Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1691B: Elite Sword Family

Chapter 1691B: Elite Sword Family

Qin Yu threw Zhang Xiashan down to the ground. The man had fainted and he would not wake up for a while.

Rourou frowned, “What is it? As the new Sect Master of the Opening Heavens Sword Sect, are you really ready to restore the prestige of the sect or did you get addicted to taking people in?”

Qin Yu said, “You told me that since we are using another person’s identity and fame, there are some things that we need to make up for.”

Rourou scoffed coldly, “Is that what I meant?”

Qin Yu rubbed his nose, “That is how I understood it. Furthermore, you have to admit that it will be more believable in this way.”

Rourou scoffed coldly again but she was silently admitting it. She turned away, “You brought the man back, so take care of him yourself. Leave me out of it.”

Qin Yu smiled and nodded, “No problem.”

The moment he said this, his eyebrows jumped up and there was a look of surprise. He truly had not imagined that someone would dare to challenge him after he just took down Zhang Xiashan.

However, since he decided to step up for the challenge, this challenger must be sizable.

He looked at Rourou and like he expected, there was a serious expression on her face. This made Qin Yu’s heart grow more heavy.

Rourou thought about it and said, “Qin Yu, your opponent this time has something with him. Things may go wrong if you are not careful. I can give you the sword but now…it is truly not the right moment now. As such, you have to make your choice. Do you want to take the risk or take the sword now? I have to tell you, with the sword with you, you will definitely win.”

Qin Yu was in no rush to reply. His voice deepened, “What is the probability of me winning?”

Rourou replied straightly, “Sixty percent chance of losing, forty percent chance of winning.”

Qin Yu rubbed his chin, “Forty percent chance of winning. That is not bad.”

Rourou said, “Qin Yu, I don’t think you understand it properly. There is a risk to this…and you might die. Because if I interfere, I will definitely be stopped. Most of the time, life and death for a swordsman comes within a split second.”

Qin Yu frowned, “Then let me think about it.” He paced back and forth before looking up again, “If I take the sword now, how much will I be losing out by?”

“It is hard to predict the future. But according to my best estimate, it will be a lot.”

Qin Yu’s eyebrows raised, “Then I won’t take it.”

“Think carefully.”

Qin Yu smiled, “Rourou, perhaps because you appeared behind me, I think you misunderstand some things about me.”

He continued solemnly with a resolute look in his eyes, “I, Qin Yu, may have obtained a lot of fortunes to arrive at this point, but they were all things that I got by myself. Trust me, even though I have not fought for my life a lot recently, I am good at it.”

Rourou humphed and tilted her chin up, “If you aren’t afraid of death, go ahead.”

Qin Yu smiled and walked out, “Can you give me a hint? What is this man good at?”


Qin Yu continued walking but he cupped his hands together, “Thank you, my Rourou. I will be back soon.”

He stepped ahead.

Rourou glanced at the entrance and her expression stiffened.

After some hesitation, she took out a beating heart and tightened her fist around it. Her expression was serious. Future things shall be considered in the future. Since Qin Yu made his decision, she was not going to care for now.

The world was fair. One had to pay a price for however much he wanted. Since Qin Yu was willing to fight, then fight he shall.

Rourou’s head lifted and she looked into the skies above the Opening Heavens Sword Sect at that sword shadow. There was a cold look in her eyes.


Jin Geng stood stably and he clenched his fist ahead of him. The long sword on his back automatically flew forward and Jin Geng gripped its hilt and smiled.

“Foreign swordsman Jin Geng would like to challenge the Opening Heavens Sword Sect. Please accept my challenge.” His attitude was well-mannered and he did not seem like a swordsman who was going to start a Question Sword.

However, the brightest smiles had the most evil intentions. Those who looked at Jin Geng’s back felt their hair stand on its ends.

His surname was Jin?

A few people’s eyes bulged wide open and their hearts trembled from shock.

As the sacred grounds for swordsmanship, Swallow Mountain had a majority of sword sects established here.

However, this did not mean that foreign cultivators were weaklings not worth mentioning.

On the contrary, for them to gain a stable foothold and be famous even without Swallow Mountain was a testament to their power.

The Jin Family was a longstanding Elite Sword Family.

The name Elite Sword Family was not something that could be randomly thrown around. One of the criteria to be an Elite Sword Family was that they had to have a rich history. The other criteria they had to have was that the family had to have outstanding, elite swordsmen.

That unreasonable sword immortal who suddenly rose to power a hundred years ago opened the path for his family to become an Elite Sword Family with his own strength.

At the start, a lot of people were unhappy. However, after they were given a beating, many people gave in. Those who were still unhappy were beaten a second time and then a third. Later, no one dared to express their attitudes towards this anymore.

After the unreasonable sword immortal made his opinion clear, things had to go his way or people would be killed. The Jin Family was a true Elite Sword Family. They held a high status and were among the top ten sword sects known in Swallow Mountain.

Nonetheless, it was pointless to make guesses and people liked to verify for themselves. If things were true…the Opening Heavens Sword Sect was going to be in trouble today. It was not easy to take on the blade of the Jin Family!

There was silence as people waited. Then, Qin Yu walked to the entrance and people spotted him. His face was stern and when he looked at Jin Geng, goosebumps started to form on his skin.

The person in front of him looked like an unsheathed long sword that was incredibly sharp!

It felt like he could slice through blood and flesh at any moment, creating death and destruction instantly.


My Rourou’s description had been very accurate and appropriate!

All of this happened when Qin Yu walked out and caught sight of Jin Geng. He did not reveal any of his emotions. Cupping his hands, his voice rolled out in a calm manner, “Qin Yu of the Opening Heavens Sword Sect.”

Jin Geng smiled, “Please.”

It seemed like he did not intend to make the first move.

There was silence from Qin Yu and then he stepped forward. With a thought, he activated the rules of the heavens and earth. They cried and roared and the small world instantly descended.

He had already received a reminder on how strong his opponent was and how dangerous this battle would be. Of course he would not play any games and keep a hidden card.

He would attack with his strongest move. Otherwise, it was no different from dying.

Jin Geng sensed his surroundings and he was mildly surprised, “The Opening Heavens Sword Sect’s skills are extraordinary. I admire them.”

Though he said these, he did not hesitate to raise his arm and slice down strongly with the long sword. However, the target of this sword was not Qin Yu. Brilliant, bright golden-colored sword light shot above his head.

It was fierce, sharp, and definitely pure. All it had was a terrifying destructive aura that proved it would slice through everything.

At this moment, many people’s bright eyes were overflowing with light. Without any doubt, this sword definitely came from a disciple of the Jin Family.

No one understood why a disciple of the Jin Family would interfere in this. Could it be that the Elite Sword Family wanted to enter Swallow Mountain as well? If that was the case, then things had an explanation.

This suspicion flashed in people’s hearts but there was no point in pondering over it. They wanted to see the outcome of this battle.

The Light Flow Sword from Zhang Xiashan had shown was an unrivaled sword gem.

Jin Geng’s sword had sliced open the world and it dr agged every creature to hell to be destroyed.

From sword intent, it was hard to distinguish the difference between the two swords. Yet, it was undeniable that Jin Geng’s sword had stronger destructive aura.

It was way stronger!

Boom –

There was a low boom that sounded like thunder rumbling in the sky. Golden sword light cut through an invisible barrier.

Space shook heavily!

There was a flicker of fear in Qin Yu’s eyes. He finally understood why Rourou made such comments about this man. Not only was Jin Geng strong, he was very smart. He chose a fighting style that suited himself best.

Qin Yu was like a god in his small world and it was almost impossible for him to be defeated.

Now, Jin Geng was trying to destroy the small world.

Not anyone could do this, including Zhang Xiashan.

But Jin Geng could.

The sword skill from the Jin Family was a skill that was created to destroy the world.

Furthermore, Jin Geng had chosen a favorable spot.

Many small worlds could exist in this world. However, there was only one world. It would not be accurate to talk about the spot three inches above his head. But the weakest spot of the small world was truly the point that was nearest the sky.

It was not obvious, and some masters of small worlds would not be able to sense it if they did not survey the small world carefully.

It seemed that the Jin Family did their research.

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