Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 822 - The Day of Engagement

Chapter 822 The Day of Engagement

Shao Tianze’s reaction made Gu Changle feel very upset.

However, thinking that tomorrow was the day of engagement, she felt that there was no need to quarrel over trivial matters.

Gu Changle felt relieved in her heart.

She gently blew into the ears of the lying Shao Tianze. She watched with satisfaction as Shao Tianze turned his head to look at her.

Gu Changle smiled, opened the quilt, and lay in Shao Tianze’s arms.

Shao Tianze lowered his eyes slightly as he felt Gu Changle dig into his arms.

Then, he reached out and turned off the lamp on the bedside table.

The lamp on the bedside table went out.

Then, Gu Changle, in Shao Tianze’s arms, kissed his chin gently, as he always liked her.


“But I’m a little nervous and can’t sleep.”

Gu Changle said.

Shao Tianze closed his eyes, “Just close your eyes. Then, you will fall asleep.”


“I’m tired, Changle.”

Shao Tianze blocked Gu Changle’s next words directly in her throat.

Gu Changle wanted to say it, but she couldn’t continue. She could only nod her head, “Okay. I see. I won’t disturb you.”

After speaking, she left Shao Tianze’s embrace in a fit of pique.

She had thought that Shao Tianze would stretch out his hand as usual and embrace her domineeringly.

However, Shao Tianze did not have this intention at all.

Gu Changle was angry in her heart. However, she was unwilling to give up her self-esteem and took the initiative to return to Shao Tianze’s embrace.

Resignedly, she said, “Do you think of Gu Changge again?”

In fact, this sentence was entirely Gu Changle’s angry words.

However, Shao Tianze did not refute.

Without getting Shao Tianze’s rebuttal, Gu Changle became even angrier, “Now, you still think of her!”

“If Gu Changge’s soul is in heaven, do you think she will come to observe our engagement ceremony?”

“Will she?”

With the unconcealed viciousness in her eyes, Gu Changle puckered her lips, “Her soul was broken and already gone.”

“That’s right. She has no chance to attend this engagement ceremony.”

Hearing Shao Tianze’s words, Gu Changle felt a little relieved and said to him, “We will get engaged and get married. From now on, I will be with you for the rest of your life. Promise me not to think about that b*tch again, will you?”


With his eyes closed, Shao Tianze agreed to Gu Changle.

After getting the answer she wanted, Gu Changle felt much better in her heart.

After a while, Gu Changle couldn’t accept that she was too far away from Shao Tianze, so she returned to Shao Tianze’s embrace.

She spoke to Shao Tianze, “Hold me tight.”

“You also should sleep.”

“You hold me, and I will fall asleep.”

Shao Tianze pursed his lips slightly and smiled.

Gu Changle felt happy as if she had fallen into the dream she had dreamed about for a long time.

She had dreamed of marrying Shao Tianze a long time ago, but Gu Changge took advantage.

Although it was many years late now, it didn’t matter.

She still fulfilled her wish and would soon become Shao Tianze’s bride

If Gu Changge knew, she would be very angry.

Thinking of this, Gu Changle couldn’t help laughing.

Shao Tianze ignored what she was laughing at.

He just closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep.

News of Shao Tianze’s engagement had spread throughout Yuncheng.

On the day when Shao Tianze and Gu Changle got engaged, the media excessively reported it on the entire page.

When Song Yunxuan and Mei Qi got off the plane, they saw the young girls looking at the huge LCD screen in the airport, whispering, and talking.

“Wow! This President Shao looks very young.”

“He is only in his thirties, so naturally he is very young. It is the best time for men, isn’t it?”

“He is handsome and rich.”

“So what? This will be his second marriage, and he will marry his own sister-in-law.”

One girl was addicted to Shao Tianze while the other was responsible for dampening her enthusiasm.

Hearing the frustrated words, the girl opened her eyes unhappily, “What you said is so vicious. Are you jealous of the woman who is about to become President Shao’s bride?”

“President Shao? I didn’t expect that you would be so obsessed with a married man. No. I should say that you are obsessed with a married man who has lost his wife.”

These words made the girl couldn’t help but shake her fist and beat her friend who talked a little viciously.

After the other girl was beaten, she quickly ran forward holding her head.

The two girls who seemed to be college students fought in jest and left from the place in front of the huge LCD screen.

Seeing the two girls walking away, Song Yunxuan took off her sunglasses and looked up at the LCD screen.

The screen was a live broadcast of the engagement ceremony.

However, it was only past eight o’clock.

The engagement ceremony had not yet begun, so the people who filmed and reported only got permission to film the venue of the engagement.

However, it was obvious from the engagement venue that the Shao Family attached great importance to this engagement ceremony.

Thinking of this, Gu Changge couldn’t help but remember her wedding with Shao Tianze.

She wanted to recall the expression on Shao Tianze’s face at that time.

Now, she couldn’t remember it anymore.

Seeing Song Yunxuan stop and watch the LCD screen, Mei Qi called to her, “Manager Song?”

Hearing Mei Qi’s calling, Song Yunxuan recovered and smiled at Mei Qi, “Let’s go.”

She didn’t need to recall the scene when she married Shao Tianze.

What she needed to remember was the scene when Shao Tianze inserted the scalpel into her heart.

She put on her sunglasses again to cover her eyes.

She wanted to conceal the heavy ferocious expression in her eyes.

Then, she and Mei Qi got in the car.

“Have you spread the news of my death?”

“Yes.” Mei Qi nodded and explained, “But I didn’t spread it openly.”

“That’s good. Spreading it too obviously would easily arouse people’s suspicion.” Song Yunxuan was always at ease about Mei Qi’s work.

“Manager Song, are you going back to the Song Family now?”

Hearing Mei Qi’s question, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help laughing, “I think the Song Family has been monitored by many people at this time.”

“Yes. After the news of your death spread, the eyes of paying close attention to the Song Family have increased a lot.”

“Keep it in such a mysterious state. After all, I am not really dead.”

“Where do you want to go now?”

Mei Qi couldn’t figure out what Song Yunxuan wanted to do now.

Hearing Mei Qi’s question, Song Yunxuan said, “We traveled separately from Yang Yang. Let’s go to the hotel and meet her now.”

The place Song Yunxuan chose to meet was a good place to see the engagement ceremony of Shao Tianze and Gu Changle.

That was a star hotel opposite the hotel where they held their engagement ceremony.

Everyone was paying attention to the Haisiyin Hotel where Shao Tianze and Gu Changle held their engagement ceremony.

However, no one paid attention to the Queen’s Building opposite the Haisiyin Hotel.

“This building is now owned by the Shao Family.”

Mei Qi said when they entered the building.

“Why didn’t he choose to hold his engagement with Gu Changle here?”

Song Yunxuan asked Mei Qi.

Mei Qi thought for a while and said, “Probably because he has held his wedding with Gu Changge here.”

That was right. That year, the wedding of Shao Tianze and Gu Changge in Yuncheng was held in the current Queen’s Building.

However, it was clear that the place where Shao Tianze’s first wedding was held was not within the consideration of Gu Changle and Shao Tianze.

Therefore, Gu Changle chose the Haisiyin Hotel opposite the Queen’s Building.

“The hotel opposite is not good.”

When Song Yunxuan and Mei Qi went to the seventh floor of the Queen’s Building, Song Yunxuan looked at the opposite building through the observation elevator.

The Haisiyin Hotel was a good international hotel chain.

However, compared with the Queen’s Building, it was not the most suitable place for an engagement ceremony.

Nevertheless, if Gu Changle chose the Queen’s Building to hold their engagement ceremony, it would definitely be compared with Gu Changge.

There would be all kinds of speculations.

Even if she did not choose Queen’s Building to hold the engagement ceremony now, the employees in the building were talking about it.

“The rumors are true. They have been together a long time ago.”

“I heard that Gu Changge was killed by this b*tch.”

“The man surnamed Shao must be an accomplice.”

Such a straightforward guess made Song Yunxuan stop slightly.

The two female hotel employees who were gossiping about this matter seemed to feel Song Yunxuan’s gaze.

They couldn’t help turning their heads to look.

They saw Song Yunxuan standing and staring at them.

They may also know that what they said was not decent, so they couldn’t help covering their mouths, turned around, and left in dejection.

Mei Qi said, “Manager Song, you scared them.”

“It’s okay. They didn’t know that I was Song Yunxuan.”

“No. What I mean is that they felt scared because you appeared when they were gossiping about this matter.”

Song Yunxuan laughed. Then, she walked to the meeting place agreed with Yang Yang, “Why were they afraid? What they said is the truth.”

“Usually people who accidentally tell the truth will die soon.”

In particular, if Shao Tianze or Gu Changle learned of such rumors in Shao Tianze’s companies, they would immediately block the mouths of employees.

The best way to silence employees was to kill them. In this way, all the troubles would end, and it would be quiet after that.

“I know what you said. However, I don’t allow Shao Tianze to hurt such innocent people.” Song Yunxuan walked to the door of the room where Yang Yang had agreed to meet. Song Yunxuan pushed open the door as soon as she stretched out her hand. Then, she looked back at Mei Qi and smiled slyly, “Because he has no chance.”

Shao Tianze could not escape this time.

No matter what he wanted to do, Song Yunxuan would stop him…..

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