Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 287

Chapter 287

Chapter 287 – Live Together

In a short period of time, this fellow’s strength had actually risen to such an astonishing level? It seemed that he had considerable harvests from the spirit spring . But as the female cultivator thought of this, the look in her eyes became even stranger . When did the spirit springs exclusively used by monster beasts become something that human cultivators could step into?

Qin Yu’s fist came smashing out, sending the corrupt wind wolf leaping towards him crashing away . Although another wound appeared on Qin Yu’s body, he actually saved himself a breath of time .

He landed on the ground and continued racing forwards . Terrifying strength rumbled all around him, breaking apart everything that blocked his way . With the monster beast curse cast on them, he and the female cultivator were like blazing bonfires in the night . It was simply impossible to hide from the monster beasts, so they might as well just haphazardly break through .

Another monster beast appeared . It was an even more formidable black bear . The ground trembled in its wake and it didn’t stop at all, choosing to directly collide with Qin Yu .

Kacha –

Qin Yu’s chest was depressed inward, numerous bones broken . The black bear’s claw had struck him and only after spitting out a mouthful of blood did his chest feel a little better . Of course, his large opponent was even worse off . That black bear’s vigorous head had twisted back at a comical angle, its neck completely crushed . Its massive body crashed to the ground .

“Hah, what a waste, how many points is that…” A voice behind Qin Yu sighed .

Qin Yu’s lips twitched . The hand that was holding onto her legs moved for a moment, but in the end he didn’t slap her .

The female cultivator raised an eyebrow . “What, you’ve taken advantage of me enough?”

Qin Yu had a helpless expression . “Big sister, aren’t you afraid of dying?”

The female cultivator’s face stiffened . “What did you call me?”

Qin Yu forced a smile but chose not to answer her anymore . He continued howling forwards .

The female cultivator fell silent . She looked down at Qin Yu’s bloodstained body and her eyes softened a little . This fellow, although he was a little lascivious and a little rascally, at least he had some semblance of conscience . He knew that this old lady didn’t like being hurt, so he didn’t add more wounds to her .

But even if she wasn’t injured, she also couldn’t last much longer . Rather than maintaining a feeble existence for a short period of time, she could display the last flickering light of a candle before she died out and take several monster beasts with her to the grave .

Humph humph, this old lady wasn’t moved and nor did she want to go all out to rescue this bastard’s life!

“In a moment rush straight forwards . Ignore how many monster beasts there are; I’ll take care of however many come . ” The female cultivator lightly said . Her tone had finally changed, no longer irritating .

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened . Before he could even turn and say something, a hand slapped the top of his head . “Don’t waste time . Hurry up and rush forwards . Giddy up!”

Are you riding a horse big sister…?

One of Qin Yu’s feet weakened and he nearly stumbled to the ground . He took a deep breath and his heart started to beat vigorously .

Bang –

Dirt splashed out in all directions . Every time he took a step forwards, a deep footprint was left behind with cracks spreading out from it .

Qin Yu was like a massive boulder bouncing forwards, crashing past everything .

Roar –

The loud and cruel roars of monster beasts echoed in his heart . He could smell a horrific stench around him . Qin Yu lowered his head and ignored everything occurring around him . He only ran forwards, running, running, running!

Of course, he didn’t trust her just because of a few words she said . Rather, he believed his own eyes . This woman who had fought with two formidable monster beasts couldn’t be simple at all!

And reality proved that Qin Yu’s judgment was correct . The woman on his back straightened her body . Her chest tensed, revealing a heart-stirring arc .

She looked down at Qin Yu, a helpless smile on her face . What a lascivious young man . But at this time, it was no longer worth haggling over him about this .

She looked up and that faint helplessness vanished without a trace . All that remained was a calm tranquility, an aura that was noble and honorable started to flow out . It was like everything in her eyes was within her hands, destruction and prosperity her decision to make .

She raised a hand and brushed it across her eyes, gently and lightly pulling back her hair . Without any sign, without any spark, a monster beast with short black wool-like hair suddenly came to a stop in the air, like a fish frozen in ice . Then, in the next moment, this invisible ice quietly shattered .

Crash –

The fragments of the corpse fell to the ground, not a single drop of blood flowing out . The sections were broken off as clearly as a mirror, and the blood seemed as if it had become like jade . It was as if this extremely fierce monster beast was made of some sort of crystal .

Of course, this wasn’t the only monster beast that died . With loud crashing sounds all around, Qin Yu raced forwards without stopping as a hail of frozen flesh and blood rained down around him .

Even the monster beasts driven here by the power of the curse began to feel fear . The savagery in their eyes started to abate and fill with awe instead .

Strength was respected . Strength was revered . In the world of monster beasts, there was no truer fact than this .

A fierce tiger monster turned to flee before it emitted a sudden cry of pain . Its over 20 foot long body was sent flying away, a massive gaping wound in its chest and belly . Blood mixed with organs flew out and it crashed into the ground, soon about to die .

A large demon ape’s sharp claws were stained with blood . It glared at the surrounding monster beasts, forcing them to retreat in fear, and then rushed towards Qin Yu .

The female cultivator’s eyes fell upon the demon ape . Although there was a faint shimmer in her eyes, there was no alarm or fear . Rather, there was a bit of interest and even recognition . This marvelous gaze caused the demon ape, a creature known for its brutality and bloodthirstiness, to feel a cold chill rise in its heart . Then, it really did feel a chilling cold .

The demon ape tensed its body . Without surprise, in the next moment its giant body would erupt with a strength that could tear apart all . But at this time, the demon ape’s body gently trembled, as if it was shivering beneath an arctic wind . Then its tensed body shattered into countless crystal-like blocks, without a single trace of blood flowing out .

The female cultivator coughed several times . Her originally pale face now seemed to lack any bit of blood at all, as if her skin was formed from snow and ice . However, this only lent her an even more soul-stirring sense of beauty and nobility . It was unknown what method she had used to kill that horrifyingly strong demon ape, but it was clear she had paid a great price . However, she was actually laughing . On her pale and bloodless face, there was a bright, bright smile . There was a hint of insanity in it, but also something that moved the heart .

Qin Yu revealed a helpless expression, but his mindset only became more dignified . He saw with his eyes as the woman killed two formidable monster beasts in a row and received heavy injuries in doing so . For her to utilize such a horrifying strength now, she surely had to pay an equally horrifying price . As he heard her laugh out loud, Qin Yu’s heart became heavier . But he didn’t turn around . Instead, he lowered his body and his legs erupted with a greater strength .

This strength surpassed the bearing limits of the Demon Body . Sounds started to ring out from his flesh and blood, accompanied by a tearing pain . But, Qin Yu remained silent, as if this agonizing pain wasn’t being inflicted upon his body .

The female cultivator’s eyebrows rose up . She looked at Qin Yu, her eyes widening . This fellow really did have a conscience . Since she was about to die soon and had never suffered a loss herself, she might as well let him take a bit of an advantage from her . Consider it a rare act of benevolence before this old lady died .

She lay on Qin Yu’s back, her chest pressed up against his broad and strong back . She frowned as she swayed uncomfortably from side to side a few times . She thought that this smelly man really wasn’t good to use; where was his soft and tender side? But this roughness, in this sort of environment, actually left her feeling calmer .

She let loose a deep breath and closed her eyes . Like this, she lay flat on Qin Yu’s back, as if she had fallen asleep . However, the monster beasts that approached and were then torn into pieces served as a constant reminder that this seemingly sleeping woman could release a terrifying strength at any given moment .

His feet trudged forwards . Stones broke apart, along with Qin Yu’s calf bone . However, his speed didn’t slow down at all, nor did he pause . He rushed through layers of vines and underbrush, listening to the weak and faint instructions of the woman on his back . She should be exhausted, because when she spoke she seemed out of breath . Thus, she moved her mouth close to Qin Yu and he could feel her warm breath itching on his ears .

Qin Yu pursed his lips . He tore through another layer of vines and finally heard the woman confirm, “It’s here . ” What the vines covered was a deep black hole . Wind whistled out from it . With a single glance, one could sense that it was unfathomably deep .

Qin Yu leapt in without hesitation . The sound of wind rose in his ears and then… . that was it . This was completely beyond his expectations . He didn’t prepare for such a short landing, so his incomparably stable figure staggered and nearly fell down . The woman on his back wildly laughed . She really didn’t fear death . Even at this time she had thoughts of playing such games .

In a corner of the cave, faint traces of light revolved . Although he couldn’t clearly see it because of the dark, Qin Yu’s wouldn’t mistake that aura . This was a transmission array .

They really reached the transmission array!

The woman on his back stopped laughing . “Put me down . During the transmission process, there cannot be any outside interference at all . ” There was already the howl of monster beasts echoing from the cave opening . It was clear that the pitch black entrance wouldn’t frighten them for long .

Qin Yu fell silent .

The woman lightly said, “What is there to hesitate about? It’s better for one person to live than for two people to die . If you really feel guilty, then come pay your respects to me here in the future and kill off a few thousand monster beasts while you’re at it . Consider it as taking revenge for me . ”

Qin Yu wryly smiled . “I don’t have that sort of strength . ”

The woman was angered, “Even if you don’t, it’s better for you to just promise me first so I feel gratified towards you! Aren’t you afraid that I’ll be mad and make you stay behind so we both die together!”

Qin Yu smiled . “I thought you weren’t scared of death, but after hearing you speak so much drivel, I finally discover that you are . Well, then don’t die . We can live on together . ”

The woman coldly sneered . “You speak so eloquently . But there are many things you don’t know . I’m going to die, and there’s nothing you can do about it . ”

Qin Yu shook his head . “That might not be true . ” He flicked his sleeve and with a flash of light the Skythunder Bamboo appeared . Its roots drilled into the ground with a mind of their own, and then every branch and leaf erupted with dazzling arcs of lightning, forming a net that blocked out the cave opening .

The monster beasts’ roars were mixed in with additional anger and pain . It was clear that they suffered the taste of thunder after nearing the cave opening .

Qin Yu turned, a faint smile on his lips . “Now, let’s live on together . ”

The female cultivator’s pale face revealed a complex look . She gently sighed, “Then let’s live a bit longer . ”

After several breaths of time, the transmission array erupted with light . Space twisted and the figures of the two people vanished from sight .

In the next moment, the power of thunder contained within the Skythunder Bamboo thoroughly erupted . With a loud explosion, the transmission array was destroyed .

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