Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 216

Chapter 216

Chapter 216 – The Young Man

Cockroach Qin decided to leave . By the time this thought appeared, it had already been four years since he returned to Immortal Eclipse Valley . With the aid of the Pill Disposal Department, his Five Element Golden Cores had all reached perfection, and he had failed ten breakthroughs…let’s not mention the process, but the effect was actually extremely good .

Now, Cockroach Qin was still a Golden Gore, but he had gathered his Five Element Magic Swords and his magic power was almost twice as tyrannical as it was when he first returned . The difference between his strength now and his strength four years ago was like the heavens and earth . If he fought with Liu Zhi again, while he might not be able to easily overpower him, winning wouldn’t be too difficult .

Now, Cockroach Qin…alright, this nickname didn’t sound too good, so maybe it’s best to change it back . Right now, Qin Yu was at the threshold of a breakthrough; one step further and he would reach Nascent Soul . When a Golden Core became a Nascent Soul, to others this was a transformation, and for Qin Yu especially it was a world of difference!

As long as he reached Nascent Soul, Qin Yu would have sufficient skill to look down on all lives in this part of the world . Even if he met the Demon Monarch or Whale Sovereign he wouldn’t need to fear them anymore .

And all this required just a single step forwards .

But at the same time, Qin Yu knew just how difficult it was to take this final step forwards . Not to mention how ridiculously challenging it would be to have his five Golden Cores simultaneously break into Nascent Soul, but if he wanted to further enhance his Demon Body, he would have to obtain the hard-to-find demon blood .

Qin Yu had no clue where to begin . But, he knew that in this world, there was a place that held the most secrets .

He comforted Gu Ling’er and took the Fleeting Flame Furnace from the Eighth Furnace station . During the process he had no choice but to ruthlessly beat the fire alligator before it allowed him to peacefully leave .

Pill Crucible was still in seclusion . Qin Yu was worried; his cheap senior-apprentice brother’s actions left him feeling anxious . He asked Daoist Wang and Jiang Li, but both of them had no idea what was happening .

However, Jiang Li’s words caused Qin Yu to feel slightly more relieved . “Perhaps the Valley Master has made a breakthrough in his cultivation . ”

Pill Crucible was a ninth level Nascent Soul super powerhouse with a mystical cultivation . If he went another step further he would be at the legendary Divine Soul, a realm in which one’s soul would not extinguish . One could live forever, as it meant eliminating the limits of one’s lifespan . Thinking about it, he had been stranded at the ninth level for many years, so it was possible that he had saved up his strength for all these years to make a breakthrough in a single go . This was especially true after he was attacked and suffered stimulation .

Thinking about it, Qin Yu pressed down these thoughts . He bid his farewells to Daoist Wang and Jiang Li and quietly left Immortal Eclipse Valley .

Looking at his fading figure, Daoist Wang sighed . “Brother Jiang, the next time we see this boy, do you think he’ll have reached Nascent Soul?”

Jiang Li thought for a moment . “I don’t know . ”

“If it were anyone else, I would only laugh at them if they thought they could break into Nascent Soul in such a short period of time, and scold them as an idiot who was bringing about their own destruction . But, Qin Yu, he…he can’t be analyzed using common sense . Brother Jiang, you’ve known him for a long time already . How come I feel as if all my years of cultivation have been inherited by a dog? It really makes me feel helpless!” Daoist Wang forced a smile, “Hah, don’t say anything . It’s so saddening!”

He turned and left .

Jiang Li lightly said, “I also feel the same way . But Old Wang, even if you intentionally try to remain indifferent and calm, I will still bring up the bet we made on the number of tribulations Qin Yu would bring about . Those several jars of nice wine you bet, when do you plan on delivering them?”

Daoist Wang staggered .

Xu Cheng emerged from the brothel . He turned back and glanced at the beautiful woman waving to him from the window, and a sinful smile appeared on the corners of his lips . He walked the road of body tempering cultivation, and it was already a heaven-defying stroke of luck that he was able to achieve Golden Core . Without anything unexpected happening, he would be like this for the rest of his life .

Since there was no path forwards for his cultivation, he might as well live a life of indulgent pleasure . He joined the Hundred Mountains Sect as an Elder, and every year he received a large amount of offerings, enjoying good wine, good food, and good women .

In particular, that last bit . As a cultivator with a strong body, not everyone could withstand his endurance and strength . Even those women who had cultivated bedroom techniques were still sent into a hazy daze by him, all of them shouting and moaning . Only by doing this would Old Xu feel the most satisfaction within .

He had experienced a great battle last night . That woman was renowned far and wide as being the top courtesan, and every method she used was first-class . She even seemed to know some mind altering arts . If it weren’t for his rich experience and powerful combat strength, then he would have been utterly routed and destroyed . But in the end, he had managed to preserve his reputation as the ‘Infallible Golden Spear’ .

As he thought about recuperating for a few days and then returning to ask her for a rematch, he suddenly heard the sound of wind behind him . A cold brilliance burst out from his eyes . Someone actually thought of targeting him? They were just courting death…

But before he could finish this thought, his field of vision turned black and he slumped to the ground .

After a moment, Xu Cheng emerged from the remote alley . He looked around to determine the direction and then quickly left .

Heavenseek Pavilion .

A giant plaque, a towering building – the atmosphere was still as majestic and imposing as before .

Xu Cheng looked up and stepped forwards .

Soon, a beautiful female cultivator approached . She bowed and said, “Junior greets Senior Xu!”

They evidently knew each other…

Xu Cheng furrowed his eyebrows . He lightly asked, “There is a problem I wish to inquire into . ”

The woman extended a hand . “Please follow me, senior . ”

After entering a private room, the woman closed the door . Her eyes suddenly turned limpid and her voice unbearably sweet . “Senior Xu, did you remember to bring a gift for me this time?”

She tossed over a charming wink and leaned over, her ‘weapons’ ravaging Xu Cheng’s arm . He stiffened for a moment before composing himself .

“Miss, I came here for proper business today . ”

It was better not to say anything . Upon mentioning proper business, the woman blushed redder and exuded even more allure . “The last time you were here you kept speaking about proper business while messing with me…Senior Xu, you’re so naughty . Are you doing this on purpose?”

Xu Cheng’s eyes revealed a trace of awkwardness .

Luckily enough, there was a knock on the door that helped solve Xu Cheng’s dilemma . The woman pushed herself off and hurriedly opened it .

The one entering was a beautiful middle-aged woman . There were light wrinkles at the corners of her eyes and her body was thick and curvaceous . She emitted an abundant charm and her warm smile made one feel close to her .

“Fellow daoist Xu, we haven’t seen each other for a long time . Have you been doing well?” The beautiful woman also had a familiar attitude .

Xu Cheng nodded, not saying anything .

The beautiful woman waved her hand . “You can leave . I will personally entertain fellow daoist Xu . ”

The female cultivator hurriedly bowed and closed the door behind her as she left .

The beautiful woman took a seat across the table and said with a smile . “Fellow daoist Xu, may I ask why you came here today?” Upon mentioning proper business, there was much more seriousness in her face . It contrasted with her overall appearance, making this atmosphere particularly dignified .

Xu Cheng coughed . “I wish to seek some information about how to break into Nascent Soul if one has more than one Golden Core . Also, due to certain reasons, I have a need for high quality demon blood; please remember that it is high quality . I only want the best . I wonder whether or not Heavenseek Pavilion has any information concerning this?”

The beautiful woman revealed a surprised look . It seemed that she never thought Xu Cheng would ask such questions . She thought for a moment and said, “I ask fellow daoist Xu to wait . After inquiring, I will give you a reply . ”

Xu Cheng lifted a hand, “Go ahead . ”

The beautiful woman straightened herself . She bowed deeply, the deep crevice of her chest in full display before him . Then, she left the private room .

Soon, the beautiful woman arrived in front of a black cabin . “Master, someone came seeking information today, and I thought there was something unusual . I ask you to review it . ” As she spoke, she extended a red jade slip with both hands . Qin Yu’s two questions were inside .

Several years ago, she had received a notice that no matter who it was or how they inquired, if they asked about how to make a breakthrough with more than one Golden Core, then this must be immediately reported . Throughout the years, even counting today, this had only happened twice . The first person had been a Golden Core cultivator, and after leaving Heavenseek Pavilion he soon vanished without a trace and didn’t appear again . She didn’t know who did it and she didn’t want to know why . She only knew to complete the task she was given and that was it .

After several breaths of time, the red jade slip floated up on its own . It flew forwards, and when it touched the surface of the black cabin it seemed as if it fell into the surface of a rippling lake, quickly disappearing from sight .

An unknown distance away, at a mountain top where mist lingered, there was a black cabin . When a gust of wind blew over it seemed to touch the air, leaving it distorted . This caused countless phantom images to overlap on the black cabin .

Suddenly, a red jade slip flew out from one of those illusory black cabins . It landed in the hands of a young man who was fishing in a brook not too far away . He glanced through it and chuckled . In complete contrast to his youthful appearance, his voice was incredibly old, as if it were hoarse and sandy .

“Have you already noticed something? What a shocking junior . It looks like you’ve already succeeded . A Five Element Nascent Soul alone is enough to tempt others, but there is even a high chance that you’ve cultivated the Demon Body . How perfect .

“How generous are the heavens? In such a difficult time, they actually deliver you right up to this old man . I will definitely try to help you fulfill your wish as soon as possible . ”

The beautiful woman silently waited . Then, her complexion changed . She looked up towards the black cabin, and from between the ripples she could see a figure slowly step out .

This person was a handsome young man . There was a lazy smile on his lips and his eyes were warm and kind .

The beautiful woman fell to her knees . “Servant greets master!”

The young man waved his hand . “Bring me to him . ”

The beautiful woman respectfully bowed and led the way . Along the way when she met other cultivators of Heavenseek Pavilion, they had puzzled looks .

Because in their eyes, there was no young man .

She pushed open the private room’s door and retreated to the side . “Master, your servant will stand guard outside . ”

The young man smiled and nodded . He stepped inside .

Xu Cheng frowned, his eyes cold . But, what left him startled was that even though he faced this unexpected visitor, not even the tiniest bit of alarm rose up within him . The young man’s smiling face seemed to defuse any hostility . Just glancing at him made one drop their every defense!

How bizarre!

Xu Cheng sucked in a breath . “Who are you?”

The young man smiled and sat down . “Who I am is unimportant . What is important is whether or not I can give you the information you want, right?”

Xu Cheng’s complexion changed .

“Don’t be anxious . Sit . ” The young man gestured to the air .

Xu Cheng frowned . He sat down, his waist stiff .

The young man didn’t seem to care; he delved straight into the topic . “I will start with your first question . You wanted to know how to make a breakthrough with more than one Golden Core . If I’m not wrong, then what you want to know should be related to Five Element Golden Cores . ”

Xu Cheng’s frown deepened, but then immediately relaxed . “Heavenseek Pavilion is indeed Heavenseek Pavilion; you are truly unfathomably formidable . ”

The young man’s eyes brightened . “Your Five Element Golden Core breakthrough can be solved and even the demon blood you need can be found somewhere . However, you will need to wait because the opportunity has yet to arrive . One year from now, return here and I will tell you everything you want to know . ”

Xu Cheng’s gaze sharpened . “Why did you come out today? It shouldn’t be that you just wanted to meet me . ”

The young man smiled . “That’s right, it was exactly that . Don’t forget, come back in one year, or you’ll miss out on your chance . ” He stood up and left .

Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes . After several breaths of time he left the private room . The beautiful woman was waiting outside . She respectfully said, “Fellow daoist Xu, that person just now can represent our Heaven Pavilion; there is no need to suspect him . If you have no other business here, I will accompany you out . ”

Soon, Xu Cheng stepped out of Heavenseek Pavilion . A moment later he appeared in a remote alley of the city . After coming to a pause, he muttered to himself, “Heavenseek Pavilion…”

He closed his eyes and slumped to the ground . After another period of time his eyes opened up once more . His first response was to leap into the air and rapidly inspect his body . Then, after looking in all directions, he hurried away with a gloomy face .

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