Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 167

Chapter 167

Chapter 167 – The Accident After Gathering the Five-element Spiritual Objects

The focus within the capital city suddenly shifted to the dignified and solemn Noble Court Avenue . Today, it was a scene of joyful festivity, as flowers in purple and red covered the streets, scattered all over .

The Qing Family’s daughter was being married off today .

There were roomfuls of guests as honored figures gathered from all over . The line of carriages which came to extend congratulations and offer presents stretched from one end of the street to the other . Countless young ladies from other families felt their hearts burn like acid even as they felt deep pangs of envy .

It had to be known that even though the people who lived on Noble Court Avenue were all impressive figures, they still couldn’t casually set up such a tremendous scene . At the very least, the Qing Family couldn’t . Today’s extra celebrations had been a unanimous decision decided by all the households living on Noble Court Avenue .

It wasn’t because they respected the Qing Family, but rather because of that high and lofty mysterious figure who stood behind the groom, that mystical great person who stood upon the highest clouds . This was their way of expressing their goodwill and respect towards him .

When the Qing Family first announced that Honorable Ning would be absent from the wedding, this caused the thoughts of countless people to shake, and it even gave some of them a sudden pleasant surprise . But soon, the gift list was revealed to the public, causing all of their thoughts to be grinded to dust .

There was no one on Noble Court Avenue who didn’t know about Wu Zetian’s dwelling . It had been in construction for over ten years and it was obvious how high the costs had been . Now, that dwelling which had been barely occupied, was now on the top of the gift list .

This sufficiently indicated just how highly Honorable Ning regarded his disciple .

No…in the eyes of the various households of Noble Court Avenue, and even in the opinion of the entire capital city, this had already surpassed the category of being highly regarded . Rather, it was a close intimacy, even considering him as a nephew!

Otherwise, how could he give out such a great present!

Thus, this created the scene of the Qing Family’s happy celebrations soaring to the heavens .

The capital city all watched with envy .

“Congratulations, congratulations!”

“For the Qing Family to obtain such a dragon-like son-in-law, that is the envy of all others!”

“A perfect match, a perfect couple!”

The Qing Family Patriarch widely smiled . He was finally able to vent all the grievances that had slowly gathered in his chest in these past years . His appearance seemed much younger as he greeted all the arriving guests .

“The groom has come!”

It was unknown who had shouted this, but countless seafolk turned around . They saw the grand escort caravan arriving . Chief Manager Wu brightly smiled as he cupped his hands together towards everyone around him .

Leon had a worried look . It was only when he arrived at the Qing Family residence that he regained his composure . He quietly knelt and bowed to the Qing Family Patriarch and finally called him father .

The Qing Family Patriarch brushed his beard and laughed, affectionately pulling Leon upwards as they exchanged some words . The bride was soon brought to the front door by her mother .

Madame Qing wiped away her tears . She said in a quiet voice to her daughter . “From now on, it will be the two of you . I hope you live happily ever after . ”

Leon took hold of Qingqing’s hands . As he looked at her red dress and her soft hands, his heart raced with excitement . Gratitude bloomed from the depths of his heart, and in a voice that only he could hear, he whispered to himself, “Teacher, do you see? I finally married Qingqing . Thank you!”

High above were clouds, and beyond that lay the starry skies . The starry skies divided the daytime . Countless years ago, on some dark night, a meteor raced past the horizon, dragging a beautiful tail of flame in its wake as it crashed into the earth . The ground collapsed, instantly torn apart to reveal a fathomless canyon . The terrifying impact force exploded outwards, ripping everything to shreds . The wild waves swept out, swallowing all for over a thousand miles . After an unknown period of time, perhaps because rainwater gathered here or perhaps because an underground river had burst open, a current of water gradually appeared . It continued to expand, until one day, this shattered land became a giant lake swamp . Mist gradually rose up, covering the lake swap . As lives were swallowed up one after another, this place slowly became a danger zone that people rarely ever visited . Thus, in the depths of the canyon, where a giant rock was being eroded by endless streams of water, the meteor finally came to a peaceful pause after a long journey through the starry skies . Over time, the eroding water slowly washed away at the giant stone . It became smaller and smaller, until eventually it was the size of a thumb . One day, the earth shook and rumbled and the stone was thrust towards the surface . As it appeared, the sound of splitting air sounded out, clearly audible for hundreds of miles .

Dantian sea –

Lotus seed, willow branch, crystal, round bead – four spiritual objects floated outside the Golden Core, resonating with each . At this time, the four spiritual objects cried out together, cheering in joy . At this time, between the lotus seed and round bead, space suddenly shook . A thumb-sized metal stone suddenly appeared .

Weng –

An endlessly sharp aura erupted . It was like 10,000 swords slashing out together, capable of splitting apart the world!

Whoosh –

The light of black water surged out!

Whoosh –

Blue divine light sparkled!

Whoosh –

Red flames ignited!

Whoosh –

A halo of yellow earth suddenly rose up!

Ever since obtaining the Five Element Sword Diagram, Qin Yu had pursued this path with a fervent obsession . He underwent great hardships, and after experiencing countless twists and turns, perils, and nearly dying numerous times, on this day he was finally able to gather all of the five-element spiritual objects within him .

Qin Yu opened his eyes . Though he remained calm, he still couldn’t help but shake with joy . The five-element spiritual objects were not just treasures, but a massive good fortune, an incredible lucky chance . Now everything was ready to go . Once he used the Great Divided Heaven Sutra to split his Golden Core into magic power sources of the five elements, he would finally be able to cultivate the true Five Element Sword Diagram . He could imagine the rise in his strength, and it also represented his limitless potential in the future!

Good fortune lays within disaster, and disaster lurks within good fortune .

This was a very, very old saying, so old that no one knew whether it was some wise sage who had struggled to come up with it, or whether it was some bad luck idiot who had randomly mumbled it .

But today, Qin Yu suddenly thought that this saying…was too bad luck!

Perhaps there was some dark will in the universe that didn’t want to see Qin Yu obtain such a good fortune . Thus, it inadvertently began to move, slowly pushing things along a certain direction . Like this, a change would occur without warning . This change would roar out, tearing apart all guises and exposing everything to the world .

Within the dantian sea, outside of the Golden Core, the evenly distributed five-element spiritual objects suddenly lost control . Or, it could be said that this was their instinctual will, something that couldn’t be stopped . Thus that white gold, black water, blue wood, red fire, and yellow metal, began to spin around . They were like five isolated islands that were suddenly linked together .

Then… .

White metal flowed into black water .

Black water rushed into blue wood .

Blue wood ignited red fire .

Red fire submerged yellow earth .

Yellow earth drilled into white metal .

Qin Yu had no idea just what was occurring . His instincts first told him that this change was a good deed, but for this to occur in the sea race’s capital city, this good deed might turn into calamity, one so great it might even push him beyond redemption .

His soul erupted with all its strength as he tried to prevent the five-element spiritual objects from changing . But, reality showed that all his efforts were futile . So, he could only stare helplessly on as the strength of the five elements began to spin faster and faster, recklessly rushing through his body like a great raging river .

This great river gradually released a great strength . From five directions, it tore at the Golden Core atop the Great Dao base, wanting to transform part of its strength into its own . Sweat gushed out, instantly turned the black robes soaking wet . Qin Yu’s eyes fiercely flashed open as he repressed a roar in this throat .

Within his dantian sea, the Golden Core trembled!

This was also another change beyond all expectations . In a flash, countless thoughts raced through Qin Yu’s mind . He didn’t know what would happen if his core was divided, but if he continued to resist, his Golden Core would be torn to shreds . At that time…things would really go beyond control .

He clenched his teeth and decisiveness flashed in his eyes . Qin Yu lifted a hand and slapped a palm against his forehead .

The palm landed between his eyebrows . When it did, a loud sound emerged from his dantian sea .

Like a bead had broken .

Like this, on the Great Dao base, that Golden Core which shined with a radiant golden light broke to pieces . It shattered into five equal fragments, and with a whistle, they flew out and were completely swallowed by the white metal, black water, blue wood, red fire, and yellow earth .

Qin Yu’s body turned rigid . As his Golden Core broke apart, all of his aura was suddenly emptied out, completely restrained . Even so, the magic power still in his body began to wildly revolve according to the Great Divide Heaven Sutra’s law formula .

Hum –

Hum –

The five-element spiritual objects trembled as they began to fuse together with the pieces of the Golden Core . They were undergoing their most essential transformation at this moment, but, this transformation required a gargantuan amount of heaven and earth strength .

Thus, at this time, Qin Yu’s rigid body became like a black hole, crazily swallowing in all of the heaven and earth spiritual energy from all around him .

The capital city had been built here, so it could be understood that the land here was extraordinary . Deep below the earth, seven great spirit veins connected together, providing a source of spiritual strength so abundant that it transcended common sense . It was also because of this that when the amount of heaven and earth spiritual strength became thinner somewhere, it was that much more obvious .

Within Sea Spirit Pavilion, numerous sea spirit teachers look up towards the same direction . Then as the scope of influence began to rapidly expand, countless seafolk frowned, some with faces of surprise, as they looked towards Sea Spirit Pavilion .

Rumble rumble –

The sound of crashing water began to sound out . This was the flow of heaven and earth spiritual energy . If a person could see the revolution of spiritual energy, they would discover that a massive vortex had appeared with Sea Spirit Pavilion at its center . This vortex was pulling the surrounding spiritual strength into a single point where it vanished without a trace .

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Sea race powerhouses flew to Sea Spirit Pavilion with serious expressions on their faces .

Chief Manager Wu welcomed them . He cupped his hands together, “Everyone, Honorable Ning is currently in seclusion and cannot be disturbed at this moment . I ask for your understanding . ”

Many seafolk seemed to finally understand . If it was that person, then everything could be explained . After all, Honorable Ning had fierce methods and everyone in the capital city had seen them . While the current scene was excessive, if it was due to Honorable Ning then it wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary .

But, just what was Honorable Ning doing?

More and more seafolk began to arrive . They gathered in rows outside of Sea Spirit Pavilion and watched with wide eyes, waiting to see what was about to happen .

And of course, they weren’t left disappointed . In the eyes of all present, that incomparably fierce Honorable Ning gave them an expected surprise .

Rumble rumble –

The vortex of spiritual strength became increasingly large . Strong gales blasted through the air and left robes flapping in the wind .

Chief Manager Wu’s eyes narrowed . He thought inwardly that Honorable Ning was truly extraordinary; creating such a ruckus was as simple as wiggling his fingers . After today’s events, Sea Spirit Pavilion’s reputation would become that much more glorious . Hehe, and if this was wrapped into a story and spread out, it would be the best advertising . Moreover, it was the genuine truth that could be verified by all those present today .

Chief Manager Wu chuckled at his own quick wits . But soon, he couldn’t maintain his smile any longer, because as more time passed, the wind seemed to…become larger and larger…

Looking at the wild winds and gradually trembling Nine Layer Building, Chief Manager Wu was left utterly dumbfounded .

His only thought was that before there could be any extra limelight, this entire place would be broken apart!

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