Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1025B – Throw the Walnut

Chapter 1025B – Throw the Walnut

At the same time, the air around Qin Yu turned thick and oppressive. It was like he was covered in heavy slime, making him feel disgusted and weakened.

Abyss…this was the abyss…

Qin Yu’s complexion paled. This was an uncontrollable fear that appeared in his heart. But fear didn’t mean he would resign himself to death. When he looked at Shang Lingyu, his eyes were calm.

Maybe he had belittled the strength of the terrifying abyssal being that occupied Shang Lingyu’s body, or maybe it was because the abyssal being had been buffed with the arrival of the abyss in the world.

In short, Qin Yu was sure that he could resist the other party’s slaughter. Yun Feng and the others might not be weak, but they couldn’t offer him any help at this moment.

But that didn’t mean he didn’t have the ability to fight back.

Within his chest, two hearts crazily beat, pushing blood energy through his body. Qin Yu’s fingers clenched together. There was a light crack. Then, he threw something out.

A walnut appeared in everyone’s line of sight. Shrouded in fear and horror, all of their hopes were placed in Qin Yu. When they saw what happened, their eyes filled with disbelief.

Even Pure Summer and Peaceful Nun howled with sorrow, despair in their eyes.

Big brother, what are you doing? Is that what someone as formidable and mysterious as you should do at such a dangerous time?

Throwing out a walnut and even opening it for them? Did you think that he will let us go because he likes the taste of walnuts? Or do you really think of battering him to death with this walnut!?

Shang Lingyu frowned. Although Qin Yu wasn’t that strong, he no longer dared to underestimate him.

But this really was an ordinary walnut. There was nothing wrong about it in his senses.

Even so, Shang Lingyu wasn’t willing to take any risks. He flicked his sleeves and pitch black abyssal energy gushed out in the void, wrapping around the walnut like a great hand.

But the moment the abyssal energy touched the walnut, Shang Lingyu’s complexion changed. His eyes filled with endless shock. Without hesitation, strength crazily erupted from his body. Billowing abyssal energy arrived, wrapping his body in layers upon layers.

In the next instant, dazzling thunder burst out from the cracked walnut.

After throwing out the walnut, Qin Yu’s heart ruthlessly shrank as he saw the sparkle of thunder. A foreboding feeling enveloped him.

This thing…it was unexpectedly an indiscriminate attack. It didn’t care about the existence of its master!

Without even time to curse out loud, without even time to think, his body instinctually responded to this danger.

With a roar, his two wildly beating hearts erupted with blood vitality, causing him to release the greatest strength of the Ancient race’s Undying Body.

Then, ruinous lightning howled out, submerging him.

The roar of thunder suddenly disappeared. He was flung away like a ragdoll, sent violently tumbling away.

His consciousness hummed and also collapsed. What followed was endless pain that spread through his limbs.

This sort of feeling was like he had been placed into a rapidly rotating bucket of hot knives. Every time it rolled and turned, countless wounds were opened up on the surface of his body.

And these knife edges were covered in bright red chili oil and a massive amount of salt.

Of course, this was simply a humble description. The actual pain and suffering caused was ten times, a hundred times more terrifying.

Within the thunder, Qin Yu’s body was torn apart. When he was sucked into the destructive lighting, pieces of him were instantly turned to ashes. However, the Ancient race’s Undying Body had a nearly immortal and indestructible body. As long as his blood vitality wasn’t exhausted, he could be constantly reborn.

The result was that as Qin Yu fell into the thunder, he repeated the process of destruction and rebirth. The pain he endured seemed endless.

If it was only this, Qin Yu could still withstand it. His current will wasn’t something that could be destroyed with the pain of physical destruction alone.

What caused him to feel unease and even fear was that the terrifying thunder that spewed out from the walnut was destroying his Undying Body faster than it could regenerate.

In this sort of situation, even if Qin Yu had plenty of blood vitality left remaining, as long as the Ancient race’s Undying Body was completely destroyed without a shred left over, that would mean his death.

The Ancient race’s Undying Body was known as immortal and inextinguishable, but one still needed a remaining section. Even if there was only a finger left over he could still recover.

But if his entire body were charred to ashes…

He originally thought that this walnut was a trump card he could use to reverse the situation and slay his enemy. Unexpectedly, who could have imagined that it would be the thing that took his life?

This was simply ridiculous!

As Qin Yu was living in torment within the thunder and his destruction approached, there was someone else that suffered even more than he did. But, the roar of raging thunder concealed his howls.

The so-called arrival of the abyss didn’t mean that this was the genuine abyss world. Rather, a formidable abyssal being used their strength to forcibly twist this world, transforming it into the abyss for a brief period of time.

Once finished, the abyssal being within would be strengthened. In addition, the entire abyss world would be in their control and they could manipulate it with just a thought. It was equal to being their domain.

But everything in the world followed a certain invisible balance. The more formidable the ability the greater its drawbacks. Once the abyss world suffered an eruption of that that surpassed its limits, it would create a terrifying backlash against the abyssal being that formed it.

Because to some extent, the so-called arrival of the abyss was the evolution and extension of the abyssal being.

So when the walnut exploded and released the devastatingly destructive power of thunder, even though it was an indiscriminate attack, Shang Lingyu withstood at least 80% of its power.

It was like a thick firecracker had been placed in his stomach. Of course, the power of the walnut could not be compared to a firecracker; it was countless times more dreadful. And no matter how thick it was, it didn’t matter…because the thunder contained within this walnut had a terrifying name…the Thunder of Extinguishment.

What was extinguishment?

That is when the world fell dead and silent, all things exterminated!

Strictly speaking, this was a kind of thunder that didn’t exist between the heavens and earth. With the help of a certain medium, the power of thunder was compressed and fused. After surpassing a certain level, it finally turned into something like this.

Of course, those that had the qualifications to fuse and refine the Thunder of Extinguishment weren’t ordinary characters. Otherwise, if a person was touched by even the tiniest amount their life would be thoroughly annihilated. Who would dare to experiment with something like this?

And there was another point. Countless years ago when the beings of this world encountered the abyss for the first time and a catastrophic war swept through the heavens, the Thunder of Extinguishment hadn’t existed.

Because this power was a war weapon originally designed to target abyssal beings. It could disregard abyssal energy and its corrosive properties and it possessed an even greater killing power towards abyssal beings.

If not for this, if this was just a walnut that contained a formidable power of thunder inside, then with the strength of the abyssal being that occupied Shang Lingyu’s body and especially within the abyss world, no matter how terrifying the power was it still wouldn’t be able to cause any major injuries to him.

But now, the raging and tumbling abyssal energy stimulated the power of the Thunder of Extinguishment even more. The entire abyss world started to rapidly collapse.

Shang Lingyu’s body was nearly completely destroyed. All that was left was a black heart wrapped in a light layer of flesh and blood that crazily beat.

Thunder of Extinguishment, this was actually Thunder of Extinguishment!

Shang Lingyu couldn’t believe this was just a coincidence. With Qin Yu’s cultivation he simply didn’t have the qualifications to control it.

Could it be that the living beings of the outside world had already sensed that the abyss had corroded the Path of 10,000 Souls? Could Qin Yu only be a chess piece they were manipulating?

But he didn’t have any more time to think about this. If he didn’t escape, all that awaited him was death.

A roar came from the wildly beating heart, “Save me my lord! Save me!”

As the most favored powerhouse amongst the younger generation of the nightmare race, his goal was to grow up and become the supreme King of the entire abyssal race. He wanted to lead the brave warriors of their people into this world and capture it, turning it into their pasture.

How could he die? He absolutely could not die!

The entire backyard had turned into an incarnation of the abyss. But there was an exception – that was the wooden door that connected the back courtyard to the front.

The teacher stood there, his expression still serene, as if nothing that happened was related to him.

At this time, when he heard Shang Lingyu’s cries, he furrowed his eyebrows. He raised his hands and pressed forward.

The abyss world was like an air bubble that popped. It shattered into countless blocks that tumbled into nothingness.

What vanished with it was the raging Thunder of Extinguishment and the abyssal energy it wrapped around.

All that remained was Shang Lingyu’s black heart. Without daring to stay any longer, space warped and the heart vanished.

The abyss shattered and the thunder disappeared. Pure Summer, Peaceful Nun, and the others felt as if they had just passed through hell and had barely survived. They fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

If it weren’t for the wounds caused by the power of thunder left on their bodies, they would have even suspected that everything that had just occurred was just an illusion.

But in the end…this wasn’t an illusion!

They looked up at the teacher standing near the black wooden door. Endless fear, alarm, and awe flashed in their eyes.

Who was he?

Pa –

The sound of splashing water interrupted the silence of the backyard. The teacher looked towards the well, his pupils still black. But, the heart-shaking feeling had disappeared.

He sighed and closed his eyes.

Pure Summer, Peaceful Nun, and the others were dumbfounded. What was the meaning of this? Did you close your eyes because you didn’t want to see us scurry our way out of here, or was there something else?

For better or worse you should say something. It’s uncomfortable for us all to just wait here and do nothing.

Of course, these thoughts were only in their minds. They didn’t dare to express any of it…

As for running….hoho, they weren’t that naïve. If this teacher didn’t give them verbal permission to leave, who would dare even take half a step?

The well water was cold!

But the chill that seeped into his body caused the severe pain that wracked his body to reduce by a great deal.

Qin Yu knew that he had eaten a great loss this time. While he didn’t die from the walnut bomb he threw out, it would still take some time before he could recover.

And most importantly, even though he had thrown out the walnut and nearly paid with his life, he still hadn’t been able to kill Shang Lingyu.

Since Shang Lingyu hadn’t died, he would eventually come back for revenge. If Qin Yu had to fight back, he couldn’t even do that in his peak recovered state, much less the half-dead condition he was currently in.

As Qin Yu was feeling bitter about things, a voice resounded in his ears. “You still have time to leave. Otherwise you will be hovering at death’s door.”

This voice…

Shua –

Qin Yu fiercely opened his eyes. In the well water, he saw a phantom appear. Its face was blurry but it gave off a familiar feeling.

“It’s you!” His pupils shrank.

The phantom in the water frowned. It didn’t expect that Qin Yu could make out its true nature.

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