Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 228

Chapter 228

Chapter 228 – Two Instant Kills

Sang You’s smile faded . “It seems that Priest Qin Yu is preparing to refuse my good intentions . ”

Qin Yu thought for a moment . “I wonder if using you to establish my presence will be enough?”

Sang You’s smile was blinding . “Give it a try and you’ll find out . ”

His pupils fixed on Qin Yu and widened, turning his eyes pitch black .

Qin Yu’s eyes glazed over .

Sang You’s voice drifted about . “You are very tired, very weary . So, lie down and have a good rest . ”

He stepped forwards . Qin Yu’s aura became increasingly weak as it completely restrained itself .

“Go to sleep . ”

Sang You looked up . He raised a long fingernail and slowly brought it down .

Suddenly, Qin Yu’s lips curled up in a smirk . He grabbed onto that finger and twisted it hard .

Everyone could hear the clear sound of breaking bone .

Kacha –

It was crisp and pleasant .

Sang You cried out pitifully . He stepped backwards, hatred thick in his eyes .

He never thought that even after attacking with everything he had, he would be the one to fall into a trap .

This damned brat! He had actually destroyed his finger! Sang You swore that he would make this brat pay a grievous price!

But at this time, Sang You stiffened . He felt as if a rusty iron hammer had maliciously smashed into his head .

Then, a hand grabbed onto his neck . Horror rose up from Sang You’s heart . He had spent his life immersed in the arts of the soul . Even if he couldn’t prevent this attack, he just needed several breaths of time to break free . Unfortunately, the owner of this hand neither hesitated nor stopped . He used some strength and twisted .

Kacha –

His neck bent to an exaggerated angle .

Meanwhile, the pitch black Hundred Nether Sword quietly stabbed into his dantian and pierced through his Nascent Soul .

Qin Yu reached out a hand, quickly searching Sang You’s body and taking his storage shell . Then, he let go of the corpse, allowing the rolling seawater to bring the corpse floating into the distance .

This sight was witnessed by the countless seafolk watching at the edge of Moon Praying Shrine . Then, they all gulped in unison and groaned inwardly .

That was Sang You! In the sea region he was considered a prestigious powerhouse . Yet, such a person was instantly killed where he was, neatly and quickly .

And what was most terrifying was that there were no ups and downs in the entire process . The battle lasted for less than 10 breaths of time from start to finish .

Had Sang You underestimated his enemy? Or was Qin Yu too strong? Or was it both things together?

Hidden in the shadows, many seafolk blanched . A considerable number of them had received a reminder from Sea God Palace .

At this time, a cold sweat matted their backs, causing their robes to paste onto their bodies . But, they didn’t care about that right now . They rejoiced and yet their hearts were filled with fear .

Luckily they didn’t follow their impulses, otherwise it might have been any one of them who died .

This Qin Yu was truly terrifying!

On another side, Xue Zheng’s battle with the two seafolk powerhouses had already ended . After suffering a price of numerous scars, the two seafolk powerhouses retreated unwillingly .

Of course, Sang You’s death had ruined their concentration and they had been struck by a heavy fist in response .

Xue Zheng gasped for breath . He looked up, and even though his face was pale his eyes were as bright as before . And, what was even more vivid was that his fighting spirit still seemed to burn brightly within him . It was like no matter how difficult the situation was, he would never lower his head and give up .

He grinned . “It looks like Priest Qin Yu really didn’t need my help . But, I still beat off two people, so remember that you owe me a favor . If you have a chance in the future you’ll have to pay me back . ”

This still wasn’t the time to make a joke .

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed . He suddenly thought of Zeng Zhongxiu . That friend who he was inexplicably close with once made him feel as if they would have a connection in the future, and this was an extremely important feeling . This was the reason why Qin Yu had helped him repeatedly and gave him a great stroke of fortune; it was all for the future . Perhaps the Xue Zheng of today was the same .

Thinking of this, Qin Yu smiled . He said, “Don’t worry, I’ve always had a good memory . Then, if we meet again in the future . ”

He turned and continued walking away .

Xue Zheng’s heart skipped a beat . In that moment, he felt as if the thoughts he had hidden had been discovered . But, he hadn’t revealed anything, so how could Qin Yu know? As he was lost in thought, he saw a group of people rush out, accompanied by a variety of voices .

“Ladies and gentlemen, how do you do! This is Moon Praying Network’s Second Wind Channel and I am your host, Xiaohai! Today, we are risking our lives to come out here and report the entire journey of Priest Qin Yu’s departure from Moon Praying Shrine! This is the most splendid and fantastic battle of the year, don’t miss out on it!”

“My friends in the audience, just a moment ago Sang You died . I do not have the time to explain too much, so please investigate Sang You’s identity yourselves . If you did not see the magnificent battle just now, then do not worry, our Channel Seven has added a new rebroadcasting feature . As long as you spend some spirit stones, you will be able to see the mighty and ferocious battle that just occurred!”

“I am Kuku from your local sound station network and today we are following the elegant departure of Priest Qin Yu . I ask that you do not switch the channel…cough cough, hurry, hurry, hurry, catch up to him, don’t panic and focus the cameras, make sure to add more light!”

Xue Zheng was stunned . He immediately burst out in laughter .

Indeed, the most courageous people in the world were these seafolk .

But, this was also good . At least it would inform him of whether or not Qin Yu would be able to successfully leave Moon Praying Shrine .

Xue Zheng ignored the alarmed looks of those around him . He dragged his wounded and bloodstained body along the road until he stopped in front of a large billboard on the street . “Tell them to access the live recording . ”

His subordinate wolf riders quickly rode away . Soon, the image on the billboard began to change . The images atop it swayed, as if two figures were struggling within .

It gradually stabilized . As the image became clearer, it was indeed a battle that came into view .

Qin Yu’s opponent was a skinny middle-aged seafolk . It was unknown whether it was because he cultivated some arcane ability or because he was like that originally, but his body was as solid as iron . Even though he was punched by Qin Yu, he still didn’t fall back . Moreover, what was most terrifying was that this person’s body was covered in virulent poisons . Once touched by them, they would invade the body through the skin .

Xue Zheng’s eyes shrank .

It was Poison Eel!

As the commander of the wolf riders, he possessed an extremely high status in Moon Praying Shrine . With that, he could easily recognise the majority of powerhouses from various factions .

Poison Eel was one of them .

He was born from the ordinary eel race, but, for some unknown reason a variation occurred within him, causing him to develop a horrifyingly vicious poison . When he was born, he killed his mother and all other nearby relatives . Normally such a variant creature that harmed descendants would be quickly executed, but somehow, Poison Eel managed to survive .

He lived for 20 years in his eel tribe . Then, one day, he killed several hundred of his fellows before vanishing from sight . The next time he appeared was over 100 years later . Poison Eel had achieved Nascent Soul and returned to kill off his entire tribe .

From then on, Poison Eel’s reputation began to gradually spread out . And as time passed, it became increasingly loud .

The crowds frequently cried out in alarm . Poison Eel was far more famous than Sang You and more people recognized him . It was clear another formidable character had appeared today .

The video broadcast began to emit sound . Even though it was filtered and condensed by an array formation, there was still a great deal of static, and one could only make out faint words .

Qin Yu was speaking, “…You really are not qualified . ”

Everything else was vague, but these five words were crystal clear .

Then, the surrounding crowds fell silent . They thought back to the words that Qin Yu had said before he fought Sang You .

“I wonder if using you to establish my presence will be enough?”

At this time, facing the extremely strong and violently poisonous Poison Eel, he still had such thoughts .

Priest Qin Yu, don’t you think you look upon others with disdain too much!?

Be careful or your boat will tip over .

But soon, they realized that Priest Qin Yu did have a reason for being so ‘arrogant’ .

In the video, Poison Eel grabbed onto Qin Yu’s shoulder, his face filled with smug satisfaction .

Across from him, Qin Yu grabbed onto his hand, black gas roiling around his face .

“…You’ve been stuck by my poison…

“…Just give up, you are already dead…

“…Impossible! This is impossible…!”

Poison Eel twitched as he slumped to the ground, blood leaking from every orifice of his head . His death couldn’t have been any more pitiful . Moreover, one could tell from a glance that he had died because of some violent poison .

But, the key point was that Poison Eel’s entire body was poison, yet he had been poisoned to death!? Although the cameraman gave a special close-up view that was a bit disgusting and scary, many seafolk actually felt themselves finding this quite funny .

But there were also many people who didn’t find this funny at all . Rather, a cold air gushed out from their hearts and out their backs . In a battle of souls, Sang You had been killed . Then in the next moment, poison had been used to kill off Poison Eel .

This made one wonder: just what couldn’t Qin Yu do?

The Lord Priest let out a deep sigh . He was now even more sure that Qin Yu was hiding the remnant soul of an ancient powerhouse within his body . Only this could reasonably explain everything that was happening .

What a truly lucky boy!

Hehe, Sang You and Poison Eel, they could be considered reasonably strong people, and yet they had been instantly killed on the spot . This should be the approximate idea Qin Yu was going for to establish his prestige . Like this, there shouldn’t be many people that dared to attack him again . Moreover, it was time to harvest the favors that Moon Praying Shrine had passed to others . Thinking of this, Lord Priest felt gratified .

“Poison Eel was killed by poison! Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family, this is reality, this truly occurred today! Heavens, this is too inconceivable…!”

“Poison Eel was once called the most poisonous creature in the sea region, and not even the sea scorpion race that was known for their poison could compare to him . But now, he has been killed by poison! This is just hard to imagine!”

“We have no idea what happened, but there is something we are sure of . Priest Qin Yu’s strength has been refreshed in everyone’s mind again . His depths have yet to be revealed . No, it should be better said that no one has ever seen through him!”

“Two powerhouses have died beneath Priest Qin Yu’s hand . I wonder, following this, will anyone dare to attack him still? We will do our best to continue broadcasting for you!”

In the video, the various hosts and reporters were all excited; each one of them flushed red .

The watching audience was all stunned, every single one of them extremely shocked .

They thought that it was no wonder Priest Qin Yu dared to openly leave Moon Praying Shrine at such a time; it was because he had the skills to do so . Also, some people recalled how Qin Yu had purposefully targeted the whale monster race and forced the Whale Sovereign to sever relations with them…

Could it be that he was forcing the Whale Sovereign to take action?

As this horrifying thought appeared, it immediately gave them all a fright . They all tried to deny it, but the more they denied it the clearer it became, as if it had taken root in their minds and continued to grow .

The seafolk widened their eyes . They locked their eyes onto the screen . If this was true, a heaven-shaking battle was about to begin!

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