Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 295

Chapter 295

Chapter 295 – No World Phenomenon

This was the first time he had encountered a situation where the little blue lamp couldn’t separate the materials . Was it because of the god blood? But before this he had managed to smoothly purify and separate the white flame-like god blood without any problems at all .

Just what was happening here!?

Qin Yu took a deep breath and calmed his shaking heart . He put away the little blue lamp and a thoughtful look rose on his face .

But in the end, he couldn’t come up with anything at all .

However, if he couldn’t separate the god blood, the refinement of the Divine Blood Pill would be considered a failure .

This was a result that Qin Yu wasn’t willing to accept . It would shatter all his plans and place him in a perilous position . There was no way for him to determine how the inn would treat him, but he knew that it would be impossible for them to maintain friendly relations with him after suffering such a heavy loss .

Perhaps this god blood was special and needed some more time to separate? Qin Yu couldn’t determine if this was true but he had no other choice . He took out a pill and forced himself to calm down, tranquilly entering into a meditative state . In a situation where he couldn’t continue refining for the rest of the day, he couldn’t just waste his time like this .

Taking a step back, even if the refinement really failed and he faced a dangerous situation, having a slightly stronger cultivation would give him that much more chance of preserving his own life .

The dark arrived as usual .

Qin Yu opened his eyes and took out the little blue lamp without hesitation . The deep blue light covered that pitch black mass once more…but, there still wasn’t any change . It wasn’t that there wasn’t any change just now, but that there wasn’t any change for the entire night . Everything was the same as when the night started .

Qin Yu’s heart sank into an abyss . Although he was puzzled he had actually completed preparations for if the refinement failed . He bitterly smiled, a helpless look on his face . He originally hoped to establish himself at the inn and then borrow their strength to guarantee his own safety . Then, he could cultivate with all his strength and step into Divine Soul as soon as possible . Only with a Divine Soul realm cultivation would he truly have the ability to walk through the Land of Divinity and Demons .

This was because the Immortal Sect was simply too far away . It was so far away that when he searched for it on his handphone, the only result he received was that it was impossible for a Nascent Soul to reach there . If a Nascent Soul couldn’t, a Divine Soul might…but perhaps all of these plans would need to be pushed back indefinitely .

Day arrived and Qin Yu put away the little blue lamp . Although he was sure no one would disturb him during this period of time, he still didn’t want to risk the tiniest trace of the little blue lamp’s existence being exposed . He already had enough trouble on his plate . He didn’t want to give himself any more uncertain danger factors .

Qin Yu was now considering how to withdraw .

That’s right . To be more direct, he was preparing to flee .

There wasn’t anything embarrassing, shameful, or unwilling about this…okay, so maybe there was a bit of unwillingness, but only a little . Since this accident occurred, he could only change his plans and try to preserve his life as much as possible . As long as he was alive, it was possible to redo everything .

Within his mind, countless possibilities appeared and countless plans were formed . Qin Yu’s gradually calmed down . Of course, no preparations in this world were ever sufficient because problems could occur at any time . So, he remained tense and vigilant .

The dark of night returned .

Qin Yu opened his eyes within the darkness . He looked at the black mass in front of him, thought for a moment, and then took out the little blue lamp .

Perhaps there was still hope .

As he held onto this thought, he continued to do this day after day, until the half month deadline arrived .

Tomorrow was the payment date .

Within Waterfall City, the chief alchemist sneered . He signed a document to convene a meeting tomorrow between all the directors . In tomorrow’s meeting, he would put forth a detailed plan on how to deal with the fallout that the inn would face and minimize damage as much as possible . At that time, he would also force that alchemist called Qin Yu into a state beyond redemption . He would cut off all paths for him until he died .

As for the miss…that woman originally shouldn’t have wielded an authority that belonged to a man . Once she handed over everything, perhaps…the chief alchemist smiled . He suddenly felt a great deal more anticipation towards tomorrow .

There was a brightly lit hall . It wouldn’t darken in here, even if it was night . Lin Weiwei was currently reading a book, all of her thoughts immersed in it . This was a woman who loved studying . Besides working, she was reading all the time . It was unknown where she found these books from, so many that she could never read them all .

Her assistant had a gloomy expression . She hurriedly walked over . Her state of mind didn’t seem good because her footsteps were loud and plodding .

Lin Weiwei looked up, a blank light flashing in her eyes . Once her vision came into focus, she rubbed the point between her eyebrows and asked, “What is it?”

If the assistant didn’t know that the miss was always like this, she might have gone crazy already . She said in a deep voice, “Miss, tomorrow is the day the pill needs to be handed over . ”

Lin Weiwei had a light expression . “From your appearance, it seems it was a failure?”

The assistant shook her head . “I haven’t heard any news . ” She continued to say, “But there has yet to be a phenomenon . I think the chances of failure surpass 90%, so miss needs to make preparations early . ”

“What preparations?”

“Preparations to preserve your authority . ”

Lin Weiwei lowered her eyes towards her book . “You know that I never cared for such things . ”

The assistant clenched her teeth . She indicated for all the maids to leave and then said, “But the Second Miss cares!”

Lin Weiwei frowned and looked up once more .

The assistant continued to say, “You should be well aware of the Second Miss’ personality . If she wakes up and finds out about this, she will never let it go . At that time, there is bound to be great turmoil . ”

Lin Weiwei fell silent .

The assistant decided to use her trump card . “If the Second Miss goes crazy and the young master isn’t here, no one can stop her . If that happens, then miss must be prepared . ”

Lin Weiwei’s complexion changed . It was unknown what she was thinking, but she actually revealed a look of dread . With her temperament, for her to reveal such emotion, it was sure that this was no ‘trivial’ matter .

“Alright . I understand . ” These words seemed to express a compromise .

The assistant respectfully bowed and then left . Her step was gentle and a light smile hung on her face .

The young master and miss were of one family; the entire inn was a family business . How could outsiders dare to meddle? Who cared if he was the chief alchemist? Did he really believe he could think beyond his station?

The assistant’s complexion became colder . As she thought of the Beast Hunting Battalion and the Mister Qin that Aunty Hong recommended, a dense killing intent rose in her eyes . Not only had he wasted a portion of god blood but he had brought considerable trouble to the inn . Moreover, it seemed as if there was some connection to all of this and the second miss .

This sort of person had to be eliminated as soon as possible!

Aunty Hong gently sighed . It was already the final night . Even now, there was still no news from the courtyard . Perhaps this in itself was sufficient indication .

The Divine Blood Pill was different from other pills . Because of the inherent god blood, it was able to galvanize the rules of the world . Once the pill was formed, a phenomenon would certainly occur . Since everything was calm, it proved that the pill had yet to be refined, or that failure had already occurred .

After all, even adding in the god blood that the miss had put forth, that was only enough materials for two attempts . That was more than enough to be thoroughly used up in half a month .

But, as she thought back to Qin Yu’s confident appearance half a month ago…Aunty Hong shook her head and bitterly smiled . How could she have believed him? And the miss also unexpectedly believed him .

Once this matter was investigated in earnest, she would be found to have enormous responsibility for it . There was no way for her to escape punishment .

There was the sound of footsteps behind her . Aunty Hong’s complexion sank . She turned and said, “Didn’t I say that no one could casually enter?”

Peony stopped at a distance . “Aunty Hong, this is a message from Waterfall City . ”

Aunty Hong’s complexion changed for a moment before returning to tranquility . She stepped forwards and took the jade slip . Several breaths of time later, she placed it down, a helpless look in her eyes . Indeed, this was that woman’s usual way of doing things .

However, since she was going to be punished, doing it like this was also fine . At the very least she could help carry some of the burden from the miss .

“Aunty Hong…” The young maid had a nervous expression .

Aunty Hong smiled . “It’s fine . It’s just that I’m afraid I won’t be able to look after all of you from here on out . ”

The young maid’s eyes widened .

Peony’s eyes reddened . “Aunty Hong, how can they blame this on you? Waterfall City agreed to it to begin with!”

Aunty Hong waved her hand . “Enough . Never say such things again . If someone comes in the future and questions you, you know how to answer them . ” She turned around and looked at the quiet courtyard . She whispered as if giving her final judgment . “I was the one who accepted the pill commission request . So, all consequences will also be undertaken by me . ”

The sun rose . There still wasn’t a phenomenon .

The last bit of hope in Aunty Hong’s eyes faded away . She turned and walked away, saying, “Pass down orders that the inn will close in the near future for the time being . When a new manager arrives, make sure to obey their every order . ”

“Aunty Hong!” The young maid sobbed in sadness . She wasn’t too bright, but it wasn’t that she was stupid, just that she didn’t want to think too much about things .

Aunty Hong didn’t turn around but her voice echoed in the young maid’s ears . “When Mister Qin comes out, tell him to leave immediately, lest disaster befall him!”

Moments later, after making some arrangements, Aunty Hong faintly smiled and stepped into a transmission array .

Waterfall City .

At this time, chief alchemist Jin Cheng had a heavy expression . He slowly said, “Philosophy Watch’s plot…has prevailed . ”

The entire meeting room was deathly silent .

Everyone knew that this was only the beginning of a great upheaval . The curtains had just now risen, and in the great storm of wind and rain that was going to pour down, none of them had the qualifications to interfere . They could only watch on and wait for the result .

News had already started to spread on various handphones . Although no one dared to disclose exact details, there was one point that everyone could confirm, and that was that the inn’s pill commission had been a failure .

Countless cultivators were left excited . Although they couldn’t obtain any advantages from this, the dark natures that instinctually lingered within their hearts made them happy to see the fall of such a colossus .

Of course, perhaps using ‘fall’ might be too serious . But, anyone could tell that with so much momentum and noise around this matter, it would be impossible for it to fade away easily .

The inn was sure to suffer great losses!

As for that Grandmaster 19…oh, that’s right, starting from today, calling him grandmaster didn’t seem appropriate anymore . As for that pitiful Alchemist 19, he was just a pawn sacrificed in this great drama .

Right now, he especially didn’t have any more value so he naturally didn’t draw any attention . At this time, all eyes were focused on the inn, waiting for their reply .

However, before the inn could release a response, the surging undercurrents were already starting to recklessly laugh from beneath the surface .

The young maid was stunned . She sat in a daze . Aunty Hong had left, and there might be no chance for her to ever see her again in the future…she had a sudden urge to cry . Her eyes reddened and a tear slipped down her cheeks, dripping onto her…chest!

That’s right, it was her chest . Perhaps this might be regarded as a minor annoyance, but in her entire life, she had never experienced the cold and chilling feeling of her tears splattering onto the floor .

Suddenly, a light voice entered her ears . The young maid’s ears moved . But, she was so sad, so sorrowful, that she didn’t want to move . She kept her head down as she immersed herself in sadness . But a moment later, all the light shining from above her suddenly darkened .

A voice asked again, “Why are you crying?”

The young maid suddenly forgot to cry . Her eyes widened and she looked up, a stunned expression on her face . But soon her bright eyes darkened, with only disappointment left over .

When Aunty Hong left, she said that when the Divine Blood Pill was successfully formed, a world phenomenon would appear . But, she hadn’t even heard a sound just now, let alone any phenomena .

He had really failed in the end…she should have already realized this, yet she kept holding out for some vague hope . No wonder the miss always yelled at her for being stupid . She really was stupid…

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