Reborn In Space: Pampering The Genius Doctor And Businesswoman

Chapter 766 - Chapter 766: Ambitious

Chapter 766: Ambitious

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He was just trying to figure out what was going on, but he did not expect Jing Yunzhao to be right about his condition!

This Immortal Crane Hall had no successor since Wen Yue’s death. Although Yu Fu was considered a successor, in her own opinion, she was only temporarily preserving the legacy of her ancestor. Moreover, she was stubborn. Wen Yue had never accepted her into the sect, so she was only considered an in-name disciple.

Although he had always wanted to take in a disciple for Wen Yue, who had died decades ago, Yu Fu’s standards were too high and he had never taken a fancy to anyone.

But Jing Yunzhao seemed to be different. If it was her, she should be able to do it. He could bear the legacy of the Immortal Crane Hall for thousands of years, right?

“Yu Fu, actually, this little girl saw that my ankle was a little swollen and guessed that there was something wrong with my body. Her talent is really outstanding. Do you want to keep her…”

“Mo Zhengyan, you sure are ambitious. Can anyone inherit Miss Wenyue’s legacy? If it weren’t for your concern about that reputation back then, she wouldn’t have ended up without any descendants. The thousand-year-old inheritance was destroyed because of you, and the huge family changed hands because of you. You still have the face to introduce disciples to the Eldest Miss? You, get lost!” The old woman was instantly enraged, and her expression was fierce.

Jing Yunzhao wanted to step forward and speak up for Professor Mo, but after hearing what he said, she lost her excuse.

A thousand-year legacy…It sounded quite serious.

“Professor Mo.” After a while, Jing Yunzhao said,””Actually, I…Other than a pharmacy master, there’s also a master who teaches medicine…”

The pharmacy master was Xu Jingzhi, and the medical master was the ancestor, Jing He.

All of her achievements today were thanks to these two elders, so she naturally wouldn’t easily change her master to someone else. Even if this old woman agreed, she would still refuse.

Professor Mo was stunned. He had not expected this.

He felt sorry for Wen Yue, and that was why he spoke up when he found out that Jing Yunzhao had some medical skills.

Jing Yunzhao was still young, but he had forgotten that most doctors of her age had their own masters, and the traditional Chinese medicine school had strict rules that prevented them from taking their father as their master.

But then again, it was a pity.

Jing Yunzhao was observant and had a keen sense of smell. She was also very skilled in medicine at such a young age.

“I was thinking too much just now.” Mo Zhengyan sighed.”

The old woman was a little surprised. She had thought that this little girl had already prepared an excuse for Mo Zhengyan, but she did not expect her to suddenly say such a thing. It seemed like it was just a coincidence?

“You just said that she saw through your illness?”the old woman said.

“That’s right, it’s exactly the same. Look, this is the prescription she gave me, and it’s exactly the same as yours.”Professor Mo took out the piece of paper.

The old lady took the paper and looked at it in shock. She stared at Jing Yunzhao and asked,””Little girl, what’s your name?”

“Jing Yunzhao.”

“Jing?” The old woman’s hands trembled.

Jing Yunzhao nodded in confusion.

“Mo Zhengyan, did you really not do it on purpose?”

It was such a coincidence that he brought a girl with the surname Jing who was also a doctor here. If it wasn’t premeditated, she wouldn’t believe it!

“Yufu, if I, Mo Zhengyan, was that kind of person, I would have lowered my head and married Wenyue back then. We have interacted quite a bit over the years. I will repent for Wenyue for the rest of my life, until the day I die of old age. This was what Wenyue said, and it was you who relayed it to me. All these years, I have always carried out your wishes and have never had any thoughts.”

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