Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 235

Chapter 235

Chapter 235 – Qin Yu Moves

The third tribulation thunder appeared!

A faint trace of red accompanied it, like the first gentle colors of the early spring . It seemed pleasant to the eyes, but it actually left one’s heart wrenching . It was like a mountain collapsing in front of someone, capable of destroying all .

The Sea Sovereign wildly laughed as he punched out, his potential able to move mountains and seas . Wild strength surged past him, like a wild tiger leaping out, its mouth opened wide open .

The tribulation thunder snapped apart . Then, after several breaths of time, it shattered into countless pieces and dissipated in the air .

The faint blood red heavenly tribulation clearly possessed a horrifying degree of energy . But, the Sea Sovereign didn’t even give it a chance to display its power before it was torn apart .

Qin Yu signed inwardly . This person was indeed worthy of being the Sea Sovereign, the man with the highest level of authority in the world . His strength really did match his status; he was inconceivably strong .

In order to break past Nascent Soul and reach the undying Divine Soul, just how powerful was the heavenly tribulation that one had to overcome? But in front of him, he had actually easily rolled past it .

The Sea Sovereign’s true cultivation was likely several degrees stronger than even the Whale Sovereign’s .

Comparing to Pill Crucible and the Demon Monarch, they were on an even lower level .

Disregarding the existences that Qin Yu still didn’t know of, the Sea Sovereign could be called the number one powerhouse he had ever seen in the world!

But the more it was like this, the more it proved that today’s heavenly tribulation wouldn’t be as simple as this .

Golden Core had one heavenly tribulation .

Nascent Soul had three heavenly tribulations .

Divine Soul had nine heavenly tribulations .

Perhaps these first three heavenly tribulations were only an appetizer to whet the appetite . Otherwise, with the Sea Sovereign’s pride, would he really have been forced to hide from heavenly tribulation for over 300 years, sitting on that dragon throne and never rising?

Little blue lamp, can you really do this?

A bit of worry appeared in Qin Yu’s eyes . But in the next moment, he forcibly suppressed it .

With things having come this far, no matter how powerful the heavenly tribulation was, he could only continue forwards . There was no longer a path to turn back .

The fourth tribulation thunder was deep red .

The fifth tribulation thunder was bright red, like blood .

In the sixth tribulation thunder, purple appeared within that blood red!

For the first time, the Sea Sovereign’s tall and straight figure was forced back . His yellow robes were scorched black and his face was pale white . The rumbles of heavenly tribulation were shockwaves that spread out like a growing hurricane . They instantly swept through the entire capital city and countless tall buildings were brought tumbling down . The terrifying explosions caused the minds of the seafolk to ring and buzz, and their eyes widened in panic .

Even if they were far away, they could still feel how powerful that sixth bolt of heavenly tribulation was . If it were any one of them up there, they feared they would turn to flying ash in just the blink of an eye .

Throughout the capital city, all the great figures subconsciously revealed looks of flustered dread . Their cultivation was higher, so they could even more clearly feel the terror behind this tribulation thunder .

His Majesty had withstood the thunder’s power and had only been pushed back a few steps . It greatly surpassed their expectations .

But, this was only the sixth thunder .

“There are still three more tribulation thunders…” They whispered in their hearts .

Soupman was stunned . He looked at His Majesty, who was shaken backwards, and knew that with His Majesty’s prideful personality and having been forced to hide his anger for over 300 years, it was impossible for him to retreat, regardless of whether or not he could resist the attack . Although his complexion had only paled a bit, Soupman knew that His Majesty was injured; he was definitely injured!

“Qin Yu! How come you haven’t helped yet!” A low and vicious roar echoed out .

There could be absolutely no accident that happened to His Majesty, absolutely none!

Turtle Origin’s complexion sank . “His Majesty is fine . ”

“I know he’s fine, but that is only the sixth thunder! You and I both know that in the Divine Soul’s nine tribulation thunders, it rises to a new level every three tiers . The power of the seventh thunder far outstrips the sixth . His Majesty absolutely cannot block it again!”

Turtle Origin fell silent . He looked at the back of the Sea Sovereign and gently sighed . With His Majesty’s intelligence, would he not know this? But, he wouldn’t draw back . His Majesty was still the same Majesty from the past . Being caged for 300 years had only served to temper his mind, making his willpower even more tenacious and formidable .

Although heavenly tribulation was terrifying, he still wanted to meet it and fight against it until the last moment .

Qin Yu tensed . Within his dantian, his Five Element Golden Cores shined splendidly . He was ready to take action at any moment .

But at this time, the Sea Sovereign in the sky slowly said, “This Solitude is fine . ”

Qin Yu was startled . Admiration appeared in his eyes .

In all fairness, if he were up there, he might be able to withstand the sixth bolt of heavenly tribulation . But, he would be severely wounded, and facing the seventh bolt of heavenly tribulation where the threat of death was, he might have chosen to give up .

The Sea Sovereign indeed had the charm of a ruler . He had his own pride and confidence!

Bang –

The seventh thunder .

A light purple . Compared to the purple corals of the sea region, it was much lighter in color . But, this trace of purple was like the sharpest blade in the world . It instantly crossed space, cutting into the depths of the soul .

Qin Yu’s pupils shrank . He could feel the truly terrifying aspect of the seventh thunder tribulation; it unexpectedly possessed the power to affect the soul! But thinking about it, it was normal for Divine Soul heavenly tribulation to involve the soul .

But being normal was another matter altogether . If even the slightest mistake occurred and that pale purple thunder struck its target, then even the powerful Sea Sovereign would not be able to escape .

In the blink of an eye, the purple lighting submerged the Sea Sovereign . Qin Yu grimaced . The Sea Sovereign’s reaction was indeed much slower . If he really couldn’t withstand it, then…perhaps Qin Yu should be considering how to run away .

Roar – !

A resonant cry emerged, and from within that purple lightning, a 1000 foot long flood dragon appeared . Its scales were shattered all over and blood gushed out from its wounds . In the next moment, the blood was evaporated by the lightning to reveal the glistening flesh and blood below . Then, beneath the ravaging barrage of lightning, the wounds were soon burnt black .

The flood dragon roared and rolled about . Its massive figure swayed from side to side as it tried to tear apart the lightning .

Princess Lushy wept tears like rain . She could feel that her father was withstanding an agonizing pain right now .

Qin Yu! Qin Yu! You bastard, where are you!? Why haven’t you helped yet!?

Turtle Origin stubbornly grabbed onto Soupman . Their auras clashed together, causing rumblings in the void . “Calm down, calm down! If you rush out now you won’t be any help at all, you will only add chaos to His Majesty’s situation!”

“I’m not adding chaos to anything! I want to chop up Qin Yu! That bastard, he still hasn’t helped . I will kill him! I will kill him!” Soupman roared out repeatedly .

Turtle Origin bitterly smiled . He could only desperately hold back Soupman . He looked up towards the skies . Within the struggle with the flood dragon, the purple lightning seemed to have awakened . He could feel his heart tighten .

Your Majesty, for your pride, you are willing to pay with your life? That is just too great a joke!

Or, could it be that there really was a problem with Qin Yu? Was he intentionally not saving His Majesty?

Thinking of this possibility, Turtle Origin stumbled where he stood . His hands were subconsciously pulled back .

Bang –

Turtle Origin was sent flying away . Soupman rushed out, soaring directly towards the center of the royal palace where the destroyed hall was .

“Qin Yu!

“Qin Yu!”

Brutal roars echoed through the royal palace .

Princess Lushy’s heart skipped a beat . It was unknown what she was thinking, but her complexion paled .

The other princes and princesses around her revealed looks of shock . None of them knew what was happening .

Soupman was actually so enraged, and the name he was shouting was Qin Yu…this name…even with their status, it struck their eyes like thunder .

The Whale Sovereign had been killed . Such explosive news had long since spread through the entire sea region as the powerhouses watching left the battlefield .

Of course, concerning how Qin Yu had left, details of that had been mostly skipped over during explanations .

What ridiculousness . Could those powerhouses say that they were all scared silly by Qin Yu so that none of them dared to make a move, and in the end they were forced to lower their heads in submission by Turtle Origin?

It was certainly impossible for them to punch themselves in the face like that!

Thus, news of Qin Yu being brought back to the capital city hadn’t spread .

Could it be that Qin Yu had returned? Was His Majesty’s sudden decision to cross tribulation related to him?

As they were all contemplating this, they saw Princess Lushy suddenly rush away .

The numerous princes and princesses were stunned . They followed closely behind .

Outside the disintegrated grand hall, Qin Yu frowned . He turned around .

Soupman’s figure hurtled forwards, his eyes crazed . “Qin Yu!”

Bang –

Soupman felt his field of vision turn black for a moment as he was sent flying away by boundless strength . He smashed into a temple, and with a loud rumble the temple collapsed on him .

Princess Lushy and the others caught up in time to see this occur . Alarm colored their faces .

Within the royal palace, Soupman’s strength was considered a peak existence . Although he was still far weaker than His Majesty and Mister Turtle, just what sort of strength was needed to send him flying away with a single strike?

Their gazes fell upon Qin Yu’s calm face . They all felt awe in their hearts .

He was truly worthy of being that powerful existence who had cut down the Whale Sovereign in direct combat . His strength was astonishing .

Bang –

The temple rubble was sent flying away . Soupman clawed out from the mess . He clenched his jaws, “Qin Yu, even if you have transcendent abilities, if anything happens to His Majesty I will make sure you die without a grave!”

A cold light flashed in Qin Yu’s eyes .

Whoosh –

Turtle Origin rushed over . He hurriedly said, “Qin Yu, Soupman is just worried about His Majesty . Don’t take his words to heart!”

Qin Yu coldly snorted . “Keep watch over him . It won’t end so simply next time . ”

Princess Lushy suddenly spoke up . “Qin Yu, hurry and help father! I know you can do it!”

Qin Yu shook his head . “You all underestimate His Majesty…”

Before his voice fell, a dragon roar resounded through the skies once more . Up high, the flood dragon’s body grew by several degrees and it tore the purple lightning to shreds .

The flood dragon flew down, taking human form as it approached the ground . The Sea Sovereign’s face was the palest it had ever been and there was blood dripping down from the corners of his lips . “Divine Soul heavenly tribulation is truly formidable . Blocking the seventh thunder tribulation is already my limit . Qin Yu, I’ll have to leave the rest to you!”

Qin Yu nodded . Without a word, he turned and stepped up, ascending into the heavens, straight towards the tribulation clouds .

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty, are you alright!?” Soupman anxiously asked from afar .

The Sea Sovereign waved his hand . “I’m fine . ”

Princess Lushy was overjoyed . But as she looked at Qin Yu once more, her heart felt gripped .

The seventh thunder tribulation was already so terrifying, and it was obvious that the following eighth and ninth thunder tribulation would be even more so . Qin Yu, can you block it?

More so, because of outside interference, the might of heavenly tribulation would only increase . It would be far more terrifying than it would ordinarily be .

As she was worrying, countless eyes throughout the capital city were locked tightly on Qin Yu’s figure .

As the most prominent and dazzling figure in the sea region in recent times, he was recognized by everyone in a mere moment .

No wonder His Majesty was suddenly crossing tribulation…

As this riddle in their hearts was solved, what followed was excitement .

In Moon Praying Shrine, Qin Yu had helped more than 200 seafolk reach Nascent Soul . No matter how weak or strong their heavenly tribulation was, all of it had vanished from sight .

How had he done this? This was absolutely the greatest question lingering in the hearts of all the seafolk .

Now, they finally had the chance to solve this mystery .

Every seafolk widened their eyes . Even the Sea Sovereign was looking closely at Qin Yu, waiting for what he would do next .

Rumble rumble –

A brilliant purple howled down like a beam of light . Its aura shocked the heavens and earth, capable of exterminating all things in creation .

The eighth tribulation thunder had arrived!

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