Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

34 If You Can’t Afford It, Get Out.

Jing Fei chuckled upon hearing Chen's instructions.

He then walked over to Wenfeng casually, stole his wallet and threw it into a bin far away.

It was done so subtly that no one noticed what had happened.

Chen grinned, his hands behind his head, enjoying the show.

After a few minutes, Wenfeng had the deal done.

A beautiful hostess in evening gown then invited Wenfeng onto the stage, announcing, 'Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention, please. This is an important moment!'

This attracted the people around the park, and a crowd quickly gathered around the stage.

In an instant, Wenfeng became the center of attraction, causing him to jut his chin out, running a hand over it, stroking his non-existent beard.

The beautiful hostess continued, 'Just as everyone has heard, this limited edition Bugatti Veyron, with only 3 of it available in this country, will be welcoming its new owner – Mr. Wenfeng!'


This simple statement, like a ripple of waves, caused the crowd to become very excited.

"Damn! The real rich man is here!"

'This car is worth thirty-eight million! I could never afford it – not even if I work for ten lifetimes!'

"Wenfeng is just too damn rich!"

"God, I envy him…"

On the stage, Wenfeng watched the crowd below him. He was like a king of kings, looking down at all the mortals from a higher place. This was just too damned awesome for him!

Having given Wenfeng the benefit of stroking his ego, the hostess said, "Right then, now let's invite Mr. Wenfeng to make the transaction, so that everyone can witness your Wen family's immense wealth.

"No problem!"

Wenfeng acted cool and reached for his wallet.

After a while, he froze.

"M... My… Where's my wallet?" Wenfeng's eyes widened and his jaw fell so wide open that you can put a fist in it.

Right in front of an eager crowd, his wallet had gone missing!

'Mister… Mister Wenfeng, you, you are just kidding right?' the hostess was getting impatient.

"No… My wallet was just here. I don't understand." Wenfeng could feel beads of cold sweat running down his face.

A minute ago, he was acting all mighty and cool; now, he looked like a complete idiot.

Standing before the audience, he wished that he could bury his head in the sand.

"You insolvent bastard! If you can't afford it, get off the stage!"

It was then, when Chen strolled up the stage, taking his own sweet time.

The casual statement was like an invisible slap. Wenfeng was being slapped around like an idiot.

"Who is this guy? He must be mad! Where did he get the balls to call Wenfeng poor?"

"I don't know… He doesn't dress like a wealthy progeny, but he is quite a looker though."

"Looking at his actions, it seems like he wants to buy the car."

"No way, there's only a handful of second generation wealthy people in Green Vine, who else can afford it?"

The crowd below was extremely shocked and impressed.

Wenfeng's face was green. He looked as if he had just swallowed a fly. His heart and liver were so twisted up but he can't do anything about it. "Excuse sir, but who are you?" the hostess murmured.

Chen flashed a pose and uttered two words, "Card swipe!"

Damn son!

The crowd was dumbfounded.

Who got slapped after failing at acting cool?

Who was the powerfully handsome one?

What was insanely swag and cool?

Card swipe!

These two words were enough to create a huge impact.

"Please, go ahead, Mr. Chen!"

The sensible Director Wu immediately ran up the stage with a wireless credit card terminal and, with both hands, presented it to Chen.

Chen keyed in the pin number and, within a few seconds, spent another thirty-eight million!

He didn't even bat an eyelid. Rolling up the sleeves of his shirt, Chen strutted down the stage, cool as hell.

It was a good minute before the crowd recovered from the shock, and exploded in babbles of disbelief.

"My goodness! Why does such powerful person exist on this earth?!"

"That was damn cool!"

"Tycoon, I want to give birth to a monkey for you…"

The assemblage was dumbfounded, abuzz and excited.

Only Wen Feng's face was a dark cloud, anger bubbled in him like a volcano ready to erupt. He grit his teeth, "You shithead! You just wait and see. Today's shame, you will experience tenfold! Ten! Fold!'

Later on.

Chen did not stay. He drove away immediately.

He piloted the supercar; Jing drove the jeep and Director Wu took the sedan.

Three super-expensive automobiles were shiny enough to blind the audiences. It attracted a lot of people to turn their heads around to gaze at the cars. I'm pretty sure my dear readers are now wondering, how did Chen know how to operate a car? He came from a poor village. Supposedly, he shouldn't have had the chance to drive a car. However, Chen's village leader owned a wood business. Chen's father always helped the village leader to transport lumber to a designated location. Chen had always followed his father around. This was how Chen learned how to drive.

The law wasn't so tight by then. Chen had spent around two thousand Yuan to purchase a driving license. He could finally use his license on the road today. After that, Chen made a call to Uncle Qin. He asked the contact number of the best interior design company. His priority now was to have his bungalow furnished. He wanted to invite his parent to stay with him after the bungalow turns into a real home.

The second task on his mind was to make some changes on Dafeng jewelry shop and changed its name. After Chen finished the call with Uncle Qin, he quickly rushed to the interior design company. With the introductions from Uncle Qin and driving in a super car with a tow luxurious cars tagging along, the owner of the interior design company personally waited outside to expect Chen's arrival. The deal went smoothly between the boss and Chen.

Chen had two special requests.

"First, the design has to be oriental. You know, jade. Jade, everywhere. Dragons, and lions and turtles and crystal balls and feng shui? My parents are more used to the local culture. Secondly, I want the best of everything for my parents. The most important thing is that my parents can live comfortably."

Finally, the boss gave a rough budget to Chen. It cost around twenty million! The price of the bungalow was thirty-five million. The cost for renovation was two-thirds of the price of the bungalow. This was definitely a luxurious way of doing things. Chen did not even bother to negotiate with the boss. He straight away paid two million upfront to the boss. He had promised himself that he would give the best to his parents.

After that, Jing Fei and manager Wu sent the cars back to the bungalow. Chen drove the supercar back to the school and parked at the school's underground parking lot. Tomorrow was Lan's grandma's birthday party. He would definitely drive this car to the party.


At the Green Vine City police station, inside the director's office.

"Director Liu, I have already transferred the ownership of the house on the east side of the city to you. You have to try your best to retrieve the lost jewelry. If I manage to start everything all over again, I will definitely reward you greatly." Shi Dafeng stood there and asked, respectfully and politely.

Liu said impatiently, "I know! Leave now. You are disturbing me!"

"Erm…" Shi Dafeng was stunned. He gave a house away to him. He couldn't believe that he had been asked to leave, after one sentence. Shi Dafeng scolded Liu's ancestors incessantly within his heart.

However, he did not have the guts to show any dissatisfaction. Liu was the director of a police station. He had serious power. Even when Shi family was at its peak, none of them had the balls to offend him. Now, Shi family was at the bottom of the pit. They had nothing left.


The door of the director's office was kicked opened all of a sudden.

Editor's thoughts: Down goes the morals of our Chen, who started from humble beginnings. You know, I think this is how a gamer would act if he started activating trainers and cheat codes. Think about it. If you gave yourself infinite gold coins in a certain RPG via means of console commands/hacks/trainers, you would act similarly, I guess? Because deep down, you know, that you have already ruined that savefile in a way. His heavenly master better serve him some humble pie soon…

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