Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1431: Not Enough Enemies

Chapter 1431: Not Enough Enemies

It was good that she gave a price, at least. It was better than staying silent, refusing completely, and attacking him.

Although Qin Yu knew that he had some skills, it would be best if they did not create a huge commotion with their fighting.

Stabilizing his emotions, he tried to look as calm and relaxed as he could as he extended his hand to gesture for her to talk, “Please speak.”

Across from him, Thousand Faces looked at him neutrally.

Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat. She meant for him to start the offer. He thought about it, “A soul on the level of a True Saint.”

Stone Pagoda had briefly explained to Qin Yu what happened to Thousand Faces. He knew what the goals of these frightening existences that liked to cross space and make agreements with humans were.

So of course, he offered the thing she would be most interested in.

Thousand Faces sneered, “Are you looking down on me?”

She was very direct and Qin Yu’s heart shrunk as he looked at her. He wondered whether the compensation was insufficient and thought he needed to offer more.

Before he could speak, Stone Pagoda stopped him, “Master, don’t fall for her trick. Thousand Faces probably has something she was interested in, but a True Saint’s soul is enough to exchange with her. These mysterious existences are all extremely greedy. If they learn that you are willing to give more to save Thousand Faces, things will become troublesome.”

Qin Yu stilled as he thought about Stone Pagoda’s analysis. He paused before looking as if he was in a difficult position as he chuckled bitterly, “Mysterious being, a True Saint’s soul is enough to make up for what you lose. I hope you consider it carefully.”

Thousand Faces’ fingers started to drum on the tabletop again. She looked coldly at Qin Yu, “Using a True Saint’s soul to exchange for this woman is a good deal, but there is something about you…Saint level items are probably easy for you to get.”

She paused before smiling brightly, “I know about how you killed two True Saints in the Vanquished Nation.”

Qin Yu’s mouth twisted. What is this? Was his wealth exposed? This mysterious being that was controlling Thousand Faces clearly knew that he had Zhou and Lin Saint’s souls. That was why she did not hesitate to ask so daringly.

He had to end this quickly. If they continued to bargain, he did not know what kind of request she would raise. Qin Yu was determined as he put his hands together, “Although you are right, all exchanges in this world are equal and fair. As a mysterious being from space time, I believe you will uphold this.”

He looked over, “So please tell me your price.”

Thousand Faces knocked lightly on the table while she seemed to be thinking. She then laughed, “I want a complete True Saint.”

She looked at Qin Yu and the speed her fingers knocked the table slowed, yet an invisible force seemed to exist, “Remember, a complete Saint. His flesh, soul, everything.”

Qin Yu looked troubled. Killing Saints was not difficult to him, but if he had to suppress and control a Saint, then offer him completely…it was difficult, too difficult. There was no way he could do it.

Even if a Ruler tried, they might not be able to succeed.

Divine Saints that reached the shore had long formed their own Great Dao. Even if they could not resist being captured, they could easily end their own lives.

After all, when compared to getting sacrificed to a mysterious and strong existence from space time, death was a much more pleasant choice.

Thousand Faces lifted her hand and touched a spot in front of her face. A black flame emerged and turned into a scroll. The scroll unrolled and the tongues of the flames gave way to a strange writing.

“Sign this agreement. The next True Saint that you kill will be my offering. So things are not as difficult as you think. You just need to kill one more True Saint in order to complete the agreement.”

Qin Yu’s expression shifted slightly. Although Stone Pagoda did not explain much, he was filled with a strong fear towards these mysterious beings that emerged from space time. Signing an agreement with them was like dancing on sword tips. If he was not careful, he would fall and the sword would pierce through his body and he would die a miserable death. His entire being resisted the thought of it.

“You suspect that I am tricking you?” Thousand Faces narrowed her eyes and chuckled sinisterly.

Qin Yu put his hands together respectfully, “You are thinking too much, I have no other intentions.” As he said this, he quickly urged Stone Pagoda to find out exactly what was written on the agreement.

Thankfully, Stone Pagoda was also well ‘researched’ in this area and he quickly answered, “Master, there is nothing wrong with the agreement. But you must ensure that you kill a True Saint within a month and give them to her. If not, according to the agreement, you will take their place and become her prey.”

Sss –

This being was extremely sinister. From the start till now, it did not warn Qin Yu that there was a time limit.

A month did not seem short, but to a cultivator, this was merely enough for a short isolation. If Qin Yu had not found out about this and a month passed, it would have been extremely troublesome.

“Are you sure there are no other problems?”

Stone Pagoda confirmed, “Actually there is one point in which you were right. The reason why these mysterious beings are able to survive for so long is because they stick to their promises. They might twist the rules and try to sneak in a few traps, but with regards to the main content of the agreement, they will not lie.”

Taking a deep breath, Qin Yu flicked his finger and a drop of fresh blood flew out and was absorbed directly into the agreement. The flame on the surface turned blood red for a moment. At the same time, the power of an agreement appeared within Qin Yu’s senses. It surged up to the heavens and dissipated as if linking up with some strong existence far away.

Thousand Faces smiled in content, “Since the agreement has been signed, I will release her for the time being.” Pausing, her eyes flickered, “I know that in the world you are in, it is not easy to hunt down True Saints so you don’t have to rush this. You can make your own arrangements. Until you do, I will do my best to curb my appetite and refrain from damaging her weak soul.”

He cursed internally at how scheming this being was before standing up and bowing, “Mysterious being from space time, I thank you for your generosity.”

Woosh –

Thousand Faces’ face changed again and at the same time, the control over her conscience disappeared as well. The mysterious being that had appeared was now gone.

As she opened her eyes, her eyes looked dull and listless, along with a hint of fear. Thousand Faces looked at Qin Yu and forced a smile, “Thank you kunior-apprentice brother.”

Qin Yu replied, “I will not ask for the reason. I will help you deal with this…” He paused before sighing lightly, “Next time, don’t ever sign any agreement with a mysterious being. This time we were lucky, but luck will not always follow us.”

That was right. Thousand Faces was very lucky to meet this mysterious being from space time that was able to think and had a conscience. If it did not, Thousand Faces’ soul would have just been devoured after the time was up and there would have been no chance to save her.

Thousand Faces looked serious, “Junior-apprentice brother, don’t worry. I will never do something like this again…” She lowered her head to think and suddenly sighed. She put her hand into her clothes and seemed to be feeling for something.

Qin Yu’s body froze as he wondered what she was doing. Although he saved her, he did not have any other thoughts.

Woo, but thinking about it, seventh apprentice sister changed her face every day and they were all beautiful. Being with her was like having a new bride each night…tsk, tsk. Elder apprentice brother was so lucky!

Just as Qin Yu was thinking seriously about whether he should hurry and sneak out, seventh apprentice sister pulled something out.

So she was not taking off her clothes. Qin Yu breathed a sigh of relief but could not help but feel slightly disappointed. He scolded himself internally. Men were all creatures that were guided by that thing below.


Coughing lightly, Qin Yu struggled to maintain a composed expression as he suppressed his emotions.

Thankfully, seventh apprentice sister did not notice as she held the thing in her hands and looked at him, “After the big catastrophe all those years back, I was able to survive because of this…I don’t know what it is but this thing is extremely strange and has all sorts of unimaginable abilities.”

Thousand Faces paused for a while before sighing, “I thought that I could have my revenge by using this thing. But it seems like I overestimated myself and could never get acknowledged by this thing. There is no point in me keeping it any longer. I will give this to you as a thank you gift.”

Qin Yu wanted to reject her by saying they were fellow disciples and it was expected of him…but he could not say it or did not dare to say it. Because the thing that Thousand Faces held in her hands caused a stir in the existence within him.

The answer was clear – the thing wanted it!

Did Qin Yu dare to reject? Although the reaction from the East Sea Sword was not very intense, it was the first time it had such a reaction.

Did he want to try rejecting? Hehehe, how about I cut you into half?

Coughing once more, Qin Yu replied, “Thank you. In that case…I will accept it.”

In front of him, Thousand Faces looked shocked. She had truly wanted to give it to him but never expected her junior-apprentice brother to accept it directly without even trying to reject her.

But she did not think much. Perhaps her junior-apprentice brother had sensed the mysteriousness of this thing.

He stretched out to take the little ball from her. It was as big as a fingernail and looked like a red pearl. The surface was smooth and shiny and it even glowed slightly.

When Qin Yu held it, the red pearl suddenly lit up and with a ‘buzz’, it disappeared.

When seventh apprentice sister saw this, it confirmed her guess. She looked moved as she glanced at Qin Yu, “Alas, this pearl was just waiting for its real owner. Now that I have handed it to you, this pearl has now seen the light once more. It is better than it collecting dust with me.”

Qin Yu’s mouth shifted but he ended up just smiling. It was not like he could tell her that he did not know anything and he did not even want it nor knew what this thing was called.

Cough cough. If he did, it would seem like he was trying to downplay what he got so easily.

However, through this he verified that good people would be rewarded. Although Qin Yu did not know what this pearl was, if it could make the East Sea Sword interested, it was valuable.

If Qin Yu had not helped Thousand Faces, he would not have gotten this.

This tells us that if possible, we should always try to be good people…maybe we will not be rewarded immediately, but fate will make sure we are rewarded eventually. We just need to wait for the time to come.

Turning back to the main topic, Qin Yu greeted, “I will not hide from you, I actually have a use for this pearl. I will make arrangements and you can rest assured.”

Since he had taken her thing, he had to work. He had to kill a True Saint within a month…hoo, who should he kill? Although he had many enemies, those of the True Saint level were almost all dead. He did not have enough.

The black-robed True Saint from the Vanquished Nation? Or the strong power backing him? But when it came to revenge, Qin Yu was waiting to deal with it. No one would stand up and volunteer to get revenge taken on him. If the other party did not do anything, there was nothing he could do.

Sigh. After thinking about it, there was no discreet way to do it, he had to just offer his head…tsk, tsk. After all, he had enough enemies around.

As all sorts of thoughts filled his head, Qin Yu stood up to take his leave. Seventh apprentice sister had just escaped death; although she looked calm, she must be extremely emotional. It would be good to give her some time to herself.

“Junior-apprentice brother, be careful. I won’t send you off.”

“Seventh apprentice sister, there is no need to see me off!”

After stepping out, Qin Yu let out a deep breath as he rubbed his eyebrows. In the past, when he saved others he did not think he was that important. Could it be because he was stronger now and he thought more highly of himself?

He shook his head to suppress his feelings. He only had one month to complete the agreement; this was more urgent.

He should go back and isolate for a few days. After he comprehended the five Divine Ways, he would reach a small gateway.

As long as he could cross it smoothly, he would be considered to have properly entered and his powers would increase once more.

Hoo, this feeling of one’s powers increasing non-stop was such a great feeling!

As Qin Yu rushed back to his residence to isolate, he did not know that the situation of him saving others would not end here.

Very soon, he would realize that his thoughts of ‘not having enough enemies’ was ridiculous. Because very soon, the number of True Saints that were going to stand at his door would be a lot more than he could imagine.


Rice Paper’s face was pale and her eyes filled with fear. She lifted her hand to cut the air. The air split open and without any hesitation, she stepped in.

The Transcendent Sword Sect was in trouble and their target was Soaring Sky. But not only him…as she thought of this, Rice Paper’s body froze and her face paled even more.

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