Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 177

Chapter 177

Chapter 177 – Sang Yueyue

When it came to Princess Lushy having taken a liking towards Qin Yu, that indeed seemed a bit unbelievable . But, as a high and lofty princess of the sea race royal family, she had truly never experienced such perils before . When she had been filled with despair and on the precipice of death, it was Qin Yu’s strong and mighty figure which had appeared and saved her . From that point on, not only did his image not fade away in her heart, but it became increasingly clear instead .

This could all be attributed to the princess being too young and inexperienced . If the princess were a few decades older and had seen through the hearts of more people, then perhaps she wouldn’t have been moved so easily . One could say that Qin Yu had taken advantage of the moment, stealing away a girl’s heart when she hadn’t fully gained her senses .

Of course, being a thief that stole a girl’s heart was a completely unexpected matter . Thus, when Qin Yu who was being held within the royal palace learned of this matter from a smiling Turtle Origin, his face stiffened .

In the eyes of the old turtle, the expression that Qin Yu made was like a giant meat pie had fallen from the skies and he was too happily surprised to respond . This was an obvious matter . One didn’t need to be a genius to know that anyone else would be crying with joy if they were suddenly given the chance to transform from a prisoner into the royal son-in-law .

As for whether or not Qin Yu would refuse…

Heavens, is there something wrong with your head?’ One couldn’t find such an opportunity if they went out searching for it with a lantern at night, much less in this current situation . Moreover, Princess Lushy was born as beautiful as a flower and was reputed to be the most beautiful pearl of the sea . Even if she was born looking like a haggard old cow, if marrying her would preserve one’s life, then anyone would do it!

Humph, this old turtle has lived for so many years so when it comes to understanding a person’s heart, how could you other juniors compare?

Turtle Origin coughed, a completely indifferent and helpless expression on his face . “This is something that I and the other high-ranking officials were strongly against, because how could the royal family’s bloodline be diluted like that? But, His Majesty has recognized your talent and appreciates your abilities, thus he has decided upon this idea to save you . Qin Yu, your ancestors must have saved the world, right? That has to be it! Are there any other questions you have right now?”

Qin Yu’s lips twitched as he watched this old turtle ramble on and on about how his ancestors must have saved the world and stood there as if he expected him to nod and then cry his heart out in surprise . “Senior, perhaps we could discuss this? For instance, if I continue helping to treat the vine below the royal palace, or maybe something else? As for marriage, please consider that as done for . I am only a human, so how could I possibly match someone as noble as Her Highness Princess Lushy . ”

The old turtle’s face froze . He turned and stared vacantly at Qin Yu, as if he had an aural illusion . But, the expression on that young bastard’s face was clearly one of refusal .


He had actually refused the sea races’ princess!

The old turtle’s first thought was that this boy must have gone insane . Anger immediately ignited in his chest, and at the same time there was a little panic . This was because he never imagined there was the possibility of Qin Yu refusing, and that was the reason why he had first asked Princess Lushy for her opinion . This was where the problem was . Now that the princess had agreed, did he need to go back and inform her that the other party had refused to marry her? That scene was far too splendid to imagine, so much so that he didn’t want to!

Thus, the old turtle was enraged . His eyes popped open and he shouted, “Qin Yu, you have no idea how to tell good from bad! Have you clearly thought about the consequences that would occur upon refusing the princess’ hand? Humph, let me warn you . Before you make a decision, make sure you mull over it first, otherwise if you cry from regret in the future, it will already be far too late!”

Qin Yu’s complexion turned indecisive . He clenched his teeth and said, “Fine, then I agree!”

The old turtle was overjoyed . He thought that his presence and grandeur were so immense that he had been able to shock this human junior into agreeing with just a few words . But then, he suddenly frowned and a suspicious light came over his eyes . “You agreed, but why do I feel that your words seem a bit shaky? Spill it, just what sort of plan are you forming?”

Qin Yu had a helpless expression . “You were the one that wanted me to agree, and now that I did agree you are doubting me . What should I do now then?”

The old turtle’s thoughts changed . “There is something I need to inform you of ahead of time . After getting married, you and the princess will not be allowed to take a single step from the mansion . Of course, this period won’t last too long . As soon as the princess gives birth to a child, you will be set free . ”

Qin Yu froze . He cursed this old turtle in his heart and then shook his head, saying, “This junior believes that this is an incredible insult to me, so about the marriage, we still need to further reconsider it . ”

The old turtle cursed out loud, but he was also glad that he said this . Luckily he was careful in asking this first, otherwise if this brat were to escape right after the marriage, he would really become a joke!

Qin Yu bowed his head and kept silent, allowing the old turtle to curse however he wanted . But, his heart began to gradually settle . It seemed that the sea races really did have a use for him . As for his marriage with Princess Lushy…who the hell knew just what was going on with that . In any case, it was impossible that he would agree, otherwise he wouldn’t be a man at all .

One hour .

Two hours .

Four hours .

The old turtle panted for breath . His lips were red from rubbing and his throat was hoarse . He lifted a shivering hand and pointed at Qin Yu, “You brat! Today, I will tell you something . If you don’t agree to this marriage, you can forget ever taking a single step out of here! Think about that clearly!”

He left in a huff .

Qin Yu looked up and forced a smile . What he feared the most was this result, that the sea races would hold him prisoner and wouldn’t release him . In this royal palace, he really might not be able to escape . Perhaps he would need to obtain a writ of permission from that underground vine before the sea races would allow him to leave .

As he was wracking his mind for ideas, he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps . Although his cultivation had been sealed away, his five senses still far surpassed those of a normal person . The footsteps were light; it should be a woman . Could it be that Princess Lushy and slaughtered her way here after learning she had been refused? There was no way the old turtle could place him in such a trap!

The sound of footsteps drew closer . Soon, what entered his sight was indeed a woman . No, to be more accurate it was a small loli who looked to be around 12-13 in appearance . She had a beautiful pair of sky blue eyes and her face was beautiful . When she grew up, she would definitely be the type of woman whose beauty brought ruin to nations and people .

The young girl didn’t speak . When she arrived next to Qin Yu, she sniffed several times and looked at him . Then, she brightly smiled and said, “It’s you, I knew it was you!”

Qin Yu was startled .

This…what was this…?

He had experienced strange events year after year, but there was a higher number than usual this time .

First of all there was an inexplicable marriage that came out of nowhere . He had already refused it, but this time a beautiful little loli appeared, seemingly as she was happy to have found him .

But the key problem here was that he didn’t recognize her at all!

As he was stunned, the young girl had already pounced onto Qin Yu and held onto his hands as she jumped up and down . “I knew that I would see you again . Seventh Aunty was always so offhand about it, did she think that I wouldn’t be able to tell? What about the sea region being too vast to meet again? Aren’t I seeing you again? Once I go back I must make sure to make fun of Seventh Aunty for being an old stick in the mud…well, Seventh Aunty doesn’t like it when people call her old, so just forget about it . ”

Qin Yu still had an utterly dazed expression on his face . Soon, he was also left embarrassed . The young girl was happily jumping around him and her developing chest was rubbing onto his arm . Yes, he did have to admit that it felt good, but really he wasn’t that type of person at all!

He hurriedly drew back a step, pulling open some distance between them . He said, “This…young miss, you have mistaken me for someone else . We shouldn’t know each other . ”

The young girl batted her eyes . “No, I’m not mistaken, it’s you . Let me tell you, my nose is quite accurate . Once I know the scent of someone, I will absolutely never forget him . ” As she spoke, she seemed to think of something important . “Ah, I forgot to introduce myself, how disrespectful of me . Big Brother Qin Yu, you can call me Yueyue . My name is Sang Yueyue . ”

Qin Yu thrust out a hand to push the girl away and stop her from pouncing on him . As he looked at her slightly aggrieved eyes, a sense of guilt grew in him . He hurriedly said, “Yueyue, your name is Sang Yueyue, right? Alright, I’ll remember that . But, can you tell me where we’ve met before?”

Sang Yueyue seriously said, “The last time I went out, I wasn’t careful and was accidently captured by some bastard humans . They killed many seafolk and I almost died . But luckily for me, Big Brother Qin Yu arrived and saved me and Seventh Aunty . ”

The young girl didn’t speak clearly, but Qin Yu was quick to find a corresponding memory . He tentatively asked, “The Netherworld Sea Region?”

Looking at Sang Yueyue nod her head, Qin Yu finally realized that she was one of the sea race people he had inadvertently rescued when he stole the demonic path’s Saint Furnace .

Well, this was quite unexpected . No wonder this person’s attitude was so intimate with him .

Qin Yu relaxed a little . The reason he had displayed such cautious resistance before was because he thought this might be a trap that the sea races had set up for him . For instance, trying to use a beauty and trick him…yes, such a small and beautiful loli could indeed arouse the darkest of desires within the heart, moreover there wasn’t anyone around and she acted far too familiar with him .

He coughed and steadied his thoughts . Then, his eyes flashed . “Yueyue, can you help me with a favor?” If this young girl could enter the royal palace at this time to see him, her status was surely extraordinary . At a time like this, he couldn’t consider things too much; he had to give it a try .

Sang Yueyue gave an earnest expression . “What does Big Brother Qin Yu want me to do? I will definitely try to help!”

Qin Yu first expressed his thanks . “Yueyue, can you help me check, the one that was originally with Soupman…ah, you can ask someone if you don’t recognize who they were, but do you know who was the one who joined with him to save me?”

“Soupman is uncle’s servant . I saw him many times when I was younger . Moreover, when Big Brother Qin Yu was caught, I was also on the scene . The ones that rescued you were my Seventh Uncle as well as Moon Praying Shrine’s wolf rider leader . I remember he was extremely fierce . ”

“…Yueyue, just who are you?”

The young girl began to blabber on and on . Although she added many unnecessary details such as how old she was and what she was doing for her birthday, she still gave sufficient information . For instance, she came from Sega City and was the only daughter of that mysterious madam, Sea Spirit Pavilion’s true master .

The master of the royal palace was her uncle!

Good, she indeed had a tremendous background .

If it were like this, it could be explained why Seventh Night sky had helped . After all, Qin Yu was considered part of Sea Spirit Pavilion . However, now that his identity as a human had been revealed, he likely wouldn’t be able to borrow Sea Spirit Pavilion’s strength again .

All that was left for him was Moon Praying Shrine .

Although he didn’t care much about matters related to the sea races, he had stayed in the capital city long enough . He had heard some news from the sound spiral networks around the city…

For instance, the various major tribes of the sea region and their dissatisfaction towards the capital city…

Moon Praying Shrine was very strong . But, from the young girl’s tone of voice and her praise of them, he knew that they wouldn’t try and save him for no reason at all .

There was inevitably a reason .

Then… .

Qin Yu thought for a moment and said, “Yueyue, can I trouble you to help me deliver a letter to Moon Praying Shrine?”

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