Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 226

Chapter 226

Chapter 226 – Sinister Villain

This moonstone was one of Moon Praying Shrine’s inherited treasures . It could sense the approximate situation within Moon Praying Shrine . It wasn’t some previously made arrangement, but a strange connection between the moonstone and the array formation .

But, that brat Qin Yu was quite discerning . Even though he hadn’t sensed anything wrong, he had still laid down preventative measures so that the moonstone’s sensing abilities were greatly diminished .

Even so, the Lord Priest still vaguely sensed some things that left him in shock .

For instance, the reason that Qin Yu borrowed the Great Moon Praying Array to crazily draw out the spiritual strength of spirit stones seemed to be because he was helping some kind of sea spirit grow . If one thought of Qin Yu as the Purple Card sea spirit teacher, this wasn’t anything unusual . But, what was shocking was that the swallowing ability of this sea spirit was truly terrifying .

Four spirit stone mountains equaling at least 400 million spirit stones . Such a dreadful amount of spiritual strength had been completely absorbed in two hours . This was simply unimaginable .

But this wasn’t the most astonishing thing…

Through the moonstone, the Lord Priest could feel intense soul fluctuations from within the Great Moon Praying Array, one hidden and one obvious . This shouldn’t be strange at all, but the key point was that there were two of them!

This meant that within the great array, there were two people .

One was Qin Yu and the other was a stranger . Moreover, this person’s soul seemed to contain the aura of endless years, so old that even the experienced Lord Priest was stunned . Faintly, he seemed as if he understood Qin Yu’s greatest secret .

It was a bit messy, a bit chaotic .

The Lord Priest sucked in a deep breath and calmed his racing heart . Then, slowly, he pieces together all the clues, and believed that he had found the ultimate truth .

Things should be like this:

In a night so dark that one couldn’t see their fingers in front of them, Qin Yu must have inadvertently obtained a mysterious sea spirit . And hiding inside this sea spirit was the soul of an ancient powerhouse . Afterwards, because he obtained the help of this powerhouse’s soul, he bloomed unendingly . In the eyes of casual observers, it was like he had gained all sorts of inconceivable abilities .

As for why it had to be in a night where one couldn’t see their fingers, the Lord Priest also had a clear and orderly answer for this – through all the various novels, weren’t protagonists most likely this?

And the most critical point was Qin Yu’s ability to resist heavenly tribulation!

The Lord Priest was well read and wise; he could be called one of the most knowledgeable people in the entire sea region . Once, in an ancient, ancient book, he accidently saw a record . It described the fall of an ancient powerhouse . But, because their soul was incomparably powerful, they were able to draw upon the support of some item to continue living on .

The souls of ancient powerhouses like these were mostly incomplete . If they wished to fully revive into the world, they needed to swallow a massive amount of heavenly tribulation to force the transformation and growth of their soul .

It was known by all just how frail the soul was . The slightest soul injury left one in agonizing pain . For a soul to be able to swallow heavenly tribulation, just how powerful did they need to be?

He feared that if such a person were still living, they could likely reduce the entirety of Moon Praying Shrine to ash with just a casual wave of their hands . Of course, even if all that remained was a remnant soul, if they wanted to utterly destroy Moon Praying Shrine it shouldn’t be too difficult either .

The Lord Priest felt sweat drip down his forehead . He rejoiced about not doing anything to Qin Yu before because he had scruples . Otherwise, if he had, he would likely only be a corpse by now .

But soon after, he clenched his teeth and cursed at Qin Yu . You brat, you have had such a horrifying killing card in your hand and yet you pretended to be a meek little lamb . If I wasn’t so wise and knowledgeable I might really have been tricked by you!

Qin Yu didn’t know it, but at this time, in the Lord Priest’s mind he had become a sinister little villain who played the role of a pig to eat the tiger .

As for Qin Yu, at this time he was gritting his teeth and waiting for Spirity’s response .

Refining the Soul Mushroom should have been something worthy of celebrating . Who knew that things would have ended up like this? He thought back to his soul and the space within it . If he couldn’t determine that he was secure, how could he rest easy?

As Qin Yu gnashed his teeth, within his soul space, Spirity was biting her red lips, her face full of hesitation .

Indeed, after refining the Soul Mushroom, she had obtained a new life . However, there was still one final step left unfinished, but it wasn’t what she had said to Qin Yu .

It was…

Resolve shined in Spirity’s eyes . She suddenly flew out and hugged Qin Yu’s soul . It was like her entire body had been struck by lightning as she violently shivered . Although she clenched her teeth and endured it, there were still groans leaking out from between the gaps of her teeth .

In the outside world, Qin Yu’s complexion changed as his face started to flush red and his breathing became labored . A feeling that was hard to explain started to swell up from the depths of his body . This was a wonderful feeling, and even with his strong will, there was nothing he could do to resist it . He had an instinctual desire to indulge and drown in it .

Suddenly, Qin Yu ruthlessly bit down on the tip of his tongue . The pain dispersed the strangely pleasurable feeling and his eyes were slowly restored to brightness . If someone said that this sudden strange occurrence had nothing to do with Spirity, he wouldn’t believe them at all . Just what was that mysterious girl doing inside his body?

He looked down at his robes and where it tented between his legs . He didn’t feel embarrassed at all, and instead his eyes turned icy cold .

A full hour later, this rapturous feeling of ecstasy slowly subsided . Then, Qin Yu slowly said, “Spirity, I think it’s time we had a chat . ”

Although his words were calm, there was a cold chill percolating around them .

After several breaths of time, Qin Yu could feel his soul space opening . His thoughts moved and his consciousness dove in .

Shua –

His soul opened its eyes . Looking into the distance, he could see the back of a young girl . “What did you do?”

Spirity lightly said . “Nothing, I just signed a contract with you, master . From this point onwards, I am master’s servant . ”

Even when speaking to him she kept her back to him . When had someone seen such an arrogant servant girl before? However, Qin Yu didn’t care about this right now . He checked his body and indeed he could tell that there was an inexplicably deeper connection between his soul and Spirity .

It seemed that what she said was true . He didn’t know whether he could control the life and death of Spirity, but he was sure that right now, the two of them shared glory and loss . This was more than enough .

Then, Qin Yu had plenty of time to slowly understand what was happening .

“You rest, I will leave first . ” Then, he coldly added on, “From now on, don’t casually seal away this place . This is my soul space; I hope you remember that . ”

His soul closed its eyes and his consciousness departed .

Spirity, who had her back turned, almost tumbled to the ground . She had a face that was bright red like the sunset . She bit her lips and turned towards Qin Yu’s soul, shame and helplessness filling her face .

You bastard, if I didn’t have any other choice, would I be willing to do this? As she thought of this she clenched her teeth and struggled into a cross-legged position . She forcefully suppressed her thoughts and started to cultivate .

Motes of star-like light appeared above the soul space . Like this, it was drawn down like a steady stream where it flowed into Spirity…and Qin Yu’s soul .

Partner Soul . The strength of the cultivating soul was divided with its master!

In the side hall, Qin Yu could feel the change within his body . He smiled .

No matter what had happened, he still obtained another treasure that accelerated his cultivation .

Partner Soul, huh…he was anticipating the effects!

However, this was something to worry about later . Right now what he wanted to do was kill the Whale Sovereign .

Qin Yu looked up, an icy glint flashing in his eyes .

The old woman decided that the movements of her young miss had been a bit mysterious lately . When she tried to investigate, she was forced back with resistance . This proved that the miss had already known this would happen and made arrangements ahead of time . The woman immediately stopped her investigation . Since the miss didn’t want others to know what she was doing, she certainly wouldn’t butt her way in . She sighed inwardly, thinking that her miss had finally grown up a little .

The mysterious Sang Yueyue left her dwelling in Moon Praying Shrine . After changing carriages several times and making sure that she wasn’t being followed, she finally arrived at her destination .

She pushed open the doors of a common-looking courtyard and then immediately closed them behind here . After taking several steps forwards, one would discover that there was an entirely different world within this courtyard . In addition, there were array formations that isolated out all aura, guaranteeing that those hiding within here wouldn’t be discovered by others .

“Greetings, master!” 20 seafolk bowed in unison .

These people were Golden Cores not too long ago, but now they had all reached Nascent Soul . They all smiled with confidence .

That was right, 20 Golden Cores had made hidden breakthroughs during the normal process for others . To do so, Qin Yu had surpassed the original quota of 100 seafolk he initially agreed to help . But, no one would accuse him of not keeping his promise . Instead, they all praised him and hoped that Priest Qin Yu could be benevolent and continue doing this .

But in reality, Qin Yu had already decided to stop . With his crazy actions he had helped the sea races gain nearly 200 additional Nascent Souls . This was already a terrifying number . Luckily, with the boundless space of the sea region, there was plenty of room to hold them all . Otherwise the entire area would have become a chaotic mess, with forces from all over endlessly slaughtering each other for benefits .

If a great war truly erupted in the sea region, causing life to fade like coals in a fire, Qin Yu absolutely believed that the karmic effects of this catastrophe would be pinned upon his body by the world . Then, it would come and visit him for another round of heavenly retribution .

The little blue lamp could swallow tribulation thunder, but Qin Yu didn’t think that the world’s will was so simple and singular in its methods . In any case, it was best to be careful .

Sang Yueyue nodded . “Rise,” She swept her eyes around and said, “I came here today to inform you all that we will soon begin . ”

The 20 Nascent Souls’ complexions changed . But soon, they composed themselves .

At the very beginning, they were indeed anxious and scared . But as time passed, they had prepared themselves for it . Moreover, after breaking into Nascent Soul, their strength had drastically risen and they were similarly much more confident . So what if it was the Whale Sovereign? If 20 Nascent Souls joined together, could they still not hope to fight him?

Moreover, they also had Priest Qin Yu .

After the heavenly tribulation fusion occurred, the awe and worship that these 20 Nascent Souls felt towards him had broken through the skies! Bystanders believed that the heavenly tribulation fusion had been with three Golden Cores crossing tribulation together, but they knew that it was actually five Golden Cores crossing tribulation!

Five heavenly tribulations fusing together, that was something which had never appeared in the sea races’ cultivation history . Just thinking about that terrifying might left one shaking in alarm . But to Priest Qin Yu, resisting that degree of heavenly tribulation fusion was as simple as eating a meal or drinking water . He would do so every few days, without any flaws in his actions .

Just what sort of strength did one need to accomplish this?

The Whale Sovereign was extremely strong . But in the eyes of these 20 Nascent Souls, Priest Qin Yu was an existence that was in no way weaker . If they were to help him from the side, it might be possible to kill the Whale Sovereign! As they thought of this, some of their eyes began to shine with eager anticipation .

Sang Yueyue watched all of this in her eyes . She knew that the reason these people dared to do what they were going to do was that they had found confidence in her Big Brother Qin Yu . But, she knew that since her Big Brother Qin Yu had taken the effort to raise these 20 Nascent Souls, this meant he feared the Whale Sovereign . It was still unknown whether or not he could kill the Whale Sovereign! Still, she would never reveal any of her thoughts . Only with these people maintaining their confidence would they be able to provide the greatest help to her Big Brother Qin Yu

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