Reborn In Space: Pampering The Genius Doctor And Businesswoman

Chapter 708 - Chapter 708: Chapter 708-Collusion

Chapter 708: Chapter 708-Collusion

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She studied medicine and pharmacy not just to be a divine doctor who traveled around the world to treat patients and save people. She would not be able to cure many people in that way if she did not stop for her entire life. However, it was different to open a pharmaceutical factory. It could save a lot of trouble and be more effective.

For example, during some natural or man-made disasters, the demand for medicine was extremely high. A doctor and a pharmaceutical factory naturally could not be compared.

Qi Zhong nodded at Jing Yunzhao’s explanation, but he felt a little weird about it.

Jing Yunzhao was using the ointment as bait to catch the big fish, and the boss should have known it very well.

Qi Zhong’s mouth twitched when he thought about it. He suddenly understood why Jing Yunzhao did not say anything because his boss knew what was going on.

They hadn’t even become husband and wife yet, and they were already colluding with each other. If they really became a couple in the future…

“I will raise your suggestion with the higher-ups. The requirements are not high, so there should be no problem. However, if the medicinal primer of the Overflowing Ointment is in your hands, then you have to take it seriously. At that time, the military will also sign a series of agreements with you. Once the secret recipe is leaked, the responsibility you have to bear will definitely not be small.”Qi Zhong reminded.

Although it was a reminder, it was also a deliberate threat.

Jing Yunzhao wasn’t scared. There were risks in everything, and she kept her mouth shut.

Moreover, the so-called prescription was hidden in her mind. How could it be leaked so easily?

Jing Yunzhao nodded immediately.” The military is going to build a factory to produce the ointment anyway. It won’t be difficult for you to get me all the documents, right?” Of course, it would be best if you could also help me choose the location of the factory. The two factories can’t be too far apart, or it would be strange for outsiders to see them, right?”

“You are really…” Qi Zhong pointed at her and put his hand down helplessly.””This advantage is really fair and square.”

“This isn’t taking advantage of me. It’s just an equivalent transaction. After all, don’t forget that the factory of the ointment has to be the same as the factory under my name. If the documents aren’t complete, how can I be qualified to produce it? The military can’t knowingly break the law, right?”Jing Yunzhao smiled lightly, but it was a little arrogant.

Qi Zhong sighed.” Alright, I understand. I’ll deal with this matter as soon as possible. But do you have enough funds on you? If not, I’ll get the military to lend you a loan. Also, when the director of the Du Sheng Ointment is selected, I’ll probably let him meet you.””

“Don’t worry about money. I don’t like to lose money from others.”Jing Yunzhao smiled politely and turned to leave, but she stopped after two steps and asked,””If I ask your military to get rid of Tao Ge, can you do it too?”

Qi Zhong’s gaze was deep.

“I’m just joking. I won’t go so far as to ask the military to mobilize so many people for such a small matter. However, I believe that if this is the condition, you will do it. After all, it’s for the country, for the family, and for the people…” Jing Yunzhao smiled coldly.

She knew very well what Qi Zhong had meant when he had warned her.

She could choose not to sell the ointment, but once she sold it to someone who was against the military, her life would be in danger.

However, although she felt a little scared, she did not think that there was anything wrong with this. The military’s stance was to protect the country. Those who were kind and soft-hearted were harmless to the country. Everyone had their own standpoints. It was too one-sided to say that they were right or wrong.

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