Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 165

Chapter 165

Chapter 165 – Great Gift

There were already people waiting outside of Sea Spirit Pavilion . The moment Qin Yu stepped down from the carriage, a group rushed forwards to welcome him . The one leading them was Chief Manager Wu, and even Clearwood was there . He didn’t know whether it was an illusion or not, but when he glanced at her, he seemed to sense a feeling of relief coming from this icy woman’s eyes .

Besides these familiar people, there was also a man and woman . They had an elegant and impressive bearing, and looking at the wary young man and woman behind them, it wasn’t hard to guess who they were .

They nodded to each other . Chief Manager Wu seemed to sense that this wasn’t a good place for him to speak; he tactfully stepped to the side .

The Qing Family Patriarch spoke in a warm and courteous tone . “Greetings, Honorable Ning . ”

That wise and virtuous Madame Qing only smiled gently, allowing all attention to be focused on her husband .

Qin Yu cupped his hands across his chest . “Patriarch Qing need not be so polite . I had the intention of paying a visit some time ago, but because there were too many matters I needed to attend to I’ve been delayed until now . ”

The Qing Family Patriarch smiled widely . “There is no need to speak so seriously Honorable Ning, since we are the ones who came to visit . ”

These words weren’t too overly excessive .

Noble Court Avenue was a small group of peak powers located in the capital city . Even so, there were 37 families that were housed there, and while the Qing Family was one of them, they had been in decline these past years and didn’t possess their former prestige .

As for Honorable Ning, he was the third ranked Purple Card, a legendary Spiritual Bestower, and also someone who had lasted almost an unprecedented 10 hours in the sea spirit baptism . And above all, he had appeared from nowhere with no roots at all . All the masters in Noble Court Avenue were wracking their minds and expending all efforts to establish relations with him . If they could meet him, even if it were only paying a visit, they would even bring their little sisters and daughters and allow him to freely choose from them .

Ever since the conclusion of the sea spirit baptism, the Qing Family had received many secret greetings; all of them wanted to have a chance to talk with Honorable Ning through them . The conditions they set forth were very attractive, but without exception, all of them were rejected . Although the Qing Family didn’t have some hero in their family that had great wisdom or great courage, they were still able to stay in the top circles of powerful officials, and thus they did possess some sight and judgment .

After exchanging pleasantries, as the host, Qin Yu invited the Qing Family into Sea Spirit Pavilion . The seventh floor was full of workrooms but was also built for housing and entertaining guests . Qin Yu had come here several times before, but there was a change . While it wasn’t too obvious, the style and quality of the surroundings had risen to another level .

It was clear that after the competition ended, Chief Manager Wu had personally come here and quietly redecorated .

Qin Yu didn’t care much . He offered his guests a seat and a maid came to deliver tea and snacks . She glanced over at him with excitement, her small ears burning red . Thinking of it, if Honorable Ning had some time off from work and had any interest in her, she definitely wouldn’t refuse him .

They chatted a bit before coming to the main subject .

The Qing Family Patriarch coughed . “Honorable Ning, Leon and my little daughter love each other, and me and my wife both approve of them . Now, the two of them aren’t young anymore; it’s about the age for marriage . I wonder if Honorable Ning has any objections regarding this?”

The two youths sitting in the corner instantly became the focus of everyone . As they noticed everyone looking towards them, they both flushed red .

Qin Yu smiled . “I fear that if I don’t approve of this matter, Leon will revolt and abandon me as his teacher . ” His words left Leon a deep red . Leon seemed to want to say something but couldn’t get the words out of his mouth . He was a bit embarrassed, but even more overjoyed . His teacher made a joke about him to show how close they were . Other people likely weren’t close enough for his teacher to ever speak to them like this .

The Qing Family Patriarch smiled . “Since it’s like this, I wonder whether Honorable Ning can manage their wedding?” While he tried to maintain a calm expression, a bit of worry appeared in his eyes .

To Leon and to the Qing Family, depending on whether or not Qin Yu decided to help manage the wedding, it would have a completely different meaning . One choice meant that they had a backer and the other meant that the situation had changed and their status would be shaken .

Qingqing was already aware of the intricacies behind this event . She gently pulled on Leon’s sleeve . He hesitated for a moment before standing up and bowing deeply . “Teacher, if possible, please preside over your disciple’s wedding . ”

Chief Manager Wu and Clearwood both looked on with smiles . But what happened following this surpassed their expectations and left shock flashing in their eyes .

There was a brief silence from beneath the black robe . “I’m afraid that I won’t have the chance to preside over your wedding…”

The Qing Family Patriarch and Madame Qing’s hearts sank . Their smiles started to falter .

Qingqing’s eyes widened and she was slightly flustered .

Leon’s lips flapped open . He slowly said, “It…it was this disciple…who was rash…teacher…teacher must have some…important matter…”

Qin Yu smiled and waved his hand . “Leon is my only disciple and I had already noticed his relationship with Qingqing from the start . If the two of them can walk down the same road together, I am of course happy for them . But, it's just that I have an extremely important matter to attend to and I cannot take time out to attend your wedding . However, as your teacher and as your elder, I shouldn’t be lacking in gifts . ”

He turned around . “Chief manager, I remember that during the gambling, Wu Zetian bet a dwelling in the capital city . Have you obtained it yet?”

Chief Manager Wu’s heart skipped a beat as he imagined a faint possibility . He couldn’t help but stare at Leon, blatant envy thick in his eyes . He respectfully said, “The title deed is in hand . This is a courtyard that was recently built and the decorations and furniture within are nearly unused . It is located on the east side of the capital city near Noble Court Avenue; it is a very good area . ”

Qin Yu nodded . “That should save some trouble . Leon, teacher will give this dwelling to you and Qingqing as a wedding present . ”

This hand was more than amazing .

The Qing Family was considered a family with deep coffers, but it was actually impossible for them to casually give away such a large dwelling . It had to be known that Wu Zetian had spent more than ten years constructing that courtyard and both the interior and exterior decorations were all top quality goods . All in all, while it wasn’t worth more than 100 million spirit stones, it was almost that amount .

The Qing Family Patriarch and Madame Qing were shocked . They quickly declined, saying that even with these two juniors getting married, it still wasn’t worth such a generous gift .

Leon and Qingqing also didn’t dare to accept .

Qin Yu smiled and shook his head . “It’s just a dwelling . I only fear that I won’t live there and letting it idle away would be a waste . Leon, what do you think?”

Leon was just about to refuse, but he suddenly remembered that beneath his teacher’s black robes, he was hiding his status as a human . He wasn’t an idiot, otherwise he wouldn’t possess such great talent as a sea spirit teacher .

Teacher, he…perhaps he was going to leave .

Yes, this had to be it .

As he thought of this, he was inexplicably flustered and also a bit sorrowful . He hesitated again and again before kneeling and pulling Qingqing down too . “I thank teacher for the generous gift . ”

Qin Yu flicked his sleeves and lifted the two up . “Chief manager, Manager Clearwood, after this period of seclusion I might leave the capital city for some time . I will have to ask you two to take good care of Leon for me . ”

Chief Manager Wu’s heart stirred . He had heard from Old Sea already, but it seemed that Honorable Ning really did have thoughts of leaving the capital city . He nodded with deep veneration . “Rest assured, Honorable Ning . ”

Clearwood seemed a bit distracted . She only nodded a little, not saying much .

Being startled, the Qing Family Patriarch and Madame Qing hadn’t noticed anything amiss at this moment . In their excitement, their earlier worry and unease had vanished . With this generous gift, even if Honorable Ning couldn’t attend the wedding for some reason, it was still enough to indicate how valuable Leon was . In the future, as long as they managed this well and maintained a relationship with Grandmaster Ning, then the rise of their Qing Family would only be a matter of time .

After obtaining a satisfactory answer and knowing that Honorable Ning planned to go into seclusion for another period of time, the Qing Family Patriarch and Madame Qing stood up and bid their farewells . Qingqing also left with them . This was one of the traditions of the sea races; just before a young man and woman were married, they wouldn’t meet in private again .

Leon stayed behind . He was silent, his head drooping down .

Chief Manager Wu didn’t seem too surprised that Qin Yu would be leaving . He took out three storage shells and placed them on the table . “Honorable Ning, the first one is the complete earnings from the earlier gambling . The second is 20 million spirit stones from my master . There are also some soul strengthening treasures on the way, but they haven’t yet reached the capital city . The third is Old Sea’s gift to you . ”

He didn’t know which day Honorable Ning would leave on, so he certainly needed to clarify everything before then . After handing over these three storage shells, he was visibly relieved . Carrying so much wealth on him had left him anxious and on high alert all the time, and at least with this the four sea mantis swordsmen would also be able to relax .

Qin Yu nodded and received the three storage shells . He casually asked, “Where’s Old Sea?”

Clearwood answered, “Teacher’s injuries may have stabilized, but in order to make sure there are no lingering damages, he needs to rest for a period of time . ”

And as everyone thought she had finished speaking, this cold and frigid woman suddenly asked, “Honorable Ning, are you really leaving?”

Chief Manager Wu frowned . Although everyone had guessed this, it wasn’t too polite to blurt it out loud . But as he saw Clearwood’s eyes, he seemed to realize something . A strange expression came over his face and he castigated her choices in his heart .

Qin Yu was surprised . He nodded; it wasn’t like there was anything to hide . Old Sea was a very astute person so he had likely guessed this and told Chief Manager Wu when passing the gift over to him .

“You can’t stay here?”

“I can’t . ” Qin Yu smiled . He seriously said, “There are some matters that are waiting for me to resolve . Although the capital city is good, it isn’t the home I must return to . ”

Clearwood’s complexion dimmed . She nodded and didn’t speak further .

Qin Yu had told her and Chief Manager Wu that he needed to return home; it was likely that only Leon knew just why his teacher had to leave . He was far too dazzling a figure now and an incident could occur at any moment . This was especially true with random invitations from the royal palace .

He had been alright this time, but what about next time? Or the time after that? There would eventually be a day when great mishap would occur . He was cautious about these things, so how could he not understand this point?

So, he needed to leave .

Once Chief Manager Wu and Clearwood left, Qin Yu looked at his depressed disciple . “It’s fine, I have to leave sooner or later . Leaving safely is the best possible outcome . You should be overjoyed for me . ”

Leon’s eyes glistened and turned a little red . “Teacher, will we ever see each other again?”

Qin Yu thought for a moment and shook his head . “I don’t know . But what I do know is that you, Leon, will surely become a truly great person in the future . Brat, you can do it! Qingqing is a good girl, so don’t disappoint her . Go, I have to enter seclusion . Before I leave I will bid you farewell . ”

Leon straightened himself and bowed . He took several steps back and left .

Qin Yu sighed .

It wasn’t that he was too worried, it was just that the situation was forcing him to do this .

When he left Soupman’s mansion, he never imagined he would encounter Princess Lushy . He thought this disguise was perfect, but that little girl was already suspicious of him .

That’s right . While she had managed to maintain a tranquil demeanor, she couldn’t hide the flash of insight in her eyes from Qin Yu .

With her status, wanting to find recordings of him was extremely simple . While those couldn’t prove anything, as long as she had just a bit of evidence it would only be a matter of time until he was exposed .

Thus, Qin Yu could not wait . He immediately had to go into seclusion and refine the last of the five-element spiritual objects, and then leave the capital city before his identity was exposed .

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