Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 359

Chapter 359

Chapter 359 – Plot

The lieutenant waved his hand . “Take him!”

He didn’t believe that Qin Yu would dare to resist .

As expected, Qin Yu really did frown for a moment before relaxing his body . That fearful heart-shaking aura he released vanished along with it .

The lieutenant breathed a sigh of relief before his complexion darkened . He never expected that he would feel such dread towards a boy .

He coughed inwardly . He thought that from this point on, he would let Qin Yu experience what overwhelming brutality was .

But the two guards weren’t able to approach Qin Yu before they were blocked by a red-dressed Aunty Hong . She smiled gently, her eyes warm, and said, “Lieutenant Du, why must you cause such a mess and capture someone in our inn?”

The lieutenant revealed a bit of dread in his eyes . “Aunty Hong, it isn’t that I mean to be insolent, but this person has injured my master’s nephew . I cannot let him off . ”

Aunty Hong’s smile didn’t dim . “Lieutenant Du, isn’t there some way you can stretch the rules?”

Lieutenant Du’s complexion changed . He braced himself and said, “Aunty Hong, please don’t make things hard for me . ”

Aunt Hong lightly responded . “Lord Yuan Jingzhe has a high status and I have always felt deep admiration towards him . But, my inn’s cultivators won’t be bullied and humiliated by others so easily . ”

The lieutenant gnashed his teeth . “This person is one of the inn’s cultivators?”

Aunty Hong smiled . “I have no reason to lie to Lieutenant Du . ” Her words sounded polite, but the meaning behind them tore apart all pretenses of face and implied that he didn’t have the qualifications for her to bother lying . “The inn’s entrance just happens to have monitoring cameras . We can find out exactly what happened easily enough . ”

The lieutenant had a somber complexion . Though he was angry inside, he didn’t dare to say anything else . The inn’s influence and background weren’t something that a mere young lieutenant like him couldn’t hope to provoke . But now he had hopped onto the tiger’s back and couldn’t back down . If he really were to retreat like this, the lord would suffer a loss of face and he would be punished for it . And all of this was caused by Wang Yuanan! As he thought of this, a bit of enmity grew in the lieutenant’s eyes .

Wang Yuanan cursed inwardly . He never expected things would develop in this way, but he didn’t dare to make a move at this time . He took a deep breath and cupped his hands together . “Aunty Hong…” But before he finished speaking he was interrupted .

Aunty Hong said, “From this point on, we won’t need or be receiving Sir Wang’s business anymore . What are you all standing around for? Go back and start greeting our guests . ”

As she spoke, the women who were being brought out suddenly bowed their heads and left .

Aunty Hong turned around . “Let’s go . ”

Qin Yu rubbed his nose . He thought that this invisible slap wasn’t too bad either . He smiled a bit and followed behind .

Wang Yuanan’s face turned purple and blue . He spat out a mouthful of blood and slumped to the ground .

At this moment, all he could do was pretend he fainted to escape further embarrassment .

Lieutenant Du ordered someone to pick up Wang Yuanan . Then, he left with a pale face .

The other remaining youths had pallid expressions . They didn’t think that their little game of ‘stepping on the cockroach’ would evolve like this .

The inn always had a mysterious and profound background . They had already been warned numerous times in advance not to provoke them .

After helping Steward Wu’s son up, they followed behind the guards and warily left .

After entering the rear courtyard and avoiding outside eyes, Aunty Hong quickly bowed and said, “Mister Qin, in order to keep your identity a secret, I had no choice but to offend you . I ask for your forgiveness . ”

Qin Yu waved his hand . “It’s fine . ” His eyes flashed . “Aunty Hong has shown such a tough and iron-willed attitude today . Aren’t you afraid that Lord Jingzhe will retaliate?”

Aunty Hong smiled . “The inn’s normal principle of conduct has always been to keep a low-key profile . But if we are being publicly bullied, we aren’t afraid of getting into trouble . Moreover, Wang Yuanan was being so rude to Mister Qin . If it weren’t for the fact that I didn’t want to arouse suspicion, I would never have let them go!”

Qin Yu faintly smiled . “Is Aunty Hong trying to demonstrate the inn’s muscles and win me over?”

Aunty Hong revealed an awkward expression . “I don’t want to lie to Mister Qin . The orders I received were to fully satisfy Mister Qin and to increase any good feelings you might hold towards the inn . ”

Qin Yu hesitated for a moment and said, “Aunty Hong, there are some things I need to make clear . Once I break through to Divine Soul, I will be leaving . There is no need for the inn to place so much value on me . ”

Aunty Hong nodded earnestly . “Mister Qin need not worry . The young master said that since you refused the offer to stay at the Southshine Nation, you must have your own reasons for doing so, and the inn knows there is nothing we can offer to have you stay behind . We only hope to become your friend . The young master added that as long as we can achieve this, it will be the inn’s greatest harvest . ”

Qin Yu was surprised . He couldn’t help but acknowledge that these words made him feel good in his heart . Moreover, the inn’s honest attitude was especially commendable .

He smiled and didn’t say anything . Then he turned and left .

Wang Yuanan had a pale complexion . He sat on a bed and clenched his jaws, a hateful look on his face as if he could tear a person apart and drink their blood .

“Has uncle said anything about this matter?”

“Young master, your uncle has asked me to tell you to be patient for the time being . The inn is strong and cannot be easily provoked . ”

“Out! All of you get out!”

He randomly drove everyone away . Wang Yuanan panted for breath, his face even paler than before . But, his eyes were actually calm, completely different to the mood he was displaying .

That’s right, schoolmate Wang was putting on a play .

He needed to let everyone know just how much he hated Qin Yu . Only then would he have an excuse to move against him .

Wang Yuanan had an instinctual feeling that there was some enormous secret Qin Yu was hiding on his body .

This instinctual feeling had never been so intense before!

The next day, after slightly healing from his wounds, Wang Yuanan quietly found one of his uncle’s subordinate cultivators .

“Uncle Xu, this little nephew has a problem . I hope that you can help me?”

The cultivator surnamed Xu cupped his hands together . “Young nephew need not speak so seriously . If you have any requests, feel free to ask . ”

Wang Yuanan lowered his voice, hatred thick in his eyes . “Uncle Xu must know that I shamed the lord yesterday . I cannot swallow this loss . I hope that uncle can help me out a little here . ”

Cultivator Xu had an awkward expression .

Wang Yuanan clenched his teeth . “I heard that Uncle Xu injured his knee long ago and that cloudy weather will cause pain . This little nephew just happens to have a bottle of beast marrow fluid . Perhaps it can be of some use . ”

Cultivator Xu’s eyes brightened . “Young nephew master, it isn’t that I don’t wish to help you, but that there really isn’t much I can do . ”

Wang Yuanan earnestly said, “Uncle Xu definitely can . I have investigated and found that Qin Yu hasn’t completed his hunting missions for these past few months . I will try to find some way to have him enter the wilderness . Uncle Xu, as long as you inform me of the coordinates you will transmit him to, then that will be fine . I remember that Uncle Xu has always been responsible for managing the transmission arrays and it shouldn’t be too difficult to do this . ”

Looking at the beast marrow fluid in front of him, cultivator Xu nodded . “Alright . Once I get any news, I will immediately inform young nephew master!”

Wang Yuanan was overjoyed . He expressed his gratitude repeatedly and then ordered people to bring him away .

He closed his eyes and felt his physical state . Then, schoolmate Wang revealed a cold sneer .

After a bit more time when his wounds were fully healed, that would be when he attacked .

Qin Yu, I’ll let you be smug for a few more days!

Wang Yuanan thought he had carefully managed everything, but he didn’t know that once cultivator Xu left, he soon appeared at Yuan Jingzhe’s office . He took out the beast marrow fluid and placed it on the table before relaying everything that had occurred just now .

Yuan Jingzhe glanced at him . “Brother Xu, do you think I spoil Yuanan too much?”

Cultivator Xu cupped his hands together . “I dare not assume . It’s just that the inn is an unusual factor and offending them might not be a wise move . ”

Yuan Jingzhe smiled . “I know what Brother Xu speaks of, but I also have my own reasons . ”

Cultivator Xu’s expression changed .

Yuan Jingzhe helplessly smiled . “The inn’s limelight has been too abundant lately . Their influence is expanding too rapidly and they have already touched upon the benefits of many people . In the past, I used their hands to climb up to where I am today, so now I must repay them . ”

Cultivator Xu said, “It was I who was neglectful . ”

Yuan Jingzhe stood up and walked to the window, staring out into the distance . “Brother Xu, I fear that child has already settled on some secret that junior Qin Yu has . To reach the peak of Nascent Soul in such a short period of time is indeed unusual . I believe that child is worried that I also know of this and will try to steal the piece of fat that is about to enter his mouth . But, I am not angry . If one cannot conceal their thoughts and intentions in this world, they will not be able to live for long . Yuanan’s actions were correct . However, he assumes he is smarter than he actually is, and there are some matters he might not be able to process correctly . I will have to trouble Brother Xu with helping him in secret a little to prevent any problems from occurring . ”

Cultivator Xu respectfully bowed . “I will excuse myself . ”

“Take the beast marrow fluid . ”

Cultivator Xu had a hesitant expression . Yuan Jingzhe smiled . “If Yuanan asks for your help, the things he gifts you are naturally yours . ”

For the next several days, Qin Yu was deep in cultivation . As time passed, the dense fog became increasingly thin . Now it was as thin as a chicken egg’s shell, as if it would break apart at the slightest touch .

He was just a thread away from breaking into Divine Soul!

Contradictorily, Qin Yu became increasingly serene . He didn’t chase after a breakthrough but patiently waited instead .

Unfortunately, these peaceful days were soon broken apart by the news Aunty Hong delivered .

He was being punished by the Beast Hunting Battalion . Within three days he had to step into the wilderness and complete the several month backlog of beast hunting missions .

Qin Yu frowned . He looked over .

Aunty Hong shook her head . “Mister Qin, I have already investigated this matter . It is the Lord Commander inadvertently thinking of you and then assigning someone to watch you . As a result…” She forced a smile . “We originally arranged everything . This really is an unexpected accident . ”

“Since it’s an accident, you cannot be blamed . ”

Aunty Hong took a deep breath . “Mister Qin, in the end you are part of the Beast Hunting Battalion . Since this punishment was handed down by the Lord Commander, it will be difficult to refuse . However, if Mister Qin doesn’t wish to go, I can try and pull some strings . ”

Qin Yu lightly said, “No need . Since the commander ordered this, I will take a trip into the wilderness . ”

With his current cultivator, as long as he was a bit careful he could easily finish the hunting missions .

The next day, after making some preparations, Qin Yu left from the inn’s transmission array .

He didn’t use his own dwelling’s transmission array . After considering things again, it was best to be a bit more careful .

Hu –

Within a stone chamber cut into a dried out spring, the dazzling lights of the array formation were covered up . The rippling of space didn’t spread out in the least .

Several breaths of time later, Qin Yu stepped out . Sensing that nothing was wrong, he left the dried spring .

At the same time, a group of cultivators rushed towards Wang Yuanan’s residence . After a moment, he stepped out, four trusted cultivators behind him .

Hum –

The light of the transmission array flashed . Wang Yuanan and the four others vanished from sight .

The wilderness was still a land free from the markings of man . The thick and ancient branches hung up high, shrouding out the skies and leaving the ground a dim and murky haze .

Qin Yu ran forwards . Although he didn’t seem fast, every several steps he took crossed a thousand feet .

His footsteps were silent . His divine sense rained down around him, sweeping every nook and cranny .

Suddenly, Qin Yu lifted his hand and grasped out . A vine snake exploded outwards, seemingly falling to its death in his hand .

Pa –

The snake’s body collapsed . A faint smell of blood wafted through the air .

Qin Yu flashed forwards several times . Before the scent of blood marked his body, he had already left this region .

The wilderness was unfathomably deep . There could be terrifying monster beasts existing in any place .

With his current strength, he was still far from reaching the level of being able to ignore any dangers in this region .

It was never wrong to be a bit more careful .

Two hours later, Qin Yu came to a stop . After checking his points card, he found he had completed the penalty requirement .

There wasn’t anything to be smug about . With his current combat strength, accomplishing this was a matter of course .

No longer stopping, Qin Yu turned and soared towards the transmission array .

Soon he spotted the dry spring . But as he passed through a thicket of thorns, Qin Yu suddenly stopped and a cold light exploded in his eyes . “Come out!”

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