Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 285

Chapter 285

Chapter 285 – Stealing Good Fortune

The massive majestic body of the golden eagle simply didn’t match up with its personality . In short, it was a narrow-minded and vengeful being that would always retaliate if it suffered a loss . Moreover, Qin Yu’s aura was still an incomparable temptation, so how could it possibly let him go? Thus, the consequence of this was a wolf chasing down a pig, with Qin Yu fleeing in distress .

As Qin Yu was chased down by the golden eagle, he didn’t have time to consider where to flee in his flustered state . So, the further he ran, the deeper and deeper he went into the wilderness . He didn’t notice that his injuries were regenerating at a slightly faster pace because the spiritual strength in the atmosphere had reached a mind-boggling degree .

He avoided a fatal strike from the sharp claws of the golden eagle once more . However, his back was still left bruised and lacerated, with blood dripping from wounds . He fell down and tumbled into a mass of vines . However, once those seemingly withered vines were stained with blood, they began to wake up from a deep slumber .

The dry and frail vines suddenly tightened . They were like bars of twisting metal, twining around Qin Yu’s body . At the same time, the surface of the vines bulged and tiny thorns shot out, ruthlessly digging into Qin Yu .

Gulp –

Gulp –

The loud swallowing sounds caused a tingle to creep across one’s scalp, making them feel as if they had fallen into an icy lake! The vine instantly turned clear and lush, with green light circulating around it . It emitted a boundless vitality, a beautiful sight to the eyes .

The formidable golden eagle screeched in rage . It violently beat its wings and strong winds condensed into blue saber points that slashed at the clear vine . At the same time, the light of the Five Element Swords light erupted like a volcano, twisting apart the sharp thorns that dug into Qin Yu’s body . Qin Yu fell onto the ground and shot forth like an arrow .

Countless vines emitted sharp screams . As the sound entered into one’s ears, they were like iron needles stabbing into the mind . Qin Yu staggered but continued to run . The golden eagle plummeted to the earth but its consciousness was immediately restored and it whipped its wings out, attempting to fly back up . However, at this time, the vines shot up into the skies and entangled the golden eagle with a vicious sound .

The bloodthirsty vine felt incomparable hatred towards this golden eagle that had harmed it and caused it to lose the prey it had in its grasp . Naturally, it wouldn’t let the golden eagle flee so easily .

Sharp screeches filled the air . The eagle’s golden feathers sprinkled to the ground like snowflakes . Fragments of vines splashed to the ground, accumulating in a thick layer .

Buzz –

Golden light radiated outwards like the sun rising up across the horizon . Tens of thousands of arrows formed from golden light shot out, slicing the countless vines entangling it!

The golden eagle broke free . It looked extremely distressed and its dazzling golden feathers had darkened a great deal . It savagely flapped its wings and raced towards Qin Yu’s direction . As a narrow-minded and vengeful monster beast, how could it let Qin Yu go after suffering such a great loss?

And it was certain that it could make up for these losses by eating that human cultivator!

The chase continued . Qin Yu had no way to escape this golden eagle that pursued him . This monster beast seemed to possess some special ability to lock onto his aura . No matter where he hid, the golden eagle would be able to find him .

Suddenly, Qin Yu heard the sound of trickling water in his ears . The sound wasn’t loud, but it seemed to carry with it a power that drew in the heart and mind, making one look over unconsciously .

Like this, a deep pool of spring water appeared in front of Qin Yu . Moreover, what was most surprising was that this water seeped out from a large stone on the ground and it didn’t flow back down, but instead remained suspended in midair where it surged and tumbled about .

The verdant spring water seemed to flow with the purest jade-like nature in the world . Within his dantian sea, the Five Element Nascent Souls all started to shine…with just a glance, a feeling of intense hope and desire instinctually rose within him .

He could sense this with his soul . Just how was this water? It was clearly inexhaustible amounts of heaven and earth spiritual strength gathered together and fused into a liquid state . This was a genuine flowing spirit spring . Every drop of it contained a potent spiritual strength .

The surrounding ancient trees bent over and strong winds woke Qin Yu from his stupor . He looked up to see a scene that nearly caused his soul to freeze .

The golden eagle arrived, threatening and fierce . Its two wings beat in the air, causing blue wind blades to appear, flooding every corner of the world . It was enough to turn everything around it into ruins . But as soon as this attack came, it suddenly froze in midair . Then, those endless blue wind blades all shattered! The golden eagle screamed in horror and panic and its feathers erupted with divine light, as if it had ignited in flames . But it only had enough time to raise its wings before its chest was instantly pierced through with a bone spike . Golden lava-like blood dripped out from its wound, sprinkling onto the ground and burning . At this time, a scream finally arrived and filled the air . It pierced through the ears, causing endless fear to rise in the depths of one’s soul .

Qin Yu didn’t know what sort of existence had managed to kill the terrifying golden eagle from such a long distance, but there was one point he was crystal clear about – this other party had the power to utterly erase him .

Rumble rumble –

There was a low roar, as if thunder was arriving from afar . Even though it was a great distance away, one could still feel the dreadful strength it contained . The fallen leaves on the ground and the great trees that reached to the skies, and even the entire earth, began to gently tremble . Qin Yu looked up and saw a shadow howling towards his direction from the distant horizon .

His complexion paled and his body froze like a log . He stared helplessly on as that shadow rolled towards him, stirring up wind and pushing away clouds as it did so . The wilderness fell deathly silent around him . Monster beasts looked up with eyes wide with panic as they fell to the ground, their bodies shaking .

Qin Yu bit down on the tip of his tongue, forcefully breaking free from the paralyzing horror . His feet moved and he was like a stone as he crashed into the spring water above the large rock .

Puff –

Qin Yu’s figure vanished from sight .

Several breaths of time later, ancient sky-reaching trees started to tremble and disintegrate into powder . They were pulled out and pushed away by a powerful strength, sent flying in all directions . The earth shook and split open, countless cracks reaching into the distance . Looking from above, they seemed to extend into eternity .

Dark red flesh and blood . It seemed as if it didn’t have any skin at all, and it was flipped inside out instead . Its thick and sturdy blood vessels bulged out on the surface and one could see the blood rapidly flowing within . Starting from its neck and extending down its spine, it had 12 thick bone spikes puncturing out from its flesh . Their pale white color seemed to linger with countless evil spirits . Just from glancing at it, one could hear the howls of countless sorrowful souls ringing out in their mind . If Qin Yu were here, he would understand how the golden eagle had been killed and by whom . Because on the back of this creature, there was a freshly broken bone spike .

This strange and formidable monster beast looked at the spirit spring and revealed a taunting expression . This humble and pathetic, weak and lowly human cultivator, actually dared to try obtaining a strength that belonged to itself . This human cultivator was simply overreaching . The human cultivator was now likely withstanding an unimaginable pain as his mortal body slowly broke apart and the spiritual strength contained within him was integrated into the spirit spring . Finally, the human cultivator would simply serve as a blood sacrifice and enhance the spirit spring .

All of this was more perfect than it could have imagined .

Time slowly passed and a look of amazement flashed in the monster beast’s eyes . It could sense that the fragile ant-like cultivator had yet to die . It seemed that his strength was a bit more formidable than it had imagined . Even so, this only meant that he would suffer more pain . The final outcome would not change .

One minute .

Two minutes .

Three minutes .

The monster beast stood in place, its tail restlessly sweeping around .

Four minutes .

Five minutes .

Six minutes .

The monster beast took a deep breath . Its powerful inhalation caused the wind to whistle .

Seven minutes .

Eight minutes .

Nine minutes .

The monster beast stretched out its tongue, licking the crimson corners of its mouth . Its eyes were so cold they nearly froze .

Ten minutes…

Roar –

With a loud roar, it tore apart the peaceful wilderness . The monster beast’s thick red veins stuck out and its tail lashed forwards like a bolt of light, stabbing in the spirit spring . Then, with a heaven-shaking bang, space twisted and the monster beast’s massive body was sent flying away with a pained cry . It crashed into the ground, plowing a terrifying ravine!

Its eyes widened and it stared at the spirit spring stubbornly . Even though it was furious all this time, it still couldn’t believe what it was seeing . A mere human, a human so weak and small that it could kill him with a single claw, had actually obtained the approval of the spirit spring and had stolen the good fortune of transformation that should have belonged to it .

It told itself countless times that this was impossible . But, it opened its eyes, closed its eyes, and opened them again, and the spirit spring was still in front of it without any changes at all .

The monster beast reared its head back and roared . Its cruel aura swept out like a tide for the surrounding tens of thousands of feet! Within this scope, everything was destroyed . The terrifying strength turned everything into powder!

It closely watched the spirit spring . After an unknown period of time, it finally accepted the situation occurring in front of it . However, this didn’t mean that it would give up on this turning point for its destiny that it had captured only by wading through endless slaughter and battles .

This human cultivator had used some dirty and lowly trick to obtain the approval of the spirit spring . But, with his cultivation, just how many advantages could he obtain? Once this human came out, it would swallow him up and then absorb the rest of the spirit spring . With that, it could still transform into a monster king!

However, as it thought about how it would inevitably lose a portion of the spiritual strength, the monster beast’s heart shivered with rage and it gnashed its teeth!

Bang –

Its massive figure lay on the ground and tensed up . As long as that human cultivator emerged from the spirit spring, it would welcome him with its all-encompassing anger .

This great and noble Lord Aelous would make this low and pathetic human understand just how grave and stupid of a mistake it was to anger it!

When strange fluctuations started to appear in the flow of heaven and earth spiritual strength, the upsurge of spiritual strength was one of the greatest lucky chances worth celebrating in the lives of monster beasts . The rich heaven and earth spiritual energy and the massive amount of heavenly materials that appeared with it could cause their strength to drastically rise in a short period of time .

And the most precious of lucky chances were the spirit springs, whether they were large or small .

To monster beasts, spirit springs represented infinite good fortune . As long as they could withstand the terrifying spiritual strength contained within, they could evolve and be reborn in a short period of time! And out of these spirit springs, the most precious ones were called monster king spirit springs; they were the highest level of spirit spring . Only the most formidable existences amongst the monster beasts had the qualifications to swallow them up and use their strength to aid their final transformation to become an omnipotent monster king who commanded all!

For instance, the spirit spring that Qin Yu had dove into!

Originally, with the aptitude of a human, it was simply impossible for them to withstand the impact from a monster king spirit spring . The moment they touched it, they would blow up and die .

Because of this, the powerful monster beast that was only a step away from becoming a monster king had ignored this human that was only an incomparably small and weak ant in its eyes .

But, it didn’t know that this small and weak ant was named Qin Yu . And although Qin Yu might not be considered powerful, he actually possessed all sorts of inconceivable methods .

For instance, the Demon Body .

For instance, the Five Element Nascent Souls .

For instance, the little blue lamp which had settled in his great dao base .

Thus, it was destined to suffer a loss, a great, great loss!

Within the spirit spring, Qin Yu’s eyes were shut tight . He was huddled up in a fetal position, gently shaking about . Surging spiritual strength rolled around him, wildly drilling into his body from every pore .

A part of it was absorbed by his mortal body . It caused every inch of his flesh and blood to become increasingly tenacious and potent .

A part of it gathered into his dantian sea, where it divided into five sections and flowed into his Five Element Nascent Souls .

Around his great dao base, the little blue lamp flashed with traces of dim blue light . Even now, it revealed no interest in the incredible amounts of spiritual strength . But, it actually played the most critical role of stabilization . It set a defined limit for the amount of spiritual strength that could enter Qin Yu’s body .

Qin Yu could feel that he was dreaming an incomparably long, sad, and also joyful dream .

Within this dream, he seemed to have fallen into a deep sea . He was wrapped in a dark undercurrent and sent through the ice dark . Flames seemed to burn within his body .

His consciousness was faint and blurry . Thus, he had no idea that he had unintentionally stolen a heaven-defying stroke of good fortune .

The monster beast standing guard outside originally had a dark and gloomy heart . So when it discovered another human rushing over, its dreadful rage exploded .

What? You think I’m this easy to bully? One wasn’t enough, and now another one comes!?

With a loud roar, countless blood red marks appeared on the surface of the monster beast . They shined with a bright red light, instantly condensing into a set of armor . The originally fierce and grotesque monster beast instantly transformed into the most terrifying killing machine in the world .

Bang –

The ground violently trembled and collapsed, a large gulf appearing immediately . The monster beast’s massive figure flew upwards like a mountain flying into the skies before it came falling down just as dangerously .

A fair and delicate white hand reached out . Beneath the massive shadow, it seemed as frail as a flower . But, this hand actually resisted the monster beast’s violent attack .

The figure fluttered backwards and spat out blood, dyeing their veil red . The female cultivator fell on the ground and stumbled back, each step leaving deep footprints and causing tiny cracks to spread out .

The monster beast was shaken . It stabilized its blurry vision and focused on the female cultivator in front of it . It believed more and more that this human woman was associated with the boy who came before . Normally, when there was an upsurge of spiritual strength in the wilderness, the human cultivators didn’t even have enough time to flee . So how could there be such a great coincidence like now when two humans would leap out in front of it, especially with one of them being such a fierce master!

Did it want to rescue that damned scoundrel? Dream on!

The monster beast opened its jaws . Blood red flames gushed out like a broken dam, all of it rushing outwards .

The earth was instantly melted by these flames, turned into something similar to glass . The temperature within the world rose at a dramatic speed .

Behind her veil, the female cultivator’s eyes brightened, as if they were the most radiant stars in the cold night of winter . She lifted her hand and her aura suddenly changed . It was faint and ethereal, and even though she existed in this world, it was impossible to sense .

In the next moment, this faint and ethereal temperament disappeared . Then, an incomparably powerful aura erupted from within her, as if countless mountains and rivers were contained within .

She lifted her pale hands and thrust forwards .

This strike contained all of the veiled woman’s power and the potential of those seemingly endless mountains and rivers within her . With a loud heaven-startling rumble, it seemed that the heavens and earth was flipped over .

The flames that the monster beast emitted were forcefully broken apart . Shock filled its eyes . Then, its gaze towards the woman began to fill with burning heat .

It discovered that perhaps losing the spirit spring might not be a disaster . Rather, it might bring it even more opportunities .

For instance, this human female cultivator in front of it .

Deep within the mind of the monster beast, some ancient inherited bloodline memory started to slowly awaken . Although it wasn’t sure what sort of strength she possessed, its instincts told it that…if it could swallow this woman, it could also ascend to the monster king realm!

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