Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1415: Peach Garden in Danger

Chapter 1415: Peach Garden in Danger

While all sorts of incidents were happening in Bounded Zero Place, the Vast Brightness World was not peaceful either. Strange occurrences kept happening and even low ranking cultivators could feel the scary and suppressing aura.

Although the low ranking cultivators were not sure what was causing the strange occurrences, those in the Saint circle as well as those powerful enough to be associated with them were feeling fearful.

This was the exchange between the heavens and earth that occurred when strong cultivators fell. The will of the Vast Brightness would descend and interfere with reality. The range and intensity of the strange occurrences that kept happening was sufficient to show their rank.

True Saints!

They had crossed the Sea of Bitterness and reached the shore. They were people who had really become one with the heavens and earth and lived forever. They were rumored to be the strongest of all, just below Rulers. A single strike of theirs contained enough destructive power to ruin the world.

Every True Saint was a deserving elder in the cultivation world. They all contained a portion of power that could influence the Vast Brightness World.

But the strange phenomenon that had just occurred showed those cultivators, who were worthy of knowing what happened.

Once, twice, three times…it occurred immediately one after the other. There were a total of six times in a short period. There was a short pause before another two strange occurrences happened.

This meant that a total of eight Vast Brightness True Saints had fallen one after the other. No one knew why.

Of course, although they did not know the exact reason, those that had a key to Bounded Zero Place and knew of its existence had an idea of what happened. The eight True Saints had most likely died there.

It was a huge situation and everyone was feeling anxious. The news spread rapidly.

Bounded Zero Place had always been a guarded secret but now, it spread like the wind to everyone.

A place where a Ruler fell. A place everyone was fighting over. The World of Darkness and the Mysterious Clan…real and false information spread at an astounding speed.

At the same time, an uncontrollable fear spread through everyone like a virus. It spread from the top down. However, the root of it was from normal cultivators who never got a chance to associate with the Saint circle.

The world was changing and a new one was dawning. Only by surviving the filtering would they be able to continue to live. In a single day, eight True Saints fell. This was a cruel and bloody opening and everyone was dragged into it. No one could escape. The stronger one was, the less likely they would be able to avoid the change.

The proof of it all was that after the True Saints fell, the Saint circle, which had been like old stagnant water, suddenly experienced a gush. From the Transcendent Sword Sect, Ancient Thunder Domain, as well as some other holy lands, six young cultivators of the next generation successfully crossed the Sea of Bitterness and became True Saints. It was rumored that there were some old Half-Saints who had also successfully reached the shore, but in order to avoid any jealousy or coveting thoughts, they suppressed the phenomenon that was supposed to appear when they broke through.

The selection had begun. If they wanted to live, they had better think of ways to obtain more resources to increase their power. It was not just one or two that thought this way. Now, almost everyone had the same thoughts.

Chaos was inevitable. It started to spread from the Saint circle and downwards. The entire Vast Brightness World was facing a catastrophe!


Qi Shu’s face was pale as he looked at the person in front of him who was covered in darkness. He gritted his teeth, “The Qi Family has always been protected by the Peach Garden. By doing this, you will face the Peach Garden’s wrath!”

A low laughter could be heard from the darkness, “It seems like this is your answer. It was the wrong choice and you will now bear the consequence.”

Pak –

With a snap, the pale-faced Qi Shu’s whole body stiffened as he fell to the ground. His eyes were wide with disbelief. He never thought that the other person would really attack him.

Pfft –

He disintegrated to ashes. As red and white color spread, the man in the darkness turned and walked away.

A cold and sinister voice could be heard. It vibrated through the air like a sound wave spreading outwards.

“The Qi Family refuses to collaborate. Kill them all!”

Miserable cries and curses could be heard being shouted as people were killed. The heavy smell of blood filled the air, engulfing the Qi Family’s yard that had existed for thousands of years.

There were over ten thousand people related to the Qi Family and they made up several big clans. In a single night, they were all wiped out. This caused several medicine businesses to disappear.

But the next day, a new face appeared, controlling everything the Qi Family used to have. As he stood on their bones and blood, he took everything the family had been accumulating for years.

Everyone kept quiet out of fear as they knew this was meant to test the Peach Garden – because according to the rumors, one of the eight Saints who had fallen was the mighty Spring Master!

One day, two days, three days…the Peach Garden remained silent. This silence was the answer.

Numerous gazes fell on the Peach Garden. Some were filled with shock, some pity, but most were of greed. The Peach Garden without the Spring Master was like a sumptuous banquet. Anyone who was qualified to take a bite was getting restless.

The Spring Master was extremely mighty and was recognized as one of the peak True Saints in all of the Vast Brightness World…if he was so powerful, what he left behind must be extremely attractive!


The Peach Garden.

Other than Peachy, all the disciples looked solemn. Even though they had heard the news a few days back, their eyes were still filled with sorrow.

The Spring Master had fallen!

As his disciples, their auras were linked to his and when his Great Dao disappeared, they could sense it.

Elder apprentice brother took a deep breath and said slowly, “Master is gone but we cannot let anything happen to the Peach Garden.” He looked at White Phoenix. On the surface, he was the Peach Garden’s only Saint.

White Phoenix nodded, “Elder apprentice brother, I have already sent a message out and received a reply. Zhou Saint said that he is rushing back to the Peach Garden.”

He did not mention the other True Saints and everyone knew what this meant. They were trying to protect themselves in this catastrophe and no one could express their displeasure with that. Of course, this meant that their relationships would be severely affected from now on.

But as long as there was one True Saint holding down the fort, along with White Phoenix, who was a Half-Saint, as well as elder apprentice brother, second apprentice brother etc, the Peach Garden might survive this.

When they confirmed this, everything was slightly more at ease. Thousand Faces suddenly spoke, “How is senior-apprentice sister Peachy?”

Second apprentice brother replied, “Not very good. The news about Master hit her very hard. I also want to know, where did junior-apprentice brother go?”

As he said this, he looked at Lei Xiaoyu.

Lei Xiaoyu chuckled bitterly, “Second apprentice brother, I don’t know where junior…apprentice brother went. But I believe that as soon as he learns what kind of situation the Peach Garden is in, he will rush back as soon as possible.”

Second apprentice brother took a deep breath, “I hope he returns quickly.” He stood up and his eyes shone, “There are outsiders. I will go and give them a warning. I will make sure they know that we are still the Peach Garden and that they had better not act rashly!”

Elder apprentice brother frowned but did not say anything to stop him. He looked on as Thousand Battles left before looking at everyone else, “Master has set up an array over the Peach Garden. After it is activated, even True Saints will not be able to break through in a short time.”

He stood up and spoke calmly, “So in the meantime, I will prepare to isolate myself. Junior sister Peachy is not feeling well so everything shall be arranged by junior brother White Phoenix.”

Thousand Faces looked worried and her lips moved as if she was about to say something, but elder apprentice brother threw her a look and she kept quiet.

White Phoenix bowed, “Elder apprentice brother, don’t worry. I will do my best to ensure the Peach Garden does not suffer.”

Elder apprentice brother patted his shoulder before turning to leave. Thousand Faces gritted her teeth before following him.

“This is not the best time for you to break through!”

Elder apprentice brother was silent before he spoke slowly, “Many years ago, I could already break through. But I kept waiting. After each time that I waited, I felt like I could obtain a more stable foundation. With better preparation, I would be able to obtain a stronger power. But truthfully, there is no end to waiting. I will never be able to wait for the best time.”

He looked at Thousand Faces, “When Master died, I suddenly had a realization. Perhaps, the time when I decide to break through, is the opportunity that I have been waiting for. So do not worry, I will be able to break through very soon. Even if Master and junior apprentice brother are not here, the Peach Garden will be fine.”

Thousand Faces took a deep breath and stepped forward to hold him. She whispered in his ear, “I trust you…this is my reply to you. As long as you can return to me safely, I promise you.”

Elder apprentice brother smiled, “Okay.”

He hugged her before letting go and turning to leave. He seemed to move slowly but very soon disappeared.

Thousand Faces wiped her eyes as she muttered, “You have to succeed…you must succeed…”

Elder apprentice brother did not face the same situation as other cultivators. It was because of this that he used his status as the elder apprentice of the Peach Garden to isolate over and over again and never stepped into the Sea of Bitterness.

It was not that his foundation was insufficient. It was that the time had not arrived…as for what the time was, Master had never mentioned it. Whenever he asked, he would just receive a smile and a shake of a head.

But Thousand Faces knew that it was very dangerous. It was so dangerous that when elder apprentice chose to attempt to break through, he would die if he did not prepare sufficiently.

What he said to her might make some sense, but Thousand Faces knew that it was more his attempt to comfort her.

At this moment, second apprentice brother, Thousand Battles, stepped out of the protection of the Peach Garden. His eyes were cold as he looked across, “Get lost or die!”

Not everyone would have been able to make such a clear decision. He was a disciple of the Peach Garden who had yet to become a Saint, yet he was able to act so brazenly in the current situation.

Boom boom booom –

An incredible power fell from the heavens and a huge face resembling a divine being appeared. It had a low and thunderous voice, “Disciple of the Peach Garden. You are so rude. Are you sure you want to be so brazen in front of Saints?”

The corner of second apprentice brother’s mouth curled as he stepped forward with a heavy step. A loud sound could be heard as he flew up and punched out. He gave his answer through his actions. Disciples of the Peach Garden were not just talk, they could be extremely brazen!


A thunderous roar could be heard as the divine face looked furious. A Saint aura engulfed the entire place as if a mountain had fallen.

Very soon, miserable cries could be heard as the huge face’s wide eyes were filled with fear and disbelief.

Soon, it was like a tornado tore through it as it got torn apart.

Woosh woosh –

Blood flew all over the place. It was a blood rain that was caused by a Saint being killed.

Thousand Battles did not avoid it and the blood rained over him, dyeing his body red. His eyes were icy cold, “Unless invited, no one is allowed to enter the Peach Garden!”

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