Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 156

Chapter 156

Chapter 156 – Sea Spirit Baptism

Chief Manager Wu was a man with a deeply embedded sense of self-respect . He always chased after the image of being a calm person who possessed a thunderous aura . Normally, he treated people with gentle indifference . It was only after Qin Yu appeared that this exterior of his was repeatedly broken, the most visible manifestation being when he smashed committee member Goodra with a chair .

He had thought that was the most out-of-character he had ever been, but now, as he looked at the calm black-robed figure, great waves rose up and down in his heart . And as he recalled the massive amount of wealth involved in this challenge, he wasn’t even able to take a breath . His legs softened and he slumped down on his rear, but he wasn’t even aware of this occurring . His eyes were wide and he began to gasp in heaving breaths .

This wasn’t fear; it was far from it . Rather, as he thought of the storage shell and the contents within, he felt overjoyed as if he were being pressed down on by a mountain of gold . The corners of his lips curled up, slightly open, and a bit of drool leaked out .

To the side, Manager Clearwood was completely unable to respond . The normally calm chief manager had already made a fool of himself . As she looked dazedly at that tall and straight black-robed figure, she didn’t know why but her heart began to race, a completely unprecedented occurrence . She flushed red and quickly lowered her head . It was just that in her mind, Qin Yu’s figure kept rolling around in her thoughts . It took her a great deal of effort before she was able to forcibly calm herself .

“Hahahaha!” Old Sea bellowed, laughing so hard that he triggered his injuries . He coughed and said, “Little friend Ning, little friend Ning, this game you played is just…” He thought for a time but couldn’t find the right words to say . He could only vaguely follow with, “…Incredible!”

The countless seafolk were awakened by this laughter and their eyes subconsciously widened . What the old man said wasn’t nonsense; this game involved at least 200 million spirit stones, a truly mind-boggling amount . But soon, they began to react as they remembered they were all involved in contributing to this massive amount . Their expressions suddenly broke down and they cried tearlessly .

There were those who had the courage to bet a tremendous amount, and perhaps it was because they were thinking of the miserable fates they were about to suffer, but their eyes rolled back into their heads and they fainted in the stands, immediately setting off a panic all around them .

There were certainly those that were filled with resentment, but after reflecting upon it, these seafolk would never dare to place any blame on Qin Yu . After all, he was a true Spiritual Bestower and in the future…no, right now, he could become a great figure that roamed amongst the highest heavens .

There was no way they could offend him . In fact, even in the future they couldn’t casually mention the bets they made, otherwise other people would laugh at them and say that they were being disrespectful to Mister Ning . Still, this resentment had to be vented somewhere, so the seafolk suddenly remembered Mister Ning’s words .

…Originally, I didn’t want to suggest a bet . After all, I have no enmity with those here nor do we share any injustice, so how could I just plunder your belongings? But, there are always some people who are just too irritating to the eyes . So, those who bet for me to lose are innocent and were simply dragged into this mess . I really must apologize…

They were innocent, they had been dragged into this mess…

Countless seafolk were filled with indignant grief and anger!

Grandmaster Wu Zetian had a deathly pale face . He suddenly trembled as countless cold and merciless eyes gathered upon him, leaving him dripping with sweat . His mood was horrified and shocked, but most of all, he was in full disbelief, utterly unwilling . How could this junior Ning be a Spiritual Bestower? He wasn’t that old! He clearly wasn’t that old!

There must be a problem, there had to be a problem!

Grandmaster Wu Zetian screamed like a banshee, trying to grab the final straw of hope . His pale face flushed red . “You cheat! You cheat!” It was like he had gone insane . “That must be it, I will catch you and find out the truth!”

Shua –

A figure suddenly appeared, blocking Wu Zetian . Chairman Xu stood there, his back straight and steady . His complexion was cold and dignified . ”Grandmaster Wu, please calm yourself . ”

But at this time, only Qin Yu existed in Wu Zetian’s eyes . That black robe was like the pall of night covering the world, leaving his eyes bloodshot .

“Xu She, step back!” With a shout, he strode forwards .

Pity flashed in Chairman Xu’s eyes before they immediately turned heartless . “Grandmaster Wu has lost his mind . Hold him down . ”

Shua –

Shua –

Over a dozen figures flashed out like bolts of lightning, followed by a thunderous roar . The previously proud and majestic Grandmaster Wu had now become a prisoner, struggling against his bindings and growling . His hair and clothes were loose and disordered, and his entire face was twisted with vicious abandon . Any grace and elegance he showed before had disappeared .

Chairman Xu spared him one last glance and turned around . He cupped his hands across his chest, “Mister Ning, I must apologize . Our mistake must have frightened you . ”

Without him needing to speak, a committee member forwards, carrying a Purple Card in both hands . He squeezed out an ugly smile through his stiff face, and it seemed as if he wanted to cry . 50,000 spirits stones had been lost and there was also the chance that he had offended Mister Ning this time . If he could cry, his sorrowful tears might turn into a river .

Chairman Xu glared over and hinted for the idiot to back out, lest he stir up unpleasant memories in Mister Ning . The other committee members also stood to the side, all of them respectfully bowing .

“This jade card should have been personally handed to you by Grandmaster Wu in an orderly procession of inheritance . But, Grandmaster Wu is not in a good situation right now so we can only do this in such a hasty and crude manner . It really is shameful .

“If Mister Ning doesn’t mind, I can hold a grand meeting later and gather high ranking figures from all the great influences in order to correct Mister Ning’s name . ”

Qin Yu received the jade card . He looked over at Wu Zetian who was glaring at him with incomparable hatred burning in his eyes . He shook his head and softly said, “It’s fine, there is no need to cause any more problems . Moreover, take Wu Zetian away – don’t make a mess . ”

Chairman Xu went with the flow . With his cautious thoughts, he certainly wouldn’t ignore this point . But, he just couldn’t understand Qin Yu’s thoughts – did he want to embarrass Wu Zetian in front of everyone?

Looking at the calm figure beneath the black robe, Chairman Xu’s heart filled with admiration . From the recording session to when Wu Zetian had spoken such harsh words during the interview, who could imagine today’s result?

First was Jing Guanjin, followed by Wu Zetian . This pair of master and disciple could be called a formidable duo, but unfortunately for them, they had provoked someone that they shouldn’t have provoked, thus they ended up in such a state .

Without a word, Mister Ning had stepped on this master and disciple . Not only did he leap up into the highest heavens, but he also carried away an incredible amount of wealth .

What was even more amazing was that with his current status and the words he had spoken before, he had almost completely removed himself from any sort of blame or resentment . After all, those that made bets had done so willingly . If they wanted to blame someone, they could only blame themselves and how blind they had been…or, they could blame Wu Zetian and Jing Guanjin .

Mister Ning’s methods were truly meticulous and wonderful!

Old Xu sighed . He thought of the 500,000 spirit stones and his heart twitched . But in the end, he simply bitterly smiled . He would simply consider this an expensive lesson . The more important task at hand was to restore Mister Ning’s impression of him . He cupped his hands across his chest and said with gusto, “From this day on, Mister Ning is the third ranked amongst the Purple Cards . Allow me to take advantage of this moment and be the first one to congratulate Mister Ning!”

He bowed deeply .

The other committee members cursed Old Xu inwardly for being two-faced . Still, they hurried behind and their flattery came out like a tide . Didn’t they see how blindingly bright Chairman Xu’s smile was? This was just how things were . Even if they lost so much money that they wanted to fall over themselves, they still had to smile, they still had to put everything into smiling!

Those from Sea Spirit Pavilion finally responded . They all hurried over . Old Sea walked in the front, his prestige and aura completely uplifted by Wu Zetian being carried away, and he didn’t even spare him a glance . They had fought for a lifetime and today he had been able to witness that old thing fall into a deep pit; perhaps he might never be able to crawl out for the rest of his life .

It was true that Sea Lingdao was a bit disappointed he couldn’t do it himself, but he was even more refreshed and ecstatic . And, he had to show his disdain, otherwise he would be too cheap compared to this young boy Ning .

“Old Sea!”

“Greetings, Old Sea!”

The committee members hurriedly bowed before drawing back .

Qin Yu smiled and cupped a hand across his chest . “Everyone, fortunately I didn’t fail!” His gaze fell on Leon . “Brat, your teacher has already won . As for Miss Qingqing, this is the most I can do to help you . ”

With this joke, the atmosphere was restored to a casual and joyous state . The shocked people from Sea Spirit Pavilion all laughed along . However, as they looked at the blushing Leon, they couldn’t help but feel envy in their hearts .

They certainly didn’t dare to reveal their jealousy!

What utter nonsense . As Mister Ning’s only and most valued disciple, Leon was destined to have a brilliant future . Everyone was tripping over themselves to be closer to him, so who would be dumb enough to provoke him?

After exchanging several words, Qin Yu turned around . “Chairman Xu, when can the sea spirit baptism begin?”

Deep within the royal palace, in that opulent hall, the Sea Sovereign had an expression of surprise . “Spiritual Bestower, this is quite unexpected . ”

He thought about it and the trace of a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth . He calmly said, “It looks like someone is destined to sleep poorly tonight . ”

In the wide hall, a respectful voice sounded back . “Your Majesty, it is only that if things go this way, the plan will be disrupted . ”

The Sea Sovereign lightly said, “It's fine . Since they have the intent, even if they are suppressed for a moment, they will eventually come back out . But this Mister Ning…”

“Does Your Majesty wish to give him a try?”

The Sea Sovereign shook his head . “That junior cannot help this Solitude . Observe him first . ”

“Yes . ”

With a single word, countless pairs of hidden eyes fell on Qin Yu’s body, recording his every move and action .

Chairman Xu was full of smiles . “Mister Ning is already one of the ten great Purple Cards . You only need to pour your energy into the identity card and you will be able to use the Purple Card to quicken the sympathy of the sea spirit and open the baptism . ” He quietly reminded, “During the sea spirit baptism, your own condition is important and will greatly affect how you attract the strength of the sea spirit . So if mister isn’t in a particular hurry, you may open it up after resting . ”

The other committee members nodded together . Even the miserable committee member Goodra leapt out of his bed after hearing of the great reversal in the challenge and how Wu Zetian had ended in a pitiful state . He hurried to join everyone else in laughing and celebrating . The doctors that had been treating him sighed; the turtle race possessed a truly tenacious vitality .

Right now, he stood in the crowd and smiled brightly . Whether it was good or bad, how could he miss this chance to become closer with Mister Ning?

Committee member Goodra observed everyone’s mood . As he saw that dog Xu and Mister Ning’s silence, his heart quickened . He grasped the chance to say, “In truth, you don’t need to do that . ”

Seeing Mister Ning turn to him, committee member Goodra’s smile widened . He said, “My family has some records that disprove the myth that resting will benefit one in absorbing the strength of the spirits . Rather, if the body has some loss, only then will there be an advantage in absorbing more . ”

Chairman Xu’s face stiffened . He dimly said, “Committee member Goodra, the sea spirit baptism is an important event; do not speak recklessly . ”

Committee member Goodra sneered, “What I speak of is recorded research that my family has gathered over the years . Or, does Chairman Xu think that your family has a longer history than my family, and that your information is more accurate?”

These words left Chairman Xu paper-white .

On the side, the other committee members had strange expressions . Thinking about it, it was indeed hard to find a race in the sea region that lived longer than the turtles . These words were simply sharp and stinging to an amazing level . They didn’t expect this old fellow Goodra to be able to play such a hand .

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