Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 230

Chapter 230

Chapter 230 – To Slaughter the Soul

Qin Yu was expressionless . A beam of light flashed past him and broke into the swarm of Whale Monster Refined Souls . A series of tearing and ripping sounds followed, all of them flowing together into a continuous stretch . The Whale Monster Refined Souls crazily surged about and emitted pained cries . Countless cracks spread across the surface of their bodies, and some sort of sticky black material flowed out . As this black liquid touched the air, it instantly became dense and thick, fusing with itself and turning the place where the Whale Monster Refined Souls were into a dark swamp .

But this clearly couldn’t stop the Hundred Nether Sword . Its night-dark blade was like the most intelligent fish in the deep sea . It avoided the thickest sections of darkness, and where it couldn’t evade, it would simply tear it apart . It whistled about, and in front of it, the Whale Monster Refined Souls were like fish on a block, none of them able to resist .

The Whale Sovereign was furious . He had seen this short black sword before, but he never imagined it would possess such a terrifying strength . Moreover, it seemed that it could restrain the power of refined souls . It had to be known that these Whale Monster Refined Souls had been created using extremely violent methods . They themselves possessed a dreadful contaminating ability . Once a magic tool was contaminated by them, it would be corroded and wasted by the intelligent contamination . But, it was obvious that the short black sword didn’t fear this, because it continued to chop up the Whale Monster Refined Souls as if it were slicing vegetables!

“Screw off!” The Whale Sovereign roared out . The Monster Refining Chains instantly tightened and a hair-raising sound emitted from them . It was like they would break apart in the next moment .

20 Nascent Souls coughed out together . Their faces paled and a trace of blood flowed from the corners of their lips .

With his strength alone, to resist against 20 Nascent Souls and the Monster Refining Chains they held together, the Whale Sovereign was truly terrifying . But before today, the 20 Nascent Souls had been given instructions on how to proceed . They spat out blood essence together, and several dark red lines appeared on the blue Monster Refining Chains . They squirmed about like pulsing meridians . The Monster Refining Chains immediately emitted a faint blood red light as the void itself seemed to melt away .

Facing the all-out efforts of 20 Nascent Souls, the Whale Sovereign’s strong momentum was forcefully contained .

Qin Yu glanced over, his expression cold and callous . He lightly said, “Begin . ”

Within his soul space, Spirity sat cross-legged . Her complexion was earnest as she began to create law formulas with her hands .

“Soul Seizing Art – open!”

A strange suction power suddenly emerged from Qin Yu’s body . The Whale Monster Refined Souls roared out in fear and horror and struggled to get away . But, the Hundred Nether Sword tore at them, ripping their bodies apart . The thick darkness that gushed out from their bodies quickly dissolved into a gray fog that started gathering atop Qin Yu’s head . Then, the gray fog split into two, one side black like ink and the other side as white as snow .

Qin Yu took a deep breath . The white fog scattered and entered his body through his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth . Then, within his soul space, star-like motes of light began to sprinkle down in a dense rain, each one looking like a giant snowflake .

Half the snowflakes rushed towards Qin Yu’s soul . They were directly absorbed by him and turned into a wonderfully warm current that nearly left his soul groaning with joy .

Roar –

Roar –

The Whale Monster Refined Souls were even more terrifying . But, they discovered they could no longer flee . They were frozen where they were and could only allow their strength to be sapped away .

Then, their horrified roars only quickened in tempo .

The general meaning was like this:

Whale Sovereign, hurry and save us!

You bastard, we are all your elders! Hurry up and get over here!

If we die, you won’t be any better off!

Of course, these were only made up thoughts . Still, it was enough to completely ignite the Whale Sovereign’s rage . He roared out loud and light flashed around him, shrouding him from view . What appeared where he had been was a great whale over 1000 feet in length . The Monster Refining Chains were instantly blown apart and the 20 Nascent Souls were sent flying away . They all spouted out blood and it was clear they were all grievously wounded .

But to accomplish this, the Whale Sovereign also had to pay a price . Countless marks marred his body, and what was most terrifying was that the fragments of the Monster Refining Chains had vanished into his body, crazily eating away at him . These caused the marks to widen and deepen, revealing the scarlet flesh and blood below .

Thick and sticky liquids leaked out from the wounds . The Whale Sovereign’s expression remained icy cold, as if he didn’t feel any pain . It was like these wounds weren’t on his body at all .

The great whale swung its tail . Its massive body tore through the water, like a moving mountain .

Qin Yu lifted a finger and brought it down .

Hum –

A finger appeared . The depths of the seabed suddenly darkened, as if it had transformed into a graveyard . Countless phantoms appeared in this dark and dreary atmosphere, so many that it was hard to count .

Each one of these phantoms was a life that had died in this part of the sea region . Only by including those from ancient times up until the current day could such a terrifying number appear .

Suddenly, these phantoms each turned into faint or thick flows of gray light that quickly poured into the finger .

It immediately turned gray . Moreover, as more and more phantoms entered it, the color deepened within it, until it gradually turned as dark as night .

As if it came from the netherworld, bringing with it endless slaughter and death .

This was the second of the three Blue Fingers – Blue Spirit!

This finger stood above the Boundless Blue Finger . It summoned the everlasting souls of the departed for one’s own use . After refining the Soul Mushroom and obtaining the Partner Soul, his soul force nearly doubled in strength and only then did he barely have the qualifications to use this ability .

Hum –

The Blue Spirit Finger instantly vanished . When it appeared again, it was already atop the great whale’s body and pointing down .

Roar –

The great whale roared, an invisible sonar wave impacting outwards . The Blue Spirit Finger violently trembled and cracks appeared on its surface . But in the end, it broke through and crashed in between the great whale’s eyes .

Puff –

A shallow hole appeared that caused black blood to gush out . With the great whale’s body that was over 1000 feet in length, this couldn’t even be considered a wound . But, the great whale emitted incomparably loud roars of pain as its eyes turned blood red!

The Blue Spirit Finger summoned the everlasting heroic souls of the dead to help attack . What it targeted was not one’s flesh and blood, but the soul . What the great whale was withstanding now was not the wound between its eyes, but an identical wound that marred its soul!

This finger had wounded its soul and damaged its foundation!

Of course, Qin Yu also paid a price . As the great whale’s sound wave rushed past him, his complexion darkened and he turned paper white . But, he didn’t even take half a step backwards . He lifted a hand and grasped out . Above his head, the black fog that had been split apart from the Whale Monster Refined Souls began to move, turning into a sharp saber point that instantly cut out .

The great whale thrust out massive waves that roared outwards . But no matter how much infinite strength these waves contained, it still couldn’t stop the saber point that was formed from that black fog . It was like a shadow that danced across the waves!

Hu –

The great whale transformed back into human shape . It was the Whale Sovereign, his eyes full of shocked anger .

Soul attack, this was actually a soul attack!

Before, that finger strike only barely entered this category . But, that saber point in front of him was a genuine soul attack .

The path of soul slaughter, that was something only those with a cultivation above Nascent Soul could grasp . Even if Qin Yu only used the most preliminary of attacks, how could he do it?

But thinking of these things was of no use . The supernatural powers of a soul slaughter art could only be resisted by the strength of the soul . Otherwise, no matter how transcendent your magic powers or cultivation was, you would not be able to resist it at all .

The Whale Sovereign clenched his teeth . He lifted his hand and slapped his forehead . Above his head, a 10 foot long whale phantom appeared with a bloody hole between its eyebrows; this was his soul .

“Qin Yu!”

The Whale Sovereign bellowed in anger . The Whale Monster Refined Souls lost control of themselves and flew in front of his body, acting as shields for him .

Puff –

The black fog saber point instantly cut through the first Whale Monster Refined Soul, causing it to shatter loudly .

Then there was the second, third, fourth…all the way until the tenth!

Only when ten Whale Monster Refined Souls perished was the saber point blocked . After they died, the fog swirled towards Qin Yu, gathering atop his head .

The black fog separated and started to condense again .

The Whale Sovereign roared out loud and hurtled forwards . He could not allow Qin Yu another chance to send out a soul attack .

His cultivation exploded . Killing intent flooded out from his eyes . But within this storm of killing intent, there was a trace of hidden fear .

Before, when he chased Qin Yu from the capital city, he had to withstand a terrifying beam of light falling down from the skies .

No matter how or why Qin Yu was able to obtain the will of the sea spirit, the fact was that it was still one of his cards .

The Whale Sovereign had completed preparations to resist the strength of the sea spirit . He was only waiting for Qin Yu to attack .

But what he finally waited all this time for was not a beam of light descending from above . Rather, with a flick of Qin Yu’s sleeves, 600 swamp alligator teeth came out – a full set of Storm Flow magic weapons .

This was the strongest weapon in Qin Yu’s hand . From the day he refined it, he had a vague thought in his mind that had now become crystal clear .

Using this, he would ring the final death knell of the Whale Sovereign!

Bang –

600 Storm Flow magic weapons shot out nearly simultaneously .

“Ahh! Block it!” The Whale Sovereign shouted out . Countless runes shined atop his black armor . Endless glowing light erupted, rapidly condensing into an illusory armor that wrapped around him .

This was supposed to be a method that the Whale Sovereign had prepared in order to resist the strength of the sea spirit . But now he couldn’t care about that any longer . With a set of Storm Flow composed of 600 weapons, its might had reached an inconceivably terrifying level . If he didn’t resist it with this black armor, he might even die here .


This was the first time this thought appeared in the Whale Sovereign’s mind . In the past, no matter when it was, he had full faith he could strike down Qin Yu . But just as this thought appeared he ruthlessly smashed it down . The Whale Sovereign’s eyes turned crazy and cruel . He didn’t believe that with his dreadful cultivation which almost touched upon the Divine Soul realm, he would actually be killed here by an insignificant insect like this brat .

Rumble rumble –

Earthshaking bangs rolled endlessly through the deep sea . The seawater was shaken repeatedly, forming terrifying waves that shot into the distance .

Then, the scope of this expanded outwards at an alarming rate!

In an undersea travel shuttle, several seafolk cameramen watched with wide, panic-stricken eyes as the waves of seawater struck them and sent them flying away .

The sturdy body of the shuttle twisted and bent beneath the terrifying impact of seawater . The seafolk hidden within groaned and fainted .

Thus, in Moon Praying Shrine, nearly all live feed videos were instantly interrupted .

Staring at the white static on the screen, countless seafolk were shocked, their eyes wide .

Because before the video feed was interrupted, they could hear the pained cries from within the shuttle and how it had twisted and bent all around them .

It had to be known that this sort of undersea shuttle could only be produced by the war division . Even if it was an old version that had been sold off, its defensive capabilities were still extremely potent .

It was rumored that even a Nascent Soul would have difficulty breaking it apart in a short period of time .

But now, just the surging seawater created by the shockwaves had caused the entire shuttle to bend .

If so, then when the two people truly collided in battle, what sort of situation did the energy reach?

Just thinking about this sent a tingle running through one’s scalp!

“Big Brother Qin Yu!” Sang Yueyue tightened her fists, her thoughts a mess .

Turtle Origin was frozen . He never imagined Qin Yu would possess such strength .

Within Sea God Palace, the Lord Priest clapped his hands together, his expression solemn . “The ancient remnant soul has taken action! That’s right, it has finally moved!”

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