Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 293

Chapter 293

Chapter 293 – The Lady

At the summit of a waterfall in a mountain valley, there was a floating city, shining with layers of illumination .

This place was where the headquarters of the inn was located . It was called Waterfall City .

Right now, in Waterfall City, most cultivators were looking down at their handphones or staring at screens broadcasting on all walls . Their complexions were darkening .

“Half a month from now, we will receive a final answer from the inn . Whether it is success or failure, I will present the results to everyone, and ask various alchemy grandmasters from different influences to comment . ”

Just as the calm and powerful voice of a middle-aged cultivator fell, the screen was immediately turned off . Everyone gathered around a long table had a tense expression .

“Enough . This is our present situation . It’s clear that we have fallen into our enemy’s trap . ” Beneath a frame of long golden hair, there was a man with a compelling face, etched with the markings of time . His slightly sunken eyes made his expression seem that much sharper . “But, I am curious, what is the reason that our supposedly wise and intelligent board of directors would lose their sense of judgment and fall into such an obvious trap . Concerning this, I will need an explanation . ”

Around the long table, everyone furrowed their eyebrows . Though they had dignified expressions, no one spoke up first .

The golden-haired man sighed . “Could it be that I need to personally investigate this situation?”

The doors to the meeting room were pushed open . A veiled woman appeared, her eyes calm and without a single wave . “This was my decision . ”

The golden-haired man’s eyes brightened before he composed himself . “Miss Weiwei, although you have an honored status, you can’t do something like this which harms the benefits of the inn . ”

Lin Weiwei said, “I acknowledge that there is a certain risk to be had in this matter, but we should handle it appropriately . This isn’t the first time we’ve had the chance to further promote the name of the inn . ”

The golden-haired man frowned . “Miss, do you really believe he can refine the Divine Blood Pill?”

“He has already refined the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill . ” This wasn’t a reply, but it was the most persuasive answer .

The golden-haired man’s frown deepened . “What nonsense! Can the difficulty of the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill and Divine Blood Pill be placed on par with each other? Miss, you haven’t invested too much time and effort into alchemy, so it's normal if you don’t know too much, but you…” He swept his eyes around the meeting room, “You should all have some sense of propriety . Do you just let the miss do whatever it is she pleases?”

The meeting room fell deathly silent .

The golden-haired man turned around . “Miss, please announce that you are giving up on refining the Divine Blood Pill and dismiss this alchemist Qin Yu . Announce publicly that you were blind and were tricked, but you were fortunate enough to discover this ahead of time, thus preventing a worse outcome . I will make corresponding arrangements and ensure that damage to the inn’s repudiation will be minimized . ”

Lin Weiwei’s eyes were cold and desolate . “My older brother isn’t here . ”

The golden-haired man’s complexion stiffened .

“So, alchemist Jin Cheng, right now within the inn, I am the supervisor . My decision is the highest order, and you have no right to change it . ”

Jin Cheng revealed an angered look . “Miss, although you are the supervisor, as the chief alchemist, I have the right to ask questions and to request a vote to veto the decisions you make . ”

Lin Weiwei turned around . “Then I ask alchemist Jin Cheng to find me again after conducting a vote . ”

“Miss, do you intend on acting alone and guaranteeing this Qin Yu?”

Lin Weiwei didn’t even turn her head back . “I believe he will succeed!”

Jin Cheng smiled in anger . “And if he fails?”

Lin Weiwei paused for a moment before pushing open the door . “All consequences will be undertaken by me alone!”

Within the meeting room, all of the directors had strange complexions…the miss cared about Qin Yu so much, and it was rumored that they overcame a life or death situation together in the wilderness and that he also saved her life again afterwards . Could it be that…

Jin Cheng’s face paled and he left in a huff . After returning to his residence, his calm demeanor shattered to reveal his anger .

“Chief, it looks like the miss treats this Qin Yu somewhat differently?”

A subordinate cautiously asked .

Jin Cheng shouted out in anger . “Shut up!” His eyes were cloudy and uncertain . After a moment, he coldly said, “Pass down orders to close the headquarters’ warehouse . Without my permission, no one can send out materials . ”

His adviser’s thoughts stirred and he glanced over . “Chief, rest assured that I will watch over the two portions of god blood . ”

The adviser took several steps back and then left .

Jin Cheng’s eyes flashed with cold intent . He wanted to see how Qin Yu, in a situation where he wouldn’t have any chance to experiment at all, would be able to refine the Divine Blood Pill! Once he failed, this would inevitably damage the inn’s reputation . At that time when he moved to wipe it out, even the miss wouldn’t be able to oppose him .

Lin Weiwei returned to her dwelling and took out a book . She lowered her head, earnestly looking through it, as if she had completely forgotten about her confrontation with the chief alchemist just now .

A young assistant smiled at the others, indicating for them not to carelessly approach . She slowly said, “Miss, do you think you might have been a bit too impulsive today?”

Lin Weiwei lifted her eyes . “Do you also believe I was wrong?”

The assistant deeply bowed . “This servant doesn’t dare . But miss, you should also be aware that the chief is the head of the people who are dissatisfied with you obtaining the power of proxy . If you give them this chance today, I fear this will threaten your status . ”

Lin Weiwei turned her eyes back . She casually flipped over a page . “Then I’ll hand over the power of authority . I never liked it to begin with . ”

The assistant’s eyes became even more serious . “Miss, you cannot say that . This is the authority of the family . With the young master not present, it is natural for you to be in control . How can it be passed over to the hands of bystanders? This is a system established by the ancestors!”

Lin Weiwei waved her hand . “Enough, I want to read . You may leave . ”

The assistant revealed a helpless look . She bowed and left with everyone else . After she left the hall, she stood there for a moment and a maid quickly hurried next to her . After whispering something in her ear, the maid scurried away .

The assistant narrowed her eyes . She looked towards a corner of Waterfall City, where there was an incomparably giant and gorgeous garden . After hesitating for some time, she began walking . Although her step wasn’t fast, she emitted a sense of regal dignity . Maids bowed wherever she passed, all of their faces filled with awe .

Moments later, light lit up . Within a transmission array, a sealed metal box flickered and twisted before vanishing . The assistant narrowed her eyes, whispering to herself, “Mister Qin, you had best not fail, otherwise even if you saved the miss’ life, I won’t let you go . ”

Qin Yu’s courtyard doors sounded out again . Right now, he was deducing the process of refining the Divine Blood Pill . The deadline was in half a month so there was still plenty of time . He didn’t need to be in as much of a hurry as he was when he refined the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill .

Of course, the most important reason was that he only had one portion of god blood . Even if the little blue lamp allowed him to recycle and refuse the god blood, there would still inevitably be losses . According to his estimations, he would be able to make six attempts before the god blood was lost .

He sensed a fluctuation in the spells . He furrowed his eyebrows and then stood up to open the courtyard doors .

Aunty Hong passed over a metal box . She earnestly said, “Mister Qin, I don’t know how confident you are, but I hope that you can put forth your best effort!” She bowed and turned to leave, clearly not wanting to waste his time, even if it were only a few words’ worth .

He closed the courtyard doors and brought the metal box back into his alchemy room . Even if he had a faint guess as to what it was, when he opened it his eyes still widened and a dignified light filled his pupils .

Within the metal box, there was a complete set of sealed pill materials . But, none of that was important . What was important was the jade bottle that was quietly burning with white flames .

What state did god blood come in? Most people likely didn’t know . So if one considered it from a literal point of view, they might underestimate something so precious .

For instance, the white flames in front of him . Or, the deep blue light that the pill commissioner had passed to him . Both of them were portions of god blood . Although they had different auras, Qin Yu knew that his senses weren’t wrong .

Could they have passed this to him so that he could familiarize himself with the process? Sure enough, someone in the inn was standing on his side, otherwise he was afraid he wouldn’t even have the right to receive this commission .

However, who was the one helping him? Although Aunty Hong had considerable status, she shouldn’t possess such authority . Images flashed through his mind, of the spiritual strength upsurge in the wilderness and the crazy woman he met . He muttered to himself, “Is it you?”

After several breaths of time, he gathered his thoughts . He focused on the white flame before him, his eyes gradually brightening .

When it came to refining pills, his greatest advantage compared to others was that he could reuse materials from his failed attempts . The second was that he could promote the level of his pills . Refining a true finished Divine Blood Pill might be too difficult for him, but refining a half-finished pill, or even an elementary form of the pill, one whose toxicity was greater than its medicinal effects and could be called a waste pill, was possible . For Qin Yu, reaching this step was already more than enough .

Now that he had another portion of god blood and several more attempts to familiarize himself with the process, he could be said to have a more than 90% chance of success .

Half of the half month he was given passed in the blink of an eye . Mister Qin’s courtyard doors remained as tightly shut as before . No one knew just what was happening inside . Aunty Hong passed down strict orders that no one could approach his dwelling and disturb him .

Only that young maid Congcong was allowed to approach . She watched those courtyard doors that remained perpetually closed with a nervous and distressed expression .

“Mister Qin, you must succeed, otherwise my family’s miss will suffer .

“Stupid chief, smelly chief, you were always on poor terms with my family’s miss . Just wait for me to grow up and become fierce . I’ll make sure to hit you until you look like a dumpling!”

But as she considered her own cultivation speed, she feared that she wouldn’t be able to defeat him after a hundred or even a thousand years . She felt discouraged by this and the nervousness on her face deepened .

The maid took out her handphone . As she expected, on the hot search listing, the inn’s pill commission was still ranked at the top, its popularity not having diminished in the least . Even an accident involving a famous star actress had been forcefully suppressed . This left her public relations team grasping at their heads, but no matter how many methods they used they still couldn’t draw any attention to it . They could only accept their fate and smile while crying .

The maid bit her lips and then opened a relevant post and started to earnestly type .

“I believe that Alchemist 19 will be able to refine the Divine Blood Pill . He must be extremely strong!”

Her post immediately drew a torrent of counter posts .

“Little sister, you can eat whatever you want, but you can’t say whatever you want . May I ask where your confidence comes from?”

“I’ve travelled the world far and wide for several hundred years but have never seen such a naïve and ignorant girl join the conversation . I could call you a shill, but that would be an insult to all shills . ”

“The brother above might be a little too vicious . How could such a delicate little beauty withstand such an attack…may I ask, is fairy maiden’s chest genuine? I’m actually quite curious . ”

“It seems this poster knows this Alchemist 19 . Of course, this is only a guess, but perhaps this person is just trying to use this opportunity to draw more attention to the event . This old lady has seen this sort of thing far too often . ”

“With a single portion of god blood, he wants to refine a Divine Blood Pill? What a joke, if he really can do that, then this young master will eat his own handphone! And, this is the newest model handphone, built with all sorts of metal alloys . I’m sure it will be crisp and crunchy to eat!

“To all the posters above, screw you!”

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