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Chapter 371 - I’m here to challenge the school! (15)

Chapter 371: Chapter 371, I’m here to challenge the school! (15)

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Luo Qiaolian’s reaction was fast enough. Even if it was Luo Qingyan’s fault today, everyone would understand. After all, this was Luo Qiaolian’s birthday party. Naturally, they would not go overboard with their discussions.

Tang Yue had been watching this dramatic scene from beginning to end. She did not expect that Liu Lianzong would really stand up for Gu Qingchen.

She had heard Gu Qingchen say that Liu Lianzong had heard the socialites and Luo Qingyan talking bad about Gu Qingchen. He had thought that Gu Qingchen was trying to scare them on purpose.

However, she had never expected that Liu Lianzong would actually get involved.

Now, he even stood up for Gu Qingchen. It was simply baffling.

“I…”Luo Qingyan had just said the word “I”when she was interrupted by someone else.

“What do you mean by I? Hurry up and admit your mistake!”Luo Qiaolian knew that no matter what Luo Qingyan said today, it was probably useless.

At this moment, she could only hurl malicious words at Luo Qingyan and express her attitude towards this matter. She wanted everyone to see that she did not deliberately make things difficult for Gu Qingchen. It was only because she was bewitched by someone.

Luo Qingyan was full of resentment, but in the end, she held it in. After listening to Luo Qiaolian’s words, she shut her mouth and stopped arguing.

Liu Lianzong only stood up to express his personal opinion. He didn’t say anything that he shouldn’t have said.

This was already giving Luo Qiaolian face. He didn’t say anything worse, or else the Luo family would really lose face today.

But even so, many people’s views of the Luo family had changed a little tonight.

“Qingyan, since it’s really your fault today, hurry up and apologize to Ms. Gu! I’m sure Ms. Gu isn’t someone who doesn’t know her size.”

Luo Qiaolian reprimanded Luo Qingyan in a low voice. In Luo Qingyan’s eyes, it was simply unbearable. However, in the eyes of outsiders, this matter was too protective of Luo Qingyan.

However, it was indeed not appropriate to make a big fuss over such a situation. If it could be resolved quietly, it would definitely not be handled in a high-profile manner.

Luo Qingyan had no choice but to accept her fate. She was extremely unwilling. She gritted her teeth and said to Gu Qingchen in a low voice, “I’m sorry, Ms. Gu.”

This was the first time she had compromised in front of so many people. She even had to apologize to Gu Qingchen!

It was too embarrassing! Too embarrassing!

In any case, Luo Qingyan already hated Gu Qingchen from the inside out. She was just short of finding an opportunity to kill Gu Qingchen.

Before Gu Qingchen could speak, Liu Lianzong spoke first, “I hope that the young miss of the Luo family can really realize her mistake and stop tarnishing the Luo family’s reputation.”

Liu Lianzong spoke up for Gu Qingchen again. With Liu Lianzong’s appearance, the others naturally stood on Gu Qingchen’s side and believed that Gu Qingchen was innocent.

Some people even thought of conspiracy theories and felt that Gu Qingchen had been deliberately schemed against today.

It was just that Gu Qingchen was lucky to have Mr. Liu Lianzong’s help as a witness. Otherwise, everyone would really misunderstand.

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