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Chapter 1724: Re-entering the Time Corridor

Chapter 1724: Re-entering the Time Corridor

Xiao Yan left the tower as soon as Xiao Yumei gave her orders.

Xiao Yumei could only reach for her phone and put it into her pocket. A hint of exhaustion flashed across her face, but she nevertheless headed for the city gates.

Dealing with matters like this was now a part of her daily life.

Upheaval City’s city gates. 

Xiao Hu and Su Yan stared each other down, and it was clear that Su Yan was on the verge of taking action. The divine power of life surged forth continuously.

Xiao Hu, however, was keenly aware of Su Yan’s unique status, so he could only steel himself and bear it.

“Please, don’t make this difficult for us,” said Xiao Hu. He cupped his fist, and his tone was pleading.

Su Yan wasn’t a citizen of Upheaval City, but her relationship with Ye Zichen was an open secret, and Xiao Yumei had repeatedly instructed them to take extra good care of her.

When they learned Su Yan wanted to go outside, they heard the news from the servant attending to her.

She wanted to go Outside?

Danger lurked on every corner Out There, especially now. Not just anyone could go there.

Su Yan had condensed the Godhead of Life, and her true strength was her divine power of life. In terms of offense, she was relatively weak, a divine general at most. 

If she went Outside with that weak offense, something might go wrong. And if something went wrong, who could bear the responsibility? 

Never mind the rest; even the fury of the nine-tailed foxes was more than subordinates like them could bear. Then, of course, if Ye Zichen, their leader, found out, he’d skin them alive.

In any event, no matter what, Xiao Hu and the others couldn’t possibly let Su Yan leave.

Or at least, they had to hold her here until Xiao Yumei arrived to resolve this.

“I’m not trying to make trouble for you; you’re making trouble for me. I’m not a citizen of Upheaval City; I just stayed here for a few days. I want to go back to the Fox Clan now, so why are you trying to keep me here?”

Even when she lost her temper, Su Yan’s words still showed her gentleness.

However, looking into her eyes, you could sense her agitation, too. If not, she couldn’t possibly have called upon every last bit of divine power in her body.

“Please don’t joke. If you wanted to return to fox territory, we naturally wouldn’t stop you, and we’d even send people to escort you. But if you’re going Outside, well, that’s too dangerous now. How could we dare let you venture into somewhere so dangerous? How about this? Please sit tight for just a moment. Our steward has gone looking for Vice Alliance Head Xiao already. When she gets here, you can discuss this matter with her.”

“Out of my way!” Su Yan bit her lip and cried out.

“Little Yan.” It was then that Xiao Yumei arrived. 

When they saw her, the alliance members living in Upheaval City bowed deeply. “Vice Alliance Head!”

“You all can get back to work. Leave this to me.” 

 The alliance members did as they were told. Then, Xiao Yumei walked up to Su Yan. “Little Sister, what’s wrong? Why do you want to go Outside all of a sudden?”

“Big Sister Yumei, I….” 

Suddenly, Xiao Yumei’s expression turned utterly solemn. Barely a single breath of time later, she turned towards the departing Xiao Hu and Xiao Yan and shouted, “Xiao Yan, Xiao Hu, call every last elder of the alliance to the tower for a meeting!”




The corridor.

Firelight shone within the pitch-black darkness of the corridor’s interior. Ye Zichen leaned against the walls, head tilted to the side. His expression changed constantly.

He was indeed asleep, and fast asleep at that.   

However, he’d had numerous, particularly strange dreams, so strange he couldn’t tell what they were trying to convey.

In his dreams, he felt two hands rubbing and rummaging about his chest. From time to time, he’d rub his arms and legs….

“I’m on fire!” Suddenly, a shout rang through the still-dreaming Ye Zichen’s ears. His dreamscape really had become a seal of flames. 

“I’m on fire!” 

“Fire! I’m on fire….!” When Ye Zichen heard these startled cries, he woke up and immediately sensed that someone was searching his chest.

“You’re awake?” The person in question let out a friendly laugh. Ye Zichen looked at his chest and saw a pair of somewhat deformed hands. His gaze traveled up the attached arms until he saw an enormous head. Even stranger than the head itself were its eyes; they were ridiculously huge, taking up practically a fourth of the skull.

“F*ck!” Ye Zichen kicked the alien away, shot to his feet, and repeatedly checked his body to make sure nothing was amiss.

“You really are unfriendly.”

Remember, Ye Zichen was at least a divine general-level expert, and while he dared not say he was that strong, his strength was far more than an ordinary person could take. He hadn’t held back at all just now, either. And yet, despite taking his full-force kick head-on, the alien didn’t seem the least bit wounded.

The alien, whom Ye Zichen’s kick had slammed into the other wall, patted the dust off his body, then walked back towards Ye Zichen….

“Stay where you are!” Ye Zichen stuck out his finger, pointing and glaring at the alien. He directly summoned the Xuan-Yuan Sword and pointed its tip in front of him. “What kind of monster are you? Let me tell you, the destroyer of yao, Great Emperor Equaling Heavens, is my sworn brother! If you take even one step closer, you’d better watch out! See if my bro doesn’t smash your head to bits!”

The alien really did stop. Ye Zichen licked his lips, then asked, “What were you looking for when you searched me just now?”


“Little guy, you sure are unfriendly. Just now, I saw that your blood and vital energy were a bit blocked up, so I smoothed them out for you. Even if you’re not grateful, you still shouldn’t have kicked me,” said the alien. 

“That so? Then I really ought to thank you, huh?” Ye Zichen re-evaluated his condition, and when he didn’t discover any problems, he pressed himself against the wall and pointed the Xuan-Yuan Sword at the alien.

“Then what are you doing here?”

“Me? It hasn’t been long since we last met. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten me?” The alien chuckled. “Ordinary people live and die without ever making it to see me here. You sure are lucky; you actually made it here twice. But then, it seems this time, you ran into trouble on your way here?”

“You…” When he heard this, Ye Zichen instinctively rubbed his eyes and stared at his surroundings in shock.

No wonder this place looked somewhat familiar. This was the time corridor!

His last time here, it was on his way from the fox clan to the Lower Three Realms. But at the time, the Time Corridor was still out in the main universe. Why had it inexplicably shown up here of all places?  

“The location of the Time Corridor changes unpredictably, which is why entering it even once is grand fortune, a gift from the heavens,” said the alien with a chuckle. It seemed to have seen right through Ye Zichen’s doubts.

Ye Zichen licked his lips, then pointed at the 1.4 meter tall, bizarre-looking alien. “Doesn’t that mean you’re…”

Pride flashed through the alien’s eyes. Hands behind its back, it nodded. “That’s right! It’s me, the Great Devil——Mister Pilar!”

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