Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 84 - Take Back the Ring

Chapter 84: Take Back the Ring

After a moment of confusion, Su Youyu raises his head and stares at the back of Song Yunxuan.

At this time, Rong Six is speaking to Chu Mochen in the end of the corridor. He speaks jokingly: “Childe Chu, you are not jealous about that Yunxuan and Su Youyu are so close. You are really tolerant.”

After that, he also reaches out to pat the shoulders of Chu Mochen.

However, Chu Mochen stares at him sharply and fiercely. Rong Six stops his disrespectful hand in time.

He has known Song Yunxuan’s purpose to talk with Su Youyu alone since they played golf.

He just hasn’t expected that Song Yunxuan is so smart that she even knows how to attract Su Youyu’s attention accurately.

Rong Six looks at Chu Mochen and asks him carefully: “Would you like me to warn Su Youyu?”

“About what?”

“Yunxuan is already your woman. I’ll let him to be wiser, don’t act rashly.” Rong Six is very attentive.

Chu Mochen sorts out his cuffs and rejects casually: “No, Su Youyu is very smart. Two smart people being together will not make troubles.”

Not only Su Youyu is a smart person, but also Song Yunxuan is a first-class smart person.


He looks down, his movements pause, and he subconsciously looks at the ring finger of his right hand.

Just now, he saw her take off the ring on her ring finger.


Although Rong Six does not find obvious negative emotions from Chu Mochen’s face, it is absolutely clear that Chu Mo is not happy.

So when Rong Six leaves the golf club, he offers to take Su Youyu’s car and he is not ashamed to let Su Youyu send him back.

Chu Mochen does not stop him.

So Rong Six, who came here by Chu Mochen’s car, has to take a car with Su Youyu when he goes back.

Su Youyu’s car is a red Ferrari.

Su Youyu is a very fashionable person, which can be seen from his appearance. From his gossip after returning to the city, he also likes the female stars in the entertainment circle.

Rong Six chats with him stiffly.

“I heard that the pretty and innocent young lady Yao Mimi, who was newly pushed out by Xinghui Entertainment, is in love with you.”

“Is she the heroine who played “Concubines’ Biography in Qing Dynasty”?”

Rong Six is shocked: “The heroine of “Concubines’ Biography in Qing Dynasty” is Sun Yili, and the villain is Yao Mimi.”

Su Youyu smiles and turns to look at him: “Sorry, I am not very familiar with these female stars.”

Rong Six feels that he is deceived by Su Youyu in a trap. He is obviously familiar with Yao Mimi, but he deliberately made a mistake to show that they are not familiar.

In the second half of the road, Rong Six deviates from his topic and talks about the four female actresses who are young and famous in length.

In the end, when Su Youyu sends Rong Six to the Rong’s house in Yuncheng, he says: “One of my friends is the boss of the entertainment company. If you are interested in that female actress, I can introduce him to you.”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Rong Six, you are not young. It is time to date.”

“I am not in a hurry since I am only seventeen.”

Su Youyu smiles and talks a while with Rong Six before saying goodbye and leaving.

When he leaves, Rong Six has just come out of the stories of the female stars. He knocks his head with annoyance: “Well, I forgot to say important things.”

Su Youyu has an appearance that as gentle and beautiful as a woman’s, but he is decisive when handling affairs.

On the way home, he calls his old friend in Xinghui Entertainment: “Chen, I have a friend who would like to know the female actress you just recruited.”

“Yao Mimi?”

Su Youyu nods.

“Aren’t you dating with her?”

Su Youyu smiles and says: “Have she told you this?”


“Let Yao Mimi be the protagonist in your company’s new TV series that I invested. But I want her to change the way she calls me. ”

Chen sighs: “You want her to call you husband?”

“No, let her call me Mr. Su.”

Chen laughs out: “You are tired with her in such a few days.”

“I used her to stop my father urging me to marry. I don’t need her now.”

Chen snorts: “Who are you falling love with?”

“It’s my privacy. I won’t tell you.”

Chen laughs over there: “You must invite me when you get married.”

“Of course.”

After Su Youyu hangs up the phone, he looks at the rearview mirror of the car.

The magazine placed in the back seat of the car can be clearly seen from the rearview mirror.

He smiles and his eyes are sparking: “70 million, 10 times, Song Yunxuan, you are so ambitious.”

However, he can make it.


Song Yunxuan is sitting in the passenger seat of Chu Mochen’s car.

A gentle piano music is played in the car.

She leans against the seat of the car and suddenly feels her hand being caught.

She opens her eyes slowly, looks at the big hand holding her hand, and finds that Chu Mochen is looking at her right wrist.

“The jade bracelet is too expensive. I am afraid that I will break it accidentally. So I took the bracelet off last night, but I will wear it when I have a social occasion.”

Chu Mochen nods. His long straight eyelashes cover half of his eyes: “If you don’t like the bracelet, it will be useless even you wear it on the wrist.”

Song Yunxuan sits straight up and looks at his face: “Are you angry?”

“I am not angry.” He answers calmly.

Song Yunxuan feels that this kind of tepid attitude of Chu Mo Yuchen is unbearable.

She wants to draw her hand back.

However, Chu Mochen holds her right hand firmly.

She frowns: “Loosen my hand.”

“Wait a minute.”

After saying that, he reaches out and takes off the true love ring on the ring finger of her right hand.

In fact, the ring is not very easy to take off, but Chu Mochen still use a little bit of force to take the ring from her finger.

She suddenly becomes nervous. There is a momentary shock and panic: “You…”

“This ring isn’t suitable for you, is it?”

Song Yunxuan bites her lip: “What do you mean?”

She thinks that he must have seen her take off the ring he gave in front of Su Youyu.

As expected, Chu Mochen asks her in the next second: “Why did you take the ring off in front of Su Youyu?”

She tries to calm down. But blood all comes to her fingertips and then suddenly retreats, as if taking away her body temperature and letting her fingers begin to cool down.

Her lips moves, but after a while, she finds that no matter how clever she is, she can’t explain this matter perfectly.

The noble of the upper class, these people are the pursuit of most young women.

There are many beautiful women around them and they can treat them casually.

For her identity, Chu Mochen does not need to put up with her and take her as the center.

If Chu Mochen gets tired with her, he can easily break his verbal promise to marry her.

Everyone will forget it after a laugh.

Men are rarely loyal.

Not to mention the only legitimate son of the Chu Family, who can control the business world in Yuncheng.

She has understood this truth. But since she has recently been too close to Chu Mochen, she almost forgets it.

She bends her fingers and looks at them indifferently. Her voice is cold and clam: “There is nothing to explain. Take the ring back if you want it.”

“It is not appropriate for you to wear this ring.”

The voice of the Chu Mochen is clear.

Her pupils contract and she feels that her heart seems to be pricked by a slender needle.

Her lips become pale little by little.

“Then take it back.” She has never given in, never given in to men, let alone asking for forgiveness and begging others to stay.

Chu Mochen looks at her: “I don’t have the habit of taking back the things that I gave to others.”

“Then throw it.”

Her answer is cool and indifferent. Her determination let him sad.

Chu Mochen grabs her hand, lifts it up and leans over to bite her ring finger.

She hasn’t expected that Chu Mochen would do this. She is shocked.

Until she feels a pain on her finger, she can’t help crying out: “What are you doing?”

Chu Mochen feels her pain in her voice and then loosens her hand.

She quickly takes back her hand and frowns: “Why do you bite me?”

“To give you a mark. You will remember this mark if you are in a pain.”

Song Yunxuan stares at him with annoyance.

A clear teeth mark has appeared on her finger, like an oval inlaid with a gemstone.

Chu Mochen asks her: “Does it hurt?”

“Are you crazy?” She beats back.

Chu Mochen grabs her hand and puts the ring back on her ring finger to cover the teeth mark: “You need to remember I gave you this and you can’t take it off in your whole life.”

Song Yunxuan’s nose is a bit sore, and suddenly her eyes grow misty.

Chu Mochen looks at her tearful eyes. He can’t help looking at her fingers: What happened? I bit you too hard?”

Song Yunxuan does not say a word.

Chu Mochen raises his hand helplessly: “I am just joking. You can bite me to take revenge.”

Song Yunxuan just stares at him without speaking and moving.

No one has ever dared to bite her in so many years.

She hadn’t expected that Chu Mochen entered her life so quickly that she can’t prepare for it.

When the ring was taken off from her hand, she even had a pain in her heart.

Damn it!

“Don’t you bite?” Chu Mochen looks at Song Yunxuan, whose eyes are red, refusing to shed tears. He reaches out and gives her a piece of tissue.

At this time, Song Yunxuan suddenly grabs his hand and then bites the ring finger of his left hand.

Her teeth are thin and clean like white porcelain and silver.

However, when she bites Chu Mochen’s finger, he finds that she bites so hard.

Her teeth are like knives. She bit so hard that it seemed she bit through his flesh and bones.

A drop of hot liquid falls on the back of his hand.

Chu Mochen raises his hand helplessly to touches her hair and comforts her: “Okay, it is my fault, don’t cry.”

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