Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 82 - Be Threatened

Chapter 82 Be Threatened

Song Yunxuan’s mind suddenly becomes clear.

She knows what she should do.

Also she also knows what she needs to do.

Her beautiful mouth closes tightly like a straight line and she invisibly gives off a bit of coldness and pride.

She is the head of Gu’s.

She once owned the entire Gu’s.

Now, Gu’s will be handed over to an outsider just because she has become another person?

Gu’s has a long history for over one hundred years. Her father gave Gu’s to her despite the male superiority tradition that has lasted thousands of years.

Now, she will give her father’s company to Shao Tianze?

No, it will never happen!

Gu’s belongs to her family!

It belonged to her family in the past and it will belong to her family in the future!

For the whole family, Shao Tianze is just a passenger who blinds them. When Gu Yi grows up, Gu’s will be an enterprise which is controlled firmly by the successor of her family.

Song Yunxuan does not change her expression in the shadow of rustling trees except that her eyes become cold and deep.

The knife-like coldness is spreading gradually like once a sword is pulled out an inch, it can’t be stopped from coming out entirely.

When Song Yunxuan arrives at a few hundred meters away from her home, Chu Mochen takes out a small red box from the car, which is exquisitely packaged and beautiful in shape.

“It is your birthday present.”

Watching him pass it, Song Yunxuan accepts suspiciously.

“Actually, I don’t like anything very much. If I can’t show my surprise later, you can’t blame me.”

Chu Mochen takes back his hand, and his straight back leans against the back of the leather seat. His voice is calm: “If I send a gift to others and force them to show their surprises, it is too overbearing.”

“Everyone wants to surprise the person who receives the gift.”

“I just want to see the truest side of you. You don’t have to pretend before me.”

Song Yunxuan is a little surprised about his open-mindedness. She smiles a little and relaxes: “That’s good.”

She opens the box.

Song Yunxuan is stunned when she opens the box.

Looking at the pure jade in the box that seems to have no impurities, Song Yunxuan becomes speechless.

Seeing she doesn’t speak for a while, Chu Mochen turns to look at her: “You don’t like it?”

“Not so much.”

Chu Mochen smiles: “You mean you like it very much by saying that, right?”


She says no.

However, Chu Mochen takes out the green jade bracelet in the box and put it on for her.

“Put it on my left hand. My right hand is not convenient with it when I am writing.”

“Male left and female right. Put on your right hand.”

“It is not convenient to write.”

“Putting it on your dominant hand will let you think of me. People think of the one when they see his things.”

His words to persuade her are as fluent as water and clouds.

Looking at the jade bracelet is put on her right hand, Song Yunxuan suddenly feels unhappy: “You talk to others like this every time you send a gift?”


Song Yunxuan tries to take off the bracelet from her wrist.

Chu Mochen takes back his hand, seeing her trying hard to take it off.

But she can’t make it.

She is a little angry because of the awkwardness.

Chu Mochen smiles viciously.

“It’s really troublesome.”

After saying that, she raises her hand and wants to knock on the window frame.

Chu Mochen feels helpless about her fierce temper. He grabs her wrist: “This bracelet was specially made of the jade from Myanmar by artisans. I told the craftsman that the bracelet should be made in the size my woman can’t take it off when she puts it on.”

“You…” Song Yunxuan stares at him.

Chu Mochen holds her in his arms and grabs her hand to let her see the bright jade bracelet on her wrist: “People often say that good jade should be given to the beauty. I have given a good jade once in my life, and only for one beauty.”

Song Yunxuan bites her lip, still frowns but feels less annoyed: “I just don’t get used to the gifts that others have already received.”

Chu Mochen nods: “I understand that I am not used to giving others the same gift.”

Song Yunxuan wants to take her hand out.

Chu Mochen teases her: “I give you a present, don’t you say thank you?”

“No one has asked me to thank him after sending me something.”

“But I want you to thank me.”

Song Yunxuan frowns for a while and turns to gently kiss him on the corner of his mouth. She requests seriously: “Let me go, I have already thanked you.”

Chu Mochen seems to be recalling the kiss.

He gradually loosens his slender fingers which are grabbing her hand.

Looking that he has no motion, Song Yunxuan opens the door to get off.

Chu Mochen holds her waist behind her and talks in her ear: “Yunxuan.”



“What do you want to say?”

“I just want to call your name.”

Song Yunxuan opens his hand on her waist: “It’s too late. You can call my name another day. I am going back to rest.”

Of course, Chu Mochen will consider her as an unromantic woman, but… he likes it.

Chu Mochen sends her home.

Song Yunqiang still feels the strong pity that his sister doesn’t grasp the opportunity to spend a romantic night with Chu Mochen.

On the contrary, Chu Mochen feels nothing.

Song Yunqiang sends Chu Mochen to go out: “Yunxuan said that she was going to the hospital today because of fever. She went to meet you actually.”

Chu Mochen smiles: “I met her on the road. It is a coincidence, right, big brother?”

Song Yunqiang, flattered by him, keeps saying yes.

After Song Yunxuan returns to her room, she throws herself on the bed and looks at the jade bracelet worn on her right wrist for a long time.

Similarly, there is a silver ring on her ring finger of the right hand.

“Can you really keep together with someone in this way?” She talks to herself.

Gu Changge also wore a wedding ring when she married Shao Tianze. However, the little ring was firmly worn on each other’s hand, but in the end it still failed to let them keep together.

She shakes her head, sits up, goes to the bathroom and smears handmade soap. Then she takes off the jade bracelet so hard that her hand turns red, and puts it in the drawer.

She will put it on when they really tie the knot.


The second day, Yuncheng Morning Post reports that the competition ends up with the Su Family winning the project.

Xuri Construction and the Xue Family both fail. As the two companies are in a tangle of scandals, the speech of plagiarism of the architectural drawings begins to confuse the public.

The Xue Family and Xuri Construction post some evidence to prove that the other company has copied the architectural drawings of their bidding.

And they also prepare to go to court.

Song Yunying calls to complain to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan is helpless: “Sister, you have to know, a star who gets into the trouble of rumors and bad news will be canceled the contract by the brokerage company, let alone the big project like the Science and Technology City.”

Song Yunying still wants to say something.

Song Yunxuan immediately says: “Second sister, Childe Chu said it’s the Xue family’s fault.”

Song Yunying becomes speechless then hangs up the phone immediately.

Of course, Song Yunxuan won’t know what will happen.

However, Xuri Construction and the Xue family compete disgracefully. The Su Family, a poor third, grasps the chance to become famous in Yuncheng.

Song Yunxuan is asked to go out for golf by Chu Mochen.

She casually recognizes the head of the Su Family.

Song Yunxuan looks at his appearance and quickly recognizes that he was actually her classmate.

That person is called Su Youyu.

When she was Gu Changge, she went to study in Yuncheng Private Primary School with Su Youyu. However, this handsome and fair-skinned man who even looks like a woman has been wicked from an early age.

At that time, Gu Changge was forced be a scapegoat for him several times. Later, she personally knocked the bully off, and he did not dare to make trouble for three years.

Su Youyu went abroad to study after the third year of the primary school. As for the reason for going abroad, it was not very clear.

He returned to inherit the Su Family in a low profile and successfully got the construction project of Chu’s Science and Technology City. It is really a good start for him to take over the Su Family.

While Chu Mochen is teaching Song Yunxuan to play, Su Youyu looks at Song Yunxuan in a casual way.

After shooting a ball, Song Yunxuan accidentally looks at him. She smiles slightly and the surroundings become warmer.

Rong Liu, who stands next to Su Youyu, is shocked and steps back. He pulls Su Youyu to leave.

Su Youyu stands firmly in the same place as usual.

However, Song Yunxuan clearly sees that he becomes unnatural for a moment, and even his fair ears have a slight redness.

Chu Mochen teaches her to play. Their bodies are close and he can feel her every move.

Seeing Su Youyu along the eye of Song Yunxuan, he frowns unpleasantly: “You’d better restrain yourself.”

“I just smiled.” she murmurs. “You are too overbearing. You don’t allow me to smile?”

Chu Mochen grasps her hand and swings again. He says discontentedly: “What do you mean by this smile?”

She smiles: “I want to know your friends.”

“You’d better just play golf.”

“Why do you take me out?”

“The weather is good today. I want to let you come out and enjoy this good weather.”

Song Yunxuan seriously swings: “No one of your friends comes with a girlfriend.”

“You are annoyed?”

“I can handle a lot of things…”

Chu Mochen’s lips touch her earlobe. His voice is low with a little threatening meaning: “I can grind your possessions into gray with my fingers.”

Song Yunxuan’s heart thumps and she turns to stare at him coldly: “Are you threatening me?”

He smiles: “Well, I know that you don’t like others to threaten you. I don’t want to threaten you but want to help you. You can go a better and faster shortcut.”

Song Yunxuan is tired of swing under his guidance and struggles to leave him.

Chu Mochen grasps her hand firmly and asks her in her ear jokingly: “Don’t you want me to kiss you here?”

“If you want to lose your face here.”

Chu Mochen is threatened. He thinks about it and loosens her to compromise: “You are tired, let’s take a break.”

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