Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1514: Meeting the Desolate King

Chapter 1514: Meeting the Desolate King

General Jinwu, Ning Qin.

This name spread all over the capital city in a day, attracting attention from all directions.

He was chosen by His Majesty and deployed to the military. If he succeeded in gaining military achievements, his future would be limitless.

This alone was enough to make him exciting.

The undercurrents and dangers that lingered around Qin Yu were swept away, just like that.

His Majesty’s imperial decree had already been issued. In the capital city, at least, no one would dare to harm Qin Yu.

Otherwise, it would be akin to challenging His Majesty. Such incidents had happened in the past, and they proved that whoever dared to do something like that would not have a good ending.


The Eldest Princess sat in her carriage. On the way back to her palace, she sat on the soft couch, exhaustion showing on her face.

Today’s incident seemed simple on the surface, but it was extremely tiring…one must know that it was extremely difficult to have the means and opportunity to play tricks during the Ye Family’s Spirit Summoning Ceremony.

As long as someone fell into the trap, there was absolutely no chance of proving their innocence.

Yet, things had ended like this. The Eldest Princess could not figure out why, but she could only accept this outcome.

In the corner of her carriage, there was a soft sigh, “Your Highness’ move this time was wrong.”

The one who spoke was an illusion. She was very faint, and continually faded back and forth.

The Eldest Princess raised her hand and massaged the spot between her eyebrows. “Liu Yun, with today’s failure, it’s going to be hard to gain the Later Ye Family’s understanding.”

“But if Your Highness does this, it will make them very dissatisfied and this will be detrimental in the future.”

“I know, but the important thing now is to get His Majesty to stop investigating the matter.” The Eldest Princess put her hand down and showed a hint of helplessness, “If I succeed, His Majesty will not punish me. But if I fail, I will have to make a choice.”

On the altar, there was the priest who had collapsed and died. The poisonous worm that came from the Barbarian Clan was an extra arrangement that she had made to prevent any other accidents.

Come to think of it, perhaps His Majesty would be lenient because of this.

“Ning Qin.”

The Eldest Princess murmured. She had underestimated this person after all!


Zhou Chengshan smiled. She was in a good mood because Qin Yu had successfully passed the test and would have a bright future.

Even though there were many dangers in the military, it was worth the investment.

What was even better was that she had already helped him before that.

Saving him in a time of need was far better than doing small favors for him.

In addition, back then in the Barbarian King’s tomb, she had formed a rather good relationship with him compared to the other parties from the West Desolate.

“Zhe’er, go to the Sixth Prince’s palace and send congratulations on my behalf. Also, invite Ning Qin to come over for a chat when he is free.”


The atmosphere in Bohu Hall was heavy.

Everyone knew that the plan had failed, and now the Old Ye Family was getting the cold treatment by the ruling class.

It was to the point that even His Majesty would be dissatisfied with this incident.

But for the same reason why Bohu Hall was named as such, the members of the Old Ye Family could only frown slightly, but did not dare to show any dissatisfaction.

“Bohu, things are not in our favor now; we shouldn’t make any moves for the time being,” an old veteran spoke slowly.

He had a very senior role because he was Ye Bohu’s uncle. He was upright and reliable, and had considerable prestige in the clan.

Only he could have spoken such words.

Ye Bohu blandly replied, “His Majesty has issued an imperial decree; of course I know what I should and should not do.”

His eyes swept over the crowd and he said, “Old Family Head of the Ye Family ordered all nine divisions of the military to behead the West Barbarians. Go and make the necessary arrangements.”

Everyone felt slightly relieved.

“Yes, General!”

After receiving the order, they got up and left the room.

Only Ye Bohu remained in the hall. He picked up the teacup and with a ‘pa’ sound, the cup shattered and the hot tea spilled.

Frowning, Ye Bohu put the shattered pieces down and wiped his hands on his robe. His face was extremely calm.

He had many sons, but there was only one Ye Wangu. Back then, when he named him, he had high hopes.

But now, Ye Wangu was dead!

And he died…at Ning Qin’s hands.

Ye Bohu trusted his own intuition. After he met Qin Yu, he was even more sure of this.

There was no reason, and he did not need a reason.

He must die!

The imperial decree had been issued. Although it was impossible for him to do anything to Qin Yu in the capital city, there were frequent battles at the West Border, and it was normal for accidents to occur.


Qin Yu came to the Imperial Palace for the third time.

Valued by the Desolate King, Qin Yu had been given the title of General Jinwu to guard the West Border.

Of course he needed to personally enter the Imperial Palace to express his gratitude and loyalty.

“Lord Chengtian.” A group of imperial guards bowed and saluted, then their eyes turned to Qin Yu and they all knelt with one leg.

“Greetings, General Jinwu!”

The imperial guards had special privileges, and they did not need to greet lords, but since Qin Yu had gained the title of General Jinwu, he was now one of the commanders of the imperial guards.

Naturally, he qualified for such a greeting.

Qin Yu nodded his head, “At ease.”

Lord Chengtian smiled and stretched out his hand, “General Jinwu, His Majesty is waiting for you, let’s go.”

Entering the Imperial Palace, he suddenly felt a sense of respect and awe…and an omnipresent, terrifying sense of oppression.

If it were up to him, the Imperial Palace would be the place that Qin Yu was least willing to go to.

If anything happened, there was no possibility of him escaping. Perhaps the Desolate King could kill him with just one thought.

There was no choice, he could only endure the suspense of not having any contingencies.

Travelling down the long palace road, passing through a large stretch of buildings, its luxurious, sophisticated and majestic aura naturally did not need much description.

Outside a golden palace, Qin Yu could not help but squint his eyes. The sky was clear without a cloud in sight, and the rays of the nine suns reflected on the palace’s surface, making it impossible for people to look at it directly.

Here, Qin Yu met someone he knew – Madame Wu.

Her expression was just as detestable the last time he saw her. Cold, gloomy, and condescending.

“Madame Wu, why are you waiting here?” Lord Chengtian took the initiative to speak, with a smile on his face.

This seemingly ordinary old madame turned out to be someone formidable after all.

Otherwise, why would a dignified lord try to get in her good graces?

“Greetings, Lord Chengtian,” Madame Wu greeted him and said, “I just went to deliver some medicine and food to His Majesty, and I’m waiting for him to be done so that I can clear them up.”

Lord Chengtian nodded his head and said, “I see.”

He turned and told Qin Yu, “Since His Majesty is still taking his meal, let’s wait here for a while.”

Of course, Qin Yu had no objections.

After a while, the palace door opened. An eunuch came out and said, “Madame Wu, His Majesty has finished eating; please go and clean up.”

Madame Wu nodded and bowed once more towards Lord Chengtian. She then entered the hall without waiting for him to speak.

Qin Yu suddenly said, “Lord Chengtian, I’ve met Madame Wu a few times; she seems to have quite a high status in the Imperial Palace.”

After thinking for a while, Zhou Chengtian said softly, “Madame Wu was His Majesty’s wet nurse. She has taken care of His Majesty since he was young. His Majesty respects and trusts her.”

This was certainly not the only reason.

For example, bringing medicine in and out of the hall was done by Madame Wu alone, and even the eunuchs who were close to His Majesty could not touch it.

That alone was unusual.

But Lord Chengtian’s explanation was also sufficient to explain Madame Wu’s status in the palace…His Majesty’s wet nurse, who had taken care of him since he was young.

Such a person would definitely be very well-respected in the Imperial Palace.

Madame Wu walked out of the hall with a tray of food boxes and nodded slightly at Lord Chengtian before disappearing around the corner.

The eunuch appeared again and bowed politely, “Lord Chengtian, His Majesty knows that you are here and has invited you in.”

Zhou Chengtian nodded his head and said, “Let’s go.”

Qin Yu took a deep breath and followed behind Zhou Chengtian as they walked into the hall.

He was about to face the Desolate King, the most powerful existence in the Desolate Area. He would be lying if he said he was not nervous.

Especially because he had too many secrets.

If his secrets were exposed, then only death would be waiting for him!

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