Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 380

Chapter 380

Chapter 380 – Super Storm Flow

Qin Yu was stunned . He hurried to extinguish the power of the burning heavens . It had only lasted for a single breath of time so it hadn’t caused especially severe damage to him . It had died, and it had actually died in a completely unexpected manner . Even he never imagined such a result would occur . However, this shock was soon replicated by ecstatic joy and a bright smile lit up his face .

Within his soul space, Spirity’s eyes widened and she chuckled . Her master’s luck was truly unimaginable . She lowered her head, her eyes seeming to pierce through everything as she looked at a shadow on the ground . The corners of her lips curved up .

The summoned life form that was prepared to take action suddenly twitched its lips . It couldn’t help but reveal several points of surprise . In its belief, anyone that possessed such terrifying luck would grow up to be an amazing individual with transcendent will and favor .

As long as this type of person didn’t perish midway, after the long years they would likely turn into a terrifying existence . Perhaps, it thought, it could change its manner towards the little master slightly and be a bit more attentive in assisting him .

As soon as this thought appeared, the summoned life form immediately appeared . “Congratulations master . I need their souls and ask master for permission . ”

Within the soul space, Spirity sneered . She sent a message through his soul, “Master, this summoned life form has a mysterious origin, but since you summoned him you have the ability to limit him . As long as you don’t allow him to swallow those souls, there is nothing this summoned life form can do . ”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed . Spirity said again that this was a good opportunity to clamp down on this summoned life form . His thoughts turned and he made a decision . He asked, “Although you call me your master, I still don’t know your name or origin, or what methods you have . ”

The summoned life form gnashed its teeth in anger; Spirity’s sound transmission couldn’t be concealed from it . But, the souls of these two dead terrifying existences were indeed important to it . It could only squeeze out a laugh and say, “Ah…this subordinate has just recovered and there are still many holes in my memories . I only recently restored some of them a while ago . Master may call me Undying . As for where I come from, I cannot say, otherwise you will be stained by the karma of cause and effect . So, it’s better if master doesn’t know . As for abilities…I particularly excel in dealing with souls and escape methods . For instance, after I swallow these two souls, master’s Shadow Step range will expand to 20 miles . ”

Within the soul space, Spirity suddenly revealed a dignified expression . She said, “Master, although it didn’t speak much, its words should be credible . ”

Qin Yu’s thoughts raced . Recovery…cannot say…this summoned life form’s origin became increasingly mysterious . But luckily, Spirit had said he could restrict the summoned life form, and since his Partner Soul shared death and life with him, she naturally wouldn’t lie to him about such things .

“I hope that you won’t conceal anything from me from now on . Go, they’re yours . ”

The summoned life form was overjoyed . Its figure distorted and it appeared right next to the two giant corpses before drilling into their bodies .

Qin Yu’s soul asked, “Spirity, these two terrifying existences should have had a peak Blue Sea strength and their souls should already have condensed, so how come their souls died with their bodies?”

Spirity explained, “Replying to master, in order to evade erasure from the Infinite Realm’s rules, they fused their souls and bodies together . The death of their mortal bodies meant the death of their souls, and these dead souls are hidden in their bodies . ”

As the two spoke, the summoned life form had already emerged from one corpse and impatiently drilled into the other . Soon, all of the souls had been cleanly swallowed up and the summoned life form flickered to the side . “Master, there seems to be an additional reason that these two were hiding here . If you take a look you might be able to find some harvests . I must hurry and digest these souls . ” As it finished speaking, it melted into his shadow .

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened and he walked over to the side of the two colossal beings . He didn’t look for any lucky chances but directly used a secret appraisal technique . Soon, a rich blood red light appeared from the last of these two terrifying beings to die . A look of pleasant surprise lit up Qin Yu’s face .

This secret technique could judge whether or not a corpse could be used to refine Storm Flow magic tools . Initially, when he joined the Southshine Nation’s Youth Alchemy Competition and had to pass through the wilderness he had obtained some appropriate materials for refinement . But, with his current strength, these materials weren’t too useful to him anymore even if he refined them .

This massive corpse in front of him was different . It had been a terrifying life form that maybe had a peak Blue Sea strength . If he managed to successfully refine it, the might of this Super Storm Flow would reach an inconceivable level . It might even be able to shake a Calamity Immortal level existence!

Of course, even if the strength was enough, with a Calamity Immortal cultivator’s ability to control the world’s rules, it could instantly counterbalance most of the killing strength, so this weapon would lose the vast majority of its threat .

Qin Yu had a joyful expression . He never thought of using this Super Storm Flow to resist a Calamity Immortal to begin with . Once he activated this set of magic tools, a peak Blue Sea existence would surely suffer a great loss!

This was a trump card .

Even if there were no other harvests, just this corpse alone was an unimaginable find!

A five-colored sword light appeared . Qin Yu lifted his hand and pressed down . The sword point pierced through the skin, emitting a sharp screeching sound . Feeling the shaking race up his arm and the difficulty of it, Qin Yu was shocked . This terrifying life form’s mortal body was actually formidable to such a state . Even when he erupted with all the power of his Five Element Swords secret technique and borrowed its sharpness, he could barely manage to break through its flesh .

Fortunately, he still could, otherwise things would have been awkward . Would he have been able to maintain the power of the burning heavens while cutting through this corpse?

If so, he feared he would already have died from old age before being able to open up this terrifying life form’s corpse .

Qin Yu secretly rejoiced as he thrust his head into the giant corpse . Its inside was like a silkworm chrysalis . Besides teeth, there were no other bones in its body .

What could be refined into Storm Flow magic tools were actually soft blue veins that were interspersed through the corpse’s flesh and blood . These blue veins grew together with the flesh and blood and were so solid and hard that even when Qin Yu erupted with all the strength of the Five Element Swords, it still took him an immense amount of effort to cut one out . After the soft yet tenacious blue veins left the corpse, they instantly turned incomparably hard and straight .

Even with Qin Yu’s cultivation, when he erupted with all his strength he still couldn’t bend them in the least . From this, one could see how hard they were . He really anticipated using these as materials to create his set of Super Storm Flow magic tools!

Qin Yu hummed with happiness . He dove into the smelly flesh and blood, becoming the incarnation of the most horrifying corpse-crazed demon spirit . He didn’t let any of the blue veins escape his grasp . He worked for three days without rest and swallowed down dozens of pills in the meantime . Finally, after cutting through the last piece of flesh and carefully checking that he hadn’t left anything behind, he finally took a deep breath and stood up straight .

His bones crackled and popped within his body . Though Qin Yu’s Demon Body was potent, maintaining a state where he used all his strength for three days still left him aching all over . Still, all of this was worth it .

He found 1024 blue veins from the body of this terrifying life form . Up until now, this was the strongest set of materials that Qin Yu had found as well as the one with the highest quantity . He was really anticipating the power of this Super Storm Flow!

Qin Yu had the urge to immediately begin refining . But, he finally suppressed this idea . This peak Blue Sea level material would surely be difficult to refine . If he wanted to refine over 1000 veins, it would require a massive amount of time . Since the Infinite Realm was only open for a limited period of time, he couldn’t delay here any further .

Eyeing the other corpse, Qin Yu twisted his sore body and dragged himself over . Five-colored lights flowed around his fingers once more . Although this corpse wasn’t suitable for refining Storm Flow magic tools, because the terrifying life form had been so powerful, just the corpse’s materials alone were likely to be incredibly precious .

After spending another two hours, Qin Yu obtained a horn and a pair of eyeballs . The horn was crystal clear and one could clearly see the textures within it as well as feel the faint traces of destructive aura it emitted . After the eyeballs were separated from the corpse they changed into two round beads with an unpredictable and ever-changing mist lingering within .

As for other materials…he glanced over at the sharp claws and fangs that left one’s heart shaking . A helpless look flashed across his face . Because this corpse was even tougher and more formidable than the other, it was already lucky that he was able to cut out the horn and eyeballs . If he wanted to obtain other materials he would need to slowly grind away at them . It would simply take far too much time .

After placing all of the materials within his storage ring, Qin Yu let go of the two corpses . He started to search through the mountain valley . Since the summoned life form had said something, it had clearly detected something .

He easily found the dens of the two terrifying life forms, but the insides were empty without anything at all . Qin Yu frowned and carefully searched the first den . Looking at the scales shed all over, this should be the den of the first terrifying life form that died . Looking through every nook and cranny, and even sweeping his divine sense around, in the end he still didn’t find anything .

Qin Yu turned and flew out, entering the second den . He searched even more carefully . This was because the terrifying life form of this den was clearly a bit weaker than the other, but it was actually able to play dead before suddenly striking out one final time to kill an even stronger existence . Perhaps because of this, it controlled something fierce .

There was nothing!

Qin Yu flipped the entire den upside down without any harvests . He wanted to ask the summoned life form but found that it was already deep asleep in his shadow .

Why wasn’t there anything? Could the summoned life form’s senses have been wrong?

There was suddenly a sound at Qin Yu’s feet as if he had kicked something, but when he looked down he didn’t see anything .

Nothing there?

Qin Yu had a dignified expression . He squatted down and gently brushed away the dirt . Soon, he felt something icy cold to the touch and in the shape of half a circle . Moreover, there were complex patterns all over its surface . Even so he still didn’t see anything, and even when his divine sense swept over it there was nothing but a blank space .

He couldn’t see it with his eyes nor could he sense it with his divine sense . If he hadn’t physically touched it with his hands, Qin Yu would never have believed something so strange and wonderful could exist .

This must have been what the summoned life form was referring to!

“Spirity, do you know what this is?” Qin Yu asked with a soul sound transmission .

Spirity was a bit hesitant . “This seems to be the work of some formidable cultivator from ancient times . But, I have no idea what it is . ”

Qin Yu nodded . No matter what it was, this thing was absolutely unusual . Once the summoned life form woke up, it wouldn’t be too late to ask it . At this time, the sealing strength around the entire mountain valley began to fade . Qin Yu looked down at the half-disc he couldn’t see or sense, and faintly thought that this sealing strength had something to do with it .

It seemed there was only this half within the entire mountain valley . But just to be safe, Qin Yu returned to the first den and quickly searched through it .

There weren’t any harvests as he expected . Without further delay, he turned and quickly left .

Not long after Qin Yu left, two figures appeared outside the mountain valley, a happy expression on their faces . But soon, their complexions changed .

Shua –

Shua –

In the blink of an eye, the two rushed into the mountain valley . Seeing the two corpses of the terrifying life forms, their pupils shrank as endless shock and awe rolled through them .

“How is this possible!?” One of them suddenly shouted out loud . Their faces paled as fear filled their eyes .

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