Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 298

Chapter 298

Chapter 298 – Appraise Together

Aunty Hong was stunned . She didn’t think that the miss would suddenly mention this matter at this moment . She hesitated and then shook her head, “At the time, it was just that I had no other choice but to believe him . Even if there was only a one in a million chance, I still had to try it . ”

Lin Weiwei smiled, her appearance cold and desolate . As she smiled widely, even if she was covered by a veil, one could still sense the soul-stirring beauty beneath . “Right . I also didn’t think that I would survive . ” She continued to say, “So Aunty Hong, do you believe he is someone that would lie?”


The assistant’s eyes popped open . But before she could speak, Lin Weiwei turned and glanced at her . It was this faint look that caused her heart to shake and all the words to be caught in her throat .

Aunty Hong’s pupils widened and admiration slowly grew in her heart . The miss was truly worthy of being the miss; she was unexpectedly so bold . She smiled, “I believe Mister Qin is a man of his word . ”

“We are of the same thought . ” Lin Weiwei swept her eyes around the meeting room . “So, I believe this is the true Divine Blood Pill . ”

Jin Cheng had a gloomy expression, as if he could eat someone alive . He clenched his teeth and said, “Miss, do you know what you are saying right now? Do you really wish to ruin the inn!?”

Lin Weiwei stood up . Her light, mild, and gentle aura completely dissipated, replaced by an overbearing and powerful aura, one that was filled with grace and honor . As she stood up she was like a mountain, covering the hearts of everyone present .

She lifted a hand . A bright light flashed and a token appeared . “Before my big brother left, he gave this token to me . Throughout the inn, whether it is a major matter or minor matter, I can decide everything myself . Can those here tell me whether or not this is real?”

The complexions of all of the directors around the table suddenly changed . They hurriedly bowed, “To see the token is to see the person . We greet the young master!”

The chief alchemist paled . But at this time he had no other choice but to follow everyone else in bowing .

Lin Weiwei had a faint expression . “It looks like big brother didn’t lie to me . Then, go and tell Philosophy Watch that the Divine Blood Pill they want has already been successfully refined . ”

Jing Cheng’s head veered up . “Miss, do you know of the consequences that will come from this…”

Lin Weiwei coldly interrupted him . “Just do as I order . ”

She turned and walked out .

The assistant, Congcong, Aunty Hong, and the others with her hurriedly followed behind .

At this time, there was no one who had the thoughts to go and punish them .

The inn was now faced with a life or death situation!

Without the Divine Blood Pill, they had to say they had completed refining it and then deliver it to Philosophy Watch . This was the same as surrendering their own lives!

All of the directors were pale . There were bitter and helpless looks in their eyes . Could it be that a woman who fell in love would actually become so stupid, willing to recklessly abandon everything just for a single person?

“Chief, what do we do?”

“If we really hand that over to Philosophy Watch, this situation will truly spiral out of control!”

“Do we really just watch on helplessly as the inn’s glorious foundation is destroyed just like this?”

Jin Cheng’s expression was as black as a pot . “That is the token given by the young master, so what can I do! And looking at this farce, how am I supposed to stop it!”

He left in a huff .

The assistant’s complexion was incomparably ugly . She clenched her teeth and said, “Miss, please withdraw your order!”

She fell to her knees .

Lin Weiwei put down her book . Her expression was light as she said, “Do you also think I am only doing this to preserve Qin Yu’s life?”

The assistant remained on her knees . She was silent, but sometimes silence was also a reply .

Lin Weiwei said in a soft voice, “If someone likes him, it is my second sister, and it has nothing to do with me . So, your thoughts were wrong . Although I don’t like power and authority, I would not harm all of big brother’s hard work and efforts . That pill is extraordinary . At least, compared to what those people in the meeting room saw, it is…far more powerful . ”

The assistant looked up, pleasant surprise etched on her face . “Miss, are you saying that pill is real…?”

Lin Weiwei shook her head . “I can’t determine that . ”

The assistant was dismayed .

Aunty Hong had a guilty expression . “Miss did this to save me and Congcong, otherwise you wouldn’t have needed to take such risks . ”

Lin Weiwei didn’t reply . She just asked in her heart: was this really everything? Perhaps there were other reasons, but right now in her mind, the image that appeared was that person’s calm face .

The inn announced that the Divine Blood Pill had been successfully refined and it would be handed over as scheduled .

This news spread out, causing an instant uproar . It became the most explosive news on the handphone network . Countless cultivators were left dumbfounded .

“The inn has refined the Divine Blood Pill!”

“Unbelievable . Is this real or fake? How come I think this news is so unreliable?”

“I know . It was just released that the inn had failed in the refinement . This was almost public knowledge, so how could things have reversed so quickly?”

“I don’t believe it! I won’t believe it!”

Amongst the noise and confusion, there was another piece of news that blew up the situation once more .

The inn had failed in the refinement and was trying to use some unknown pill to lie their way through this .

As long as one had even a smidgen of intelligence, they definitely wouldn’t believe this . This was the inn! Could they not know that someone could see through this as long as they weren’t blind? And even if they were blind, they would still be able to tell upon eating it?

But, it just so happened that this news was accompanied by a few high resolution images . It was said that these images were taken in Waterfall City, the inn’s headquarters, by a director who was in attendance . The images included the trampled front door, the chief alchemist Jin Cheng’s black complexion, and the helpless and panicked looks on the faces of everyone else present .

The final bit of news pointed out that some important figure within the inn had an ambiguous relationship with Alchemist 19, and thus was willing to pay any price without hesitation to save him .

Alright, this really made things lively .

It was rumored that within the inn, there was a miss who possessed enormous authority . With this, there was no need to mention anything else! It was the classic story of a lady from a wealthy family being willing to risk everything in the name of love . If so, then in short, the pill that the inn planned on paying with was nothing but a complete lie .

Haha, what a lively show! What a great and lively show!

Philosophy Watch met with dozens of senior alchemists and appraisers . After careful discussion, they came to the conclusion that this so-called Divine Blood Pill was nothing but counterfeit goods!

“Hahahaha, the heavens are helping me, the heavens are really helping me!” The purple-robed Elder was thrilled, a look of rapturous joy on his face, as if he hadn’t been prepared for something so wonderful to occur . “This time, I will make sure the inn’s reputation sweeps the floor and they have no chance of ever recovering!”

“That inn’s little girl is really willing to abandon all for her lover boy . Tsk tsk, I really must thank her!”

“After this, my Philosophy Watch needs to commission a plaque with the words ‘World’s Best Person’ and give it to that miss!”

“Haha, Brother Zhou, I really like that suggestion! But, I still think this little girl has some scheme in mind . Perhaps she is thinking that once she turns over the so-called Divine Blood Pill to us, she will no longer be responsible and will even accuse us of lying to her, saying that we replaced the pill in order to bring false charges against the inn . Hehe, but she won’t imagine that from beginning to end, from the time we receive the pill, we will record everything on video without touching it at all . ”

The purple-robed Elder had a face of smug satisfaction . He flippantly said, “In front of me, the schemes of a little girl are no more than the tricks of a child . ”

Someone stood up and cupped their hands together . “Elder, should we contact the Weather Discussion Channel’s Columnist Weekly and ask them to appraise the Divine Blood Pill with us? Hehe…”

The purple-robed Elder waved his hand . “I also had that idea . If all the appraisers are invited by us, then it might not be convincing . So, ask the Weather Discussion Channel’s Columnist Weekly and have them invite the inn’s alchemists and appraisers so that we can appraise together . ”

Everyone’s eyes brightened and they praised in acclaim . This person was truly worthy of being an Elder . How fierce he was!

“This is the same as slapping them publicly!”

“We’ll have the inn’s people deny their own pill!”

“And if they really deny it, we can use our video recordings to kick the inn into an abyss beyond redemption!”

“Elder Nangong’s strategies are truly praiseworthy!”

The flattering came in like a tide . The purple-robed Elder flung his sleeves, “Don’t forget that we must invite them with full sincerity . In particular that chief alchemist . ”

Soon, when the Columnist Weekly next came on, they announced that in their next broadcast they would be inviting the public to join in on appraising the Divine Blood Pill . They even posted a name list of several alchemy grandmasters that would be participating in appraising the pill .

On the list, while there were people from Philosophy Watch, there were also skilled alchemists who had high degrees of credibility and were recognized for being fair . Soon, the Columnist Weekly also announced that they would be inviting alchemists from the inn to join in on the appraisal . Their given reason was that the inn would share the experience of how the refining process of the Divine Blood Pill was .

This was certainly a nonsensical excuse!

The entire handphone network was stirred into a frenzy . Countless cultivators swore that the inn would definitely be beaten black and blue this time . Moreover, this was the type of beating that came from the left and right without any pause .

Today’s Weather Discussion Channel had never been so hot . Although the Columnist Weekly program had yet to begin, there were actually countless people already watching in advance, waiting for the drama to begin!

Waterfall City .

In the hastily convened directors’ meeting, everyone had incomparably dark complexions with eyes full of bitterness . All of the recent twists and turns proved there was a great master helping Philosophy Watch from behind . All of their methods were swift and fierce and came in without end .

The Weather Discussion Channel’s Columnist Weekly wanted to appraise the Divine Blood Pill together…just what was there to appraise? As long as someone wasn’t blind, they could tell that it was fake with just a glance . If this were normal times, everyone would have been jumping up and down at the opportunity to gain exposure and find another platform to enhance their fame . But now, everyone was shrinking back their heads, not saying a word…because to do was to disgrace themselves!

The meeting room was deathly silent .

The chief alchemist took a deep breath . “The Columnist Weekly has already issued an invitation to the inn . If we don’t go, we will lose the best chance to argue for ourselves . If we don’t go, that means Philosophy Watch will be able to freely trample upon the inn’s reputation and name . So, I’ve decided to accept the invitation . Even if I know it will be humiliating and demeaning, as the chief alchemist, it is my responsibility to defend the inn’s reputation and benefits . I will not retreat from this, not even half a step . ”

He spoke with a strong sense of righteousness, his demeanor solemn and dignified .

On both sides of the meeting table, everyone felt ashamed of themselves . But slowly, they also felt a profound sense of respect .

“I am willing to go with the chief alchemist!”

“My inn was wrong on this matter, but in the end we should explain it to the common people . ”

“If we lose face then we lose face . We cannot allow those shameless bastards from Philosophy Watch to recklessly slander my inn!”

“I am willing to go with the chief!”

The chief alchemist had an excited look . “Good, then let us go together and lose face together!”

At this moment, he was unexpectedly the pillar that supported everyone’s hearts .

Lin Weiwei laid down her book . She thought for a moment and said, “Invite Mister Qin to come to the appraisal . Since he refined the pill, he has the greatest right to speak of it . ”

The assistant respectfully bowed . She turned and drew back . She found Aunty Hong and coldly said, “You personally go and tell that surname Qin to come . If there are any mistakes, I will be the first to not let him off!”

Aunty Hong sighed inwardly . To give out such a threat without any consideration for face, this woman’s heart must be in great turmoil . She bowed and left, soon stepping into a transmission array and vanishing from sight .

Qin Yu hadn’t fled . After sending out the Divine Blood Pill, he returned to his courtyard to rest . As he wasn’t doing anything, he took out his handphone and connected to the Beast Hunting Battalion’s network and thus naturally learned of today’s hot news .

When Aunty Hong arrived, he had laid down his handphone and was preparing to drink some team . As for the vile rumors and doubts spreading across the network, he didn’t place any of that in his heart . If he couldn’t withstand at least this much, then what was the point of cultivating? He might as well cut his own neck and enter samsara earlier .

“Congratulations for escaping danger Aunty Hong . ” He smiled and gestured in invitation before pouring another cup of tea .

“I’m not as brave as you are . ” Aunty Hong forced a smile . She lifted a teacup and took a sip . “I came here to pass on a message . I hope that when the pill appraisal occurs, Mister Qin can enter the stage . ”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed . “The inn’s miss, is that her?”

Aunty Hong nodded, With news flying all over the network, there was no need to conceal anything .

“Good, I agree . ”

Aunty Hong’s eyebrows flew up, a bit of surprise on her face . Deep in her heart, she couldn’t help but release a long breath .

Qin Yu was so confident . There shouldn’t be a problem with the Divine Blood Pill, right?

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