Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 347

Chapter 347

Chapter 347 – Refining the Pill

Zheng Shaoguan, Yan Mingxin, and the others who were looking forward to the following scene were all shocked . They shouted out together, “That’s impossible!”

Zhao Jiutian’s complexion stiffened and the derision on his face deepened . “Ning Qin, have you been scared silly? You can even spout such ignorant words . Just because you said you perceived the pill recipe doesn’t mean you have perceived it . You also need the ringing of the bell to verify your claims . Since it’s quiet, your lies have collapsed in on themselves!”

Qin Yu smiled . “Is this the bell that fellow daoist Zhao is referring to?”

He pointed a finger up .

Om –

The distant ring of a bell passed through countless barriers, and by the time it arrived here, it was already faint . If it weren’t for the door being opened, it would have been impossible to hear it in this cave .

But it did exist . The sound of this bell could not be faked .

Zhao Jiutian’s eyes flashed with deep unwillingness and resentment . Today, his plan to borrow someone’s knife to murder had already failed; he wouldn’t even have the chance to attack Qin Yu himself . The Southshine Nation officials wouldn’t allow him to injure Ning Qin who had perceived the pill recipe!

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed . As he looked at everyone’s shocked expressions, an idea suddenly formed in his mind . He quickly deliberated on it and once he determined its feasibility, he immediately resolved it .

Then today, he would allow himself to bathe in the limelight a little . He would teach these people that to him, a pill recipe was an extremely simple matter .

Thus, in Zhao Jiutian’s unwilling gaze, Qin Yu lifted his hand and pointed up once more .

Om –

The bell rang a second time .

Wei Ziqing’s eyes widened, his complexion shaken .

It was unknown when, but Qin Wushang had looked up, a sharp light shining in his eyes .

But this wasn’t the end .

He lifted a hand, the third finger falling .

Om –

The bell rang again!

White Fengfeng had a sad expression . She was together with Black Beibei right now, selecting materials with a Southshine Nation official to refine the Revival Good Fortune Pill . At this moment, the first bell ring sounded out . White Fengfeng was startled . She suddenly looked up, saying, “It’s Ning Qin, it must be him . I know it’s him!”

She could no longer care about choosing medicinal materials . White Fengfeng turned and ran, headed straight towards where the Good Fortune Tablet was .

Black Beibei revealed a relaxed expression . He hurriedly followed, leaving behind the dazed official .

Om –

When the second bell ring came, White Fengfeng and Black Beibei were halfway through the passageway . They revealed expressions of surprise . He never thought that multiple people would make breakthroughs at the end . If so, then there was a higher chance that one of them was Ning Qin . With this thought in mind, their smiles widened .

But when the third bell ring came, the two realized that something wasn’t right . They had never heard of three people successively perceiving a pill recipe before . A bit of curiosity rose in their hearts . Their steps quickened as they wanted to know just what happened .

Then, as they were hurrying along, the bell rang a fourth time, fifth time, sixth time…after that, the two of them no longer bothered to count . Their jaws subconsciously fell open as the ringing sound echoed in their ears . And along the way, all the officials they met also had speechless expressions .

Everyone was left bewildered . Was there a problem with the bell? Yes, there definitely had to be a problem with the bell!

White Fengfeng passed through the passageway and arrived in front of the cave door . When she entered, what she saw was everyone standing in a blank haze like wooden chickens . Qin Yu stood tall and straight in the middle of the crowd . One could see that he was slowly lifting his finger again and again, and every time he pointed it, the bell would ring in response .

Even the naïve schoolmate White Fengfeng who always had confidence in Ning Qin couldn’t help but freeze in place at this moment . She felt as if she were in some sort of fantastical dream .

At this moment, Qin Yu saw her . He smiled and nodded in greetings . Then, perhaps because he thought that if he continued like this everyone’s eyes would pop out, he took his hand back down and faintly smiled, “Zhao Jiutian, does this prove that I have perceived the pill recipe?”

Zhao Jiutian’s cheeks twitched and his lips moved, but he couldn’t come up with any words . He cried out in his heart . This was fake, definitely fake! Or there was some problem with the bell, or maybe Ning Qin had even somehow tampered with it! But, his reasoning told him that it was best not to say anything, otherwise there would be trouble, a great deal of trouble!

Because at this time, the eyes of Wei Ziqing and Qin Wushang were already as bright as miniature stars . The burning heat in their eyes was almost hot enough to melt iron!

“Little friend Ning Qin, you concealing things has really left this old man miserable . If it weren’t for today’s situation, would it still have been necessary to keep hiding it?” Chief Steward Qin bitterly smiled and walked up . “These past days I have been focusing on refining the Revival Good Fortune Pill so I have neglected little friend Ning Qin . I hope you don’t mind . ”

Wei Ziqing was all smiles . “I knew that since little friend Ning Qin was the champion of the competition, there would surely be a day when he would amaze the world with a single brilliant feat! Sure enough, I was right!”

Qin Yu thought he had underestimated just how thick the skin of these people was . For them to change their attitudes so quickly and smoothly, it really left him praising their skills . However, this was the effect he wanted to begin with, so he smiled and said, “Today this junior couldn’t hold back and came into conflict with fellow daoist Zhao Jiutian . I really do feel guilty . ”

Chief Steward Qin dismissively waved his hand . “What do you mean conflict? You two are just young juniors so it’s normal for there to be minor disputes at times . I definitely believe that little friend Zhao doesn’t care, right?”

Zhao Jiutian’s eyes twitched . At this time, half of his face was still swollen . What kind of ridiculous dispute did he mean? It was clearly this bastard Ning Qin who had slapped him across the face! He slapped him! But as soon as he wanted to say this, he realized he absolutely could not . He clenched his jaws and then squeezed out a smile . “Of course, this junior doesn’t mind at all . ”

Chief Steward Qin smiled in satisfaction . “Little friend Ning Qin, did you hear that? This was only a misunderstanding . But, I am curious about something . Just how many pill recipes did little friend perceive?”

Wei Ziqing suddenly said, “Lord Chief Steward, little friend Ning Qin might be tired today . Let’s let him rest up first . It’s not too late to discuss these things later . ”

Qin Wushang nodded in realization . “Yes, it was me who was confused . ”

Qin Yu smiled at White Fengfeng and then followed the two of them away . As for Zhao Jiutian, no one cared for him anymore, even if he had just offered up the Revival Good Fortune Pill .

It was hard to imagine that there was such a luxurious room within the sternly guarded four-sided building . Every inch was flooded was a regal atmosphere .

“Little friend Ning Qin, are you satisfied with your new residence? If you don’t like it then feel free to speak up . ” Wei Ziqing said, smiling .

Qin Yu cupped his hands together . “This junior likes it very much . I thank Lord Wei . ”

“I’m glad you like it . ” Wei Ziqing’s eyes flashed . “Little friend Ning Qin, the matter about the pill recipes…?”

Qin Yu thought for a moment . “Obtaining a pill recipe isn’t difficult . What is difficult is how to repair the condition of the Good Fortune Tablet . After meditating for half a month, I think I have some clues . ”

Repairing the Good Fortune Tablet?

Qin Wushang’s complexion changed . “Is little friend Ning Qin confident?”

Qin Yu shook his head . “I cannot guarantee anything, but I will try my best . ”

Qin Wushang’s voice deepened . “If little friend is in need of anything, feel free to ask . If you truly can repair the Good Fortune Tablet, my entire Southshine Nation will be deeply grateful to you . ”

Without staying for too long, the two bid their farewells . After they left, Qin Wushang said, “Lord Wei, I hope you can look after little friend Ning Qin . I need to immediately return to the royal palace . ”

Wei Ziqing cupped his hands together, “Lord Chief Steward, please rest assured!”

Qin Wushan quickly left . He rode a private car and soared towards the royal palace at the fastest speed possible .

He traveled unimpeded . Some time later he arrived at the royal palace’s parking lot . Qin Wushang pushed open the door and rushed out .

Soon, he arrived outside a pitch black hall that was as dark as ink . He showed the ice guards his token before he was allowed to enter .

Hum –

Within the hall, a transmission array shined . Qin Wushang vanished and reappeared in another hall . The air was filled with a light scent of decay .

Stepping off the transmission array, Qin Wushang fell to his knees and respectfully said, “Wushang greets the Old Ancestor . ”

At the center of the hall, there was an altar with nine oil lamps surrounding it . There was a figure within, as thin and skeletal as a bag of bones . The figure’s eyes opened and a sharp light exploded from within . “What happened?” The voice was hoarse and low, containing an irrefutable momentum .

Qin Wushang respectfully narrated today’s events without altering or redacting anything at all .

After a long silence, the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor suddenly laughed out loud . “Ning Qin? I knew he would be the turning point for me to break through my shackles and change my destiny! He really hasn’t left me disappointed!”

Qin Wushang bowed deeply, his head touching the floor . “Congratulations to the Old Ancestor!”

Beneath the dim light of the oil lamps, the Old Ancestor’s withered, corpse-like face was illuminated . His smile made his visage seem even more ghastly and terrifying . But soon, that smiling expression vanished and a thoughtful look replaced it . “Ning Qin may have perceived 29 pill recipes, but according to your description, he might have concealed more . Could he have already seen the true situation of the Good Fortune Tablet?”

Qin Wushang kept silent . He knew that the Old Ancestor was only thinking aloud to himself . There was no need for him to say anything .

Indeed, a cold intent flashed in the Old Ancestor’s eyes . “Tell Ning Qin that I am very satisfied with his performance . Have him immediately begin refining a Revival Good Fortune Pill . After offering a sacrifice, the Good Fortune Tablet might give him some hints . ”

Qin Wushang respectfully bowed and then carefully crawled up from the ground . After taking several steps back, he turned and walked into the transmission array .

Qin Wushang returned to the hall aboveground and quickly walked out . At the same time, he praised the Old Ancestor’s sharp and swift methods in his mind . With just one move he could grasp Qin Yu . As long as he sacrificed a Revival Good Fortune Pill, he could forget any idea of escaping from the Old Ancestor’s reach .

The bell had rung 29 times . To Qin Yu, this was as easy as flipping his hand . After seeing through the dark golden textures of the Good Fortune Tablet, it was easy to perceive the pill recipes . He had intentionally done this to shock the Southshine Nation officials and to buy himself more time . If he could be valued by the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor without having to refine the Revival Good Fortune Pill, this would be the best outcome for Qin Yu .

But as he saw the warm and amiable expression of Qin Wushang as well as the light in his eyes that brooked no refusal, he could only bitterly smile . He knew that his own small tricks were far too naïve in the face of that monstrously ancient Old Ancestor . At the same time, he was sure that there was another secret behind sacrificing a Revival Good Fortune Pill!

But even if he knew all of this, Qin Yu couldn’t refuse . Otherwise he would arouse suspicion, and this suspicion would lead to unpredictable consequences . So, beneath Qin Wushang’s casual gaze, Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows and nodded, slowly saying, “What the Old Ancestor said is reasonable . It was this junior who was mistaken . I will begin refining the pill tomorrow . ”

Qin Wushang laughed out loud . “Great! If little friend needs anything, give me the list of materials and I will immediately prepare them!”

Qin Yu nodded . After creating a list, he passed the jade slip to Qin Wushang . Then, Qin Wushang bid goodbye and left .

Qin Yu sat down, unmoving . After a long time he let out a deep breath . He had already decided that he absolutely could not complete the refining of the pill tomorrow . Even if he had to waste some of his lifespan, he needed to drag things out further .

The night continued without event . The next day, Qin Wushang personally knocked on his door and brought Qin Yu to a brand new alchemy room .

“Little friend Qin Yu, the materials are within this storage ring . Since you obtained the treasure furnace from the competition, I haven’t prepared a pill furnace for you . ” Chief Steward Qin smiled . “The Old Ancestor says he believes little friend will be able to refine the pill today . ”

Qin Yu felt his heart chill . He wryly smiled, “The Old Ancestor holds this junior in too high regard . I don’t have full confidence yet . ”

Chief Steward Qin smiled and didn’t say anything further . He turned and left .

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