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Chapter 1722: Silver light streaks through the heavens

Chapter 1722: Silver light streaks through the heavens

The spatial windstorm were like endless sharp blades, slicing against the divine power barrier Ye Zichen had erected.

The situation in here was far worse than Ye Zichen had imagined, and the knives of concentrated wind fell against the barrier, the cuts dense and close together. Maintaining the barrier’s stability took effort, and Ye Zichen could clearly sense his divine power flowing away.

His divine power expenditure was so enormous that he was downing pills nonstop. Only then did he manage to maintain the barrier, barely.

It was only after falling into the spatial fault that Ye Zichen regained his mental clarity.

Did he regret his behavior? A little. After falling into the rift, Ye Zichen realized how many bad decisions he’d made. He’d run out of pills sooner or later. If he wanted to get out of this alive, he’d have to find a path and leave the dimensional gap before he burnt through his supply. 

The spatial fault was pitch-black, with no end in sight. Ye Zichen condensed a flame in his palm, casting a few rays of dim light.

All he saw was the endless void of the spatial fault, but from time to time, he encountered miniature black holes. Although they were “miniature”, they were over a hundred meters across.

The black holes were like the mouths of primordial giant beasts, with absolute suction power, pulling everything around them into their interiors. Anything that disappeared into them was never seen again, and no one knew where the black holes connected to.

He carefully avoided the range of their suction as he cautiously traversed the spatial fault. 

“There was definitely something wrong with his brain!” 

Another pill, gone. Ye Zichen looked at the empty pill bottle, and despite himself, he swore. Naturally, his words were targeted at Gu Xuande.

After entering the spatial fault, Ye Zichen had reflected on his mistakes.

He really couldn’t escape blame for the way things ended up.

However, Gu Xuande was the head of the Gu Family, a true major power!  

An old saying went, “A prime minister’s heart ought to be big enough to fit a boat in it.” Gu Xuande was the top dog of the upper planes, so why was he so unaccommodating? Ye Zichen was young and quick to anger, but surely Gu Xuande didn’t have that excuse?

He’d just tossed him into a spatial fault without reservation. If the Upheaval Alliance found out about this…

Ye ZIchen dared not guarantee what the others would do, but the Great Sage, Yang Jian, and those closest to him would definitely fight Gu Xuande to the death. He certainly didn’t want his friends endangering themselves on his account.

He had to get out of here alive.

Unfortunately, although Ye Zichen told himself that, he didn’t have much confidence at all.

The spatial fault was far too vast, and a spatial windstorm howled throughout the void. Each step he took was dangerous. 

In an hour, he got no closer to determining the breadth of the rift, but he had taken quite a few pills.

 Divine-grade spiritual recovery medicine.

You had to be a divine-grade medicine refiner to create such medicine, and although there were plenty of pill refiners out there, divine-grade refiners were rare.

Even with Old Lord Taijun’s accomplishments in medicine refining, he could only produce a batch of such pills once every two weeks.

One batch had seven pills at most!

Other refiners couldn’t even think about refining faster than him; they needed more time between batches, and got fewer pills out of it. Besides, divine-grade pill refiners couldn’t possibly just make the same type of pill over and over again. Most of the Upheaval Alliance’s divine-grade pill refiners were busy refining the pill recipe written on that piece of vellum. Thus, even the Upheaval Alliance had a shortage of divine-grade recovery medicine. While they did have some, they couldn’t just give it all to Ye Zichen. Even though he was the head of the alliance, he had a limited supply of recovery medicine.

His enormous expenditure meant that his pills were running out.

Well, not exactly. He had plenty of ordinary recovery medicines. It was just that they couldn’t even begin to keep pace with his expenditures. 

“The Gu Family? They sure are something.” Ye Zichen indignantly stuffed an empty pill body back into his spatial divine artifact. Although there weren’t any more pills inside, the bottles themselves were valuable. As the head of the Upheaval Alliance, he had tons of mouths to feed, and he naturally couldn’t afford to be wasteful.


There was no longer any hope in Ye Zichen’s eyes. All he saw were countless fierce blades of wind cutting against his barrier.

He knew full well that the moment the barrier broke, he’d report in at the Yellow Springs. 

“There’s no cell phone service in here, either.” When he saw that he was out of range, he took a deep breath, then put the phone back into his pocket.

Standing amidst the darkness, for some reason, Ye Zichen felt melancholy sadness rise within him, as well as hints of despair.

Was he really going to die here? 

It wasn’t like Ye Zichen hadn’t been in dire peril before!

However, his earlier perils all paled in comparison to this one. That wasn’t all; with the grand fortune of the Emperor Star at his side, when he really handed himself in perils too great to resolve on his own, someone would always come to lend their aid.

He hoped someone would save him this time too, but his hopes were fleeting.

He didn’t think anyone would be so stupid as to jump into a spatial fault of his own volition. 

Little did he know, some people really were exactly that stupid.

For example, Gu Xuande!

Yes, Gu Xuande was the head of the Gu Family, a half-step transcendent super expert. Yes, he led the Gu Family, the faction whose very name struck terror into the hearts of the Upper Three Realms.

But alas, he was also a hen-pecked husband!

The moment Qing Li glared at him, he decisively, without any hesitation whatsoever, jumped straight into the gap between dimensions. It was just that spatial faults were random and impermanent. Jumping in even a few seconds apart could result in tens of thousands of miles of difference.

Gu Xuande searched bitterly for Ye Zichen, but he could only pray to himself that Ye Zichen hadn’t died in here. This was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

In the blink of an eye, another hour passed.

“I still have one last bottle.” Ye Zichen looked at the empty bottles in his spatial ring, then let out a melancholy sigh. The standard was ten pills to a bottle, which meant that if Ye Zichen didn’t find an exit by the time he took the tenth pill, he would remain here for all eternity.

“Don’t! I still haven’t lit incense for my family.” Ye Zichen muttered to himself non-stop, but his eyes sharply surveyed his surroundings.

Every spatial fault had an exit, even the gaps between dimensions. Ye Zichen was aware of this, so he’d held onto that final thread of hope this whole time. 

Suddenly, a dull, dark, streak of silver appeared within the pitch-black void.

The streak was long, like a slice through the dome of heaven. Although it was dark, against the pitch-black void, it was still clearly discernible.

Ye Zichen had been in the spatial fault for two hours, but this was the only unusual phenomenon he’d seen.

With practically no hesitation, he headed right towards it. He dared not confirm that the silver light was an exit. It was entirely possible that it hid an even greater peril.

But he had to go anyway!

Whether the silver light was fortune or disaster, following it had to be better than wandering aimlessly in the void. He’d always had to fight for his survival himself!

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