Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 196

Chapter 196

Chapter 196 – Can’t Rescue

One month later .

There was a fishing village on the shores of the great sea . In the dark of night, a pall of peace fell over the land, as the water gently crashed against beaches . At this time a small ship arrived on shore . The hull broke through the surface and a faint glow of light appeared, illuminating a young man and woman within .

The black-robed man disembarked first . When he stepped on land, he let out a satisfied sigh . He fell deep into thought, as if he never realized just what a joyous matter it was to have two feet solidly planted on land . He turned and beckoned towards the girl behind him . “All this time you’ve been asking me so many questions, yet now that we’ve finally reached land how come you’re a nervous mess instead?”

This man was Qin Yu .

Inside the ship’s cabin stood a dazed Little Sea . She had been born on the sea, raised on the sea, and even named after the sea . She shivered with excitement and took out a wooden hairpin from a little cloth bundle in her arms . She sobbed with happiness . “Mother, can you see this? I’ve returned to the land . So this is what it looks like . It really is far, far larger than the island . ”

Qin Yu could understand her mood at this time, so he didn’t say anything . He simply stood there . However, this girl had grown up on the waves and she had long since forged a strong willpower . She quickly composed herself and even seemed somewhat calm . It was just that within her bloodshot eyes, there was joy and happiness .

Little Sea stepped down from the ship and fell to her knees . She gently stroked the earth, her face full of devotion and awe . After several breaths of time, she lifted her head and earnestly said, “Thank you . ”

Qin Yu smiled . “I’ve had Miss Little Sea accompanying me all this time, so I wasn’t lonely at all . ”

Little Sea stood up and revealed a bright smile . “Now, we have returned to land and you have fulfilled your promise . You don’t need to manage me anymore . Don’t worry about me; you have yet to see my true abilities . I will have no problem defending myself . I hope that before long, I will be able to find a husband and live into old age together . That would be enough for me . ”

Qin Yu’s eyebrows leapt up . “I want to ask you something, but don’t misunderstand me . You say that you have a certain ideal type of man in your heart – just what kind of man is that?” Yes, after all, in the end he still couldn’t say that he was fully convinced . Coming this far, he had encountered all sorts of outstanding women, but out of all those women, Little Sea was the first one to decisively say that he wasn’t her type .

Although he understood that not believing this was a boring and ridiculous matter, it was known that young men could be very stupid at times .

Qin Yu was a man and he was young . He was no exception .

Little Sea smiled at him . She perked her lips . “I must say that you are good, but you don’t suit my tastes . The type I like, that is a very slender type of man . The type that would wear long blue robes, who would sit beneath a tree while reading books in the sunny shade . And, his face must be very fair and his appearance must be extremely handsome . Although this might sound superficial, I must admit that I am someone who cares about appearances a great deal . ”

Qin Yu hacked out a cough . Was this a hidden way of saying that he wasn’t handsome enough? Okay, that might be true, but what was this about liking a scholar? Her tastes were far too poor .

Little Sea laughed breathlessly . “You…you should go…”

Qin Yu nodded, not admitting anything .

“Then, I’ll see you another day . ”

Qin Yu lightly smiled . “Farewell . ”

He turned and left .

After watching him fade off into the distance, Little Sea stretched out her body . She revealed a happy smile and walked towards the fishing village .

This was the beginning of another new story .

Qin Yu smiled as he walked away into the dark . During this time that he was with Little Sea, he had learnt a great deal from her .

For instance, optimism .

For instance, tenacity .

Even though she had suffered through misery and despair, she still smiled . This was something truly incredible . Those that could do something like this, they were mostly extraordinary people . So, he didn’t worry about her, because Little Sea could surely live a happy and peaceful life .

He hoped that she really could find her book-loving fair-faced scholar and live days of peace and joy .

The eastern skies turned vivid red . Just as the great sun rose, Qin Yu’s figure appeared atop a mountain . The fire red light covered his body, making him seem as if he wore a blood-red suit of armor .

When he entered the sea region, he had only been thinking of obtaining the five-element spiritual objects . Now, he had achieved his goal . While he had suffered through trials and tribulations, he did obtain a harvest in the end . But while he had made it out safely and his cultivation had also greatly increased, there was someone who was suffering .

“Shan Wugu…” Qin Yu whispered to himself . Reasoning told him that with his current cultivation, not even the demonic path could easily touch him now . But some things were like this . Even if he knew it wasn’t the best choice, he still had to do it .

Perhaps this was the reason why humans were human .

Shua –

Qin Yu’s figure flew into the skies . He disappeared in the blink of an eye .

Two days later, in the Southern Empire, Homehold City .

This city was located on one side of a vast mountain . It was a bustling place with countless cultivators passing through daily, since it acted as both a transportation center and an information transmission center .

The demonic path had a branch division located here . The one in command was an early Nascent Soul realm cultivator, a person named Blood Drop, and also called Bloodthirsty Demon . Because this demonic cultivator had suffered a backlash due to the cultivation method they used, they had to slumber in an ice cold sarcophagus throughout the year, using the icy cold aura to suppress their surging blood energy .

The Homehold City branch division was mostly known as the largest acquisition center here . There was no limit to the treasures they accepted . As long as their quality was good they would purchase it, and they weren’t stingy about spirit stones either . When it came to this, the demonic path was actually quite good . After all, no matter how ruthless and evil they were, if they wanted to stand solid and earn profits, the first thing they needed was word of mouth and credibility .

Of course, they didn’t lack in utilizing bloody methods . The demonic path was also extremely good at this . They had schemed several times, and each time allowed everyone to clearly remember just how brutal and strong they were . Thus, the branch division was very calm . There were few people who had dared to cause trouble within their boundaries in these past years .

In a deep underground chamber, besides a dim green lamp, there wasn’t anything else . The gloomy light illuminated a sarcophagus in the center of the chamber . It was black all over, and as if formed from ink, it also dyed the ground black . Only when one approached would one discover that this black wasn’t pure darkness, but was a phenomenon formed by an extremely icy cold aura .

Suddenly, this sarcophagus that possessed a terrifying coldness began to gently tremble . A small slit opened up on the side and a fair and thin finger probed out from within . It gently pushed the cover away, and a beautiful woman sat up .

She looked around 27-28 years of age and her skin was as white as snow . At this time, she was frowning . Traces of blood red light appeared deep within her pupils . “Who is it? You dare to take my demonic path as an enemy? Are you seeking death?” As she spoke, the darkness on the ground spread outwards, filling the entire underground chamber in a single breath of time .

Who could imagine that the infamous and murderous Bloodthirsty Demon, who was rumored to have eaten a woman alive, could actually be such an elegant beauty?

Pa –

Pa –

The sound of footsteps rang out over the blackness on the ground . Crackling filled the air . This was the sound of countless tiny ice crystals formed from a cold aura breaking apart .

Qin Yu was dressed in a black robe . He walked forth from the darkness . He calmly stepped in like this, not even hiding his appearance .

Within the sarcophagus, Bloodthirsty Demon’s eyes shrank . She could not probe the depths of this person . It was like an invisible fog covered him, blocking out any senses . It was obvious that this young man was strong . Him not being affected by stepping on the ice formed from her cold aura was sufficient proof of this . And, even more because of the powerful heart beating in his chest .

Thump –

Thump –

Beat after beat entered her ears, confusing her thoughts . Slowly, an irrepressible idea began to rise within her .

What seductive blood . If she could dig out his heart and chew on it, it would certainly taste extremely good and be extremely strong .

As she thought of this, Bloodthirsty Demon stretched out a light red tongue and licked the corners of her mouth . There was an endless sense of carnage here, but even more temptation .

“What a strong little brother . If you can serve this big sister comfortably, then maybe I will pardon you from death . ”

Qin Yu had a serene expression . “I acknowledge that you are beautiful, but I have no interest in old women . So, if possible, I ask that you restrain yourself . ”

With nothing else, just being called an old woman was enough to cause Bloodthirsty Demon to stiffen and her face to darken . “Is that so? Then this big sister will tell you just how stupid it is to speak such words in front of a woman who values her looks . ”

She lifted a hand and grasped forwards .

An icy cold rose in the air, reaching towards Qin Yu like an invisible hand .

With her initial strike, she released the full power of an early Nascent Soul . A potent aura swept out .

Qin Yu punched out a fist .

There was a deep thump in the air, as if a drum had been struck . While Qin Yu stood where he was without having moved a single step, the cold ice sarcophagus across from him began to emit cracking sounds as it broke into countless pieces .

Bloodthirsty Demon stormed backwards . Her voice was sharp, “Just who are you?”

The demonic path possessed incredible influence . They had countless spies scattered throughout the Southern Empire and Northern Dynasty, and even disregarding all else, they had detailed records of every Nascent Soul realm powerhouse and above . With Bloodthirsty Demon’s status, she had the qualifications to glance through these records . But, she had never seen this cultivator in front of her . If he could force her back with just a single fist, that meant he had at least the strength at the middle Nascent Soul realm .

Qin Yu lightly said . “Don’t waste my time . I’ve already sealed out all perception from this area; no one will know of anything that happens here . Now, I have several questions and I hope you will answer them . ”

Bloodthirsty Demon covered her mouth and tittered . “Why was there a need for such a brutish display? If you only wanted to find out some information, then this lowly one would certainly help as much as possible . ”

“Very good . First question . Where is Shan Wugu?”

Bloodthirsty Demon’s eyes flashed . “Shan Wugu…oh, you are referring to the traitorous beggar boy? He betrayed Lord Demon Monarch’s trust and was expelled into the Myriad Demon Caves . With his strength, he might still be alive . ”

“Where are the Myriad Demon Caves?”

“The Demonic Path High Command . ” Bloodthirsty Demon chuckled . “The Demon Monarch stands guard there throughout the year . I advise you to not have any reckless thoughts, otherwise I fear you will only be tossing your life away . ” She paused for a moment and then spoke with deep veneration . “But, I can make a transaction with fellow daoist . As long as you agree to let me go, I can tell you of a secret way to go in and out of the Myriad Demon Caves . Of course, the premise is that you wish to rescue Shan Wugu . If you are enemies with him, then you need not do anything at all; he will die in the end . ” She batted her eyelashes . “How about it? I am very sincere . I can make a demonic path pledge that I will not reveal anything about you . ”

Qin Yu had a thoughtful expression .

Across from him, a deep self-satisfaction flashed in Bloodthirsty Demon’s eyes .

She would certainly give him genuine information that would allow him to quietly enter the Myriad Demon Caves, but not only was that where the Saint Lord was personally garrisoned, but that was also where he was closed up in seclusion . As she quietly calculated the time, the Saint Lord should currently be in the Myriad Demon Caves . As long as Qin Yu entered, all that awaited him was death .

Qin Yu nodded . “Very well, I agree to your terms . ”

Bloodthirsty Demon laughed…then, her smile froze . A severe pain tore through her as if a saber were cutting at her soul . A blood red light flashed in front of her and approached her side .

Bang –

Her head exploded and a headless corpse flew out . It crashed into the cave walls, causing it to collapse .

Blood flowed out from the cracks .

Qin Yu took her storage ring and walked away . Outside the underground chamber was a giant garden . Right now, there was a deathly stillness in the air . All of the demonic path people were slumped to the ground with distorted expressions etched on their faces .

With the power of his soul, cleaning away all these people today was a simple matter . He used Spirit Stab, and gently twisted it around, breaking apart their souls .

So, the words he has spoken before about isolating out all perception, that was only to paralyze Bloodthirsty Demon .

He found the chamber where the treasures and spirit stones were stored . With a wave of his hand, he took it away, not even leaving a crumb behind . Then he tapped his feet and leapt up like a bird, quietly flying away .

Bloodthirsty Demon had said that Shan Wugu had been tossed into the Myriad Demon Caves; this was likely true . But, he wasn’t so naïve to believe he could freely go in and out .

He feared that if he truly entered, all that awaited him was a trap of absolute death . Concerning the Saint Furnace, if the Demon Monarch wanted to search for it, the only clues would be from Shan Wugu . When he locked Shan Wugu away, how could he not have made preparations?

Bloodthirsty Demon didn’t know that Qin Yu knew about the Saint Furnace situation . She wanted to deceive him so that he stepped into a trap, but instead she was tricked into lowering her guard by Qin Yu and then instantly killed . Otherwise, no matter how oppressive Qin Yu’s strength was, wanting to catch and kill Bloodthirsty Demon wouldn’t have been easy .

He carefully analyzed the situation and found it difficult to come up with a satisfactory conclusion . With his current strength, he still wasn’t capable of rescuing Shan Wugu . In that instant, Qin Yu thought back to his cheap senior-apprentice brother, Pill Crucible . Pill Crucible was enemies with the demonic path . If he handed over the Saint Furnace then he might be able to borrow the strength of Immortal Eclipse Valley to save Shan Wugu .

But as soon as this thought appeared, he pressed it back down . This was not a trifling matter . Once Immortal Eclipse Valley was involved, just the slightest mistake would lead to disaster, and countless people would die horrible deaths . Moreover, if his actions enraged the Demon Monarch, then he might even just kill off Shan Wugu .

After all, with the Demon Monarch’s status and standing, whether it was from honor, face, or whatever else, it would be normal for him to not accept any threat .

Qin Yu tightened his fists and then loosened them . It seemed that only he could resolve this problem!

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