Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 169

Chapter 169

Chapter 169 – Incredibly Rich

When Chief Manager Wu spoke just now, his voice wasn’t too high but it wasn’t too low either . His intention was to inform all those looking on that his heart was still and others shouldn’t try to take pleasure in any misfortunes that might happen . So, when the seventh floor was destroyed and started to cause the chain collapse of the entire Nine Layer Building, many of those people turned to him with unabashed taunting gazes .

This slap back was simply far too loud! Hehe, look, everyone look, Chief Manager Wu’s face could actually turn such a color that it’s actually greener than green iron! Incredible! Wonderful!

“My sea spirits, my materials!” The sea spirit teacher who fell silent suddenly shouted out loud, his entire face deathly pale before he fainted to the ground . Although the other seafolk around him weren’t so fragile, their complexions were actually extremely ugly . To a sea spirit teacher, their workroom was their most important holy ground, a place more valuable than a home in their heart . Now, they could only watch helplessly as their workrooms were utterly ruined; how tragic was this?

Countless bitter eyes looked up . They wanted to speak, hesitated, but then…they simply stopped . It wasn’t just that they were speechless, but all their thoughts came to a complete halt and it was difficult for them to think of anything else .

Pika paka –

If there was a series of sounds that echoed out, it was the jaws of all the seafolk dropping together and of all their eyes popping wide open . They were all left in a trance-like daze . It was unknown how long passed before someone suddenly managed to sputter out in a high-pitched voice, “Spirit…spirit stones…”

What nonsense . Of course those were spirit stones!

As countless people cursed inwardly at this person, they also regained their composure . They watched the raging flood of spirit stones gush out from the destroyed seventh floor and groaned in their hearts . One could show off their wealth, but did they have to do so in such a cruel and exaggerated way that no one else could live around it?

Gulp –

The sound of everyone gulping occurred in unison, actually causing a loud resonating sound . Many eyes turned blood red, filled with a blazing heat . Everyone here had seen spirit stones before, but 99 . 999% of them had never seen so many of them together . It was simply a giant spirit stone mountain!

Chief Manager Wu’s lips twitched as he thought about how the Nine Layer Building that had been built with so much effort and that had been kept in great condition by him all this time, had been blown apart by such a giant mountain of spirit stones . He howled in sorrow in his heart: Honorable Ning, Honorable Ning, why do you have to cause such a scene all the time? I have never offended you!

Old Sea had an extraordinary status and had long since left the crowd . In a teahouse that hadn’t yet been affected by the chaos, he steeped a pot of tea and looked on from afar . As a great expert, he had to have the demeanor of a great expert . No matter what happened, it was necessary to maintain the aura of restrained control at all times .

Because of this, he couldn’t watch the fun from up close . Oh well, saying things like this seemed a bit unfair to Little Friend Ning . But, the situation was caused by him, and that was the truth…cough cough, well, returning to the subject, while he was a bit disappointed that he couldn’t enjoy the scene up close, he still maintained a calm and breezy expression .

But at this moment, Old Sea’s great expert demeanor was broken apart as he spat out a mouthful of tea . He waved dismissively at a grumbling teahouse owner who he had sprayed with tea, and then rushed over to the teahouse railing and leaned out as far as he could . It took several breaths of time before he finally managed to regain his composure . He muttered to himself, “In the past I was known as Lingdao the Curse God, and I was able to travel freely through the capital city for all those years, arguing with annoying young masters . But compared to Little Friend Ning, the difference is too great, it is far too great!”

Clearwood had an awkward expression . “Teacher…” She didn’t want to speak up, but with so many people here, if they heard him it would be far too shameful .

Old Sea straightened his clothing . With his calm and tranquil appearance, it was like nothing had occurred just now . He faintly said, “Little Friend Ning must have a reason for his actions . We’ll find out as we look on . ”

He responded as if Clearwood was asking for advice just now .

This adaptability left Clearwood quietly admiring her teacher . She looked up at the spirit stone mountain and an inexplicable thought appeared in her mind: he is so rich that even if he desperately ate for his entire life, he wouldn’t be able to eat too much of it…

As she thought of this her face blushed red and she lowered her head . However, her eyes were a bit darker than before .

The capital city landmark Nine Layer Building was breaking down . The earth shook and shivered and dust rose up everywhere . However, everyone simply narrowed their eyes and stayed, without any intent of leaving . They looked up at the spirit stone mountain and all of them had the same thought in their hearts: fall, fall, fall, fall for me!

But what left everyone disappointed was the fact that the spirit stone mountain was extremely firm . It hung in midair and yet not even a single spirit stone fell down . If they could obtain such a spirit stone mountain, even just a part of it, then they could live the rest of their lives in peace and security .

While some people were disappointed, there were those whose disappointment gave way to greed, and then the eyes of those people started to become dangerous . The capital city was where sea races from all over gathered and there was no lack of ruffians and thieves . Although it was risky to try and steal something in public, if one considered the risk to reward ratio, it seemed…they could also give it a go .

Old Sea’s eyes turned icy cold . “Some people are mesmerized by those spirit stones so deeply that they are now seeking their own death . ”

He waved his hand . Several cultivators turned and departed from below the teahouse .

Chief Manager Wu was stunned momentarily but soon recovered his wits . He rapidly responded and issued a series of orders . The guards of Sea Spirit Pavilion rushed out, forming a wall that blocked the crowd .

Conflict broke out without warning . Three seafolk pushed away the guards and rushed towards the spirit stone mountain, naked greed shining in their eyes .

“Block them!”

Chief Manager Wu roared .

Four sea mantis swordsmen leapt up . Their dazzling sword lights wove into a net that covered the three seafolk .

Puff –

Puff –

There was the sound of flesh and blood being torn apart . Dark red flowers blossomed on the earth and the smell of blood wafted up . But, this was only one part of the crowd; in another area, other people also took action .

Moreover, these were masters!

The four sea mantis swordsmen were extremely strong and when they joined together, their sword light net was incredibly powerful and terrifying . But, when two concealed seafolk joined forces against them, they were actually dragged into a prolonged battle that left the four swordsmen worried .

These two people cooperated with a tacit understanding with each other . But, one could see from the details of the battle that they weren’t companions, but rather two strangers that had temporarily decided to join forces and attack together .

For a time, serious casualties and injuries were sustained by the Sea Spirit Pavilion guards!

Chief Manager Wu entered the crowd, his face pale white . With Sea Spirit Pavilion’s reputation and Honorable Ning’s status, there were actually still so many powerhouses that had decided to attack . If someone told him that this wasn’t some hidden plot, he would never believe it .

There were some people that wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to harm Honorable Ning!

Just who was it?

Bluesky Tower and Earthfault Spire might be strong, but they were still business with assets, so they wouldn’t do something so obvious . Otherwise, if anyone were to ever find any clues leading back to them, that would lead to their imminent demise .

Chief Manager Wu’s heart chilled . Could this be related to the invitation from the royal palace not too long ago? The more he thought about this the more possible it seemed . Sweat began to drip down his forehead . If this really involved matters related to the royal family, then things had become truly troublesome .

“Teacher!” Clearwood said, clearly flustered .

Old Sea sucked in a deep breath . Just as he was about to say something he suddenly looked up towards the end of the street .

A brigade of royal palace guards surged forth like a tide, led by Soupman . At this time, Soupman’s complexion was dark and heavy, dreadful enough to make one shiver .

“Go! Capture them alive!”


The onlookers retreated in startled panic .

The tide of the battle immediately shifted to the other side!

The royal guards were all elites . While their individual strengths might not be too high, they were capable of joining forces and utilizing battle formations that gave them a horrifying killing strength . The fourteen seafolk that were in battle were violently killed one after another . The two masters that were facing off against the four sea mantis swordsmen were immediately surrounded . They seemed to know that escape was hopeless, thus they began to wildly attack the royal guards .

Soupman rode atop a seahorse . He watched the two masters without expression, as if he were looking at two corpses .

Puff –

Puff –

The vicious flood-like surge of royal guards began to draw back together, revealing two torn corpses slumped in pools of blood .

“In the streets of the capital city, there are actually those who are willing to attack someone who holds a Purple Card . It looks like someone desires to overturn the heavens!” Soupman swept his eyes around as he slowly spoke . “I am right here . I want to see just who is willing to make a move . ”

As a result, no one dared to make even the slightest sound .

Countless seafolk were deathly pale, their eyes filled with fear . No one imagined that things would devolve to such a point . As they thought about how people just tried to harm Honorable Ning in full public view, as well as Soupman’s arrival and what he said, they all felt a chill rise from the bottom of their hearts . They quickly suppressed any thoughts they had .

Old Sea quickly walked forwards . He cupped his hands across his chest . “Soupman,” He lowered his voice, “Why did you kill them off?” With Soupman’s character, if he wanted to take them alive, he could easily do so himself . In the face of his abilities, those two masters weren’t anything at all . When he said, ‘capture them alive’, it was actually a reminder for those two masters that they were to prepare to end their own lives .

Soupman lightly said, “Sea Lingdao, there are some matters that you shouldn’t know about, so don’t pry any further . ”

Old Sea frowned but didn’t say anything in response . This was because these words were already sufficient warning . Yes, it seemed that Little Friend Ning had been involved in that matter . He looked up at the spirit stone mountain and a trace of helplessness appeared in his eyes . He thought about how Qin Yu had wanted to leave the capital city, and how that hope seemed unlikely now .

And in the environment where the air was filled with the rank smell of blood and where countless seafolk were pacing around in fear and alarm, a short black sword broke through the air .

Soupman’s eyes instantly turned cruel and vicious as a terrifying aura revolved around him . When he looked up, the air itself seemed to freeze . But in the next moment, he furrowed his eyebrows . He could feel a faint aura emanating from that black short sword .

So, it was Honorable Ning’s treasure .

He immediately restrained his aura and transformed back into a common-looking man . The black short sword drilled into the spirit stone mountain .

Meng Li gasped for breath . As he saw the black short sword enter the spirit stone mountain from afar, he felt as if someone kicked him in the chest . He felt beyond aggrieved . His intuition told him that although he had chased after this treasure sword with so much effort, it was unlikely he would ever retrieve it .

While he didn’t recognize Soupman, with so many royal guards around and the smell of blood filling the air, there was definitely some important matter occurring here . He took several deep breaths and fell to the ground . He grabbed the closest person and asked, “What happened here?”

He asked several questions and after understanding what had occurred, the bitterness from Meng Li’s eyes completely disappeared .

Honorable Ning, it was actually Honorable Ning . It was over…he had thoroughly lost the treasure!

To the thrifty and hard-working Meng Li, this was an attack that was hard to recover from . He took a deep breath and then took another deep breath .

Strong men don’t cry, strong men don’t sniffle!

Wu wu wu wu –

You are so rich, so why do you still take my treasure sword!

Wu wu wu wu –

Give me back my sword!

Buried deep beneath the spirit stone mountain, the black short sword drilled through right to Qin Yu’s side . It could feel the crazy and urgent desire for spiritual strength coming from its master’s body . Although the wild flow of spiritual strength had seriously damaged Qin Yu’s mortal body, so much that blood flowed from all over and flesh split apart, if Qin Yu didn’t obtain enough spiritual strength to supplement himself, he would surely die .

If Qin Yu died, the black short sword wouldn’t die . But it didn’t know when it would ever find such a reliable master again . After all, following Qin Yu hadn’t been so bad, and had actually been quite good .

Thus, the black short sword floated up between Qin Yu’s eyebrows . Then, with a slight poke, it stabbed between Qin Yu’s eyebrows .

A dark red bead of blood seeped out .

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