Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 254

Chapter 254

Chapter 254 – Hundred Mile Ruler

Qin Yu was silent for half a minute before he suddenly broke out into laughter . He originally thought that the greatest harvest from his trip to the Gold Noble Family was rescuing Ning Ling, but who would have imagined that he would even solve the difficult dilemma of breaking into Nascent Soul? Perhaps Ning Ling was the secret turning point mentioned by Heavenseek Pavilion that would help him break through . If so, then they were really worthy of being the organization that professed to know all .

Rescuing Ning Ling and breaking into Nascent Soul, it could be said that double happiness fell upon him . Either one of these things was enough to have Qin Yu laughing out loud in joy . After he reached Nascent Soul, there would be no one in this world that could control his life and death . At that time, he could be together with Ning Ling, freely wandering the world, perceiving the great dao, and cultivating together . Just thinking of that future possibility left him daydreaming .

Perhaps because she hadn’t considered things well enough or perhaps because her mind was in confusion and she wasn’t properly prepared, when Ning Ling came out two days later, she gave Qin Yu a list of materials necessary for drawing out her bloodline and then left in a hurry .

Qin Yu rubbed his chin, thinking that she was acting a bit strange . Although she purposefully tried to remain calm, there was a hidden sense of panic in her eyes, as well as…shyness .

Inexplicably, Qin Yu felt a bit more anticipation towards the extraction of the bloodline, and his mood improved a great deal . He looked through the list in the jade slip . There wasn’t anything too precious, but it was a bit random, with about 40 different kinds of materials . If he wanted to collect all of these it would take a bit of time .

Qin Yu thought for a moment . Then, separated by a door, he explained to Ning Ling where he was going . After that, there was a brilliant flash of light and he left the mountain valley .

The Severed Spirit Mountain of today was no longer the barren and desolate land of before . The spiritual strength here grew stronger by the day and it had become a reputable cultivation treasure land for the surrounding several thousands of miles .

Some rogue cultivators hurried here to build their home . Then, there were also some large and small cultivator families, and a little while ago there were even two small sects from the Southern Empire that entered Severed Spirit Mountain .

Construction began on a large scale . Although this broke the quiet, Severed Spirit Mountain finally became lively, with a great many more people . Since there were people here, there was also the hidden martial world . But, saying something like the martial world was too general and a bit out of touch . Thus, the small trading markets that popped up all around became the best embodiment of the martial world .

Cultivators interacted with each other . Perhaps they exchanged treasures or undertook other transactions, but there was enmity and slaughter here too . In short, even though these places were small, they still contained the hundred different variations of humanity .

However, all of this liveliness avoided the center of the spiritual mountain, the place with the most abundant spiritual strength . No one knew the name of the master who ruled the surrounding 300 miles, so that place was called the abode of the Hundred Mile Ruler .

No one had personally witnessed the Hundred Mile Ruler take action, but countless rumors and legends about him spread throughout Severed Spirit Mountain . They might have been absurd or reasonable, but no matter what version of the rumor it was, they all clearly pointed towards the powerful cultivation of that Hundred Mile Ruler .

In the legends, his palm could shatter mountains .

In the legends, his finger could split apart rivers .

In the legends, his gaze alone was able to send a person to their death .

Countless rumors were abound, all of them unreliable and mysterious . There were few people that believed all these rumors, and even fewer that believed none . Everyone held awe in their hearts, one that was difficult to explain .

But as time passed and no one saw that Hundred Mile Ruler, there would eventually be some people who would produce other thoughts .

For instance, the sect that had most recently entered Severed Spirit Mountain and defeated 17 opponents in succession, and was currently basking in unparalleled limelight: the Supremacy Sect .

Of course, this name was a bit brash and loud, but the Supremacy Sect was founded only three or four years ago, and even with the cats and dogs included, there was only around a hundred people within . The sect master was a rogue cultivator who had found a supernatural fist technique from somewhere, giving him the ability to shake mountains . Because of this, he acquired the name of Supremacy Sage and was the origin of the Supremacy Sect .

“Everyone, have you heard? The Supremacy Sect has already made their threat . They want the Hundred Mile Ruler to leave his abode so that they can base their sect there!”

“Of course I’ve heard such explosive news . I heard that the Supremacy Sage has laid down an arena for ten days and challenged the Hundred Mile Ruler by name . He is fully confident in himself!”

“Not too long ago, Daoist Xiling fought with the Supremacy Sage and I inadvertently witnessed him fight . His fist potential was like a mountain; it was just irresistible!”

“Ten days have passed and the end of the challenge is almost here . If the Hundred Mile Ruler doesn’t come, then I fear that means he is scared of the Supremacy Sage . If the Supremacy Sage can capture that abode then he will have the true qualifications to expand his glory and become the root of a great sect . His future will be bright . ”

All sorts of talk entered his ears and Qin Yu finally understood why this place was so lively . It was because the Supremacy Sage had arranged his arena here . As for the Hundred Mile Ruler…this reputation was sufficiently resounded, but who in the world was this Supremacy Sage? He dared to leap around on Severed Spirit Mountain?

Qin Yu laughed and finished his cup of hot tea . He was originally thinking about what to do, but now he didn’t have to bother with it . His thoughts raced and he soon came up with a plan . He stood up and cupped his hands together, saying, “Everyone, I recently obtained news that the Hundred Mile Ruler will come today to meet the challenge . I fear that there will be a battle in the ten day arena . I hope that no one misses such a grand scene . ”

After he finished speaking, without bothering to answer questions, he walked downstairs .

There was a moment of peace in the teahouse . Then, with a loud explosion, the silence broke apart and countless cultivators revealed excited expressions . There was no benefit in lying about this kind of thing and no one would dare play tricks on them unless they didn’t want to stay in Severed Spirit Mountain any longer .

This was the infamous Hundred Mile Ruler! No one had ever seen him before, but now he was finally taking action today . Some people sneered inwardly, thinking that the Supremacy Sage was about to suffer this time . There were also some people who thought things over and believed that the Hundred Mile Ruler was completely unworthy of his name . Otherwise, why would this person leave the ten day arena alone until now? He should have completely rolled over the Supremacy Sage; why would he leave things until the last minute?

But no matter how one thought about it, things were bound to be lively . News spread from the teahouse at an astonishing speed and it soon caused the entirety of Severed Spirit Mountain to fidget restlessly .

The Hundred Mile Ruler against the Supremacy Sage . Today’s battle would determine the highest authority and ownership of Severed Spirit Mountain for a long time . It involved the future benefits of innumerable people, so of course they were especially attentive to this matter .

Raging streams of people gathered from all directions, rushing towards the arena .

The ten day arena was not too far from the entrance of the Supremacy Sect . A massive stone block dozens of feet wide had been cut flat . The Supremacy Sage sat on the arena, his long robes billowing around him and his eyes closed . As his beard swayed in the wind, it lent him the aura of a master .

A disciple hurriedly walked up and whispered some words . The Supremacy Sage opened his eyes, his lips twisted in disdain . “I thought he wanted to hide like a turtle . I never thought that he would dare jump out on the last day to fight me . ”

In his opinion, the so-called Hundred Mile Ruler only came here today to save face . His cultivator combat skills were inferior, so he had no choice but to abandon his abode . And though it was a bit shameful, it was still better than having to bear the reputation of someone that fled because they were too weak .

The disciple complimented, “With teacher here, even if that Hundred Mile Ruler arrives, he can only be stomped beneath your feet and made into a stepping stone of the Supremacy Sect .

The Supremacy Sage smiled . “With people from all over gathered today, I will make use of this opportunity to establish our prestige, creating an unshakeable foundation for my Supremacy Sect . We will overawe this entire region in the future!”

Qin Yu walked through the streams of people . He had no need to ask for directions and soon arrived at the arena . As he looked at the Supremacy Sage sitting cross-legged on stage, he shook his head .

Early Golden Core cultivation . His strength was a bit higher, but at most equal to the fourth or fifth level . To the current Qin Yu, this fellow was horrendously weak .

A cultivator to Qin Yu’s side was currently watching the Supremacy Sage with awe and worship . He noticed Qin Yu shake his head from the corner of his eyes and his complexion immediately turned gloomy . “You brat, where did you come from? You dare to be so disrespectful to the Supremacy Sage!?”

His loud voice instantly attracted the gazes of those around him .

Qin Yu turned and said, “I was only shaking my head . How is that a sign of disrespect?”

The young cultivator noticed everyone’s attention focused on them, even the Supremacy Sect disciples in the distance, and realized this was a chance sent from the heavens . If he had a good performance today, then would he need to be worried about being accepted into the Supremacy Sect in the future? He took a deep breath and shouted, “You shook your head in contempt, how could you think I didn’t see that! Just what sort of person is the Supremacy Sage? He is a powerhouse who founded his own sect! How could he be disrespected by the likes of you!”

His voice was powerful and sonorous . Numerous people applauded in their hearts . To be able to flatter to such a degree, this could be considered a rare talent .

Then someone cried out in alarm, “Isn’t that the cultivator from the teahouse who said the Hundred Mile Ruler was going to come today?”

“Ah, now that you say that, it really is him! If he can be so disrespectful to the Supremacy Sage, does this mean he is one of the Hundred Mile Ruler’s subordinates?”

The crowd began to liven up . If a subordinate of the Hundred Mile Ruler came, then that meant today’s battle was sure to happen .

The Supremacy Sage’s disciples soon walked over . The one leading them was a tall and burly fellow in blue and brown robes . As he came closer, a wind seemed to follow him . He looked down from high above, “Brat, are you one of the Hundred Mile Ruler’s people?”

Qin Yu thought for a moment, then smiled . He nodded . “If you say it like that, it’s not wrong . ”

Everyone was thrown into an uproar, admiring his courage even as they were shocked . He faced the people from the Supremacy Sect but was still able to maintain such calm . Disregarding everything else, they had to admit that this boy had courage .

The tall and burly man sneered . “Where is your master? Could it be that he was scared silly so he sent you to investigate the situation? Let me tell you something, my teacher is on the stage right now . If the Hundred Mile Ruler comes here, he will be beaten with a single punch . ”

Qin Yu smiled, “If you want to fight the Hundred Mile Ruler, then you’ll have to pass me first . ”

He stepped forwards .

The tall and burly man was enraged . “You think the likes of you is enough to alarm my teacher? Hurry up and kneel!”

His fan-like hand came pressing down .

Bang –

With a dull bang, the tall and burly man was sent flying backwards screaming . He crashed into a group of people . Though he cried out in pain, he didn’t really suffer any injuries .

The complexions of those from the Supremacy Sect changed . Their strong elder senior-apprentice brother hadn’t even been able to see what happened before he was slapped backwards . This fellow was too strange!

The surrounding people all had faces of awe and shock . No wonder this person had been so calm; he had the qualifications to be like that . Even ignoring his cultivation, just in strength alone this boy would rank amongst the top of Severed Spirit Mountain .

However, this person seemed very unfamiliar . How come they hadn’t seen him before?

Qin Yu continued walking forwards . As the disciples of the Supremacy Sect faced a dire dilemma, a voice echoed out from across the arena . “Draw back . Allow this fellow daoist to come up . ”

The Supremacy Sect disciples were like prisoners pardoned from death . They all scurried away .

Qin Yu smiled and mounted the arena . The Supremacy Sage had already stood up . His body was tall and strong and his gaze was sharp and burning . He possessed a somewhat imposing aura .

“What is your name?”

Qin Yu waved his hand . “I have business to attend to and I can’t drag things out . Hurry up and make your move . ”

This was more than rampant; it was no different from a punch to the face!

The Supremacy Sage’s face darkened . “Good! Then let me experience your cultivation!” He waved his arms and punched out his fists . Wind howled as his momentum burst forth .

Beneath the arena, a good number of cultivators cried out in alarm, thinking that the Supremacy Sage was truly strong . Admiration shined in their eyes .

Qin Yu’s eyes lit up with happiness . This fellow was actually smart . Perhaps he had sensed Qin Yu would be difficult to deal with, but he had used his full power in the first attack .

But to him, a Golden Core level opponent really posed no threat .

Bang –

There was another loud explosion . Beneath the arena, all the cultivators from Severed Spirit Mountain widened their eyes .

Above their heads they only saw the scene of the Supremacy Sage tumbling away, his body drawing a clear curve in the air . He was no different from that disciple who had been sent flying back .

“Ah! Teacher!”

“Hurry and catch teacher!”

Flurried shouts filled the air . The Supremacy Sect disciples stretched out their hands and linked them together . Then, with a loud cry, they all tumbled to the floor together . The surrounding cultivators hurriedly retreated in fear that they would be drawn in . Those with sharper eyes would discover that cracks appeared in the ground where the Supremacy Sage fell, like the beautiful textures of porcelain .

“Fuck, it hurts to death!” A Supremacy Sect disciple cursed out loud . He tried to push himself off the ground, but as his palm touched it, it fell straight in .

The scene fell silent .

Every cultivator from the Supremacy Sect, including the Supremacy Sage, were all pale white and sweating . The ground beneath their bodies had become as fragile as paper paste . A little touch and it turned to powder, completely broken .

If this strength hadn’t sunk into the earth but had instead exploded in their bodies, then they feared they would all have become lumps of ruined meat by now .

Everyone looked at Qin Yu, stunned shock in their eyes .

The Supremacy Sage crawled up from the ground . Without giving a care to how he looked, he bowed, “Junior Zhang Wei greets the Hundred Mile Ruler!” He wasn’t an idiot, otherwise he wouldn’t have reached Golden Core and become someone who established their own sect . Within Severed Spirit Mountain, the only one with this level of cultivation was the mystical Hundred Mile Ruler!

But, who would have thought that the supposedly cruel and merciless Hundred Mile Ruler with transcendent methods was actually a fair-skinned youth?

As the Supremacy Sage thought about the challenge he made and how impolite he had been, a cold sweat started to form on his back and his face paled even further . One couldn’t judge a book by its over; today he had thoroughly experienced this himself . In truth, one couldn’t blame the Supremacy Sage for being blind . Qin Yu had obtained the little blue lamp when he was young, so when his cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds, his appearance actually hadn’t changed much . Moreover, after absorbing the tumor monster in the sea region, his aura gradually restrained itself . How could this old fellow have known about all this?

The crowd was deathly silent . Countless cultivators felt their hearts chill as fear rose in their eyes . Hundred Mile Ruler…this was the Hundred Mile Ruler…just like the rumors said, he was unmatched in strength .

Qin Yu had a calm look . The difference in level between them was too large . Defeating the Supremacy Sage only took a single backhand, and the surrounding eyes full of awe were simply unable to affect him . Moreover, Ning Ling was still in the valley so he didn’t want to waste too much time out here . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have used this method today to establish his prestige like this .

“Supremacy Sage, your Supremacy Sect has committed the crime of disrespect, but I will pardon that for now . From today on, the periphery of the 300 mile center will be managed by your sect . if you make any mistakes, you will not be forgiven . ”

Zhang Wei was stunned for a moment before bitterness filled his heart . He thought about how in a mere instant, he had gone from being a hero who founded his own sect to a dog that guarded the courtyard . This difference in status was simply impossible to accept . But, there was clearly no room for discussion, otherwise he would really be seeking his own death .

“I thank the Hundred Mile Ruler for such mercy . The Supremacy Sect is willing to accept punishment!”

Qin Yu waved his hand and took out a jade slip . “I need some materials . Gather all this for me before sunset . Will there be a problem?”

Zhang Wei received the jade slip with both hands . After sweeping through it with his divine sense, he relaxed . He respectfully said, “I ask the Hundred Mile Ruler to enter the Supremacy Sect and wait . This junior will immediately go to complete the task . ”

Qin Yu nodded . When the Supremacy Sect disciples politely guided him away, he could hear Zhang Wei’s voice behind him . “Everyone, the Hundred Mile Ruler has an urgent need and I hope that everyone can help me . All materials purchased today will be paid for with an extra 10% premium…”

Qin Yu’s lips lifted in a smile . This Zhang Wei was indeed a smart person .

The reality proved that the smart could finish a task with twice the result and half the effort . In less than a day, Zhang Wei quickly hurried back and offered a storage bag with both hands .

“Greetings, Hundred Mile Ruler . Everything you need is in this storage bag . ”

Qin Yu glanced through it and smiled in satisfaction . “Very good . ” Light flashed and a yellow copper bowl appeared . “I obtained this little thing a long time ago . Take it . ”

He stood up and left . Behind him, Zhang Wei was already stunned . He looked at the bowl in his hands and his eyeballs nearly exploded out of his head as he felt its powerful aura .

This was unexpectedly a formidable Golden Core realm magic tool!

Zhang Wei might have reached Golden Core, but as a rogue cultivator, he had no background or inheritance at all . When he fought others he fully relied on his cultivation; he had no magic tools to rely on .

Who would have thought that a golden coin would suddenly fall down from the skies and land on his head .

Things were becoming better and better!

“Sect Master…Sect Master…”

Zhang Wei gasped before regaining his composure . He turned to see that Qin Yu had long since vanished .

The cultivator from the Supremacy Sect gulped, his face full of envy . “The Hundred Mile Ruler has already left . ” The man hesitated and then continued to ask, “Before, when you tasked us with finding the entrance to the mountain valley, do we still continue?”

Zhang Wei’s complexion changed . He righteously reprimanded, “Don’t speak such nonsense! The Hundred Mile Ruler has tasked our sect with guarding his abode, thus taking everyone in the Supremacy Sect as his subordinates! How could we do something like betraying our master! Pass down orders . Gather our things . Tomorrow we will be leaving to the edge of the Hundred Mile Ruler’s abode!”

The cultivator from the Supremacy Sect had a wronged expression, thinking that everything had been ordered by the Supremacy Sage and he was simply following orders . But, he decided not to say anything silly . He nodded and left .

Zhang Wei stroked the bowl excitedly . He suddenly realized how nice it was to lean back against a large tree and enjoy the cool wind . And, it was clear that the Hundred Mile Ruler was a thigh that couldn’t be any thicker than it already was . Moreover, he had a generous personality . If he followed him he might have a promising future .

As the Supremacy Sage was deep in thought, Qin Yu had already returned to the mountain valley . He knocked on the door and handed over the storage bag . “The materials you need are here…mm I think that senior-apprentice sister Ning is trying to cut down a large piece of wood . If you need any help, feel free to ask . ”

Ning Ling blushed red . She grabbed the storage bag and glared at him . “No need!”

Bang –

The door closed .

Qin Yu rubbed his nose . Something was strange here . There was something suspicious about senior-apprentice sister Ning .

A day passed . Ning Ling’s door opened and she calmly walked out . She said to Qin Yu, “Everything has been prepared . Junior-apprentice brother Qin, please follow me . ”

As she spoke, she paused and then pointed at the chicken overlord . “Have it leave, as well as that wild wolf…mm, while we are occupied, it's best if no one disturbs us . Have them leave the barrier . ”

The chicken overlord rolled its eyes and stared at the man and woman . Its intuition told it that something was wrong here, but Qin Yu clearly wouldn’t give it any chance to play around . The chicken overlord was thrown out and then Qin Yu loudly ordered, “Bring it away and watch over it . If it dares to move, then beat it up . ”

The wild wolf howled in agreement . It grabbed onto the chicken overlord’s fluffy feathers and leapt away . In several blinks of an eye, they vanished into the mist .

Qin Yu turned . “Senior-apprentice sister, are there any more requests?”

Ning Ling shook her head . “Follow me . ”

Creak –

The door opened and closed . Qin Yu’s sharp senses told him that there was some sort of array formation arranged in the room; it should be able to isolate auras and shield against probing senses . This was reasonable . After all, there were always risks in extracting one’s bloodline, so it was never wrong to be careful . But, what was the deal with the two big, newly built barrels in the center of the room? Moreover, they were steaming and emitting the fragrance of herbs .

Qin Yu glanced around . As he thought of Ning Ling’s previous actions, he stiffened . “Senior-apprentice sister Ning, this is…”

Ning Ling moved to the side and lightly said, “Take off your clothes…” Her voice was calm, without any fluctuations . But, senior-apprentice sister, why are your ears red?

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