Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 273

Chapter 273

Chapter 273 – First Order Talent

The nine level crystal pagoda had a well-known nickname within the Land of Divinity and Demons – the Fate Concluder . Amongst the many different talent test treasures, it was the sharpest and most accurate . It determined a cultivator’s talent fairly, and while there were possibly deviations, these were so small that they were negligible . Its ability to determine someone’s talent also determined the potential they represented and gave a rough depiction of one’s future achievements, thus its nickname, the Fate Concluder .

This treasure wasn’t easy to manufacture . Even within the Land of Divinity and Demons it was considered incredibly precious . In the Southern Overwatch Pass, there were a total of three of these nine level crystal pagodas . One was within the army and specifically used to test new soldiers and recruits, so it was impossible for outsiders to ever see it . Another belonged to the first ranked noble family of the Southern Overwatch Pass, and was considered their most precious inherited object . Unless one had close relations with them, it was difficult to borrow it . As for the third, that was controlled by the Southern Overwatch Pass’ largest trade association . The You Family had paid a great price to borrow this one for a short period of time .

You Yuanwu had a dignified expression, anticipation shining deep in his eyes . If this person could cultivate the Demon Body within the land of exiles and also reached Nascent Soul there, then their talent absolutely wasn’t something to be belittled . If the You Family could make use of him then they would be free of worries for the next thousand years . This was something extremely important for the matters of their family’s inheritance, so he was naturally cautious about things and couldn’t allow even the smallest accident to occur .

After several breaths of silence, the first level of the nine level crystal pagoda began to slowly shine . Faint traces of light gathered in the crystal without end . But, the speed at which it lit up seemed a bit slow . Not to mention the You Family juniors, but the high level figures here had experienced this scene many times before . If a youth had the qualifications to use the Fate Concluder, which one of them hadn’t progressed rapidly afterwards? There were many people present who had lit up several levels of the crystal pagoda at once .

Could it be that Qin Yu was saving his strength to sprint to the peak in a single go? Thinking this way, the You Family elders glanced at each other, suppressing their thoughts . Time slowly passed, but only the very first level of the crystal pagoda shined . Although the light continued to strengthen, the speed clearly began to slow down .

The temple fell silent . All of the You Family cultivators had looks of surprises . They felt that something wasn’t right .

You Qi forced a smile . Qin Yu, oh Qin Yu, was this the ‘poor talent’ that you spoke about? The Fate Concluder had nine levels, and in the Land of Divinity and Demons, cultivators that were below the fourth level had nearly no value in being raised at all . Even if one stepped onto the road of cultivation, Golden Core would be their limit . The fifth to seventh levels were considered ordinary and they would be able to reach Nascent Soul . Those at the eighth level and above were true talents . They could obtain the greatest degree of resources and their achievements would be limitless . They were bound to be heaven-shaking characters someday .

But only the first level…

Perhaps ever since the nine level crystal pagoda was first produced, this was the first time that such a startling and tragic result had appeared, one that could make even gods and ghosts weep .

There was a long period of silence, and even the air seemed to slow to a crawl . You Yuanwu was the first to break the silence . He coughed, “It looks like we somehow hindered the revolution of the crystal pagoda’s array formation when we had it shipped here . ” He flicked his sleeves and several You Family cultivators rushed forwards with sweaty faces .

For such a low level mistake to occur at such a time, they knew that if they didn’t neatly resolve this issue, their fates would be miserable!

The You Family cultivators who had strange expressions relaxed and their eyes brightened with realization . That’s right, the highly talented man that their family had valued so much, who would be a great boost to them in the future, how could such a person only light up the first level of talent? It had to be said that those with extremely high talents were rare, but those with extremely poor talents were equally rare .

At the very least, within the You Family, besides the few people that were born with trash levels of talent, they had actually never seen such a ridiculously low level of talent before .

The several You Family cultivators rapidly inspected the crystal pagoda . The one leading them became increasingly pale, sweat streaming down his face . The several other people with him also had eyes wide open and filled with dismay, panicking as they had no idea what the problem was .

You Yuanwu frowned . He said, “What’s the problem?” The nine level crystal pagoda was incomparably precious . It had been delivered to them in pristine condition . If damage had occurred to it within the You Family, then the compensation amount would be considerable .

“Reporting…reporting to the Patriarch…the nine level crystal pagoda…it…”

“Speak up! What’s the problem!?”

The You Family cultivator nearly cried out in fright . “The revolution is working fine…”

The entire temple fell deathly silent .

After a moment of stunned confusion, many people began to realize what those words meant . Their eyes widened .

You Yuanwu shouted out . “What utter nonsense! We’ve all seen Nephew Qin Yu’s test result . How could the nine level crystal pagoda possibly be fine?”

“This…I have no idea…” The person really was about to cry . He clenched his teeth . “If Patriarch doesn’t believe, how about getting someone else to test it?”

Down below, a high level You Family member said, “Patriarch, we should try it . ”

You Yuanwu thought for a moment and slowly nodded .

Soon, a You Family youth walked up . He was 12-13 years old . To suddenly arrive at such an important occasion, his entire body was filled with tension . He respectfully kneeled .

“You Donglin, you completed your talent test three days ago . Today, use the nine level crystal pagoda to measure your talent again . Go . ”

“Yes, Patriarch . ”

You Dongling tentatively walked to the nine level crystal pagoda and then reached out his hand .

Shua –

Bright light appeared . It quickly filled up the first level, second level, third level…finally, it paused at the sixth level .

This proved that You Donglin was only considered average and ordinary . But right now, no one had the mind to pay attention to this anymore .

“How is this possible?” The person who brought You Donglin forth cried out in alarm, his face full of disbelief .

Countless people’s hearts skipped a beat .

You Yuanwu drew in a deep breath . “How is the result?”

“Patriarch, three days ago You Donglin took a talent test and the result was similar to this one . ”

Whoosh –

Within the temple, everyone was sent into an uproar!

You Yuanwu’s eyebrows furrowed together . “Find another person to test!”

A second You Family junior entered the temple…finally, the result was the same .

With this, everyone’s eyes flooded with disbelief .

The You Family’s esteemed guest, the peerless talent that was supposed to support them in the future, someone who would have great accomplishments in the demonic path, was actually only a first order talent!

What kind of joke was this?

You Yuanwu fell silent for several breaths of time . He forced out a smile and said, “Nephew Qin Yu, it looks like my You Family hasn’t made sufficient preparations . You go back and rest first . Once I have everything inspected once more, we will speak again . ”

Qin Yu bitterly smiled . He cupped his hands together and left .

Returning to his living quarters, he soon realized that the young maids and servants were giving him strange looks; it was clear they had already learnt the result of the test . Then, Qin Yu discovered that with the courtyard he stayed in as the center, the surrounding security had been strengthened . In particular, several powerful auras appeared . If his soul wasn’t strong enough he would have never detected them .

What was the You Family guarding against? As he thought about what You Qi said before, his heart sank, but he didn’t reveal anything on the surface . He waved his hand, sending the young maids and servants away . He calmed his thoughts as much as possible . Right now, he could only take things one step at a time .

Three days passed . The You Family was quiet and tranquil . It was like Qin Yu had been forgotten ever since that day . There were no more banquets or invitations, and the cold indifference was in full display .

Qin Yu didn’t relax because of this . Instead, he became increasingly wary . He actually hoped that the You Family would be breathlessly angry with him and curse at him . The more this tranquility continued, the more dangerous he thought things were becoming .

Anxiousness began to form in his heart . He was unable to suppress it no matter how much he tried . He wryly smiled . If the You Family really wanted to do something to him, there was simply nothing he could do to resist .

There was a knock on the courtyard doors . After the servant opened them, You Qi walked through . He hadn’t seen her for a short three days, but she seemed tired and worn out . She squeezed out a smile towards Qin Yu .

Within the hall, guest and host sat down . You Qi coughed and said, “Qin Yu, your talent was just too poor . Many people in the family had ill intent towards you, but because the Patriarch forcefully suppressed them, you are able to maintain your current peace . ”

As she finished speaking she took a sip of tea . Her fingertip was wetted with tea and she quietly drew it around the table . Qin Yu looked down and saw that the characters ‘don’t believe’ had been written before being casually erased by her sleeves .

His heart skipped a beat and gratitude filled his face . “You Qi, please thank the Patriarch for me!”

You Qi said, “Qin Yu, you cultivated the Demon Body so you are useful to my You Family . As long as you work hard in the future, there won’t be any issues with your safety .

“In addition, my You Family wishes to borrow the strength within your Demon Body . For instance, we would like to marry one of the You Family daughters to you as a wife . Do you have an opinion on this?”

As she spoke, her fingers moved again .

You Xiuxiu…

Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred . At this time, You Qi definitely wouldn’t have any thoughts of revenge . If she wrote this, then there was definitely another meaning behind it . He paused, a burning heat in his voice . “Does the You Family really wish to marry one of their young misses to me?”

You Qi sincerely said, “Of course . As long as you agree then the You Family will arrange everything else . ”

“I agree!”

“Good, then you should go and rest now . I will leave first . ” You Qi gave him a deep look before she turned and left .

The courtyard doors opened and closed . After his line of sight was severed, his smile vanished, turning into a grim glower . It looked as if You Qi was correct and she had even come here to give him a clue .

Without a doubt, the You Family wanted his Demon Body!

But, in such a perilous time, why would You Qi stand by his side?

As Qin Yu was puzzled, You Qi was being chastised . “Why did you decide to go in on your own and mention marrying a lady from my You Family? You also spoke of the Demon Body; could you have been leaking information?”

You Qi had a horrified expression . “This disciple wouldn’t dare . I have a certain understanding of Qin Yu . He is cautious and discreet . If I didn’t say that, I fear it would have been difficult for him to feel at ease . All I wish is to do my best to help the family . I ask Elder to please understand!”

Another person said, “You Qi’s performance wasn’t too bad . I think Qin Yu should have believed her . ”

“Humph! I will put this aside for the time being . If you dare to act on your own again in the future, I will not forgive you!” As his voice fell, he looked around . “Everyone, now that we have temporarily calmed Qin Yu, we should hurry up . ”

Someone hesitated . “The Demon Body is gifted by the heavens . Any attempts to deprive it are a death wish of the demonic path . Once news of this leaks out, there is sure to be great trouble!”

“To gain something, you must lose something . There are no perfect situations in this world . Yes, my You Family is taking a great risk, but once we succeed, the You Family might have a chance to rise and become a large family within the demonic path! Compared to the possible benefits, the risks are worth it!”

“That’s right, with such a heaven-sent opportunity right before us, if we don’t take it then Qin Yu will be snatched up by other demonic path influences . If that is so, we might as well be the first!”

The other high level You Family members nodded and then looked upwards .

You Yuanwu was silent for a long time . Then he said, “You Qi, you are the most familiar with Qin Yu . You will continue appearing in front of him . Do you best to comfort him . ” With these words, he made the final decision .

You Qi bowed and left the hall . She looked up at the bright sky above her head, a trace of worry in her eyes .

She had done everything she could . Whether or not he succeeded, that would depend on the heavens!

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