Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1354: Big Bird Wants to Cry

Chapter 1354: Big Bird Wants to Cry

Crack –

The teacup in Li Zhouyi’s hand was smashed into pieces and the hot tea splashed onto the floor. The cultivator who made the report shrunk timidly and his face contorted in anguish. If he had a choice, he would not have come.

However, this was his fate. He was the unlucky one who stood out from the crowd and won the lottery.

Everyone was aware of the position the sixth prince was in. If he failed, he would be discarded. How twisted was his heart?

If he lost his mind and made a scapegoat, the cultivator would be the best choice…with this thought, the cultivator’s expression turned even more bitter and he held back his tears.

Thankfully, Li Zhouyi was sensible. He knew his current circumstances. It was not possible to get the Inextinguishable Flame back by himself and he had to borrow the strength of his subordinate.

Venting his anger would give him a momentary sense of relief. In the end, he could only betray those close to him and cut his life short.

He took a deep breath in and slowly exhaled. With a calm face, he said, “I understand, you may leave.”

A huge sigh of relief passed through the cultivator’s heart and he felt like he escaped death. Without a second of delay, he left hurriedly.

There were twenty-two moving Inextinguishable Flame auras. These were obviously decoys and there was only one real one. Li Zhouyi was not concerned with how that man did this. However, he knew that his third brother would definitely know where the real Inextinguishable Flame was.

In other words, if his third brother wanted, he would be able to find the Inextinguishable Flame and achieve success anytime he wanted. With this achievement, the next person in charge of the Inextinguishable Flame would be the third prince. It was even possible that the third prince would become the heir to the Desolate King because of this!

As to why the third prince had not entered Bounded Zero Place…to avoid creating suspicion, the Desolate King loved to protect himself. If he did dishonorable things, he would not leave a stain on his body.

After all, as the West Desolate King, it was dishonorable for him to scheme against his own son.

He was waiting for the situation to worsen. Once it became extremely dangerous, he would send the third prince over to turn the tides and leave everyone speechless.

Li Zhouyi’s heart turned icy cold and he was hateful of this. However, he knew that the Desolate King valued his reputation above all else and this was also his chance to redeem himself. But it was impossible for the third prince to take back the Inextinguishable Flame in such a short period of time.

This was his original plan. After he sensed the twenty-two moving auras of the Inextinguishable Flame, it was very hard to pinpoint the real one.

Despite this, he had to bite the bullet and carry on. Opportunities did not drop from the sky and he had to seize this one while he could.


Li Zhouyi stood up and walked outside, “Call everyone and pass on my orders to find the Inextinguishable Flame as fast as possible! I will reward the first person who can find the real Inextinguishable Flame.”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

The group of cultivators from the World of Darkness flew off.

Three True Saints appeared beside Li Zhouyi. One of them frowned, “It is going to be hard for the Eyes of Darkness to support a mass teleportation in such a short amount of time. If it exceeds the limit, it might cause irreparable harm.”

Li Zhouyi’s eyes remained expressionless as he questioned, “So what?”

The True Saint was just about to add on when Li Zhouyi cut him off, “Don’t worry. Once we return to the southwest fragmented area, I will take all the blame.”

The Eyes of Darkness were very important and if any harm happened to them, the West Desolate would conduct an investigation. Since Li Zhouyi was willing to take on the responsibility, the three True Saints had nothing to worry about anymore.

On the other hand, a look of admiration crossed their eyes. They originally intended to help because of the Desolate King’s orders.

It seems that the mediocre sixth prince was not too bad after all. At least he was unwavering and determined in critical situations. This was rare.

Admiration was just that. Unless Li Zhouyi could turn the tide completely, they needed to leave a way out for themselves.

Li Zhouyi scanned the three True Saints with a calm face. He could guess their thoughts.

He was not resentful as he understood that this was natural. They had to protect their own lives and no one would be willing to risk everything to help him.

“Let’s go.”


Li Zhouyi shot into the sky with a look of determination. He did not believe that he would be ruined here. If there was a slight chance, he would give his all. Perhaps a turning point would come.


A similar situation happened in the Mysterious Clan. After discovering the twenty-two Inextinguishable Flame auras, they made their preparations. Splitting into four groups, they chased down the aura. Although there were twenty-two leads, one of them was real.

If they were lucky and fast, they would find it!

As such, Bounded Zero Place was very lively. The cultivators who came from the Vast Brightness World suddenly found the two factions to be moving rapidly. These men were like hunting dogs and they looked like they were trying to find something.

Obviously, something had happened here. Did they find a key clue about the Ruler’s treasure? Even the calmest cultivator could not help feeling greedy then.

Hurry hurry hurry! Send the news out so that the elders back home would not miss out on this chance.

Therefore, the outcome was that the obscure inn in Dark Hole City suddenly boomed with business. Many people arrived there.

The inn’s boss was excited. After so many years, was that day finally going to come?

Everyone felt very competitive. However, they were ignorant of what actually happened. Only Soaring Sky could make a rough guess of the truth, and he was in admiration.

As expected of Mister Ninth of the Peach Garden, he was a person who attracted a lot of attention no matter where he was. Even in Bounded Zero Place, he created so much noise on his journeys.

His intuition told him that the movements from the two factions were related to the ball of flame he unintentionally encountered.

Under his cold exterior, he had ambition. Otherwise he would not have gotten to where he was now.

Qin Yu saved him from the World of Darkness cultivators because of that ball of flame. What on earth was it?

Soaring Sky had to admit that he was greedy. This was something no one could avoid when faced with an opportunity. However, he quickly suppressed his thoughts and maintained his calm.

Although the chances were good, it all depended on whether he had the capabilities.

The Transcendent Sword Sect was not a superpower and he was also not a top fighter in Bounded Zero Place. One of the reasons why he entered Bounded Zero Place was because he was curious. The other reason was because he wanted to cultivate his sword will in this dangerous terrain.

Qin Yu’s senses were right. Soaring Sky reached the edge of the Sea of Bitterness and he entered it. He had resisted the temptation to embark on the Saint Path for a long time because he wanted to solidify his foundations and increase his potential.

Becoming a Half-Saint was never his ambition in the first place. He wanted to go further!


In a small world fragment, the two camps confronted each other in a fierce manner. It was a tense atmosphere and the area was full of killing intent.

There was a source of Inextinguishable Flame aura that was closing in here. It would reach this place very soon.

“The Inextinguishable Flame belongs to the West Desolate. It is too outrageous if you want to interfere!” A World of Darkness cultivator glowered.

The Mysterious Clan men laughed coldly, “The southwest fragmented area originally belonged to us. It is you guys who are going overboard!”

“What rubbish. Are you going to leave?”

“Humph, no way.”

The World of Darkness cultivator threatened, “The Inextinguishable Flame belongs to us. Even if we have to fight till there is only one of us left, we will not let you take it!”

Mysterious Clan men countered, “We will not back down either and we will kill anyone who tries to stop us!”

A great battle was about to begin!

Fifteen minutes later, a sharp shrill reached their ears. It drew closer and there was the sound of flapping wings. A smelly smell lingered in the air.

Just like this, the Scaredy Bird was exposed. It was extremely unlucky to be surrounded by two parties.

Unprepared for what it saw, the bird trembled violently as it sensed the auras from both sides.

The two camps were not only feared by Vast Brightness World cultivators. The creatures in Bounded Zero Place recognized how fearful both parties were long ago.

The bird spun around as quickly as it could; its neck almost snapped in the process. Then its wings beat down and it bounded for another direction desperately.

It was struggling for its life. It could sense the eyes of everyone on it.

What are you looking at me for? I am just a passer-by. If you guys want to fight, carry on. Why look at me so fiercely?

At that moment, the bird wanted to cry.

It did not know that the people gathered here almost broke down after they saw it.

The Inextinguishable Flame aura came from the bird. If they had not seen it themselves, they would not believe it.

How did he do it?

More importantly, the two parties were familiar with the Scaredy Bird. If their opponent chose it to be a puppet, he was really scheming!


A loud explosion followed as the Scaredy Bird was crushed into pieces. The Inextinguishable Flame aura floated out of its body, circled in the air a few times, and then disappeared. Everyone was rooted to their spots, their most dreadful guess was real!

Scaredy Birds would flee with all their might once they were frightened.

No wonder the twenty-two Inextinguishable Flame auras were constantly on the move. This explained everything.

Why would they confront each other or fight now? They needed to report this to their superiors!

The intense atmosphere pressing down on the area was gone in an instant. The World of Darkness and Mysterious Clan cultivators left in a frenzy.

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