Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1429: Dusk Order

Chapter 1429: Dusk Order

It was today that Qin Yu realized Stone Pagoda was finally being completely open with him.

He coughed lightly as he hid the strange look in his eyes. There were some things that they understood mutually and there was no need to say everything.

So at this point Qin Yu just thanked him for his hard work internally and pretended not to see or guess anything.

Stone Pagoda was thankful for this. Although he had been mentally prepared to completely expose himself in front of Qin Yu, he was not willing to remember or face the things that happened back then.

Piak –

Piak –

Soft sounds could be heard. The layers of mucus surrounding second apprentice brother cracked and disappeared along with the wraith.

Stone Pagoda said, “Master, if there is nothing else, I will return first.”

After seeing Qin Yu nod, Stone Pagoda’s illusion disappeared with a soft buzz.

Groaning, second apprentice brother opened his eyes and light flickered in them. A strong and explosive aura burst out.

But very soon, he realized what was happening around him. He looked at Qin Yu before frowning, “Junior-apprentice brother?”

After he found out what happened, second apprentice brother looked grateful as he put his hands together, “I really have to thank you for your help. Without it, the consequences would have been disastrous.”

Qin Yu looked at him and saw that he looked dull, but there was a light shining in his eyes. He sensed that there was something different in second apprentice brother’s aura and smiled gently, “It seems like you managed to get something out of it.”

Second apprentice brother did not hide as he sighed lightly and nodded, “Technically speaking, the origins of the thing in the wine pool have something to do with me. Through this, I managed to recall some forgotten memories. I will most likely be able to break through my current realm.”

“Congratulations, second apprentice brother!”

Thousand Battles shook his head and laughed bitterly, “If you did not help me, I would have died…” He took a deep breath and put his hands together respectfully, “I will remember this and in the future, if you need anything, my life is yours.”

He was resolute and sincere!

Qin Yu smiled but did not say anything. There was something he was right about – he knew he could not stay in the Peach Garden forever and had a feeling that he would soon leave this place…perhaps this had something to do with what that woman asked.

Ultimately, he could help the Peach Garden for now, but could not do so forever. The best outcome was for everyone to become stronger themselves.

“Let’s go out. White Phoenix, Iron Mountain, and Xiaoyu are waiting outside. They must be anxious.”

When the two of them stepped out, they saw that White Phoenix and Iron Mountain were fine and were merely frowning with a serious look. However, Lei Xiaoyu was extremely anxious like an ant on a hot pan, and was pacing around furiously.

“Brother Qin!” Seeing them come out, her eyes lit up and she quickly walked over.

White Phoenix and Iron Mountain breathed a sigh of relief. However, very soon, a slight hesitancy could be seen in White Phoenix’s eyes.

“Cough! Junior-apprentice brother, since you came out fine, please give me back what I handed to you.” White Phoenix smiled and extended his hand.

Qin Yu was slightly startled but reacted quickly. It seemed like White Phoenix knew some secret regarding the wine cellar.

He smiled and replied, “Third apprentice brother, you did not pass anything to me. You all can rest assured. I have really returned with second apprentice brother.”

Lei Xiaoyu then came to a realization. She seemed to think of something scary as her eyes widened.

White Phoenix truly breathed a sigh of relief before greeting apologetically, “Please don’t blame me, I am just being cautious. It is good that nothing happened.” He paused before continuing, “Because I didn’t really know exactly what was going on in the wine cellar, I did not say much before to prevent you from making biased decisions. Please do not blame me.”

Qin Yu waved his hand, showing that he did not blame him.

Second apprentice brother looked slightly awkward as he took a deep breath and spoke in a low voice, “I got tricked by the one in the wine cellar. Thankfully, junior-apprentice brother saved me. If not, I would not be here.”

He put it simply but what he said was enough to stun everyone. Everyone’s expressions shifted at that moment.

Qin Yu thought that second apprentice brother was very straightforward; he nodded at everyone else, “There was some danger, but after going through this, I believe that second apprentice brother will be able to break through soon and the Peach Garden will have another Saint.”

This was good news. Especially after going through this calamity, every Saint was like an additional shield to the Peach Garden disciples.

“Congratulations, second apprentice brother!” White Phoenix, Iron Mountain, and Lei Xiaoyu were filled with delight.

Thousand Battles could not help himself as he smiled. He seemed to have thought of something as he looked at Qin Yu, “I almost forgot, how is Peachy?”

Qin Yu replied, “She is stable.” His gaze then fell on Lei Xiaoyu as he had entrusted the rest of the things to her.

Lei Xiaoyu replied, “Fourth apprentice sister is doing well. She is a bit unfriendly and has not talked to anyone.” This description was considered mild. Peachy was not only unfriendly, she was like a block of ice and filled anyone who visited her with a chill.

Qin Yu could sense that she was hiding something and frowned subtly, “Come with me to have a look later.”

Thousand Battles nodded, “With you around, I can rest assured. I will soon be isolating for a while to try and break through.”

He was the first to leave. With White Phoenix managing the Peach Garden now, he was extremely busy. He left hurriedly with Iron Mountain.

Watching them leave, Qin Yu looked at Lei Xiaoyu, “Tell me the truth.”

Lei Xiaoyu chuckled bitterly, “Brother Qin, even if you did not ask, I would have wanted to go with you. There is something really off about Peachy.”

Hearing her tell the story in detail, Qin Yu frowned harder. But internally he could not help but sigh in relief.

Because although Peachy was not completely fine, she was not suicidal.

Very soon, Qin Yu realized that his way of thinking was very cruel. However, he could not lie to himself as he chuckled bitterly. Suppressing his thoughts, he said, “Let’s go and have a look.”

After three days, Qin Yu went to look for Peachy once again. Seeing her brush her gaze over him, it was as Lei Xiaoyu had said, as if he had been cut by an icy knife. It was painful yet a bone-chilling feeling emerged.

However, her attitude towards Qin Yu was still different from others. She was silent for a while before she nodded, “Junior-apprentice brother, you are here.”

Qin Yu greeted, “I heard that you are recovering well and came over to have a look.”

Peachy replied, “I am fine.”

Suddenly, Qin Yu found himself lost for words. Honestly, he would consider himself someone who spoke well.

As he was thinking of what to say that would not trigger Peachy, she suddenly said, “Junior-apprentice brother, don’t worry. Since I have accepted the treatment, I will not give up on my life that easily.”

She paused before continuing, “I am tired and want to rest. Please see yourself out.”

She had made her intentions known. Qin Yu laughed bitterly internally and put his hands together as he turned to leave.

Lei Xiaoyu followed behind him. She looked at him and then turned to gaze at Peachy’s residence. There was a complicated look in her eyes.

Qin Yu turned and knocked her forehead, he growled, “What nonsense are you thinking? How Peachy is now has nothing to do with…” He suddenly stopped halfway. He could not lie to himself.

He waved his sleeve and turned to walk away. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Anyway, it is not what you think it is!”

Lei Xiaoyu chased after him, “Brother Qin, next time, I will tell you everything that is related to Peachy.”

This…was she trying to say that he should take responsibility? What a waste of his breath earlier!

Qin Yu resisted turning around and knocking her head once more. His face fell as he quickened his steps.

Getting rid of Lei Xiaoyu, he returned to his residence. He rubbed his forehead as a sullen smile appeared on his face.

Peachy’s problem was really a problem. Although she was no longer suicidal, she could not always stay in this state where she did not look forward to anything.

But Qin Yu did not have any good ideas for the time being. He could only push these thoughts away and think about it when the opportunity arose.

He could not solve it now so he would think about it later. Qin Yu breathed deeply to regulate his emotions. He turned and walked into the cultivation chamber.

Practising was the only way to test…simply put, after the explosive wine cellar and the miserable vengeful wraith, Qin Yu knew that the five Divine Ways were extremely powerful.

Disregarding the hidden danger that the Ruler’s avatar mentioned, even if it really existed, Qin Yu could not be bothered about it. Now, his first goal was to become stronger.

Firstly, it was because of the huge change in the Vast Brightness World. The Ruler’s appearance may very well be the cause of this.

Secondly, after successfully killing Zhou Saint and Lin Saint, he also managed to frighten away the Sovereign of the Vanquished Nation and the black-robed True Saint. He seemed extremely powerful and was enough to frighten everyone else and stabilize the Peach Garden’s position.

But no matter what, the animosity was already there and this was an undeniable truth.

Would Zhou Saint and Lin Saint’s backers really just give up? Not to mention the power that the black-robed True Saint represented?

Of course, if they acknowledged their fear, it would be for the best. Qin Yu was not a masochist and did not expect that he would have been able to defeat them all with a single strike.

But he had to admit that if things were as he thought, there must be someone behind them. Someone as strong as a Ruler who overlooked the Vast Brightness World. So he could forget about them just giving up out of fear.

This also meant that they would definitely seek revenge. Moreover, after they prepared, they would be confident in dealing with Qin Yu.

The enemy is hidden while I am exposed. Moreover, I am a live target that cannot run or hide. This feeling is atrocious!

So now, Qin Yu was filled with thoughts of getting stronger, and these feelings were getting more and more intense.

Isolating and studying the five Inheritance Divine Ways was just a pretense. Only getting stronger would be his best bet.

And the truth was that Qin Yu was not overthinking. Just as he rushed to isolate, the revenge plan had started.

And the one doing all this was the power that the black-robed True Saint represented. They had a very high quality and superior-sounding name – the Dusk Order!

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