Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 224

Chapter 224

Chapter 224 – Heavenly Tribulation Fusion

Something was wrong with this heavenly tribulation!

Of course, this was needless nonsense . As long as one wasn’t blind, they could tell that something was amiss . But, the key point was what exactly was the problem, that such a major ruckus would occur?

At this time, some unknown seafolk screamed out loud, “It’s heavenly tribulation fusion!”

Many seafolk didn’t know what heavenly tribulation fusion was, but those that did paled .

In truth, this was something that cultivators inadvertently discovered using their own lives: when two or more cultivators simultaneously crossed tribulation, the heavenly tribulation would automatically fuse together and the cultivators undergoing tribulation would also be linked as one . They would experience glory and defeat as one, all damages and losses shared . Although they could join forces to cross tribulation, the power of the heavenly tribulation would also rise to a horrifying situation because they all joined together .

At the very least, in the recorded history of the sea races’ cultivators, during the small number of heavenly tribulation fusions that occurred, all the participating cultivators had been turned to ash .

The first thought of the pale seafolk was that certain arrangements made within Sea God Palace must have gone awry, otherwise how could multiple tribulations occur at once? Moreover, looking at the scope of clouds and how deep the aura was, it was likely more than two people crossing tribulation together . As the watching seafolk thought of three or more people fusing their heavenly tribulation together, they felt a cold chill rise in their hearts, as if their blood would freeze over soon .

How could this possibly succeed?

The Lord Priest had a grim complexion . He hurried to the side hall, but when he saw the boundless tribulation clouds up above, he clenched his teeth and in the end decided not to enter .

With things having reached this point, there was nothing he could do to change the result . Qin Yu must have made an accidental mistake somewhere, and Moon Praying Shrine would surely suffer in the inevitable aftermath . As for those people that had obtained a Nascent Soul spot, none of them were kind and forgiving individuals, and all of them had deep backgrounds . If an accident occurred at Moon Praying Shrine, they would have to vent their anger, even if it wasn’t a problem caused by them .

With Moon Praying Shrine’s strength, there wasn’t any need to fear them . But, the careful plans laid down by Moon Praying Shrine would all be destroyed by this .

This sort of loss was just too difficult to accept!

“What happened!?” The Lord Priest howled .

“It was Priest Qin Yu . He requested for three Golden Cores to simultaneously undergo tribulation . We refused, but he continued by himself . ” The purple-robed priest responsible for arranging tribulation crossings forced out a smile .

The Lord Priest frowned . “Why didn’t you report this to me?”

The purple-robed priest blanched . “Priest Qin Yu said this was a decision that you agreed to…”

The Lord Priest’s frown deepened . He waved his hand for everyone to leave, and he looked towards the tribulation clouds up above with an earnest expression . With his cultivation, he could feel all the changes occurring within those tribulation clouds . Three tribulation clouds fusing together was actually this terrifying…even he didn’t believe he could block it .

“Qin Yu, there had better not be an accident, otherwise my Moon Praying Shrine will be in trouble and you won’t be any better off…”

The Lord Priest mumbled . As he did, the first bolt of tribulation thunder crashed down .

Bang –

The tribulation thunder was as thick as a tree . It roared and rolled like a dragon of thunder . A terrifying aura capable of destroying everything accompanied it, causing all the watching seafolk to gasp and their hearts to skip a beat .

In the blink of an eye, it arrived in the skies above the side hall .

The Lord Priest gripped his fists .

Shua –

The tribulation thunder disappeared .

It was entirely like it had been in the past .

Then…then was no then .

The Lord Priest loosened his fists . He looked towards the side hall, shock in his eyes .

He discovered that even he had underestimated just how mysterious Qin Yu was .

Such a terrifying heavenly tribulation had quietly vanished like all the heavenly tribulations that came before it .

How did Qin Yu accomplish this?

At this time, an intense impulsion rose up in the Lord Priest’s heart . He wanted to know just what was happening!

Bang –

The second heavenly tribulation arrived . This one was thicker and even more dreadful .

Following that was the third heavenly tribulation .

This heavenly tribulation was different from the first two . This was because after it formed, it didn’t directly fall . Instead, it tumbled about in the tribulation clouds, gradually taking on the form of a giant beast .

The beast was over a thousand feet tall . It crouched down on four feet and a lone horn decorated its head . Its entire body was bathed in arcs of thunder .

The Lord Priest’s eyes shrank . “Thunder beast!”

He was completely flabbergasted .

With his current cultivation and status, he had the qualifications to know some information inherited from ancient times . For instance, thunder beast tribulation . Only when a Nascent Soul decided to take a step forwards towards Divine Soul would something like this occur . Such a heavenly tribulation was no longer purely tribulation thunder . Instead, it also contained a bit of the world’s will and was enveloped in a mysterious prestige .

The Lord Priest widened his eyes . Having been able to witness the prestige and glory of the thunder beast would be a tremendous advantage for him when he tried to cross tribulation in the future . But soon, his heart was shaken . This was because he discovered that in the depths of the thunder beast’s icy cold eyes, there was actually a trace of fear .

The thunder beast was a representative of the world’s will . It was the most horrifying strength in the world . Yet, it could feel fear?

This was impossible!

But the Lord Priest believed in what he saw .

Qin Yu…just who are you…?

Rumble rumble –

The tribulation clouds tumbled, as if it were in an urgent rush . The thunder beast reared back its head and roared . In the ears of others, this roar was filled with majesty and might, overflowing with an overwhelming momentum . Those with a weaker cultivation even fainted in fright .

But, the Lord Priest could clearly feel that the thunder beast was angry and unwilling .

The thunder beast pushed forwards . Its body turned into a beam of light that soared towards the ground at an incredible speed . As it neared the ground, its body began to vanish as all its strength was concentrated in its horn . It was like the first bolt of thunder that created the heavens and earth, howling down .

Bang –

There was a loud crash in the side hall as if something heavy fell down . A shockwave swept out and all of the windows and doors were blown open . Cracks began to spread out through the hard floor like a web .

The Lord Priest rushed into the side hall . What he saw was Qin Yu sitting cross-legged on the ground, his complexion pale . Still, his eyes were as bright as ever .

Qin Yu looked up and lightly said, “Lord Priest, you have violated our agreement . ”

The Lord Priest frowned . “I was worried there was an accident . ” He took a deep breath and said, “To be precise, it was Priest Qin Yu who violated our agreement . ”

Qin Yu said, “I need even stronger heavenly tribulation, and no accident occurred, right?”

The Lord Priest took a step forwards . “Let me examine you . ”

Qin Yu’s eyes turned cold .

The Lord Priest stopped .

The two of them looked at each other, a frosty chill in the space between them .

After a long time, the Lord Priest smiled helplessly . “Very well . Since you insist, I won’t do anything . ”

He turned to leave .

Behind him, even though Qin Yu had no expression, his fists loosened beneath his robes .

After leaving the side hall, the Lord Priest glanced back, his eyebrows furrowing .

Qin Yu was indeed injured . It could be seen that he hadn’t been able to fully withstand the strength of the thunder beast . But, from that injured Qin Yu, he had felt an even stronger threat . The Lord Priest didn’t doubt that if he took another step forwards just now, Qin Yu certainly would have attacked him .

“Qin Yu, you have exposed far too much . Many people will develop an interest in you now . Even if you reject me, what about later…? Unless you attach yourself to my Moon Praying Shrine, there will be no path out for you . ”

Outside of Sea God Palace, countless seafolk were still left dumbfounded . Now, most people had learnt what heavenly tribulation fusion was, but it was also because of this that they were even more bewildered . They had heard that when more than one Golden Core tried to cross tribulation at the same time, it would produce a terrifying thunder tribulation . Yet, something that terrifying had been quietly erased, as if it had never been there at all . Priest Qin Yu was far too dreadful .

He was just…unfathomable!

Soon, news was released from Sea God Palace . It wasn’t an accident that three Golden Cores simultaneously crossed tribulation, but was something Priest Qin Yu requested on his own initiative .

With this, the sea races began to bubble over with excitement once more!

In such a short period of time, three fresh Nascent Soul powerhouses emerged . This was simply unbelievable .

In the inn, the turtle race cultivator was excited . He originally thought he needed to wait for some time, but since Priest Qin Yu helped three people cross tribulation together, it would soon be his turn next .

This was truly wonderful!

The longer he waited, the more things that could go wrong . Only after reaching the next realm would he be able to feel relieved .

“Congratulations Brother Turtle!”

“It won’t be long before you reach Nascent Soul!”

Three new Nascent Souls emerged from the gates of Sea God Palace . They attracted countless burning gazes and cheers .

But as no one was paying attention, two figures quietly left Sea God Palace and vanished into the crowds .

In the side hall, Qin Yu faintly smiled .

The second step had begun .

From this day onwards, Qin Yu changed the way he helped others cross tribulation . He would choose three Golden Cores to help cross tribulation each time .

Of course, if anyone objected, they could choose to withdraw . Moon Praying Shrine would return everything they paid .

But no one chose to do this . Although they were wary, five days later, three Golden Core seafolk began crossing their tribulations under the arrangements of Sea God Palace .

The tribulation clouds still blotted out the skies and emitted a pressure so deep that it made one shiver . Even though people had witnessed it before, the seafolk watching still felt awe from deep in their souls .

This dreadful heavenly prestige wasn’t something that mortals could contend with!

But in the end, the tribulation thunder still quietly vanished from the skies above the side hall .

It was just that this time, the thunder beast didn’t appear .

In the side hall, Qin Yu held the little blue lamp in his hand, a thoughtful look on his face .

On that day, after swallowing the thunder beast, there were some changes to the little blue lamp . Although he didn’t know what they were exactly, Qin Yu’s intuition told him it was a good thing .

This time, the thunder beast didn’t appear . Perhaps the world itself was aware of this so it made a change .

The world’s will must know that heavenly tribulation was beneficial to the little blue lamp . Even so, due to the rules that governed it, it had no choice but to lower tribulation thunder when a seafolk crossed tribulation . It could only watch on helplessly as this tribulation thunder was swallowed by the little blue lamp .

Thinking this way, in reality the world’s will was actually quite sad and pitiful .

Of course, Qin Yu wouldn’t hold the slightest bit of contempt towards the world’s will just because of this .

It was restrained by the rules, but at the same time was a part of the rules . As long as it had the chance, it would surely strike out with all its strength and try to erase him and the little blue lamp from existence .

The strength of the world could not be easily resisted!

He took a deep breath and suppressed his random thoughts . Qin Yu put away the little blue lamp and took out the Soul Mushroom, carefully looking over it .

He looked at it for a long time, a bit of helplessness in his eyes . It had swallowed almost 200 soul beads but hadn’t yet completed its transformation .

Luckily, he had time left remaining .

He hoped that the Soul Mushroom could soon transform into a thousand years of age .

Capital city .

Sitting on his dragon throne, the Sea Sovereign was watching a video of when Qin Yu helped three Golden Cores cross tribulation together . He was doing so with great earnest, not missing a single scene . In reality, he had already viewed this video no less than 10 times . Even so, during the final moment when the thunder beast phantom appeared, his complexion became dignified and his breath unconsciously quickened .

“Thunder beast…” He whispered to himself . The Sea Sovereign’s eyes brightened and gradually filled with resolve . “Perhaps, this Solitude shouldn’t miss out on this chance . ”

Below the grand hall, deep beneath the ground in the darkness, the giant vine crashed around, issuing loud rumbling sounds as if it were cheering .

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