Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 628 - Announcement of the Upcoming Wedding

Chapter 628 Announcement of the Upcoming Wedding

Lu Feng knew that Song Yunxuan couldn’t forget Chu Mochen easily.

This was only a trade. They had no romance. If she really needed to set up some ground rules, he could follow.

He nodded, “Go ahead.”

Song Yunxuan said, “First, we’re not going to live together.”

“Marital separation?” Lu Feng frowned, “People would gossip about our relationship.”

“Mr. Lu, why do you even care about them? We both understand that this marriage is just a trade.”

Song Yunxuan was pretty straightforward, and Lu Feng could see that.

There was no love between them. Even if they did live together, what they really needed was each other’s resources.

Lu Feng nodded, “Fine, I agree. What’s next?”

“Second, you can’t interfere with my dealings with the Chu Family.”

Lu Feng still frowned, “Chu Mochen is dead. The only connection between you and the Chu Family is gone. It doesn’t make any difference even I stand by.”

To outsiders, no matter whether Lu Feng came between Song Yunxuan and the Chu Family or not, the Song Family and the Chu Family would never be such a strong alliance as they had been before.

Therefore, Lu Feng felt this rule didn’t make any sense.

He took no interest in meddling in them anyway.

“Mr. Lu, may I have your word? It’s my thing. But it won’t make any difference to you.”

Lu Feng said, “Alright, I won’t interfere in you and the Chu Family.”

“Thank you.”

Song Yunxuan continued, “The next one is…”

Lu Feng looked at her.

Song Yunxuan paused for a moment and then said, “You can’t force me to forget or dump anything about Chu Mochen.”

“He’s dead. You keep his things or not. It’s none of my business.”

With no objection, Lu Feng agreed on the last rule with ease.

Song Yunxuan said with a smile, “Since you have given me your word, I’ll wait home for you to give me a grand wedding.”

Lu Feng smiled, “I’m sure you won’t wait long. Tonight, I will announce we’re engaged.”

“Very well, Mr. Lu. Think carefully about how to announce it. I need to take some rest.”

Seeing Song Yunxuan was about to leave, Lu Feng called after her, “Miss Song, won’t you give me some ideas about how to announce it?”

“I can’t think of anything.”

She smiled and walked out of the flower hall.

She really did not know how to announce that she was to marry Lu Feng.

She was Chu Mochen’s fiancée not long ago.

Now she would marry someone else only a few days after Chu Mochen died. Even if it was just a trade, she would feel guilty when announcing their marriage.

After Song Yunxuan went out of the flower hall, Lu Feng finished having the scented tea.

Tan You pushed the door open and saw Lu Feng. She asked directly, “How’s it going?”

“We made an agreement.”

Lu Feng didn’t mean to hide what happened between Song Yunxuan and him from Tan You.

Tan You smiled, “Song Yunxuan is a good… helper.”

Anyway, she just couldn’t say Song Yunxuan was a good woman.

As a woman, it was unacceptable for Tan You to accept that Song Yunxuan got engaged with another man in such a short time after Chu Mochen died.

It was cold and heartless.

After coming out of the flower hall, Song Yunxuan immediately got the attention of several young ladies around.

Yangzi just suffered a slap. She frowned, “It seems that Song Yunxuan and Lu Feng are having a thing.”

Bai Jing did not dare to gossip about it and didn’t respond to Yangzi. She said, “It’s time for the speech. Let’s go to the banquet hall.”

Yangzi was upset. She searched for Gu Changle by eyes secretly.

When she found Gu Changle, her eyes looked like that she was going to eat Gu Changle alive.

Pitifully, she didn’t dare to do that openly. She only stared at Gu Changle with vicious eyes behind.

When Gu Changle turned around, her fierce gaze instantly disappeared.

She kept in mind what horrible words Lu Feng’s assistant said when she had a conflict with Gu Changle.

Gu Changle held a cup of warm water, which was slightly shaking in the goblet.

The water was transparent. It didn’t look tasty to Gu Changle.

Gu Changle twisted her eyebrows and turned to Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze almst took to socializing like a duck to water. He would say hi to anyone who might be helpful with his business without any hesitation.

He was sleek and tactful. Gu Changle was nothing compared to him.

She got bored smiling and chatting with these people, so she sat somewhere alone with a drink.

When she saw Song Yunxuan entering the banquet hall from the flower hall, she twisted her eyebrows slightly and walked towards Song Yunxuan.

Before she was near Song Yunxuan, Shao Tianze called after her, “Changle.”

Gu Changle heard it.

She turned to Shao Tianze, “What is it?”

“This is Mr. Shang of Letian. Come here to meet him.”

Gu Changle had no reason to say no.

But looking at this Mr. Shang’s gross belly and bald patch, Gu Changle felt disappointed.

But she couldn’t show it openly.

She modified her expression and walked over with a smile, “Mr. Shang.”

Mr. Shang reached out to shake hands with Gu Changle.

Gu Changle streched out her hand.

As soon as her hand was in his, she felt that his ham-like fingers were like glue. They wrapped her hand up.

And his thumb was touching the back of her hand.

Gu Changle felt sick and was about to shake off Mr. Shang’s hand.

Shao Tianze’s hand was on her waist. He gently pressed her waist and whispered, “He is a regular collaborator of Shao’s.”

He suggested that this piggy man was important to Shao’s, and to him.

Gu Changle pursed her lips and controlled her expression. She smiled, “Hello, Mr. Shang.”

Mr. Shang said obscenely, “Nice to meet you, Miss Gu. I’ve heard that you’re a beauty for a long time. What they say is true.”

Even if this old man was praising her as beautiful, it made Gu Changle sick.

She tried to pull her fingers out of his hand, but he held her fingers firmly and wouldn’t let her go easily.

Gu Changle was about to explode.

At this moment, everybody in the hall heard Lu Feng’s voice.

“Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention?”

Hearing Lu Feng, Mr. Shang dialed it down and released his fingers.

Gu Changle seized the chance and pulled her hand back.

Then she turned to Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze pursed his lips, and he did not speak.

Gu Changle almost went mad because Mr. Shang touched her up.

She pursed her lips and kept her emotions in check.

On the podium of the hall, Lu Feng said, “It’s my great honor to have you here in this dinner party that I hold.”

Everyone present was being modest.

They knew clearly that they attended because the Lu Family was powerful now.

It would take hold in Yuncheng very soon and even become the choice-maker in Yuncheng. No one dared to offend the Lu Family.

It couldn’t have been better if they could link up with the Lu Family.

Lu Feng sat in the wheelchair. After a few opening lines, he began to search for Song Yunxuan in the crowd either intentionally or not.

Not far away from him, Song Yunxuan watched him with a glass of wine.

But she suddenly felt sick to her stomach after the opening lines.

Noticing her frowning, Mei Qi asked her with concern, “Manager Song, are you okay?”

“I… I’m fine.”

Song Yunxuan suppressed the discomfort in her stomach.

She tried to concentrate on what Lu Feng said.

Yet before she could do that, she felt like vomiting.


She let out dry heaving sounds.

Before she could say anything, she ran out of the hall with her hands over her mouth.

Seeing that, Mei Qi hurriedly chased her out.

Lu Feng also saw it.

He twisted the eyebrows and said, “What I’m going to say is a big decision for me.”

Hearing it, the crowd began to buzz in a low voice.

Lu Feng seized the opportunity.

He turned to his assistant behind and said, “I just saw Miss Song not feeling well. Find a doctor for her.”

The assistant nodded, “Okay, I’ll get right on it.”

Then he left the podium.

Lu Feng twisted his eyebrows and continued, “I hope everyone enjoys this evening. I’m so glad to have so many business partners and old friends here. I really appreciate it.”

Hearing it, the crowd was wondering if their families could establish good relationships with the Lu Family.

Lu Feng looked at these people below, smiling.

But in his mind, he had already divided them into different groups.

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