Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 321

Chapter 321

Chapter 321 – The Pill Eating Pill Furnace

Zhao Jiutian had a dignified complexion . After the brief initial excitement wore off, he constantly reminded himself that this was the only chance he had of recovering from having made such a grave mistake . If he didn’t want to sink into oblivion here, his only chance was to obtain first place . Otherwise this would all be meaningless .

However, the pill Zhao Jiutian chose wasn’t a common fourth-grade pill . Rather, it was a pill called the Muscle Growth Pill . The effects were just like its name; it possessed a formidable restorative ability . It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it could grow new muscles on white bone .

Of course, the most important reason Zhao Jiutian chose this pill was because the refinement process was relatively simple and required less time . Although the difficulty was slightly higher, there wouldn’t be a problem if he was careful .

He wanted to be the first one to finish the refinement!

Black Beibei was far away in another room . His pill furnace was already producing waves of billowing heat .

His expression was grim and serious . There wasn’t the least bit of usual pride on his handsome face .

The materials were constantly placed into the pill furnace at a steady speed . His divine sense sensed every minute change within the pill furnace and he constantly made law formulas to adjust the speed .

His pill furnace was only medium-grade . If he wanted to obtain a higher ranking, he would need to invest more time and effort into increasing the quality of the pill .

At this time, White Fengfeng was sweating profusely, constantly tossing materials into a pill furnace . Her speed was faster than average and it seemed a bit chaotic, but her eyes were calm and steady .

This method of rapidly throwing in materials and using the furnace fire to quickly temper and extract the medicinal efficacy before fusing it into the pill was a secret method passed down within the Great Desolate Lake . If others were to find out that someone so young like her was able to utilize such a method, they would surely cry out in admiration, making her the target of numerous envious gazes .

There were many other cultivators who used their true abilities right now . They wanted to obtain a satisfactory result on the competition's first day .

As everyone was working hard, Qin Yu was in a daze . Yes, that’s right, he was in a daze . It wasn’t because he had suffered some psychological attack from failing the refinement, and it wasn’t because the pill furnace exploded, but because this pill furnace that already seemed the worst of the worst was actually more useful than expected .

No, to be more precise, it was far more useful .

The Overwhelming Pill was the one Qin Yu had chosen, and also the one he had the most practice with . When he joined the inn and refined pills for them, if he hadn’t produced a hundred furnaces full of these pills, it was close enough to that .

Originally, a fourth-grade pill shouldn’t be difficult for Qin Yu, especially one he had so much experience with such as the Overwhelming Pill .

The first furnace was successfully refined . Moreover, he was extremely lucky, and what was produced were medium-grade pills .

After a short daze, he was overjoyed that things were far better than what he had expected . It seemed that he would be able to keep competing for now .

As I thought, you’re not as rotten as your appearance suggests . All of your essence and power must be contained within!

Unfortunately, just as Qin Yu had changed his opinion of the pill furnace, his happiness lasted for less than three seconds before a bucket of cold water was poured over his head, completely extinguishing any sense of joy .

This was because before he could put away the pills that were just produced and were still warm, there was a light swooshing sound as the pills flew back into the pill furnace . Then…there was no then .

Qin Yu swore that he had looked through every inch of the pill furnace with his divine sense . The only way he could check further was if he took the pill furnace apart . Even so, those successfully refined Overwhelming Pills had vanished without a trace .

If it weren’t for the fluctuations of a light medicinal fragrance in the air that had yet to disperse, Qin Yu might have believed that this had all been just an illusion .

Then, there was only one possibility left…the pills were eaten!

Qin Yu’s eyes popped open . He also knew that his thoughts were incredibly absurd, but besides that there was no other explanation .

This was…a pill furnace that ate pills .

He wouldn’t have believed it unless he saw it with his own eyes!

After a long period of bewilderment, Qin Yu clenched his teeth and took out the second set of materials for the Overwhelming Pill . He didn’t bother dwelling on the fact that this pill furnace was able to eat pills . If it could at least refine pills, that in itself was an unexpected harvest .

Qin Yu didn’t believe that it would be able to swallow back the pills he refined when he was already prepared beforehand .

When he started the second refinement, the various young prides of heaven in the Southshine Nation had already completed their first refinement .

This didn’t mean that Qin Yu’s alchemy skills were above those of these fellow young prides of heaven . Rather, it was because the pill eating pill furnace in his hands was indeed a bit different .

Zhao Jiutian was one of these proud sons of heaven!

With a flick of the finger, there was a dull thump within the pill furnace . The furnace mouth opened and a rich medicinal fragrance gushed out . Blue pills shining with light shot forth .

Zhao Jiutian’s eyes brightened . He took out the prepared jade bottle and placed the three Muscle Growth Pills within . Then, he flicked his sleeves and opened the door, striding straight out .

“Cleansing Temple’s Zhao Jiutian has completed the refinement!”

He was the only person outside at the rows of low cabins . His voice echoed back and forth, excitement in his eyes . He gripped his fists .

First…he was first…

The Southshine Nation officials responded quickly . A cultivator soon arrived . After inspecting the jade bottle’s Muscle Growth Pills in front of everyone, he nodded and announced that they qualified .

At this time, another sound rose up from the distance . “Great Desolate Lake’s White Fengfeng has completed the refinement!”

Zhao Jiutian’s smile stiffened and a trace of gloom flashed in his eyes . He didn’t think that this little girl would have such skills .

Luckily, she was still a step slower than him .

One step slow and every step after would be behind . Once they reached the second stage of the alchemy competition, that would be when the true test of skill occurred . At that time, he would be able to leave her far in his dust .

White Fengfeng’s Marrow Washing Pill was a spirit pill designed to enhance the physique and strengthen the body . After being examined, it also met the requirements .

Zhao Jiutian and White Fengfeng were like the beginning of a chain reaction . Cabin after cabin opened .

“West Brook’s Zhang Chengzong has completed the refinement!”

“South Lake’s Yuan Fangting has completed the refinement!”

“Southridge City’s Feng Dou has completed the refinement!”

One after another, all of these young cultivators with outstanding strength started to push open their doors and loudly proclaim their own names . For a moment, there was a bit of confusion . Luckily the Southshine Nation officials were well prepared for this and they easily dealt with all these people . They clearly recorded the order in which these people called out their names .

At the same time, a special wide-angle camera captured the entire process . Later, the video would be reviewed and compared with the records in order to correct any errors that were made .

Of course, just shouting out one’s name was useless . They still needed to go through the appraisal process and verify that their pill passed standard in order for their result to count .

“Great Desolate Lake’s Black Beibei has completed the refinement!”

At this time, more than several dozen people had completed their pill refining . Black Beibei wasn’t near the front of this group, but his expression was still calm and tranquil . Deep in his eyes was a great self-confidence .

The rankings didn’t look at just time alone .

When the Southshine Nation official saw Black Beibei hand over the pill, his face shook and he looked deeply at him, smiling . He thought that this young fellow was truly worthy of the name of the Great Desolate Lake . His alchemy skills couldn’t be underestimated .

Time slowly passed . One hour…two hours…more and more people finished their refinement smoothly . However, this didn’t include Qin Yu .

In the low, narrow, and tiny cabin, Qin Yu’s face was so dark that it seemed it could drip water . He gripped his fists together . If he wasn’t conscious of the fact that he needed this pill furnace to continue on with the competition, he feared he would have already smashed this little bastard into pieces!

It was the ninth time . Qin Yu had never refined pills as smoothly as he did today . Every time he refined pills it was a success . But, what left one fuming in grief and indignation was that he couldn’t obtain the pills he refined at all!

That’s right, they were all eaten up by the pill furnace .

Without a single scrap left over!

Qin Yu swore he had already used every possible precaution at his disposal . But no matter what he tried and no matter how tenaciously he clung onto the pills, he couldn’t avoid the fate of them being eaten up .

In particular, this time the damned pill furnace didn’t even open its lid after he finished refining the pills . Those pills simply vanished into thin air .

If it wasn’t for his powerful mentality and will, he feared he would have gone insane by now .

He took a deep breath . Although he didn’t want to admit it, he knew that during his battle with the pill furnace today, he had been thoroughly defeated .

According to the look this fellow was exposing, even if Qin Yu refined another hundred pills in a single try they would still be eaten .

Now, out of the ten sets of Overwhelming Pill materials that he had purchased, there was only one left .

Bastard, you’d better make sure we don’t have any time alone together in the future, otherwise I’ll make you understand what it means to regret your past mistakes!

Qin Yu was vexed but he made an effort to squeeze out a smile . He flipped his hand to reveal five pale blue Overwhelming Pills . These were some private goods left over from his previous refinements, and after being purified by the little blue lamp, there was no need to mention their quality . As he placed these in his palm, one could smell an intoxicating pill fragrance .

“Let’s try to work things out . If you leave behind the last furnace of pills for me, in return, I will give you these five top grade pills . ”

The pill furnace was quiet, like a piece of rotten wood with no response at all . If he hadn’t personally competed with it in the great Tug of War Battle for the Refined Pills and suffered a devastating result, he might have been deceived by it . At this time, he naturally knew it was playing the fool . In other words, its silence meant that this was only the starting price!

He clenched his teeth inwardly and his smile brightened . “It doesn’t matter if five isn’t enough . I’ll add on another three! These are top grade pills; their quality cannot be compared with medium-grade pills . ”

The pill furnace remained silent .

Qin Yu darkly chuckled . “This is my final offer . Leave me the last furnace of pills and I will give you all ten of these top grade pills!”

Quietly, the pill furnace’s lid popped open . The inside was dark, as if it were a mouth mocking him .

The ten pills were placed inside . Qin Yu could clearly hear the sound of crunching from within .

This bastard, it ate so happily! I’ll endure this!

After a long time, the pill furnace finally finished eating . The extinguished flames beneath ignited on their own, drawing in heaven and earth spiritual energy . The flames changed into being ones suitable for refining pills .

The mouth of the pill furnace opened reluctantly . Although it didn’t make any sound, Qin Yu could clearly feel impatience from its actions . The general feeling was: This father has already opened his mouth, so you’d better start refining pills . Stop dawdling about!

I endure!

Qin Yu laughed and took out the last set of Overwhelming Pill materials . The refinement process continued smoothly . After the furnace flames were extinguished, although the pills hadn’t been taken out yet, the medicinal fragrance already indicated that it was a success .

Qin Yu let out a breath of relief . But as he was about to retrieve the pills, his face suddenly turned green . This was because he could hear a familiar chewing sound from within .

This, he really couldn’t endure!

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