Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 205

Chapter 205

Chapter 205 – Skylifting Peak Liu Zhi

Jiang Jiu furrowed his eyebrows together . He was acutely aware of every important figure within the Yun family, but, right now he had no impression of this person in front of him . Was this a guest? It seemed that this person’s status wasn’t low, and maybe Yun Fan had him come out to interfere . As he thought about the trace of panic and fear he felt, Jiang Jiu’s complexion darkened . He sneered, “Just who are you? You dare to speak to me like that? You are seeking death!” Today’s task had been assigned to him by his uncle . He didn’t even place the Yun Family in his eyes, much less this unknown cultivator .

“Grab him!” As his voice fell, someone behind Jiang Jiu raced forwards . The aura of a Golden burst out, like a hurricane of flames sweeping around .

Countless cultivators felt their hearts tremble . How powerful! Compared to the two Golden Cores from before, this person was far stronger; he was at least at the eighth level of Golden Core or higher . This was already the third Golden Core and there were still several people behind Jiang Jiu . If they were all Golden Core cultivators then that was too horrifying; it was no wonder that these people didn’t respect the Yun Family .

The Golden Core cultivator fiendishly grinned and his fan-sized hand came crashing down . He had been nicknamed Iron Hand by others, and he had cultivated a supernatural body ability . When facing his two palms, those with a slightly weaker cultivation would be sent flying away, and it was inevitable that their bones would break and their muscles would tear .

This brat in front of him, his momentum wasn’t bad but his aura was average . Once he was sent tumbling away, he would probably fall on the ground in a ruined little pile . Hehe, that image was just too beautiful .

He licked the corners of his lips, the bloodthirst in his eyes deepening .

Many people looked on with pity .

Bang –

There was a crash like thunder . The stone road in front of the Yun Family residence was blown open and countless people heard a buzzing in their ears as they were momentarily dazed . Then, they saw a figure miserably scream as they were sent flying backwards . However, this person wasn’t the black-robed cultivator that came from the Yun Family, but Jiang Jiu’s subordinate . The man landed and his body plowed through the earth, creating a long gash in the dirt . His palm was blown open to reveal flesh and blood inside, mixed with shards of bone . It was clear he was crippled beyond any hope of redemption .

“Ahh! My hand! My hand!” Pained cries rang out in the air, causing Jiang Jiu and those behind him to stiffen .

All of them knew how strong Iron Hand was . He had a peak eighth level Golden Core cultivation, and from childhood he had trained in a technique that gave him hands which were nearly impervious to weapons . When combining his abilities together, he was incredibly strong . Yet he had been reduced to such a state by a single person, completely crippled in one strike . Just how terrifying was that person?

Could that person be a Nascent Soul cultivator? Since when had the Yun Family gained another powerhouse like this? They hadn’t heard anything about it at all!

The eyes of the surrounding cultivators widened to reveal shock . They looked over again, this time with awe and reverence . Wasn’t it said that the Yun Family’s Yun Fan was the one who had broken into Nascent Soul? Then who was this person in front of them? He was so ruthless and vicious in his actions, it was clear he didn’t care at all about these people in front of them .

If so, then it looked like things were about to become lively!

Jiang Jiu and his group were rampant and arrogant in both their words and actions; they naturally aroused the disgust and contempt of those watching . However, because they were too overbearingly strong, no one dared to speak up . So, while the sudden appearance of this newcomer left everyone shocked, they were also somewhat pleased .

“I said, let her go . ” The black-robed man stepped forwards .

Jiang Jiu grit his teeth . He shouted out, “Senior, I have done nothing to offend you, so don’t you think your cruel methods are too excessive!?”

“Let her go . ”

“My uncle is Skylifting Peak Liu Zhi!” Jiang Jiu roared .

The crowd was immediately stirred into a furor .

Skylifting Peak was a title . The rumors said that this Liu Zhi possessed potent supernatural powers that could move mountains, and he had suppressed countless powerhouses from all around . He was an extremely powerful existence even amongst Nascent Soul realm powerhouses . It was no wonder that he had so many Golden Core subordinates and also no wonder why they acted so arrogantly towards the Yun Family . This explained everything .

So the one standing behind them was the mountain known as Liu Zhi .

The black-robed man came to a stop . As a look of arrogance grew on Jiang Jiu’s face and the cultivators behind him straightened up, the black-robed man suddenly and slowly spoke up, “Do I need to repeat myself a fourth time?”

Bang –

A terrifying aura erupted from his body . The originally ordinary and common figure seemed to transform into a vicious beast from ancient times . A horrifying pressure broke out like a flood, seeming as if it could sweep across the skies!

Jiang Jiu and the others froze . An irrepressible fear gushed forth from their eyes .

Qin Yu continued forwards, each step seeming to push down on their chests . Their complexions rapidly paled .

Puff –

Puff –

One by one, they all fell to the floor, gasping for breath, their faces etched with pain . The only one still standing was Jiang Jiu, but even he stumbled about, barely managing to resist .

“My uncle is…”

Pa –

Just as these words emerged, a heavy slap sent them shooting back into his stomach . Jiang Jiu flew backwards, tumbling about in countless circles . Blood mixed with teeth sprayed into the air . His face instantly swelled up like a pig’s head, and this was only because Qin Yu had held back . If he hadn’t, then Jiang Jiu’s head would have been reduced to a bloody stump .

Gu Ling’er stood there in stunned disbelief . She looked at the person walking towards her, and her tears began to fall from her eyes, streaming down her fair cheeks .

The black-robed youth smiled . He reached out a hand and wiped away a tear . “You’re already a big girl, so why are you still crying like this? There are so many people watching, they might laugh at you . ”

“Big Brother Qin Yu!” Like a little bird, Gu Ling’er threw herself into his arms and tightly held onto him, as if she were afraid he was an illusion that would disappear the moment she looked away .

Qin Yu held onto her . “I’m sorry, Ling’er . I haven’t come to visit you in many years . It must have been hard on you . ”

As for the two Golden Cores that were fighting with the Rainbow Sect, once Jiang Jiu and his other lackeys were sent flying away, they put away their weapons and withdrew .

Xuanxuan and the other cultivators from the Rainbow Sect looked on with eyes wide with disbelief . What was going on here? It seemed that Ling’er was familiar with this mysterious powerhouse, and their relationship wasn’t ordinary either . The girls glanced at each other in stark confusion, their minds a little bit dizzy . No one knew just what was going on .

But there was one person who did .

Zhang Zhang had a complex look in her eyes . During these past years, she had thought that she had progressed quickly . It was only today that she realized the figure she was subconsciously chasing after for all this time had actually left her in the dust, already reaching heights she could never hope to imagine .

Nascent Soul…

He was already a Nascent Soul? Zhang Zhang thought back to the Skycloud Sword Sect’s Iron Sword Shanhe . Although she knew that it was wrong to compare them, she couldn’t help but place the two of them next to each other . And the difference was…simply too much . She laughed at herself for actually being pleased about this before .

Zhu Bluecloud bitterly smiled . He never imagined that the Qin Yu, who had disappeared for such a long time, would actually appear like this . Moreover, his cultivation had reached such astonishing heights . After being shocked, he realized that he hadn’t tried to help, and that his actions would surely leave Qin Yu unhappy . After all, Qin Yu had originally entrusted him to look after Gu Ling’er .

After wavering for a moment, he still walked up . He cupped his hands in shame and said, “Qin…senior, I didn’t help just now, but I hope you can overlook that . ”

Qin Yu looked at Zhu Bluecloud, frowning a little . He nodded and said, “When Brother Zhu chose to stand on the sidelines and do nothing just now, that was also reasonable, so it’s not a problem . ”

Zhu Bluecloud bitterly sighed . Sure enough, Qin Yu was unhappy about that . Thinking about it, if Qin Yu was willing to risk his life for Gu Ling’er, one could imagine just how much he valued her . But with things having happened already, there was no way he could explain himself, so he could only force out a smile .

Gu Ling’er sobbed several times and then quietly said, “Big Brother Qin Yu, Senior Zhu has looked after me for all these years and has been very good to me . ”

Qin Yu looked at Zhu Bluecloud . He could see that Zhu Bluecloud was the only person leading the Zhu Family cultivators here to express their congratulations, and if they were to rashly interfere, not only was there likely to have been an accident, but the Zhu Family might also suffer disaster . As the person in charge, it wasn’t wrong for Zhu Bluecloud to do what he did .

Qin Yu’s expression softened . He nodded . “Brother Zhu, it’s good if you refer to me how you did originally . You and I are friends, so there’s no need to distinguish ourselves so much . ”

Zhu Bluecloud relaxed a little . He glanced at Gu Ling’er with a thankful look . Luckily, Gu Ling’er had spoken up for him . Otherwise, while his friendship with Qin Yu might not have been thoroughly erased, it would still be worse than it used to be .

Yun Yi and the others caught up and bowed . “Greetings, Senior Qin Yu . ”

They had seen Jiang Jiu and his group being insufferably arrogant, so they were naturally glad to see them suffer . Although they hadn’t known how fierce Qin Yu actually was, all they had to do was recall that night when he had swallowed heavenly tribulation, and this was enough for them to be confident in him .

Who cares about your Skylifting Peak whatever or Liu Zhi whatever? In front of Senior Qin Yu, they were just trash . That loud bone-cracking sound which rang through the area just now had left them all feeling refreshed . This Senior Qin Yu really didn’t fear Liu Zhi at all!

Qin Yu nodded, not explaining anything .

From the Yun Family doors, Yun Fan stepped out, an apologetic expression on his face . “Fellow daoist Qin, I’m very sorry . I didn’t know that you were old acquaintances with this young miss, otherwise I would have surely helped . ”

This couldn’t be blamed on Yun Fan . Qin Yu smiled, “Fellow daoist Yun speaks too seriously . Come, allow me to introduce you . This is my little sister Gu Ling’er, and this is Yun Fan, you may call him Senior Yun . ”

Such a solemn introduction was enough to show just how much Qin Yu valued Gu Ling’er . Although it was surprising that the two didn’t share the same surname, Yun Fan’s smile still remained bright and wide . “Miss Gu, it is nice to meet you . Since this is our first meeting, then please take this spiritual jade as a meeting gift . ”

As he spoke, he took out a jade pendant the size of a child’s palm . It was smooth and sparkled, glowing with a translucent light . It was clear that it wasn’t some common object .

Gu Ling’er was too embarrassed to keep holding Qin Yu . She took one step back and looked up . This was her Big Brother Qin Yu’s friend and also the Patriarch of the Yun Family, who possessed a scary level of cultivation . She wasn’t sure whether she should take the gift or not .

Qin Yu smiled . “Since this is a gift from Senior Yun Fan, you should take it . ” With how much he had helped the Yun Family, receiving a precious jade was a minor matter .

Gu Ling’er nodded politely . “Thank you Senior Yun . ” She received the jade in both hands .

Jiang Jiu had already been lifted up by his subordinates . His entire head had swelled up and was mottled black and blue, and he had long since fainted . The others all had fearful expressions as they were unsure of what to do . Luckily, they soon regained their courage as they straightened their backs . A fierce and icy aura filled the air .

“The Yun Family is truly mighty and powerful . To beat my nephew until he became like this, are you not prepared to give me a confession?” A voice echoed out from all directions, stirring up the surrounding heaven and earth spiritual energy . Loud rumbles resonated in the air, as if the world was roaring . Compared to Yun Fan’s methods earlier, this person was clearly far more powerful .

Qin Yu frowned . He looked up into the distance .

In the sky, a cultivator walked through space . His appearance was ordinary and his purple robes served to accentuate his dignified appearance . With every movement he made, he exuded an atmosphere that made one’s heart throb .

Yun Fan’s complexion sank . Just as he thought, there was indeed a plot behind today’s events . But, he could no longer retreat . He stepped forwards and cupped his hands together . “Fellow daoist Liu Zhi, your presence is an honor . The Yun Family fully welcomes you!”

Skylifting Peak Liu Zhi, a master at least at the middle Nascent Soul realm, had arrived!

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