Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 369

Chapter 369

Chapter 369 – The Strong Power of the Burning Heavens

Deep underground, an invisible strength pushed apart stone and dirt, creating a circular 1000 foot space . Qin Yu sat down cross-legged, carefully sensing his own condition . After a long time, he let loose a breath of air, a thoughtful look on his face . Although he had fallen unconscious while everything occured, he still learned what happened through his Partner Soul Spirity .

During the Southshine Nation’s Youth Alchemy Competition, he had summoned this strange life form using the super Demon Puppet Pill refined from his own blood essence . It was clear now that it wasn’t as simple as it first seemed . This strange life form seemed to have a profound understanding about the Demon Body backlash and even the blood-colored altar that appeared .

Just where had it come from?

Qin Yu didn’t ask, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t curious . However, since he knew that the summoned life form wouldn’t tell him, he chose to remain silent on this .

But since the summoned life form had decided to help him overcome the Demon Body backlash and even helped him win a bestowment from the blood-colored altar, he shouldn’t hold any ill intentions towards him for the time being .

Then, he would leave future matters for future discussion . Wracking his mind to come up with an explanation wouldn’t be of any use to him .

Qin Yu suppressed these thoughts and lifted his hand . He spread out his fingers, and divine lights of white, black, blue, red, and yellow began to circulate around his palm, the dazzling brilliance releasing a formidable aura .

He had reached the Divine Soul realm!

Moreover, because of his deep background and incomparably solid foundation, his good preparations had helped him excel in his breakthrough, causing him to directly break into the second level of Divine Soul . This was a combat strength of 200 flood dragons .

It had to be known that when ordinary cultivators broke into Divine Soul, it was already rare for their combat strength to reach 50 flood dragons . They needed to draw upon their souls to sense the world rules, allowing their strength to drastically rise in a short period of time . When they finally stabilized their boundary, that was when their combat strength would exceed 100 flood dragons .

Qin Yu had obtained a combat strength of 200 flood dragons and there would be a period of time afterwards when his combat strength would continue to rise . Once his Divine Soul realm stabilized, he would reach a combat strength of around 300-400 flood dragons .

This was the astonishing reward for having an incredible background and foundation!

Qin Yu gripped his fists, feeling a powerful strength surging through his body . He couldn’t help but smile . He had already figured out a way to calculate his combat strength .

With a base combat strength of 200 flood dragons, the Five Element Nascent Souls would superimpose ten times, leading to 2000 flood dragons . Then, the Five Element Swords would superimpose four times again, leading to 8000 flood dragons .

8000 flood dragons was equivalent to 8 dragons . This was already within the Blue Sea realm!

Moreover, Qin Yu still had the Demon Body’s strength that he had yet to erupt with . Concerning the Demon Body, although he still didn’t know much about it, perhaps because he had undergone a backlash or perhaps because the Demon Body had broken past a certain boundary, Qin Yu had instinctually gained some information about it .

For instance, using the blood energy strength of his body, a general rank could increase his combat strength two times, a commander rank could increase his strength four times, and a king rank could increase his strength six times over . If he were to fight with all his strength, then once Qin Yu superimposed the power of his blood energy, that would raise his combat strength to 48 flood dragons . This was already equivalent to someone that had just broken through to the Blue Sea realm .

But this wasn’t the limit . Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred and his heart began to rapidly beat, forcing the blood in his body to race around and his bodily temperature to rapidly rise, making it feel as if magma was flowing through his blood vessels . This was the power of burning heavens that the blood-colored altar phantom had bestowed upon Qin Yu after swallowing a million portions of blood essence . This power didn’t really burn down the heavens and earth . Rather, it burned a cultivator’s own blood energy in exchange for an explosive increase in strength .

After stimulating the power of burning heavens to move through his body, even if he hadn’t truly used it, he could still feel its limits . It would be able to double his combat strength of 48 dragons .

Since it was known as the burning heavens, it naturally wasn’t something as simple as burning his blood energy . In a life or death moment when he was risking his life, after burning his blood he could use a secondary combustion method . He could burn his magic power and cultivation as a backup, allowing his combat strength to double once more .

After burning his magic power, he could burn his life . By sacrificing his life he could double his combat strength a third time .

48 dragons doubled to 96 dragons . 96 dragons doubled to 192 dragons . And that doubled again to a terrifying 384 dragons!

A combat strength of 300 dragons, that was a Revered Blue Sea .

Ming Siyuan, Yuan Tiangang, and the Southshine Nation’s Exalted One, Yun Yilan, they also had a combat strength of around 300-400 dragons .

If Qin Yu were to utilize every tool at his disposal and risk his life, he could erupt with a combat strength that was no weaker than their own .

Of course, this was simply comparing pure combat strength . This didn’t mean that Qin Yu had the strength to fight them face-to-face .

Upon reaching that level of the Blue Sea realm, one’s awareness and sensing of the world’s rules was the key to victory . Otherwise, even if one had a thousand dragons of combat strength, if they were suppressed by their opponent’s control of the rules, they would only be able to display less than a tenth of their power . This was no different than death .

And the power of the burning heavens that burned one’s blood, magic power, and life, none of this was easy to withstand . If he were to truly use it to its maximum potential, Qin Yu would at most be able to use it for a few short breaths of time before he had to pay an incredibly serious price . Thus, this could only be considered a life-preserving technique . When his life hung on the precipice of death, only then could he clench his teeth and use it .

Qin Yu scattered the power of the burning heavens and the temperature of his blood rapidly fell . He furrowed his eyebrows . Though the power of the burning heavens was astonishing, it was best not to use it .

After going through so much trouble to offer a sacrifice of a million portions of blood essence, he thought there would be some heaven-shocking harvest . He never thought that this harvest might seem amazing, but was actually thin and impractical to use .

Qin Yu forced a smile . Whatever . To live through a Demon Body backlash was already a great stroke of fortune . He couldn’t ask for anything beyond that .

Though Qin Yu didn’t mind, the summoned life form in his shadow actually thought that all its efforts and the results of its efforts were being looked down upon . It curled its lips and appeared, cupping its hands together and bowing . “Little master, you are mistaken . ”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed . “What do you mean?”

The summoned life form respectfully said, “Little master hasn’t been in this world for too long, so you might not understand how hard it is to superimpose one’s combat strength . I can explain it to you . ”

It paused and then continued to say, “Using little master as an example, you have trained in some sort of cultivation method that allowed you to condense the Five Element Nascent Souls, leading to your combat strength superimposing by ten times . Then, using the Five Element Nascent Souls as a foundation, you use a secret Five Element Technique to superimpose a four times combat strength . Following that, the Demon Body you trained can allow your combat strength to increase six times over . Finally, there is the power of the burning heavens .

“On the surface, it appears that the power of the burning heavens requires you to pay the largest price, yet the scope by which it increases your combat strength is the smallest . But, little master, there is a point you need to clearly understand: even when superimposing your combat strength, there are different ranks . There are countless low level methods of increasing your combat strength, but if you want to continue doing so, you need to utilize higher level abilities . Otherwise they will have no effect . For little master, your cultivation method is lower than your secret technique, which is lower than your mortal body, which is also lower than the power of the burning heavens . And, there is another point to be aware of . As more ways of superimposing your combat strength are applied, the amount by which it increases will be less and less . This is the imprisonment of the world rules; it will not allow anyone’s combat strength to rise without limit . ”

Qin Yu nodded in understanding . Within the Land of Divinity and Demons, there were countless supreme elders and all sorts of ancient inheritances . There were bound to be innumerable methods of increasing one’s combat strength . If there was no limit and one could superimpose their combat strength infinitely, then the consequences could be imagined .

Suddenly, Qin Yu’s eyes flashed . “Are you saying that the power of the burning heavens is a high-level method of superimposing one’s combat strength? Even after being limited by the world it can still double one’s strength; that is rare . ”

The summoned life form laughed . “There is one point that the little master was wrong about . The strength of the burning heavens is not simply a high-grade method, it is the highest level method of superimposing your combat strength in this world . No matter what combat strength superimposing method you obtain in the future, it will still be ranked below the power of the burning heavens . Moreover, no matter how many combat strength superimposing methods little master obtains, the power of the burning heavens will never reduce, not even a little . ”

Qin Yu’s expression finally changed .

Highest level method…would never reduce…

Just these two points alone were enough to prove how amazing the power of the burning heavens was . In any case, with Qin Yu’s current cultivation, he couldn’t withstand the burning of his blood, magic power, and life . But as his cultivation increased, he might be able to easily use this technique . At that time, Qin Yu’s combat strength would shock the heavens and earth and he would be able to fully display the power of the burning heavens!

The summoned life form slightly bowed . After giving an explanation, it hid away once more .

But Qin Yu understood its meaning . It wasn’t that what he obtained was bad, but that he didn’t have the eyes to see it for what it was, and neither did he have the qualifications to use it yet .

So don’t complain to me .

What a strange summoned life form…Qin Yu felt a bit embarrassed and also didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry . However, he did relax a great deal . At the very least, it didn’t seem to hold any evil intentions towards him .

Several days later, a monster beast drilled into the underground space, breaking apart Qin Yu’s plan of stabilizing his cultivation . He hurriedly killed it off and shot up into the skies before more of these earth-attribute monster beasts arrived .

This was still the wilderness and there was no place here that could truly be considered safe . After a brief pause he decided not to stay . He would return to the human controlled regions and go into seclusion again .

He took out a satellite handphone from his storage ring and flooded it with magic power, activating it . This was truly worthy of being an item used by the officials of the Southshine Nation; it could even find a signal here, no matter how weak . He brought out a map and compared it to where he was . Then, he put away the satellite handphone and flew away .

In the wilderness, it was dangerous to teleport . No one knew where one would land, thus unless one had no other choice, it was best not to .

The location that Qin Yu chose to fly towards was the distant Qi Empire .

Within a golden palace, sitting upon a nine leveled dragon throne, the Qi Emperor had a dignified expression . “The opening of the Infinite Realm has been pushed back for so long; there must have been some sort of accident . Issue an edict . The disciples and descendants of the royal family must pay careful attention to this . ”

In another palace, ten young cultivators gathered together . Each one of them had a profound bearing and regal atmosphere . Their eyes shined with pride and confidence .

“There is a secret message from the sect . The Infinite Realm has already opened and we will be able to enter within a month at most . ” The one speaking was a white-clothed youth . His eyes were like stars and his aura was calm and restrained . He emanated an unfathomably deep feeling .

“That’s great . I have been waiting for far too long already . This day had finally arrived . ”

“The Infinite Realm is the greatest lucky chance for anyone below Blue Sea . If you can obtain some harvests in there, your future cultivation will have twice the results with half the effort!”

“Make preparations immediately . We will step into the Infinite Realm in a month and compete for our good fortune!”

The white-clothed youth looked at his excited junior-apprentice brothers and sisters . He smiled . He turned and said, “Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling, your talent is incredible and you have managed to break through to Divine Soul in such a short period of time . Your future achievements are sure to be limitless . Still, your current strength is still too weak . After entering the Infinite Realm you must follow me to ensure nothing happens to you . ”

Ning Ling hesitated and then politely said, “Thank you, senior-apprentice brother Yu Bai . ”

Yu Bai faintly smiled . He could still feel that Ning Ling was vaguely resisting him .

But this didn’t matter . He was confident he could win her heart . The Infinite Realm was the best chance to do so!

To the side, a girl from the Immortal Sect lowered her head, a disdainful smirk on her face .

Yu Bai really wasn’t bad . Within the younger generation of Immortal Sect disciples, he was quite famous . However, senior-apprentice sister Ning Ling was someone that person had decided on, so how could the likes of you possibly compete?

It had to be known that even within the Immortal Sect, that person stood at the apex of all proud sons of heaven . He was destined to be a shining beacon of light that covered up all his peers, likely becoming a pillar that would support the Immortal Sect in the future .

Hum hum!

Once you enter the Infinite Realm, you’ll realize what an idiot you’ve been!

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