured the more painful it became!

The Immortal Sect guardian revealed a startled expression . This cultivator had an incredible will . Even in the face of the Myriad Submission Secret Art he was able to last for such a long time .

But none of this mattered .


With a light cough, the Immortal Sect guardian galvanized his secret art with all his strength . The dignified figure behind him grew to 2000 feet tall and the golden light became even richer .

Inside Qin Yu’s soul space, Spirity revealed an ice cold expression . She suddenly lifted her hands and pointed towards the void . Within the world, that 2000 foot dignified figure opened its eyes and divine light exploded . Lightning seemed to sparkle as a world-destroying might gushed out .

A finger flew out from the void, piercing through the layers of divine light and grinding apart that endless thunder . It fell between the dignified figure’s eyebrows .

The dignified figure released a resonating roar that cultivators weren’t able to hear . “I will certainly find you…”

Bang –

The figure disintegrated and all the golden light vanished .

Spirity’s face paled . Her eyes darkened with weariness . She drew one step back and vanished from sight .

“Ahh!” The Immortal Sect guardian screamed out pitifully and toppled to the ground . The point between his eyebrows burst open and black blood spilled out . He instantly aged, turning much older .

The Myriad Submission Secret Art possessed a terrifying prestige, but once broken, the backlash it produced was equally terrifying .

Gonghai was completely stunned . The secret rule art was just about to enter his hands and then his guardian had ended up in such a state . Just what had happened?

Suddenly, his heart trembled . He looked up to see an indifferent pair of ice cold eyes glaring at him .

“This is bad! This cultivator is so strange he might have other methods . I am not his match!”


Gonghai grabbed onto the guardian . Golden light erupted from his body and his speed reached an astonishing degree . He instantly ran out from the scope of the enchantment, crazily fleeing without looking back .

“Ran…he ran away…” Xu Wenze muttered to himself, his face full of shock .

Feng Yunyun also had a dazed expression . She struggled to find words to say . As she looked at Qin Yu, her expression became incomparably complex .

This was the person who she thought was as timid as a rabbit? How laughable!

Her other companions as well as the five guardians were all equally stunned and silent .

Qin Yu took a deep breath and barely managed to suppress his killing intent . Ignoring the fact of whether or not he could break through the enchantment, even if he did that and chased after the Immortal Sect cultivators to kill them, that wouldn’t be a wise decision . With his current strength, while he wasn’t weak, he was still as small as an ant in the face of such a high existence like the Immortal Sect . They would only need a thought to send him beyond redemption! And, he had firmly remembered these two Immortal Sect cultivators . Once he was strong enough in the future, he would have plenty of time to clear their debts .

He sat down, a bit puzzled . Just what had happened? The Immortal Sect guardian’s supernatural arts were actually forcefully broken .

There was absolutely something he didn’t know involved in this . Qin Yu quickly sent a thought transmission and tried to communicate with Spirity, but he didn’t receive a reply .

This caused Qin Yu to develop some guesses . However, there was no need to hurry . He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, restoring his mental losses .

In the distance, Feng Yunyun and the others that had been watching Qin Yu all let out a sigh of relief . They had been worried that he would vent his anger on them .

A moment later when the enchantment’s strength was exhausted, it shattered without sound . Qin Yu stood up and flew away .

Xu Wenze sighed . “That’s a master . No wonder he couldn’t bother with us before . ”

Feng Yunyun lowered her head and subconsciously bit her lip, her face a little pale .

Guardian Li coughed . “Miss Feng, there is no need to mind it . That fellow daoist was purposefully hiding his strength . Much less you, even I couldn’t see it . However, considering today’s events, you and I both owe him a favor . ”

“To dare fight against those from the Immortal Sect and even break through their guardian’s Myriad Submission Secret Art . I feel deep admiration towards him . I also recognize this favor . ” Xu Wenze smiled . “While we can’t compare to the Immortal Sect, if there is a chance in the future to repay this favor, we should do our best to do so . ”

Qin Yu flew at a low altitude, his face dark . He had only managed to find an Immortal Sect cultivator with great difficulty and yet he had never thought it would turn out this way . Did he really have no chance of finding Ning Ling in the Infinite Realm?

In the blink of an eye, another month or so passed and the Infinite Realm had been open for nearly half its time limit . The cultivators that came in would have found harvests as long as they survived . Of course, there were also many people who perished, leaving behind nothing but corpses, or perhaps they had decayed to bones by now . There were likely even some who became food in the stomachs of monster beasts .

At this time, in the distant depths of the Infinite Realm, on an island in the center of a giant lake that wasn’t marked on the map at all, two sides were confronting each other, hundreds of cultivators involved .

On one side, a dazzling divine light shined like a sun up above, sparkling down with endless rays of brilliance as if all evils and sins would be purified . On the other side, black clouds wove above, with the phantoms of demonic heads constantly forming, their mouths opening in blood-drenched roars .

Both sides were incomparably strong . As their invisible auras collided with each other, it caused giant waves to surge across the lake . Through the billowing tides, one could see a partly visible palace in the depths of the lake .

On withered yellow grass, Qin Yu punched out a fist . What stood across from him was a native life form . His appearance was almost the same as a human’s but he was actually 20 feet tall . Besides some animal skins wrapped around his more private areas, this native’s bare body was revealed . It was hard and solid, as if cast from steel . Just from a glance, one could see that this was an incomparably strong being .

As Qin Yu fought against him, the native life form simply didn’t block the fist . He roared and punched out in the same way .

Bang –

Bang –

Two loud and deep rings erupted at the same time . Qin Yu coughed out loud and blood energy tumbled in his chest . He could clearly hear the sound of chest bones creaking just now .

A person with a king-step Demon Body was known to have the power to fight Divine Souls with their body alone . From this one could see how formidable it was . But, in an exchange of fists, his bones had creaked and groaned . The strength of this native life form was truly horrifying .

Of course, after receiving Qin Yu’s fist, the native life form was in an even worse state . He was like a giant stone that was sent tumbling away, crashing into the ground and leaving behind a deep gully through the dirt and grass . But, the most shocking thing was that he didn’t seem to have received any injuries at all . Instead, he flipped back onto his feet and angrily rushed forwards once again .

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