Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

47 Breakthrough!

"Frankly speaking, we just got to know each other today. I think we should spend some time getting to know each other more. Then, we can decide whether we are suitable for each other. What do you think?" Of course, Chen would not say yes to Wenyuan. However, he did not say no to Wenyuan as well, because he wanted to see Wenyuan's evil plan.

Wenyuan was so surprised that Chen did not say yes to her offer. She had done a background check on Chen earlier. She knew that Chen was born in a poor family. He was a poor ass farmer. Logically speaking, Chen should have said yes to her offer without any second thoughts, considering that Wenyuan was from a wealthy family. Surprisingly, Chen was extremely calm. Wenyuan was really impressed by Chen's attitude towards her. She didn't dare not to pressure him because she was afraid that she might spill the beans.

"I agree with what you said. I'm being too aggressive here. We should get to know each other more first before we proceed to next phase. I believe that you will definitely like me!" Wenyuan said firmly.

"Alright. I should leave first." Chen waved at Wenyuan and walked towards the carpark area. Looking at Chen's retreating back, she took out her cellphone, and dialed a number.

"Dad… My badger game is not working at all. That young lad did not take the bait…"


Chen got on his Bugatti Veyron. He was not rushing, so, he took out his cellphone. He had not checked on the Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms for the whole night. He felt as if he had missed out on a million Red Envelopes. He checked on the chat group quickly. He was relieved when he found out that members of the group were just doing their usual spamming. There were no Red Envelopes being given away today.

A message came just as he was about to keep away his cellphone.


Shennong: God Chen, are you there?

Chen was stunned when he saw the message. Shennong had at times been counted amongst the Three Sovereigns (also known as "Three Kings" or "Three Patrons". His position is rather high. Why was he looking for Chen?)

Chen: Yes! I'm here. Is there anything that I can help you with?

Shennong: Please don't laugh at me. Actually, I wanted to try the spicy sticks.

Chen was shocked after he heard Shennong's request. It was a well-known story that Shennong tries hundreds of thousands of herbs. This was the first time Shennong had asked to try out spicy sticks. This definitely was an epoch-making incident.

Chen: I can get you some spicy sticks…but….

Shennong: I understand! Spicy sticks are one the rarest delicacies in this world. I'm willing to pay ten thousand Triple Realms Merit points in exchange for the spicy sticks.

OH MY GOD! Chen was so shocked that his eyeballs almost fell on the ground. He had sold one spicy stick for a ridiculous ten thousand points, he couldn't believe that someone actually fell for it. Right at this moment, it was like Chen was looking at a path of light that was leading him to the land of money! Countless of merit points would be added to him real soon. He was filled with unspeakable joy.


Chen was not blinded by the sudden happiness that landed on him. He calmed himself down and started to think about other possible outcomes.

"I'm still quite weak in terms of power. I should take this opportunity to increase my power significantly."

Chen cleared up his mind and replied: Shennong, you can hold on to the merit points first. I need more Potion of Hundred Herbs for now.

Shennong: That is even easier. Ten thousand merit points are equal to one thousand bottles of Potion of Hundred Herbs.

Chen: Deal! I will send you the spicy sticks tomorrow.

Shennong: Alright. Thank you so much for the trade! I shall deliver the Potion of Hundred Herbs to you right now via personal package." Chen's cellphone vibrated for a second after he received the last message from Shennong.


[Congratulations! You have received Shennong's Red Envelope. The Red Envelope contains one thousand bottles of Potion of Hundred Herbs. It has been stored inside your treasure chest.]

"Finally! I got it! I got it! All I used was a spicy stick to trade for one thousand bottles of Potion of Hundred Herbs! This is just pure insanity!" Chen started to dance around due to the overwhelming happiness. He almost forgot his family name! For deities, Potion of Hundred Herb was considered low-level stuff. It was a waste to be thrown away, but they were also useless to them at the same time. However, for humans, these potions could cure all kind of diseases. To Chen, these potions could be used to restore his body to perfect condition after his training! Chen quickly drove to a high-end hotel to work on his training.

He booked a room, sat on the bed, and started to work on the Scripture of Heaven and Earth. He already had the experience of working on the scripture, thus, he got into the formation really fast. A mysterious "Qi" - like a dragon - started to fly around inside Chen's body. His body started to get stronger bit by bit. This was a long process. This training drained a lot of energy and strength. However, everything changed when he had the Potion of Hundred Herbs with him!

Whenever Chen felt tired, Chen would drink a bottle of Potion of Hundred Herbs. His body would be recovered instantly. In other words, Chen could train effectively without sleeping, drinking, eating, and resting with enough supply of Potion of Hundred Herbs. With the combination of the Scripture of Heaven and Earth, the training would be even more effective and powerful. It was only natural for his power to increase significantly in a short time.

"Let me train for 48 hours first! Shi Dabiao, when I see you again next time, you will definitely be shocked by my power!" When he thought about the prospect of increasing his power in a short time, he would feel extremely excited and full of determination. After forty-eight hours, Shi Dabiao was released from detention. A fine drama would be carried out right after his release. Time flew during training. Forty-eight hours passed by in the blink of an eye.

"Huuuuu…" Chen let out a long sigh. He felt extremely energetic and refreshing. Without any second thoughts, Chen activated his Netherspirit Battlescouter.


[Congratulation! You have gone through another breakthrough in your training. Cultivation: Middle stage of physical phase, Health: 500, Combat power: 500!]

"Wahahahaha! Another breakthrough! A small breakthrough after 48 hours! This is crazily good!" Chen fell into euphoria state. It was imperative to know that Jing Fei spent around ten good years to achieve the latter phase of the human body! According to Chen's calculation, all he needed was half a month time to achieve later phase of human body. The speed of his improvement could only be described as lightning speed.

"Hmph! Shi Dabiao! Pray that you will never meet me again! I will beat the shit out of you the next time I see you." Chen put on an evil laugh. He would definitely crush Shi Dabiao easily with his current power.


Lin Xiang's delicate voice came through the phone, "Chen, can you come to my house for a while?"

"Right now?" Chen was stunned. It was ten at night. It was improper to go to the house of a pretty teacher, in the middle of the night.

"Yes. Right now. I need to borrow money from you…" Lin Xiang's voice was full of hesitation. It was like she was stuck between pain and entanglement.

"Okay… I will come over right now." Chen kind of knew what was going on with Lin Xiang. He quickly rushed over to her house.

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