Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

Chapter 1733 - Spirit Light’s Special Ability

Chapter 1733

: Spirit Light’s Special Ability

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“They’re here! Our enemy is here! God, they’re fast! It looks like they are ready to attack!” Ling Qingfeng screamed.

“They’re too fast…We won’t be able to outrun them!” Wugui Kojiro cried in despair. “Even if they don’t fire at us, they could ram us with their spacecraft! With that external armor, they could easily smash us into pieces! We’re so dead…”

“Why did Zhufeng go to the front… He’ll be pulverized in no time!” Ling Qingfeng dug her nails into her skin. What is Zhufeng holding? Is that a ball of pink… light?”

“I’m not sure… I’ve never seen anything like that before…” Wugui Kojiro squinted at the thing in Chen Xiaobei’s hand. He could not quite make out what it was!

Outside, Chen Xiaobei made a Spiritual Connection with the pink ball of light. It was ready to be used.

Yes! That rose-colored light ball was an Earth-God Instrument with a very unique Special Ability!

Unlike the common Earth-God Instruments, it did not have any firepower but its special ability gave Chen Xiaobei the confidence to fight the enemy!

“10,000 meters… 8,000 meters, five thousand… two thousand… the last one thousand meters! Now!” Chen Xiaobei had his eyes fastened on the incoming enemy spacecraft, like an eagle stalking its prey from afar.

When the spacecraft was around 1,000 meters away, Chen Xiaobei drew his arm back and swung forwards with might, throwing the pink light ball towards the enemy spacecraft.


A dazzling explosion lit up the dark skies.

The little pink ball released flashing fireworks in brilliant pink.

Magpies appeared amid the fireworks.

Those magpies were the real birds, of course. They were just a projection of Spirit Light!

The flock of Spirit Light magpies came together and flew forward! There were countless of them, one coming after the another, joining together to form a wide, sturdy pink magpie bridge!

Yes! This was the Magpie Bridge’s Spirit Light in the Red Envelope that Chen Xiaobei received from Niu Lang!

Niu Lang and Zhinu were forced to separate and had to live on different planets. Every year on the Qixi festival, hundreds of thousands of magpies would form a bridge to bring these lovers together!

The Magpie Bridge’s Spirit Light was a special Earth-God Instrument that Niu Lang had put together based on the actual magpie bridge.

So, the Magpie Bridge’s Spirit Light’s Special Ability was to connect two points!

In a blink of an eye, the Magpie Bridge’s Spirit Light stretched a thousand meters outward, connecting Chen Xiaobei to the enemy spacecraft!

The enemy was spooked, so they steered their spacecraft in another direction attempting to break the bridge.

However, no matter what direction the enemy turned to, they could still not separate the link!

Chen Xiaobei jumped onto the magpie bridge and bolted towards the enemy spacecraft.

Wugui Kojiro and Ling Qingfeng stared with mouth wide open.

“My god!” Ling Qingfeng exclaimed. “That pink light has such a magical special ability… there’s no gravity here in space, no place to jump off but with the bridge, Zhufeng doesn’t need a flying Spiritual Instrument to get to the enemy!”

“It’s not just that!” Wugui Kojiro was speaking excitedly in a high-pitched voice. “There’s practically no atmospheric pressure here. Without a spacesuit, humans cannot breathe. Our organs would be affected, and we won’t be able to move freely… but Childe Zhufeng is running like he’s running on the ground and not in space! He’s completely unaffected! Do you think that’s because of the pink light?”

“The pink light really is quite magical. But the crucial problem had not been solved yet!” Once the shock had worn off, Ling Qingfeng’s nerves returned. “Green Dragon’s spacecraft are equipped with external armor with defense at the pinnacle force of Spiritual Instrument! Their weapons also possess pinnacle phase Spiritual Instrument firepower! He may not be able to break through their defense, and might even be killed by their weapons!”

“Yeah…” Wugui Kojiro sighed in frustration. “If I had known that this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have told Childe Zhufeng to sell his Earth-God Instruments! If we had either one of those weapons here with us, we won’t be in this position right now!”

Ling Qingfeng and Wugui Kojiro looked at each other, despair written all over their faces.

The way they saw it, without Earth-God Instruments, there was no way Chen Xiaobei could possibly beat the enemy.

Unable to get rid of the magpie bridge, the enemy gave up their struggle and began shooting lasers at Chen Xiaobei!

“You useless piece of junk! Your speed is probably only about 200,000. Even if you do make your way here, you’re still going to die!”

In the enemy spacecraft sat a masked man.

Yes, this was the same masked man who bid against Chen Xiaobei for the Spirit Immortal Instrument!

He was the one who smuggled the fragment out of Divine Dragon Ruin, and he was also the one who brought the fragment to Crimson Moon to be sold at the auction!

Before visiting Crimson Moon, he had actually visited numerous places and various auction houses to sell the fragment.

He was trying to weed out those who knew the secrets of the fragment!

Because the fragment looked like a piece of scrap metal, most people would not buy it! Even if they did, they would not have fought over it with a masked man!

Only someone who knew the value of the fragment would try to outbid the masked man at all costs!

That was why when Chen Xiaobei emptied his pocket to buy the fragment, and the masked man gave up the bid. That way, he could use Chen Xiaobei to unlock the secrets of the fragment.

The masked man’s plan was pretty successful. After many failures, he had finally pointed out Chen Xiaobei and Ling Qingfeng from the rest of the others.

However, the masked man did not expect Chen Xiaobei to be calm enough to analyze the situation thoroughly.

If Chen Xiaobei had not been there with her, Ling Qingfeng would have led the masked man to the entrance of Divine Dragon ruin where he would bring about the destruction of the Divine Dragon’s imperial family!

The masked man saw Chen Xiaobei ‘s move as suicidal. Once he was dead, the masked man only needed to capture Ling Qingfeng to unravel the secrets of the fragment!

“Die, you little piece of shit!” The masked man pushed down a button and a bright ball of fire lit up the skies, bringing with it a powerful wave of energy. From afar, the blinding light looked like a smaller version of the sun.

“It’s over… Without Earth-God Instruments, Zhufeng is screwed… We’ll fall into enemy hands…” Ling Qingfeng and Wugui Kojiro had lost all hope.

What they did not know was that Chen Xiaobei’s trump card was not merely as simple as an Earth-God Instrument!

Chen Xiaobei had stopped running and was throwing his right hand into the air.

“Go! Pikachu!”

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