Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 264

Chapter 264

Chapter 264 – Demon God Armor

Immortal Eclipse Valley had managed to survive disaster, but after the great battle, the entire land was in chaos and turmoil . The reconstruction of the valley had yet to start, so it was a bleak and dreary sight .

Two days later, in the mostly preserved temple, Pill Crucible and Qin Yu sat across from each other . Pill Crucible’s complexion was still pale and he often coughed several times, weariness thick in his eyes .

“Senior-apprentice brother, how are your injuries?”

Pill Crucible waved his hand . “Don’t worry . Since I didn’t die from all of this, I won’t be in too much trouble with the background of my Immortal Eclipse Valley . ” Then, he let out a long sigh . “In all honestly, Immortal Eclipse Valley suffering this great disaster cannot be separated from how I acted unfairly . Fan Jianghai committed suicide, but countless disciples of other surnames saw his performance before he died . If I don’t change things for the better, Immortal Eclipse Valley will surely experience a similar disaster again . ”

As he spoke to here, he paused . He glanced over . “I wonder whether or not junior-apprentice brother has any intention of succeeding me…?”

Qin Yu hurriedly interrupted him . “I thank senior-apprentice brother for the good intentions, but I am a wild crane used to idling about without care . I don’t have that much energy to focus on other things, so please select someone else . ”

Pill Crucible shook his head . “I knew you wouldn’t agree . With your current cultivation boundary, this world is now nothing but a small pond . You won’t stay here much longer . ”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed . “Senior-apprentice brother also knows?”

Pill Crucible rolled his eyes . “My ancestors once suppressed the Gold Noble Family, so I know a bit about their origins . ” He gazed into the air, “The Land of Divinity and Demons . It is rumored that powerhouses there are like drops of water in rain and there are countless transcendent inheritances that point straight towards the great dao . If I have a chance in the future, I would also like to go there . ”

Qin Yu smiled, “It is only a matter of time until senior-apprentice brother breaks through to Divine Soul . Entering the Land of Divinity and Demons shouldn’t be too difficult . ”

Pill Crucible shook his head . “How can it be so simple? Although I have some awareness, I’m on the edge of whether or not I can step into Divine Soul . But junior-apprentice brother, you…” There was a bit of envy in his eyes .

Qin Yu said, “Senior-apprentice brother, please don’t look at me like that . This little brother just entered Nascent Soul and is still 108,000 miles away from Divine Soul . How can I possibly be compared to you . ”

Pill Crucible had a disgusted expression . “Stop spouting so much hot air . Your humble modesty is making me sick . ”

After chatting some more, Xu Ao approached . He bowed, “Valley Master, Junior Uncle, Miss Ling’er has arrived . ”

Pill Crucible nodded . “I understand . Allow her in . Moreover, Xu Ao, you must focus on resting . You must not leave any hidden dangers within you . ”

Xu Ao expressed his gratitude, then bowed and left .

“The situation was urgent that day . I sent Ling’er away first so she wouldn’t be in danger . But, it seems she didn’t go that far if she managed to return so soon . ”

Qin Yu stood up . He earnestly said, “Thank you for watching over her, senior-apprentice brother . ”

The temple doors opened and light entered . Gu Ling’er ran in, “Big Brother Qin Yu!”

Qin Yu smiled, “Ling’er, you’ve returned . ”

Gu Ling’er carefully looked over Qin Yu, only relaxing when she saw he was safe and fine . “On the way back I heard about big brother’s battle with the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Demon . I was really worried . I’m so glad you’re safe . ” It was only then that she noticed Pill Crucible . She bit her tongue and shyly said, “Greetings, Valley Master . ”

Pill Crucible deliberately let out a sigh of relief and put on a relaxed appearance . “Very good . I thought that you didn’t even see me in your eyes . I thought that I wasted all that attention on you in the past . ”

Gu Ling’er blushed in embarrassment .

At this time, Xu Ao returned . He glanced at Qin Yu with a strange look and bowed, “Valley Master, there is a woman outside who wishes to see Junior Uncle . ”

Pill Crucible’s eyes brightened so much that a flame seemed to burn in them . “What kind of woman? How old is she? Where is she?”

Xu Ao was stunned . He slowly said, “She is very beautiful, very young . She’s waiting just outside the valley . ”

Pill Crucible swiveled his head towards Qin Yu, a complacent look on his face as if saying he had finally caught this brat’s weakness .

Qin Yu had a helpless expression . He turned and said, “Since she knows I’m here, she should be someone I know . Allow her in . ”

Xu Ao’s expression became even stranger . “Junior Uncle, this woman says that she wants you to go out and personally welcome her . ”

Then, Gu Ling’er’s eyes widened like full moons and her jaw subconsciously dropped open .

Pill Crucible snickered . Hehe, you brat, you still don’t want to admit it? If you had no relationship with her, why would she want you to go out to meet her?

Qin Yu frowned . “Alright . I’ll go take a look and see which acquaintance of mine this is . ”

Gu Ling’er hurriedly said, “I’m also coming . ”

Pill Crucible coughed, but before he could speak he was stopped by Qin Yu . “Senior-apprentice brother, you still haven’t recovered from your wounds so you shouldn’t move about needlessly . Ling’er, let’s go . ”

He grabbed Gu Ling’er and flew out from the temple .

After being held by Qin Yu, Gu Ling’er’s face blushed red in happiness and she was much calmer .

Along the way, the Immortal Eclipse Valley disciples they encountered all bowed, their voices and attitudes incomparably respectful .

“Greetings, Junior Uncle!”

“Greetings, Junior Granduncle!”

During that peak battle, Qin Yu had forced back the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon . This performance was enough to place him as one of the greatest powerhouses of this world, with unparalleled power and influence . No one dared to disrespect him even a little .

As they approached the entrance, a slender figure entered his eyes .

Qin Yu was startled . That figure turned around and their eyes swept onto his hand that held Gu Ling’er’s . The person lightly humphed and said, “Fellow daoist Qin Yu, I haven’t seen you in several years and not only has your cultivation drastically risen but you’ve even managed to find the time to enjoy all the other pleasures of life . How admirable . I’m just so, so envious . ”

The tone was thick with taunting!

Gu Ling’er reddened even further . She subconsciously tried to remove her hand, but was grasped by Qin Yu . He brightly smiled, “Miss You Qi, that mouth of yours remains as unforgiving as I remember . ”

The one who came was the person who he had last seen when they parted at the Land of Sealed Demons and whom he hadn’t heard of since – You Qi . During these years apart, the flow of time didn’t leave a single mark on her body . Instead, her appearance seemed more attractive, more alluring, as if all the charms of the world were given to her . Her smile and frown both so deadly they could steal the heart . And what was more astonishing was that her aura had unexpectedly reached the Nascent Soul level!

You Qi coughed . “This miss came looking for you because there is proper business to discuss . Are you going to have that girl shoo away first?”

Qin Yu smiled . “Ling’er is my little sister and the person I am closest with . There is nothing that needs to be hidden from her . ”

You Qi’s eyes flashed . “Little sister?” She glanced at Gu Ling’er and suddenly smiled . “Ling’er, it’s nice to meet you . This big sister is called You Qi . I was only joking with you just now . ”

As she spoke, she walked over and took Gu Ling’er’s hand from Qin Yu’s . Then, speaking intimately with her, she walked towards Immortal Eclipse Valley .

That little girl Ling’er followed in a daze, unsure just what she was doing . But soon enough, she was calling out ‘big sister’ again and again, and her cheeks blushed red as she laughed repeatedly .

You Qi turned her head back, a look of smug satisfaction on her face .

Qin Yu smiled and followed close behind .

Gu Ling’er eventually left on her own initiative . She glanced at the unsurpassed beauty You Qi and thought that this big sister might be able to match with her big brother Qin Yu .

Her eyes dimmed a bit . Her pace quickened and she soon vanished from sight .

You Qi’s smile disappeared . She squinted her eyes and coldly said, “Fellow daoist Qin Yu’s skills in tricking little girls aren’t too bad . This little sister Ling’er likes you . ”

Qin Yu was startled . He frowned . “Ling’er is my little sister . Don’t speak nonsense . ”

“Humph! You dare to treat me so harshly? Don’t forget you still owe me a favor!” You Qi emphatically spoke up . As she recalled the origin of this favor, she blushed red .

Qin Yu lightly coughed . “Miss You Qi, may I ask why you came to visit me today?”

You Qi steadied her thoughts . She earnestly said, “Qin Yu, have you heard of the Land of Divinity and Demons?”

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened .

You Qi nodded . “It looks like you already know . Then, I won’t explain too much . ” She hesitated for a moment and then slowly said, “I am going to tell you something . I come from that world and I want to know whether or not you are willing to return to the Land of Divinity and Demons with me . Don’t worry, I have no ill intentions towards you . Honestly speaking, the only way I can return is with your help . ”

Qin Yu’s thoughts were in tumult but he didn’t reveal any change in his expression . “Why me?”

You Qi said, “Because you have cultivated the Demon Body . Now, I can’t say too much, but I can tell you that even within the Land of Divinity and Demons, only a very small number of demonic cultivators successfully practice the Demon Body . And each person that does so has a high chance of becoming a great figure within the demonic path . You cultivated the Demon Body which means you possess immense potential . Since I discovered you, that is a great merit for me, one I can use to obtain a pardon from my family . ”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows . “Is the Demon Body hard to cultivate?”

You Qi nodded . “Of course . Without great willpower and a tyrannical bloodline, it is impossible to cultivate it . ”

Qin Yu said, “But I don’t have a formidable bloodline . ”

You Qi thought for a moment . “I can’t determine whether this is true or not . Perhaps you have a formidable bloodline within you, but you’ve never discovered it . Could there be nothing about you that is different from the average person?”

Qin Yu contemplated it . “My senses are far sharper than ordinary . ”

“That should be it then . ” You Qi continued, “Those with formidable bloodlines often have aspects where they surpass others . For instance, having sharp senses is one of them . Your bloodline might be thin now, but as your Demon Body strengthens your bloodline will rise with it . There will be a day when it awakens . ”

She looked up . “So now, can you answer me? Are you willing to come with me?”

Qin Yu nodded . “I am!”

He smiled .

Ning Ling, perhaps I’ll be able to meet you before long .

You Qi was overjoyed . Demonic light flashed in her hand and a palm-sized black armor appeared . “Since I had you come out to greet me, I naturally had a reason for doing so . I personally refined this treasure for you . Here, it’s a gift . ”

Qin Yu received it and his complexion changed . His heartbeat accelerated and his blood seemed to cheer as if some sort of hope was spreading through his body .

You Qi smiled . “This is called the Demon God Armor, it is a natural match with the Demon Body . Anyone who manages to cultivate a Demon Body can have one of these . This Demon God Armor was refined using the horn of the earth demon beast . After you refine it into your body, you will know how vital this is to the Demon Body . Moreover, the Demon God Armor will grow along with the Demon Body . You can say it has infinite potential . ”

Qin Yu stroked the Demon God Armor . He saw faint flashes of purple on its surface and remarked, “Is your blood fused into this?”

You Qi had a calm look . “You should know, this miss’ blood is an unsurpassed treasure . When added during a refining process, it increases the chances of success and also enhances the quality of the Demon God Armor . ” She coldly sneered, “Of course, if you are worried about it, then give it back to me!”

Qin Yu shook his head . “Miss You Qi is too thoughtful . I never had such intentions . I will accept this Demon God Armor and I will definitely repay you in the future . ”

You Qi lightly humphed . “When can we leave?”

Qin Yu shook his head . “There are too many matters holding me back . I need some time to finish them . ”

“You’re worried that the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Demon will retaliate?”

Qin Yu nodded .

If he left, how could Immortal Eclipse Valley resist the counterattack of those two peak existences?

You Qi curled her lips . “Those who don’t choose well will never live for long! Consider this as my atonement for having chosen you . Since you’re so worried about them, let’s just kill them and be done with it!”

Qin Yu forced a smile . “I tried, but I didn’t succeed . ”

You Qi proudly said, “That’s because you didn’t have the Demon God Armor . ”

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened . “You’re saying…”

She groaned . “After refining it, you will know . ”

Qin Yu nodded . “Good . Then I will go into seclusion immediately . ”

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