Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 357

Chapter 357

Chapter 357 – Killing With Another’s Hand

Qin Yu roared out loud . Endless magic power erupted, but when this strength crashed into the void, it was cleanly counterbalanced . A suppressive strength emerged, spreading in all directions and locking Qin Yu down so he couldn’t move at all .

Another black-robed figure stepped out from the void, his body tall and strong . “Do not resist . Save yourself the pain . You cannot escape from my grasp . ”

Qin Yu asked, “And who are you?”

The black-robed figure’s eyebrow arched up . “Junior, it seems as if you aren’t worried . ”

Qin Yu was silent for a moment . Then he said, “What a pity…”

The black-robed figure froze and restlessness surged in his heart . He decided that he couldn’t stay here any longer . Ripples appeared in space, forming a tide that spread through the air .

But before this tide could fall upon Qin Yu, it was grabbed by an old hand . Then, with a slight twist, this rippling space fully collapsed .

The black-robed figure shouted out loud, “Southshine Nation Old Ancestor!” His body instantly exploded and a black fog flooded out into the world . At the same time, 20 figures split away, each one running in different directions .

The Old Ancestor remained expressionless . “It’s been many years since someone dared to stir up trouble near the capital city . ” He lifted a hand and the world itself seemed to shrink, all of it held in his control .

The area within a hundred miles suddenly trembled . Within this range, all of the ancient trees, hills, brooks, rivers…everything was turned to dust, completely erased from this part of the world .

20 figures immediately cried out in pity and collapsed . A black-robed figure staggered to the ground . “Old Ancestor spare me, I am…”

Puff –

His head burst apart . Brains and goo splattered across the floor and even his soul was erased .

The Old Ancestor said, “I don’t care who you are . ” With a flick of his sleeve, the endless black fog in the air disappeared as if it had never been there to begin with .

He turned and looked around . “Ning Qin, it seems you were confident that I would come and save you . ”

Qin Yu pulled back his head and bowed . “Greetings, Old Ancestor . ”

He didn’t answer, but his serene expression was in itself the best answer .

The Old Ancestor faintly smiled . “It looks as if you truly do know . ”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together . “This junior knows nothing . I simply wish to live a peaceful life . ”

The Old Ancestor narrowed his eyes . “Aren’t you afraid I could make you stay behind?”

Qin Yu replied, “If Old Ancestor wished for this junior to stay behind, there was no need to wait until this moment . ”

The Old Ancestor laughed . “Ning Qin, I am becoming increasingly interested in you . It’s a pity that you chose not to stay . ” He suddenly changed the topic and glanced at the headless corpse . “Are you satisfied with borrowing my hand to kill others for you?”

“The effect has been achieved, but it wasn’t the person this junior was waiting for . ”

“And who were you waiting for?”

“Cleansing Temple, Revered Yuan . ”

The Old Ancestor’s smiled widened . He lifted a finger, “Yuan Tiangang, Ning Qin was actually waiting for you . ”

Space rippled and Yuan Tiangang’s figure appeared . His pallid face squeezed out a smile . “Old Ancestor must be humoring me . I would never have any intention of harming Ning Qin . ”

The Old Ancestor’s smile didn’t dim . “Is that right?”

Yuan Tiangang hurriedly said, “Of course . ”

The Old Ancestor’s smile vanished and he lightly said . “But I don’t trust you . Wherever Ning Qin is in the future, stay 1000 miles away . ”

Just how tyrannical were these words . With words alone, he directly chased away a revered Blue Sea super powerhouse . But with the Old Ancestor’s status and strength, he did have the qualifications to do this .

Yuan Tiangang cupped his hands together . “Yes . ”

He drew several steps back, turned, and teleported away .

“I didn’t kill him . Does that leave you disappointed?”

“This junior doesn’t dare . ”

The Old Ancestor was silent for a moment, an iciness flashing in his eyes . “Ning Qin, you might know some things, but don’t try to use that to take advantage of me . Otherwise, you will not like what happens . ”

Without waiting for a reply, the Old Ancestor turned and vanished from sight .

Several breaths of time later, Qin Yu straightened himself . A cold sneer lit up his face .

Old Ancestor, you relied on the Good Fortune Tablet to live up until today . Through 100,000 years of living, you have already become one with it .

The Good Fortune Tablet is now surnamed Qin . Then, what will you do from now on? I really look forwards to your expression the next time we meet .

With three Revival Good Fortune Pills, the blood held within them had finally completed the initial process of recognizing a master . But, the Good Fortune Tablet was a bit unusual . The process was much slower than usual and it would take at least several years before he could fully control it .

Qin Yu chose to leave partly because he didn’t want the Old Ancestor to discover this matter . After all, his cultivation was simply far too low . Once he was discovered, no one knew what would happen .

But as he thought about the future and how he might be able to control the Old Ancestor who controlled the vast territory that was the Southshine Nation, and then looked at this part of the world that seemed to have been erased from existence, he couldn’t help but reveal a happy expression .

“Aunty Hong, since you’re already here, come out . ”

With loud crashing and stumbling sounds, Aunty Hong and several cultivators all walked out from afar . They all had pale faces with horrified expressions .

“Mister Qin, did you deliberately leave the capital city to lure that person into making a move?” Aunty Hong looked down at the headless corpse . As she thought about how he had been an incomparably powerful Blue Sea super master just moments ago, her complexion became strange .

Qin Yu didn’t deny it . “If I borrow the Old Ancestor’s hand to establish my position, it will lead to fewer troubles in the future . ”

Aunty Hong had a miserable expression . A Blue Sea master had perished just like this, and it was obvious to all that the Southshine Nation Old Ancestor was protecting you, so who would even dare touch a single hair on your head? But soon, she couldn’t help but bitterly smile . “Mister might not know, but we were standing there just now . ”

Looking at where she pointed, Qin Yu finally understood why this group of masters from the inn was so panicked .

Aunty Hong wryly smiled . “It missed us by just several dozen feet . We could only watch helplessly as the world around us was instantly erased . I’m not lying to Mister Qin when I say my legs are still weak from fear right now . ”

Qin Yu couldn’t help but smile . “Why did you run over there? I thought you would be right behind me . ”

Aunty Hong couldn’t find it in her to say that she was worried something would happen to Qin Yu so she deliberately rushed in front of him . She was at a loss for words for a moment, but luckily Qin Yu didn’t ask further . He said, “Since we’re all fine, let’s get going . ”

The inn had already made preparations . Aunty Hong and everyone else stepped into a small farm just outside the capital city . Many of the capital city’s spirit plants were planted and cared for here . Looking at one of the signs, Qin Yu actually had some impression of it; it was a popular high-end brand within the capital city .

The group walked in . The farm’s spirit plant cultivators didn’t seem to care much about their arrival at all . They bowed and then continued doing what they were originally doing . Within the farm, there was a simple transmission array . The group of 16 people stepped in, and then with a flash of light, vanished from sight .

When they reappeared, it was at a large-scale guard garrison town at the edge of the capital city . Without delay, they stepped into another transmission array .

Three transmissions later, they arrived at an inn branch division in a city within the Southshine Nation .

The Old Ancestor personally helping Qin Yu had indeed frightened many people . Their journey continued smoothly .

Aunty Hong visibly relaxed . The 14 inn masters also had looks of happiness . They glanced at Qin Yu, gratitude in their eyes . They never imagined that the one who tried to ambush him was a Blue Sea realm super powerhouse . If it weren’t for the Old Ancestor helping, they feared they would all be dead by now .

The branch division had already prepared a reception . After passing through so many transmission arrays, even Qin Yu felt weary . He rested for some time before managing to restore his energy .

Aunty Hong knocked on his door . As she saw his long silver-gray hair, awe shined in her eyes .

If the Great Desolate Lake and Cleansing Temple could obtain news, the inn also had certain channels . They naturally knew where this gray hair came from .

Moreover, she had personally witnessed today just how much the Old Ancestor valued Qin Yu . Her posture subconsciously changed because of that .

“Mister Qin, the young master has said you can arrange the travel route however you wish . Where would you like to go next?”

Qin Yu thought for a moment . “I’ll return to the Beast Hunting Battalion . ”

Aunty Hong was clearly surprised but she didn’t say anything . She nodded and proceeded to make arrangements .

Half a day later, the only ones stepping into the transmission array were Aunty Hong and Qin Yu . After a few transit, they finally returned to the Beast Hunting Battalion .

Qin Yu had already taken off his face-changing mask . He reached up his arms and stretched his waist, a happy expression on his face .

The name Ning Qin was far too dazzling in the Southshine Nation . It was time to retire him .

Qin Yu would complete his most important cultivation goal at the Beast Hunting Battalion – rising to the Divine Soul realm .

From this day forth, in the rear court of the inn that no outsiders were allowed to enter, nearly a third of the area had been carved out and turned into a unique training site for Qin Yu alone . Aunty Hong knew that Qin Yu would perceive the rules through meditating and break into the Divine Soul realm, so she issued strict orders to the women of the inn that they couldn’t approach him and nor could they even wave .

But the more they learned, the more they discovered just how vital Qin Yu’s status had become . While they didn’t know what happened, observing was their strong point .

Thus, when Qin Yu woke up in the early morning and pushed open the windows, he could see beautiful ladies playing across the pond, each one gorgeous beyond compare as they laughed amongst themselves .

And most importantly, each one was wearing fewer clothes than the last . Their private parts were faintly visible under their thin gauzy dresses .

After that, things became increasingly worse . The pond soon became the favorite place for the women to walk and stroll around . The fragrance rolled in on the breeze .

But with so many people, the fragrance inevitably grew far too heavy . Qin Yu sneezed ruthlessly for several days .

Watching things become far too unreasonable, Aunty Hong heavily punished a few ‘wild women’ that were nearly naked as they walked around . Finally, this seduction play unwillingly came to an end .

Qin Yu rubbed his nose and forced a smile . He didn’t despise these women at all . After all, they were only looking for a powerful backer for themselves .

There was nothing wrong with that .

The seduction had ended . But as the most valued alchemist of the inn, there had to be people serving him . Even if he didn’t want anyone, he still had to have someone . Thus, the young bun-faced maid with an overly full chest called Congcong was ordered to serve at the front lines . She became the only woman who could freely walk in and around the pond area…well, perhaps calling her a girl was more appropriate .

Congcong came here on the miss’ orders . Although the miss hadn’t been too explicit when she spoke to her, the assistant had actually been incredibly clear: do not let those harlots approach Mister Qin!

The young maid dutifully did her job . She blew up her bun-like cheeks and sternly observed the area . But, those women were really far too immoral and depraved . They could actually speak such shameless words .

So what if the miss had taken a liking to Mister Qin? If she married him, she would also have to put down a dowry . If so, then they might as well help the miss and test out Mister Qin’s ‘combat strength’ ahead of time .

Peh! These flagrantly brazen women!

The young maid fumed just thinking about it . Even if the miss really did marry him, she absolutely would not allow anyone else to climb up on the bed before the miss did .

This was the family’s customs .

But soon, she realized she was overthinking things in advance too much . She flushed red and hurried into the courtyard .

She pushed open the doors a little too quickly . A figure drew back and Congcong screamed out in fright .

Qin Yu helplessly said, “If someone should be scared it should be me . The door almost struck my nose just now . ”

Congcong had an embarrassed expression . She grabbed the hem of her clothes, her face so red that it seemed she would drip blood .

Qin Yu found things a bit strange . He liked teasing this maid, but for some reason she seemed a bit shy today .

He shook his head, not thinking about it too much . “Alright, today I will be leaving for a trip . There’s no need to follow me . ”

Once Qin Yu left, Congcong let out a long breath of relief . She patted her chest, joy on her face . Luckily, he hadn’t noticed anything, otherwise she would have to die from shame .

But with the current situation of the miss and second miss, if they were to marry, what could she do?

The young maid was immediately distressed .

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